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Herbs for Brain Healing & Recovery

Dear Ed,
Many people have been emailing, messaging and so on asking about herbs for brain recovery. I’ve already written a lot about this in the past, but here’s a sort of summary.

To heal the brain, we need to do two things.
1) Restore or keep up blood circulation to it.
2) Stabilize nervous electricity.

Herbs to restore or keep up blood circulation to the Brain

All brain problems that are chronic or long-term ultimately come down to this one thing. There are so many reasons blood circulation to the head can be restricted. The following is just a little preview off the top of my head of which herbs help with which condition. These herbs will have to be taken in some form or another on a somewhat long term basis as the body’s very way of managing energy has settled into a habit and the habit has to be changed, which takes weeks, months, maybe years if there is buried trauma. Continue reading

Anxiety Triggered Inflammation – 3 Decisive Ways to Break the Cycle

Dear Ed,

Recently, the majority of inflammatory conditions I’ve been noticing have been anxiety triggered.

People feel helpless, Ed, when told to “just calm down,” and “Stop being anxious.” Once you’re actually breaking out in inflammations and allergies, and putting on water weight (fluid retention), that’s already the body saying that anxiety that should be expressed is being suppressed.

Unfortunately, Ed, despite decades of an unofficial movement stressing that emotions should be released instead of held in, in everyday reality, people still are constrained and held back. Continue reading

The 4 Axes of Holistic Intelligence, Herbs for Balance


Description of the 4 axes of holistic intelligence with herbs that help them; Conversation with Granddad about Intelligence, Identity, Sexual Identity, Waking and Sleeping Sexual Intelligence

Ed, I’ve been watching episodes of a 1989 British produced television series called “Poirot”. It’s based on the books of Agatha Christie, the main character of which is Hercule Poirot, a Belgian detective living in London. He has phenomenal intelligence and acute sensitivity.

This is him:

And these are his friends Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp (I LOVE him.)

They go around London and the countryside wearing these suits and driving vintage cars.

But would you believe it… Hercule Poirot’s beverage of choice was a tisane! That’s herbal tea!

I was so excited to find out about it, because the fact is that herbs can give a person such a huge boost in the brain department, and if you take the right ones for you, and you take them regularly, it could be so life changing in the way it opens up options you never thought possible when your brain was functioning on low battery.

I’m also excited to find yet again, in an old book (converted into a tv series in this case) the depiction of how dependent HOLISTIC intelligence is on sensory health or sensitivity. That’s the difference between robots and humans isn’t it? Robots’ raw material to work with is what they’re told and what they’re programmed to read and record.

But human’s raw material comes from so many levels of consciousness and the entire universe literally. The human brain is so amazing, beyond what modern science gives it credit for. But it does not work alone and holistic intelligence is about the brain being connected to the rest of the body – all of which is one big sensory organ.

I’ve experienced the rescuing power of herbs on several occasions in my life.

Once when I was pregnant and in very warm weather, I was debilitated by the heat all day long and could only work in the evenings when the weather got cooler. My brain simply wouldn’t work when it was hot.

I realized my liver was really stressed dealing with the pregnancy hormones AND the heat.

I took some powder of Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica leaves one morning – mostly thinking of my liver. That afternoon I realized I’d been working all morning without being so affected by the heat. It meant so much to me just then, to be able to work and work well too.

It meant such a lot to work with clear head and not have that fuzzy tired brain feeling.

I know a lot of people take coffee to deal with that, and a little is alright, but not too much. Coffee these days isn’t what it used to be. Most of the brands available on the supermarket have additives that irritate the liver and kidneys and send the body into an adrenalized state. This causes bone loss. I experienced this the one time I had coffee every morning for about six weeks, with lots of milk and two spooonfuls of sugar. It was such pleasure, but at the end I had a rotten wisdom tooth and had for the second (and last) time in my life to go to a dentist and have it removed. I resent the loss of my tooth truly.

Some years later I almost lost another when again I’d fallen to the temptation of coffee.

I know some people who can drink a lot without a problem, but I am not one of them.

