Ceanothus – New Jersey Tea – Recovery From Shock

Today I came across on a gardening show, the stunning ethereal Ceanothus.

Ceanothus Americana - New Jersey Tea or Red Root
Ceanothus Americana – New Jersey Tea or Red Root

Why it is called New Jersey Tea is because during the war of the American Revolution ie. the war which resulted in the USA forming as a country independent from Britain, American dependence on tea, which was at the time mostly imported through the British commercial networks, had to be stopped.

The leaves of this wild shrub were used instead of Camellia Sinensis – which is the usual tea plant.

Now if you have your teas right, you know it’s actually rather difficult to find something to replace the usual tea leaf. There’s something about Camellia Sinensis that’s just right. It doesn’t push you over the top in any way. It’s uplifting and calming and holding together in a very balanced way.

To find a replacement for such a balanced herb was no mean achievement, especially back then when tea was so much more than one choice of beverage among several others.

Ceanothus IS in fact a perfect replacement because like Camellia Sinensis, it ‘holds together’ the system. And not just in subtle ways but in very powerful direct ways.

In severe hemorrhage such as after childbirth, huge cuts with heavy bleeding, hemophilia and any other condition where the body needs urgent clot forming support, Ceanothus is a powerful medicine for first aid.

All sorts of reactions to stress or shock, where the person (or pet for that matter) experiences hemorrhage, diarhhea, or incontinence are helped immensely both for first aid and for later recovery from such episodes.

The loss of mental concentration and focus because of a shock is helped by taking Ceanothus.

Conditions that involve nervous trembling or twitching benefit from Ceanothus taken regularly as it supports building up the damaged parts of the nervous system, that were damaged due to bad recovery or lack of recovery from shock caused by sudden energy loss.

Radiation or other damage to the inner linings of the body whether in the ENT canal, the throat, the digestive lining or the bowels can be dealt with with the simple addition of a few drops of Ceanothus tincture.

To summarize it, imagine the body as a water body. Recovery from any shock to the water body, destabilizing the water and liquid movements, pooling and function, can be helped in a big way by Ceanothus.

I could go on and on writing about how Ceanothus can help every single organ in the body. It even is good for the teeth!

But I will end this post with – Ceanothus is powerful first aid for recovery from shock that has had a physical impact and physical symptoms. It is also a pain killer and helps long term recovery from the lingering effects of shock and trauma to the system.


Ceanothus Thyrsiflorus or Californian Lilac

Treating Heart Beat Irregularities with Herbs

Normal  – Regular beat cycle

Fibrillation – Disruption in the regular beat cycle

Arrhythmia – Increasing or decreasing rate of vibration cycles

Gallop – Triple sounds – sounds like a galloping horse

There are more in the video but these are the four important ones to recognize.

Healing Heart Beat Irregularities

Treatment of Fibrillation – Disruption in the regular beat cycle
-Herbs that repair heart muscle and tissue – Saw Palmetto, Tribulus and so on, most often taken liberally once or twice a day at the most
-Herbs that relieve congestion in the circulation, Herbs that support liver health – Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Calendula – Most Bitter Herbs – taken in small quantities and regularly
-Emotional Healing to exhume hidden trauma

Treatment of Arrhythmia – Increasing or decreasing rate of vibration cycles
-Herbs that support the Nervous Frequency – Cactus, Mistletoe, Spikenard, Digitalis,Lavender Flowers, Herb Robert, Passiflora, Jujube
-Herbs that support digestion – Black Caraway, Liquorice, Plantain (Plantago),
-Lifestyle healing to balance exposure to things that induce extremities of emotion

Treatment of Gallop – Triple sounds – sounds like a galloping horse
-Herbs that support circulation – Mistletoe, Black Cohosh, Nettle, Fenugreek
-Herbs that support sexual function and the kidneys – Walnut, Cranberry, Rosehips, Raspberry, Pokeweed (Phytolacca), Pulsatilla, Tiger Lily (Highly Diluted Dose), Lily of the Valley – Convallaria (Highly Diluted), Oleander (Highly Diluted)
– Lifestyle healing to remove suppression of expression

First Aid in All Situations- Ignatia, Cactus, Hawthorn, Rosehips, Mistletoe, Arnica (Highly Diluted)

My Herbal Treatments for Heart, Blood and Circulatory Conditions

More information on treating the heart:

Click here to go to the article: Matters of the Heart – Treating Nervous & Emotional Imbalance with Herbs for the Heart

The Bottles in my Bag

The 4 bottles are one each for:

General Emergencies
Shock & Nervous Support
Wound First Aid
Pain Killer

My Granddad would’ve laughed at these. A bottle of Scottish whisky is what the great solver of everyone’s problems went about with. My other Granddad who was a doctor in the Army, swore by Irish Guiness which he even used to help women in labor.

But me being such a good girl and upstanding citizen, I carry around four little bottles of herbs. They’ve met all our emergency needs for years.

