The 4 Axes of Holistic Intelligence, Herbs for Balance

Description of the 4 axes of holistic intelligence with herbs that help them; Conversation with Granddad about Intelligence, Identity, Sexual Identity, Waking and Sleeping Sexual Intelligence

Ed, I’ve been watching episodes of a 1989 British produced television series called “Poirot”. It’s based on the books of Agatha Christie, the main character of which is Hercule Poirot, a Belgian detective living in London. He has phenomenal intelligence and acute sensitivity.

This is him:


And these are his friends Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp (I LOVE him.)


They go around London and the countryside wearing these suits and driving vintage cars.

But would you believe it… Hercule Poirot’s beverage of choice was a tisane! That’s herbal tea!

I was so excited to find out about it, because the fact is that herbs can give a person such a huge boost in the brain department, and if you take the right ones for you, and you take them regularly, it could be so life changing in the way it opens up options you never thought possible when your brain was functioning on low battery.

I’m also excited to find yet again, in an old book (converted into a tv series in this case) the depiction of how dependent HOLISTIC intelligence is on sensory health or sensitivity. That’s the difference between robots and humans isn’t it? Robots’ raw material to work with is what they’re told and what they’re programmed to read and record.

But human’s raw material comes from so many levels of consciousness and the entire universe literally. The human brain is so amazing, beyond what modern science gives it credit for. But it does not work alone and holistic intelligence is about the brain being connected to the rest of the body – all of which is one big sensory organ.

I’ve experienced the rescuing power of herbs on several occasions in my life.

Once when I was pregnant and in very warm weather, I was debilitated by the heat all day long and could only work in the evenings when the weather got cooler. My brain simply wouldn’t work when it was hot.

I realized my liver was really stressed dealing with the pregnancy hormones AND the heat.

I took some powder of Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica leaves one morning – mostly thinking of my liver. That afternoon I realized I’d been working all morning without being so affected by the heat. It meant so much to me just then, to be able to work and work well too.

Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica

It meant such a lot to work with clear head and not have that fuzzy tired brain feeling.

I know a lot of people take coffee to deal with that, and a little is alright, but not too much. Coffee these days isn’t what it used to be. Most of the brands available on the supermarket have additives that irritate the liver and kidneys and send the body into an adrenalized state. This causes bone loss. I experienced this the one time I had coffee every morning for about six weeks, with lots of milk and two spooonfuls of sugar. It was such pleasure, but at the end I had a rotten wisdom tooth and had for the second (and last) time in my life to go to a dentist and have it removed. I resent the loss of my tooth truly.

Some years later I almost lost another when again I’d fallen to the temptation of coffee.

I know some people who can drink a lot without a problem, but I am not one of them.

So I need herbs that’ll boost my brain’s energy and holistic intelligence without causing me to lose my teeth or bone calcium, or affect any of my internal organs.

(Oh no, Ed, all this talk of coffee has begun to affect me… I’m feeling the old urge… anyway… I hope writing about other herbs will distract me soon.)

So here’s the thing, if you can, you find out what causes your brain to lose energy and get the right herb that works with that particular axis.

Now here are the :

Four Axes of Holistic Intelligence

1) Diamond
Brain – Liver – Kidney – Pancreas

2) Line
Brain – Heart – Stomach – Sexual Organs

3) Circle
Brain – Feet – Brain

4) Square
North – South – East – West of the body

1) Diamond
Brain – Liver – Kidneys – Pancreas


When this axis of holistic intelligence is troubled, it shows most easily to see, in skin problems.

The frequency of the nervous system is unstable because the pancreas which manages sugar in the body isn’t working so sometimes the brain is all awake and sometimes half dead. You know how important sugar is to the brain.

The liver and kidneys essentially filter out the impurities and if they’re stressed, those impurities hand about, clouding everything and even the brain.

Sleep deprivation often shows up first in this axis being troubled because we need to have the body calm and in a sleeping or resting frequency for this axis to do its work well.

All kinds of metabolic problems result from this axis being disturbed. So the body is too hot, too cold and so on.

That’s usually enough information to know if this axis of the body is disturbed.

The herbs that help this axis balance and recover are Gotu Kola, Mistletoe, Chrysanthemum, Wheatgrass and Walnut (Juglans Regia).

2) Line
Brain – Heart – Stomach – Sexual Organs


Holistic intelligence depends immensely on the understanding or comprehension of the information we’re getting from our environment.

Our understanding of information can be so colored by our sexual energy, state of the digestive system, and feelings, I need hardly elaborate on it. Even our dreams are affected by what’s happening in our stomach, heart and reproductive system.

When this axis of holistic intelligence is disturbed, we feel creatively stunted, unable to learn new things or arts, and unable to appreciate things we once did, enough to actually work with them.