So I need herbs that’ll boost my brain’s energy and holistic intelligence without causing me to lose my teeth or bone calcium, or affect any of my internal organs.

(Oh no, Ed, all this talk of coffee has begun to affect me… I’m feeling the old urge… anyway… I hope writing about other herbs will distract me soon.)

So here’s the thing, if you can, you find out what causes your brain to lose energy and get the right herb that works with that particular axis.

Now here are the :

Four Axes of Holistic Intelligence

1) Diamond
Brain – Liver – Kidney – Pancreas

2) Line
Brain – Heart – Stomach – Sexual Organs

3) Circle
Brain – Feet – Brain

4) Square
North – South – East – West of the body

1) Diamond
Brain – Liver – Kidneys – Pancreas

When this axis of holistic intelligence is troubled, it shows most easily to see, in skin problems.

The frequency of the nervous system is unstable because the pancreas which manages sugar in the body isn’t working so sometimes the brain is all awake and sometimes half dead. You know how important sugar is to the brain.

The liver and kidneys essentially filter out the impurities and if they’re stressed, those impurities hand about, clouding everything and even the brain.

Sleep deprivation often shows up first in this axis being troubled because we need to have the body calm and in a sleeping or resting frequency for this axis to do its work well.

All kinds of metabolic problems result from this axis being disturbed. So the body is too hot, too cold and so on.

That’s usually enough information to know if this axis of the body is disturbed.

The herbs that help this axis balance and recover are Gotu Kola, Mistletoe, Chrysanthemum, Wheatgrass and Walnut (Juglans Regia).

2) Line
Brain – Heart – Stomach – Sexual Organs

Holistic intelligence depends immensely on the understanding or comprehension of the information we’re getting from our environment.

Our understanding of information can be so colored by our sexual energy, state of the digestive system, and feelings, I need hardly elaborate on it. Even our dreams are affected by what’s happening in our stomach, heart and reproductive system.

When this axis of holistic intelligence is disturbed, we feel creatively stunted, unable to learn new things or arts, and unable to appreciate things we once did, enough to actually work with them.

This is demonstrated in the case of writer’s block, a talented artist suddenly not able to create the magic he once did or not feeling inspired, bouts of fatigue just as something important has to be done. The talent is still there, the skill is still there – it’s just that the coming together and the delivery of it all is missing.

The herbs that heal disturbances of this axis are Spikenard, Willow (both white and black, i.e. Salix Nigra and Salix Alba – which is interestingly is the source of natural aspirin and a powerful pain killer), Black Ginger, Vetiver (essential oil), Ergot of Corn or Ustilago Maydis (NOTE – extremely diluted dose only), Mandrake or Podophyllum (extremely diluted dose).

3) Curve
Brain – Bum – Feet

One time, I was in a public place with Granddad and giving him my interpretation of each person’s energy field based on looking at their bums as they passed by. It’s one of the special gifts God gave me, fine honed by chasing after various baby bums in my childhood and teenage years. I could tell exactly what the brat was up to from the bum. I’d know in which direction the brat was going to go next and be there before the brat because the bum had telecast it to me. I passed out with honors in dog and puppy bums.

Anyway, so there I was giving Granddad a most entertaining time, when he says to me, “That side of the psyche you’re coming in touch with there is a mysterious one – the very one that Freud was obsessed with.”
Me – Freud? The one who said that babies feel sexual about their parents?
Granddad – Ah, yes. He was talking about the sleeping sexual intelligence.
Me – You mean there’s waking sexual intelligence and sleeping sexual intelligence?
Granddad – Yes. the waking you know of. But the sleeping one is what controls the waking one and that’s why Freud and others were obsessed with it.
Me – I see!
Granddad – The waking sexual intelligence gets triggered by sensory information in the moment. The sleeping sexual intelligence is triggered by?
Me – I don’t know… genes? Weather?
Granddad – IDENTITY.
Me – What! Really!
Granddad – Oh yes, really. Now Cara, remember this. Intelligence at its very core depends on Identity and its very core, is Sexual Identity.
Me – I get that. I can understand that it’s our sense of identity that makes us able to interpret signals from nature based on what’s important to us and what isn’t. If it weren’t for our identity we’d never know which information mattered and which didn’t and we’d become repositories of junk. Like the Govt. libraries full of useless books no one wants to read.

