Heavy Metal and Neuro Toxin Poisoning – First Aid and Recovery with Herbs

Dear Ed,

Our bodies will recover from just about anything if our soul WANTS to. So there’s never a need to fear that if we don’t have a particular medicine or treatment, we’re doomed.

However, we’re being exposed like never before to toxins and while the world is talking about the heavy metals and neuro toxins in vaccines (famous for having caused billions of dollars in legal compensation suits and settlements) the fact is, there are several ways we’re all being exposed right now to heavy metals and other poisons. Weather control techniques such as cloud seeding change the balance of metals in our atmosphere causing all kinds of energy and chemical reactions that result in various unpleasant effects for us, which amount to poisoning.

As the subjects of generational ritual poisoning attacks, my family developed ways to cope and recover. I have added to that, my experiences. So here it is.

How do you know you have metal or neuro-toxin poisons in your system and it’s time to take action?

Diarrhea, giddiness, nausea, CONFUSION, disorientation – A sense of pulling in your gut, and feeling disconnected from your lower body.
People won’t tell you much about that last one, but it’s the most important one, because it’s one of the first effects of neuro-toxins – before they even spread through the body.
If you make a practice everyday at some time to feel in touch with your lower body without touching your lower body with your hands or looking at it, you’ll know immediately if there’s a neuro toxin circulating.

First Aid for Heavy Metal and Neuro-Toxin Poisoning

If you’re the sort who needs a doctor, don’t muck about trying to take home remedies. You’ll most likely panic and make everything worse. But if you want to take care of yourself on your own, and keep the hell away from hospitals because of you-know-what at this time, this is what you need.

Thuja Occidentalis Extract

Thuja is an evergreen tree with an amazing ability to bring the body’s cells back to core living, thereby excreting what’s not essential. The lockdown lovers would love it wouldn’t they? Something that throws out what’s not essential. Except Thuja is truly democratic and doesn’t make decisions for us about what’s essential and what’s not, rather just supports our own system’s sense of what’s essential and what isn’t.

Thuja Leaves

In 1884, a physician called James Compton Burnett published a book called “Vaccinosis and its cure by Thuja.”
This physician vaccinated his patients and like others of his time, called the resulting disorders “Vaccinosis.” Naturally this is suppressed information these days. While it is still available, you can get this book that’s in the public domain at: https://archive.org/details/vaccinosisandit01burngoog .

James Burnett, in his 1884 book, documents several cases of Vaccinosis. The traditional treatment for poisons that work on a cellular dna breaking level, has been Thuja. Warts for example were seen by traditional herbalists as a result of cell dna warfare and Thuja was the herb that helped throw out the debris of this warfare.

Thuja extract therefore is our first of three first aid remedies.

That’s how tall Thuja can get.

If you can’t buy the mother tincture of Thuja online or near you, you can go to a plant nursery near you and ask for a Thuja plant. Then get a handful of the leaves, steep in apple cider vinegar (children and pets) or Everclear alcohol for a few weeks and you have your own extract to use in emergencies.

4 drops thrice a day should do.


Heavy metal poisoning takes its toll on the body as it works to deal with literally having the scrape the gunk off the inner linings of the body. The nerves are under the metal literally and choking and kicking and struggling and what not. It’s all painful.

Arnica helps us deal with the assault, keep calm and work on the clean up.

We can prevent a lot of serious damage by taking Arnica quickly, as soon as we feel we’ve been metal poisoned. Because, if we can keep calm we can avoid things like nerve knotting and communication blocks that result from panic and trauma.

Arnica Montana has a long history in the war on humanity and I’ve written more about it here: Vibrational War & Arnica for Energy Body Pain


Other herbs to add, based on your needs:

If you have a history of nervous trauma, add St. John’s Wort and Vervain to your first aid treatment.
If you have a history of unresolved or inherited trauma add Stramonium – highly diluted – to your treatment.
If you have a history of heart disease, add Cactus and Hawthorne to your treatment.
If you’re pregnant add Alfalfa and Motherwort to your treatment.
If you’re breastfeeding add Elderflower or Sambucus Canadensis, St. John’s Wort and Motherwort.
If you have a history of sexual energy fluctuation and depression, add Damiana, Pulsatilla and Phytolacca to your treatment.
If you have chronic digestive problems (liver included) add Licorice and Dandelion to your treatment.
If you have chronic breathing problems add Ilex Paraguayensis or Yerba Mate to your treatment.
If you’re arthritic or have bone problems of any sort add Nigella Sativa or Blackseed to your arsenal.
Kidney trouble and Diabetes – Add Alfalfa and Oats (Avena Sativa)
A history of being a worry wort and obsessive compulsive tension holder – Passionflower (Passiflora) and Tiger Lily (diluted)

A powerful painkiller lotion, ointment or cream

can sometimes help in ways an internal treatment cannot, especially for children. What you need is a tub of Aloe vera gel, or any lotion of your choice. The simpler the better. Even just an unrefined oil will do. Calamine lotion is a good choice as well. Take your pick. Then add Arnica Tincture to it – 4 drops per ounce or 20 drops to 100ml. Mix it well. I’d add St. John’s Wort oil in for nerve pain and whichever essential oils you like the fragrance of, that make you feel relaxed, that suit you. The evergreen family – Juniper, Cedar, Cypress, Pines – they’re all very soothing – these are trees that live hundreds of years and have very stable established energy fields.

Recovery from long term poisoning and the after effects of heavy metal poisoning and neuro toxin poisoning means going beyond this first aid into rehabilitating the nervous system. I’ve written about some of my experience doing this with herbs in the following articles.
Energy Field Assault Recovery and Building Resistance with Herbs
Inner Ear and Hearing Recovery from Vibrational Assault
Energy Field of Mistletoe for Recovery from Hormonal Exhaustion
Herbs for Paralysis, Palsy caused by Nervous Trauma or Vibrational Attack
The 4 levels of Poison and how to effectively de-toxify

I have to tell you here, that the big part of the recovery from neuro-toxin poisoning is in recovering a sense of self identity.

Heavy metals and neuro toxins break the energy field down so our sense of self that was based on (for example) our hormonal emanations and body smell, and other subtle energy fields built up through life, break down, making us feel marooned, confused and directionless. Suddenly we don’t know why we do the things we do, suddenly we can’t feel connected to what used to inspire and motivate us. This is a hard experience, but it can also be a healing one. Re-building a sense of self that is based on our NOW rather than our past, is going to hold us in good stead eventually and will also help us streamline how we spend our energy. So it’s not all dark. There’s an opportunity here.

I leave you with a story about ducks.

In Granddad’s time, his sister married a man who lived in another village. That village and their neighboring village had a sort of rivalry about whose ducks’ eggs were bigger. Then an iron foundry opened in one of the villages and ducks in that village; their eggs were bigger. Perhaps because of traces of iron flowing into the river from where the foundry was. However it was noticed, the ducklings had a strange new trait. They weren’t following their mothers in a straight line like all good ducklings are supposed to. The wise people of the village said Purslane would set the brat rights. So they got Purslane from nearby and planted it around the ponds near the river. Sure enough the ducklings got set right.

Turtle eating Purslane!

Granddad maintained that Purslane, Sea Weed (Bladderwrack, Kelp) and all Memory Support Herbs – Parsley, Gingko, Sage, Lion’s Mane Mushroom etc. help one recover sense of direction, and smell (required for primal sensing) after having any kind of metal poison.

And now I leave you with some ducks in the US Midwest – not up to Granddad’s sister’s village’s standards of following Momma in one straight line, but pretty damn cool anyway.

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