This is demonstrated in the case of writer’s block, a talented artist suddenly not able to create the magic he once did or not feeling inspired, bouts of fatigue just as something important has to be done. The talent is still there, the skill is still there – it’s just that the coming together and the delivery of it all is missing.

The herbs that heal disturbances of this axis are Spikenard, Willow (both white and black, i.e. Salix Nigra and Salix Alba – which is interestingly is the source of natural aspirin and a powerful pain killer), Black Ginger, Vetiver (essential oil), Ergot of Corn or Ustilago Maydis (NOTE – extremely diluted dose only), Mandrake or Podophyllum (extremely diluted dose).

3) Curve
Brain – Bum – Feet

One time, I was in a public place with Granddad and giving him my interpretation of each person’s energy field based on looking at their bums as they passed by. It’s one of the special gifts God gave me, fine honed by chasing after various baby bums in my childhood and teenage years. I could tell exactly what the brat was up to from the bum. I’d know in which direction the brat was going to go next and be there before the brat because the bum had telecast it to me. I passed out with honors in dog and puppy bums.

Anyway, so there I was giving Granddad a most entertaining time, when he says to me, “That side of the psyche you’re coming in touch with there is a mysterious one – the very one that Freud was obsessed with.”
Me – Freud? The one who said that babies feel sexual about their parents?
Granddad – Ah, yes. He was talking about the sleeping sexual intelligence.
Me – You mean there’s waking sexual intelligence and sleeping sexual intelligence?
Granddad – Yes. the waking you know of. But the sleeping one is what controls the waking one and that’s why Freud and others were obsessed with it.
Me – I see!
Granddad – The waking sexual intelligence gets triggered by sensory information in the moment. The sleeping sexual intelligence is triggered by?
Me – I don’t know… genes? Weather?
Granddad – IDENTITY.
Me – What! Really!
Granddad – Oh yes, really. Now Cara, remember this. Intelligence at its very core depends on Identity and its very core, is Sexual Identity.
Me – I get that. I can understand that it’s our sense of identity that makes us able to interpret signals from nature based on what’s important to us and what isn’t. If it weren’t for our identity we’d never know which information mattered and which didn’t and we’d become repositories of junk. Like the Govt. libraries full of useless books no one wants to read.

(I was really pissed off by Govt. libraries in those days. I don’t want to start venting about it here, but just let me say Ed, that they’d bound the books in cardboard and the books didn’t have the names on the sides now and had to be taken out and opened to see which book it was. How could anyone do such a stupid thing I don’t know. Naturally they were covered with dust.)

Granddad – Exactly, now consider that the core of identity is sexual identity.
Me – Sexual identity? Like gender?
Granddad – Go beyond gender.
Me – Beyond gender? What’s beyond gender?
Granddad – You CAN do this my love.
Me – Okay. Beyond gender is…. love?
Granddad – That’s true but “love” is too general a word. Focus in.
Me – Ok…. Granddad! Love is a person.
Granddad – Now that’s sexual identity.
Me – I don’t get this at all.
Granddad – It’s because your sexual identity hasn’t become assertive yet that you don’t understand it. Now this is where Freud and others reached. They deduced that sexual identity was influenced by primal desires in early childhood. That when these were repressed or not addressed, the person looked to whoever was available to fill that need, often getting frustrated and angry with them when they did not fill that need.
Me – I see… and it could become a sort of psychosis later, and a obstacle in their lives.
Granddad – Yes.
Me – So sexual identity is what?
Granddad – It’s the reason for being born.

Me – Granddad, I’m a little confused.
Granddad – A little my love?
Me – This is no time to joke, Granddad.
Granddad – What are you confused about?
Me – When you said that beyond gender is the reason for being born, and I said the reason for being born is love… I got lost there.
Granddad – Love, as you put it, is your way of saying Pleasure. It is to experience pleasure that anyone is born. To experience pleasure a particular way. What else is this body and this world made for but pleasure?
Me – So to find sexual identity, a person should find what gives them pleasure? Their particular way?
Granddad – There you have it, Cara. You did it.
Me – Phew.

Granddad – Now do you remember the thing I told you to remember?
Me – Intelligence depends on Identity and Identity depends on Sexual Identity.
Granddad – No. The CORE of Intelligence is Identity and the CORE of Identity is Sexual Identity.
Me – Ok, and Sexual Identity is the reason for which we’re born, the particular pleasure we wish to experience.