(I was really pissed off by Govt. libraries in those days. I don’t want to start venting about it here, but just let me say Ed, that they’d bound the books in cardboard and the books didn’t have the names on the sides now and had to be taken out and opened to see which book it was. How could anyone do such a stupid thing I don’t know. Naturally they were covered with dust.)

Granddad – Exactly, now consider that the core of identity is sexual identity.
Me – Sexual identity? Like gender?
Granddad – Go beyond gender.
Me – Beyond gender? What’s beyond gender?
Granddad – You CAN do this my love.
Me – Okay. Beyond gender is…. love?
Granddad – That’s true but “love” is too general a word. Focus in.
Me – Ok…. Granddad! Love is a person.
Granddad – Now that’s sexual identity.
Me – I don’t get this at all.
Granddad – It’s because your sexual identity hasn’t become assertive yet that you don’t understand it. Now this is where Freud and others reached. They deduced that sexual identity was influenced by primal desires in early childhood. That when these were repressed or not addressed, the person looked to whoever was available to fill that need, often getting frustrated and angry with them when they did not fill that need.
Me – I see… and it could become a sort of psychosis later, and a obstacle in their lives.
Granddad – Yes.
Me – So sexual identity is what?
Granddad – It’s the reason for being born.

Me – Granddad, I’m a little confused.
Granddad – A little my love?
Me – This is no time to joke, Granddad.
Granddad – What are you confused about?
Me – When you said that beyond gender is the reason for being born, and I said the reason for being born is love… I got lost there.
Granddad – Love, as you put it, is your way of saying Pleasure. It is to experience pleasure that anyone is born. To experience pleasure a particular way. What else is this body and this world made for but pleasure?
Me – So to find sexual identity, a person should find what gives them pleasure? Their particular way?
Granddad – There you have it, Cara. You did it.
Me – Phew.

Granddad – Now do you remember the thing I told you to remember?
Me – Intelligence depends on Identity and Identity depends on Sexual Identity.
Granddad – No. The CORE of Intelligence is Identity and the CORE of Identity is Sexual Identity.
Me – Ok, and Sexual Identity is the reason for which we’re born, the particular pleasure we wish to experience.

Granddad – See Cara, if you give a man a fish, he will eat it and go hungry the next day, but if you teach him to fish, he won’t go hungry again.
Me – Ok….
Granddad – The waking sexual intelligence is the fish, the sleeping sexual intelligence is what MAKES the fish. A man or woman can get turned on and be creative and make love on the rush of the waking sexual intelligence triggered by the senses. But it is an incomplete process and the energy released to the brain will be drained away and dissipated if sleeping sexual intelligence is blocked and doesn’t manage the process.
Me – Granddad, what blocks the sleeping sexual intelligence?
Granddad – Confusion about identity, the core of which is?
Me – Sexual Identity which is pleasure – our own particular pleasure.
Granddad – Yes.

Now, after all these years I understand what Granddad was talking about. He also told me somewhere in that conversation that the pleasure axis of the body was the brain – bum – feet connection and these on a primal level show our “pleasure quotient” or our ability to experience pleasure.

It doesn’t matter WHAT we do in life, our spirit considers it a failure, if we don’t experience basic primal pleasure. Our core identity depends on this and a failure here results in stress in so many ways, and manifests as an intrinsic brain stress preventing us from being able to move this way or that.

There are two simple ways to know if the pleasure axis in us is challenged:
1) Feeling stuck.
2) Craving sweet more than is normal – and only you know what’s normal for you.

I have tried long and hard to figure out how this axis gets disturbed in the first place and have concluded that essentially it’s a childhood thing. If in childhood for some reason we are not able to experience pleasure in our own way, or are stopped, or taught an attitude of self repression, or we grow up in such a repressed atmosphere of bondage that we simply don’t feel free to exercise our ability to enjoy life in our own unique way, we have a problem here.