Unlike off the counter allopathic pills which the body will begin to resist, and which take their toll on the system, these herbs not only do the job they’re taken for, but help prevent the same later – which is a big deal in the long run. You’ll stop having the same problems over and over if you take herbs instead of allopathic drugs which offer little in the way of prevention of future problems in the area.

Now you can make these yourself at home – buy some of the herbs mentioned beneath from a health food store or online in one go, get a little bag or box and add it to your other emergency supplies like cotton, bandaid, roll of bandage etc.

Or you can get the set of four bottles, altogether 30ml or 1 oz each, personalized for your or your family’s emergency needs from me.

I use Colloidal Silver water as a base, but you can use distilled water, spring water, RO purified water. I use CS water because it’s a powerful immunity booster and infection killer on its own and is especially useful as first aid in cases of dehydration, wounds and burns.

Most of the people I make treatments for, say they love the slightly bitter taste and feel better very quickly. In fact, a lot of people tend to use these more than they really need to because they feel so good. And that’s ok. Feeling good is important.

Without further ado, here are the herbs I use in the four emergency bottles:

Get yourself four one ounce bottles, mark each of them or write on a sticker like I do and put the sticker on.

Now here are the four groups of herbs:

General Emergencies

Fevers – Belladonna – 3 drops
Blood Loss, Heat – Gelseminium – 10 drops
Sleep Loss – Colchicum – 2 drops
Vitality Support – Rosehips – 30 drops
Immunity Support, Infection fighting – Echinacea – 5 drops

Dosage: 3-5 drops in a cup of water or directly in the mouth

Shock & Nervous Support

Mugwort – Nervous system calmer – 30 drops
Valerian – 5 drops (don’t worry it simply cannot sedate you in that dose, in fact it will energize you in a very basic way).
Cactus – Heart frequency balancer – 10 drops
Arnica – Nervous pain reliever – 1 drop
Yerba Mate – Lung shock relief – 10 drops

Dosage: 3-5 drops in a cup of water or directly in the mouth

Wound First Aid Splash

Calendula – Wound Healing – 20 drops
Arnica – Trauma Recovery, restore blood circulation – 5 drops
Comfrey – Promote bone and tissue healing – 10 drops
Elecampane – Tissue repair, vital support- 20 drops
Witch Hazel – Astringent, stops bleeding – 20 drops

Dosage: 10-20 drops in a cup of water or directly in the wound

Herbs for Energy FAQs

Herbs for Energy It is human instinct that makes us look to botanicals for energy – whether that is for a pick up when we’re feeling down, or for a boost of healing when we’ve been badly injured or hurt.

Over the years I have received several questions about using herbs for energy. In this article I’m going to answer the top 10. You’ll see it’s all about figuring out what sort of herbal energy you need.

Please Note: This article is about herbs for energy in the short term. For a lasting permanent change in energy levels these herbs need to be taken in small doses along with herbs to actually address what is causing the fatigue, over a few weeks atleast, if not more.
For more on long term energy rehabilitation, please check out the herbal treatment for rehabilitation from long term adrenal abuse and nervous exhaustion.

1. What is an energy herbal capsule? How can I make an herbal energy capsule?
2. What herbal tea gives you energy? How often can I have herbal tea for energy?
3. What is a herbal energy drink? Is it safe?
4. What herbal remedies are good for energy for children?
5. What is the best herbal energy booster for studying?
6. What herbal tea is good for energy during pregnancy?
7. What herbal supplements give you energy after an illness?
8. What herbal supplement is good for energy after having a baby?
9. What herbal medicine is good for energy when you have not slept well?
10. What is the best herbal supplement for sexual energy ?

Natural Electrolyte Solution – First Aid for a Weak or Dehydrated Person, Cat, Dog, or Horse

Natural Electrolyte Solution - First Aid for a weak or dehydrated person, cat, dog, or horseThis quick and easy home made electrolyte solution will provide basic support for a dehydrated and weak person or pet. If you do not have raw honey or sea salt or rock salt, sugar and table salt will do. However, as far as possible, sticking with organic raw ingredients is recommended.

To 1 quart or 1 litre of pure water, add

  • 1 tablespoon of raw unfiltered organic honey
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt or rock saltOptional add ons to make it even more powerful
  • 10ml of Colloidal Silver water
  • Bach Flower Rescue Remedy – 10 drops
  • Half a cup of cooled Rosehips Tea

Shake well in a bottle and store in the fridge. Bring it to room temperature before giving it to your cat.


Give once every two-three hours if the cat or dog isn’t able to drink water on their own. Use a plastic syringe or squirt bottle.

Kittens and puppies: 3 tablespoons
Small and tiny breeds of dogs: 10ml to a quarter of a cup
Medium and Large breeds of dogs: 25ml to half a cup
Horses: A cup every few hours

This solution will start to go off if left in water bowls for more than about 30 minutes.

Coconut water is a natural electrolyte drink. If you can get it, without added preservatives it will work at the same dosage mentioned above.