Granddad – See Cara, if you give a man a fish, he will eat it and go hungry the next day, but if you teach him to fish, he won’t go hungry again.
Me – Ok….
Granddad – The waking sexual intelligence is the fish, the sleeping sexual intelligence is what MAKES the fish. A man or woman can get turned on and be creative and make love on the rush of the waking sexual intelligence triggered by the senses. But it is an incomplete process and the energy released to the brain will be drained away and dissipated if sleeping sexual intelligence is blocked and doesn’t manage the process.
Me – Granddad, what blocks the sleeping sexual intelligence?
Granddad – Confusion about identity, the core of which is?
Me – Sexual Identity which is pleasure – our own particular pleasure.
Granddad – Yes.

Now, after all these years I understand what Granddad was talking about. He also told me somewhere in that conversation that the pleasure axis of the body was the brain – bum – feet connection and these on a primal level show our “pleasure quotient” or our ability to experience pleasure.

It doesn’t matter WHAT we do in life, our spirit considers it a failure, if we don’t experience basic primal pleasure. Our core identity depends on this and a failure here results in stress in so many ways, and manifests as an intrinsic brain stress preventing us from being able to move this way or that.

There are two simple ways to know if the pleasure axis in us is challenged:
1) Feeling stuck.
2) Craving sweet more than is normal – and only you know what’s normal for you.

I have tried long and hard to figure out how this axis gets disturbed in the first place and have concluded that essentially it’s a childhood thing. If in childhood for some reason we are not able to experience pleasure in our own way, or are stopped, or taught an attitude of self repression, or we grow up in such a repressed atmosphere of bondage that we simply don’t feel free to exercise our ability to enjoy life in our own unique way, we have a problem here.

People with hidden or false birth identity, those who are forced to be someone who they are not, fit into personality brackets they don’t belong in, all find themselves challenged in this area. Extreme asceticism, asexuality, extreme austerity as well as the opposite, obsessive compulsive disorder all can be a manifestation of trouble here.

Strange as it may seem, this is one of the easiest things to heal. You just find out what gives you the MOST holistic pleasure till you can say, “I’d be born and do it all all over again, just for this,” and you pursue that pleasure. Everything else falls into place.

Herbs that help this axis are Cannabis (all types), Artimisia(all of them – Vulgaris, Abrotanum etc.), Ashwangandha (Don’t take too much, for this condition, you need small doses taken over a long period), Nutmeg (add some scrapings or powder into your food in the evening), Basil (Would you believe it!), Golden Seal (highly diluted dose), St. John’s Wort, Evening Primrose, Ignatia Amara (highly diluted dose)

Note: Garlic is counter-active here. It causes the release of waking sexual energy so that you’ll have to fall back into your sleeping sexual energy to replenish yourself. It’s a way to heal too, but you don’t want to push yourself before you feel up to it.

How beautiful is this! “Mace” is the red bit and an amazing taste too, but it’s the powder of or shavings of the brown kernel I’m talking about here when I say “Nutmeg”. It’s quite a sedative and is also wonderful for healing from injury, especially of the bone.  Picture Source

4) Square
North – South – East – West of the body

This axis of holistic intelligence is about our connection to the earth. Just as all animals choose carefully how they sit, based on their inner compass, so we have an inner compass too. And it isn’t so much about how we sit (though some of us are mighty particular), but an inner sense of direction.

If we feel we aren’t moving in the right direction for us in life, our natural intelligence doesn’t cooperate with us in doing things. Our natural intelligence keeps sending up alarms instead.

This not always, but usually manifests in problems with voice and loss of rhythm in dancing. Feelings of being lost, “far away,” and “distant” are also common, when they’re not specifically because of moving away from loved ones. A splintered energy field is also common.

This is the most serious impairment to intelligence because it severely traumatizes the ability to direct intelligence in a particular direction.

For example, if we have a goal to reach, we need to take the information we have and then leverage it through a plan, towards the goal.

With this axis challenged, we have the information we need, we can see the goal there, but for the life of us, we can’t see how to get from here to there.

It’s not so much about obstacles in the way, but a feeling of futility that colors our vision.

Facing the sense of futility and looking at why we feel that way, then doing what it takes to stop that, is the way to go. But there are times when the feeling of futility is so strong and gripping that one can’t even find out why it’s there, or since when it’s been there.

Treatment of this axis is helped by highly diluted doses of Datura, Henbane (Hyoscamus Niger), Arnica, Oleander, White Plumeria, White Clover and Daphne (Spurge Laurel).

All oak trees are also medicine for this condition – simply because they are primal reminders of physical location. You can read about the history of oak trees and the place of importance they hold for us humans through long racial memory at this link:

The fruit of the Oak tree is called an Acorn. Picture Source

You don’t need much – just pinches of oak bark or leaf in your tea or food will do. I’ve heard acorn powder is a coffee substitute! I’ll have to try it sometime!

And now I end this article with a beautiful picture of Red Oak leaves.

Red Oak Leaves – Picture Source


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