People with hidden or false birth identity, those who are forced to be someone who they are not, fit into personality brackets they don’t belong in, all find themselves challenged in this area. Extreme asceticism, asexuality, extreme austerity as well as the opposite, obsessive compulsive disorder all can be a manifestation of trouble here.

Strange as it may seem, this is one of the easiest things to heal. You just find out what gives you the MOST holistic pleasure till you can say, “I’d be born and do it all all over again, just for this,” and you pursue that pleasure. Everything else falls into place.

Herbs that help this axis are Cannabis (all types), Artimisia(all of them – Vulgaris, Abrotanum etc.), Ashwangandha (Don’t take too much, for this condition, you need small doses taken over a long period), Nutmeg (add some scrapings or powder into your food in the evening), Basil (Would you believe it!), Golden Seal (highly diluted dose), St. John’s Wort, Evening Primrose, Ignatia Amara (highly diluted dose)

Note: Garlic is counter-active here. It causes the release of waking sexual energy so that you’ll have to fall back into your sleeping sexual energy to replenish yourself. It’s a way to heal too, but you don’t want to push yourself before you feel up to it.

4) Square
North – South – East – West of the body Continue reading

Our Lord’s Wood, Maid’s Ruin – Southernwood or Artimisia Abrotanum


A major cause of nerve pain, neuropathy and some of the weirdest problems like damaged hearing, sudden temporary blindness, and various other sensory organ malfunction that do not seem to respond to the usual herbs that support brain function, can be helped by this wonder herb.

Southernwood, or Southern Wormwood or Artimisia Abrotanum, relieves the static electricity that keeps nerve endings clinging or resisting contact with the other nerve endings because of being in a state of suspended animation.

HOW it does this I do not know. But that it does it, I do know.

I’m writing this article because of this amazing ability of this herb that for me sets it apart from the other Artimisia plants – which are nothing but sheer magic. For example Artimisia Vulgaris or Mugwort is such a powerful nervine. World over there are people who take it to help with remembering dreams, recover from nervous draining, get strength to face an ordeal.

Artimisia Absinthium or Wormwood, from which the very popular but infamous drink absinthe is made, is a powerful medicine in its own right. I haven’t tried it myself – the drink ie. but I have made tincture out of the plant and found it having so many benefits that it is now permanently on my kitchen counter top. You know I cannot have ALL my herbs there, only a few of the ones I use all the time. My wormwood tincture in Apple Cider Vinegar is what I have a swig of at the first sign of any problem that I’m too busy in the moment to go find the exact remedy for just then.

That’s because you don’t always need a particular herb for a particular problem. All you need is a little support to get the body’s own self healing intelligence into action.

See, the subconscious brain – that I have found isn’t just located IN the brain but all over the body in the energy field, it has all the information we inherited from our ancestors, and wisdom beyond that which our conscious brain can carry or remember.

I don’t believe it’s quite possible for someone to have in their conscious brain ALL the information they could need in their life. So God made the subconscious brain. Not only do we have our own repository of inherited wisdom in us, we also have connections from their to all our soul group and the spirit of life of the entire universe.

If you think I’m spewing nonsense, you’re quite wrong. The ability of the subconscious brain to tap into what is called ‘scientifically’ ‘the universal brain’ has been well documented and only those who haven’t managed to get a glimpse of that, dismiss it.

However, you ask someone who survived something the doctors said they would not survive,  you ask someone who was disabled or disadvantaged and overcame that; who had to think outside the box to find solutions, and they’ll tell you:

Hell yeah, there is something beyond the conscious mind that I tapped into. Call it what you like.

For me, in my life, I have had to DEPEND on my subconscious brain as in the usual way of things I never had a chance.

I can tell you straight off, while there are methods like prayer and meditation to bring one in contact with their higher intelligence, herbs ARE angels, and you don’t have to sit in one position with your eyes closed to be helped by them.

There are several herbs that help the conscious brain connect up with the subconscious brain. Datura is one of my favorites as are Larkspur, Brugmansia, all the Lilies, Myrtle and Cannabis Sativa.

Each one deserves an article on it’s own but this one’s about one of my super super favorites right now, Artimisia Abrotanum or Southernwood. Not a very romantic name I know. You’d think they’d have found a romantic name for this pretty herb. But check out the names they have for it.

Being as perceptive and attuned to the universe as I am, especially after about 48 hours on the tincture of “Our Lord’s Wood, Maid’s Ruin” every 3 hours, I can confirm one more time that if ever a herb  relaxed the nerve endings in the body so they began to pass messages properly, and if ever a herb removed the static energy and ‘cloudiness’ that makes one unable to face their subconscious being, it’s this one.

Let me give you an historical example of how this angel works.

There was this guy from somewhere in the USA back in the day when most normal people crossed the pond in a boat. He was Irish and American and knew very little of other languages. Back then the US did not have the Spanish speaking population it has today and people couldn’t just go a place in their neighborhood and attend classes and learn a language of their choice.

So this man who had been speaking nothing but English all his life, found himself on a ship at a little port in Spain. No one thought there’d be call for him to do anything but enjoy the sights (and there were SIGHTS to be seen back then you know) and have some fun and get back on the ship.

But there was a problem, a big problem with the ship and it so happened that it fell upon our hero to go ashore immediately with two other ‘helps’ who both did not know anything but English, and purchase rope – the kind they used in ships, which is not available all that easily.

So there he was in this port, not knowing a word of Spanish and they had to go find rope – a specific kind of rope. It was seven in the evening and no one in the port was in the mood for work and very few were even sober.

At 8, they managed to find a half open half closed market. They had nothing but hell asking for directions to a place selling ropes. They had to do dumb charade stuff, imitating ropes, tying imaginary knots with their hands, pretending to be climbing up the sides of a ship with a rope and so on.

A small crowd gathered, who thought they were being funny to entertain them and began dropping coins into a little heap nearby.

And then, someone from a shop nearby came out and gave them a drink. He pointed to a shrub growing at the entrance of his shop to indicate the wine had been made from that plant. This plant was traditionally planted at entrances because of the fragrance it releases and its beautiful energy. They knew it as ‘Lad’s Love’. The Irish do recognize a plant that’ll make good liquor even if they don’t ever think about plants at any other time.

Feeling totally helpless, our hero and his sidekicks had the drink which was bitter as hell, which men seem to love.

A few minutes later, our hero had a moment of sublime revelation. He saw Mother Mary (remember he was Irish and Mother Mary always appears to drunk Irishmen, because she is who is with us in our time of need), AND Mother Mary chills out in Spain a lot, and he saw Mother Mary standing at the bell tower of the church that was about twenty meters up from them overlooking the little market.

Led by his vision, our hero managed to clamber up the slight incline to the church. he was cheered and followed by the crowd who thought something even funnier than the previous performance was going to ensue. (God, the days before cable tv.)

There he followed his vision to exactly where Mother Mary was standing and lo and behold he was in the bell tower, and lo and behold, what was hanging in front of him was a large thick rope, exactly what he and his side-kicks were looking for at that late hour so desperately.

He then managed to do more of the dumb charades thing, now using the rope for reference, and one thing led to another and the Spaniards figured out he wanted rope for his ship.

Now I’m not saying Mother Mary will appear to you if you get drunk on tincture or wine of “Our Lord’s Wood, Maid’s Ruin” but that it will open your perception and help you find a way in the maze of your life, at least show you the next stop. I think that can be expected without even being optimistic.

You have no idea (or maybe you do) of the sort of relief you can get from tension in the nerve endings – suddenly you can perceive so very much more.

You have to try it to believe it.

The next time you’re facing a rock wall and can’t seem to figure a way out, try a drop of tincture of Artimisia Abrotanum. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Chronic Nervous Inflammation – Reversing the Trend

Some years ago I was sitting in a bus-stop when I saw a woman shuffling along with a bag she was finding hard to carry even though it didn’t look very big or bulky. She should’ve been able to put it on her shoulder and keep walking. Instead she was lugging it with both her hands, in front of her, walking awkwardly.

I finally decided that whatever was inside that little bag was something really heavy. Something like a big rock.

That’s how life is for people with chronic inflammation of the brain and nervous system.

What seems easy and normal for others, is so difficult for them. They often either put on a lot of weight or lose a lot because they simply can’t seem to function normally.

See, in the body, “inflammation” doesn’t mean something’s on fire. It means an area is dehydrated to the point where the cushioning between the cells is gone and there’s no buffer between them – so they’re all clumped up and rubbing each other up causing friction and making the nerves in the area scream for help.

A lot of sudden gain in ‘water weight’ is just the body trying to soothe the area. That’s the body’s first response to any tragedy – send water in there to cushion and deliver special requirements for healing.

When however, this becomes a regular affair, the area becomes a normalized water body – just as repeat rains will form a pond that if continually fed with water will become an established water body.

Sometimes this shows prominently as weight gain – around the stomach for example, as happens in the case of chronic inflammation caused by attacks in the digestive system.

Other times the swelling isn’t so obvious but the feeling of, ‘I’m not well’ is prominent enough.

Some people struggle on year after year feeling unwell.

Now the solution to chronic nervous inflammation is rather simple. The key to it actually working though, is discipline.

Herbs for Overworked Brains

There are some people who never have brain burnouts; calm people who fall in the categories of low intelligence and the very intelligent. If you’re one of the lucky ones this article is not for you.

This is for those who tend to use their brains in manic ways to the point where they feel burned out, their heads literally over heated.

Brain stress and burnout isn’t caused just by overthinking. The brain can get wound up and overworked hormonally, through the effect of drugs that stimulate the glands in the brain. The brain can get over-heated dealing with the sudden demands of the body in dealing with hormonal changes like puberty, pregnancy, even changes in the temperature around us.

Spring fever, the onset of summer, the brain freeze of winter coming on quicker than usual – all these can over-work the brain.

Brain stress is also caused by compromised blood circulation such as caused a heavy meal or a sluggish liver.

Let’s get straight to it.


My Top 7 Herbs for Overworked Brains


White Willow Bark – Salix Alba

The original source of Aspirin, and a pain reliever, I have used it to relieve all kinds of pain. No matter what sort of brain burn-out you’re experiencing, White Willow Bark, through its gentle effect of calming erratic blood circulation, will help.

5 -10 drops in a cup of water is usually enough. Try to get some sleep or do things that don’t require brain work, and then take another dose when the pain starts.







St. John’s Wort – Hypericum

Also a pain reliever, St.John’s Wort is what I call a ‘cheerer’ of the system. There is this state of consciousness a body (and brain) fall into because of fatigue that never really goes away. A sort of listlessness that hangs on from day to day that shows up in a dull ache in the nervous system that can flare up every now and then.

The nerves have got their share of housekeeping and self repair to do, but in this state of affairs most of that gets put aside simply because of the general lack of hope.

St. John’s Wort acts like an old friend come around to cheer everyone up and take the mind off those same old depressing thoughts that lead nowhere in the end.

5-10 drops in a cup of water is enough. Or tea.

Borage – Borago Officinalis

They call it the ‘courage’ herb. It’s for when you feel overloaded and overwhelmed and the main cause of the stress is the stress itself.

Those for example who are stressed out because they’re too stressed out to find a solution to a problem. They know they have to stop being stressed out, but they’re too stressed out to find a solution to being stressed out so they can find a solution to the problem.

Short circuiting if you will – everything feels like it comes back to square one. The person goes around in thought loops, saying the same things every few hours, coming to the same conclusions, and then back on the merry-go-round in the same pattern over and over.

It takes a sort of spark or energy to get out of the loop, and that is a matter of the heart, rather than a matter of the head.

You see a thinking process that does not have the heart and feeling and passion involved, is bound to short circuit. We’re just not made to be robots. We cannot solve problems like robots do.

We need the spark of emotion or nothing will make sense eventually. Our thought processes need to be grounded and connected to our feelings, what we really care about. Continue reading