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Hyssop – Don’t Fear the Pain

 I was wondering, Ed, why of all the herbal painkillers, Jesus was given Hyssop and vinegar (or sour wine) when on the cross. It seemed to me to be hardly something given to someone in pain who was expected to die.

Yet again, it’s an instance of a herb being used that is not for the dead or dying at all, like aloes – a wound healer- in which they wrapped his dead body. It’s the equivalent of packing a dead body in Neosporin/Bacitracin/Polyspirin. How ridiculous is that? They so expected him to come back into his body.

But the Hyssop, Ed, mystified me because it is a BITTER herb, a liver cleanser, not exactly a painkiller. It seemed like they were torturing him even more giving him that.

Anyhow Ed, recently I went through some days when suppressed memories of traumatic times I’ve been through arose and on instinct I decided to have Hyssop tea everyday.

On day one, Ed, the bitterness was a shock. It is REALLY bitter. But on day two, I wanted it, and had three cups in a row.

To my surprise, Ed, I found that Hyssop was vibing with, or vibrating the same as pain spots in my body, those cells holding pain. I’m not talking about physical pain, Ed. I’m talking about the residue in the body of emotional and energetic destruction; The sort that literally pulverizes the energy field into splinters.

Somehow, Ed, Hyssop makes it possible to feel those without fainting away at the pain, or escaping by distracting oneself.

It inspires strength to face mind blowing pain, Ed.

I never knew this before and now I have in my mind the idea of a whole different kind of painkiller. The sort that inspires you to feel the pain instead of turning away. That’s the best sort of painkiller according to me, because you leave nothing to deal with later. You fully experience what you’re experiencing and process it too. It’s scary but in hindsight it’s the best way. Continue reading

Bougainvillea Cheer to Refresh your Spirit

This is an amazingly powerful energy of breakthrough, Ed. You don’t need to take it as medicine to experience its influence. It is ALWAYS a sign Ed, when Bougainvillea comes into your awareness. ALWAYS.

Bougainvillea’s breakthrough energy and how it helped me when I was blocked in every way.

Dear Ed,

Yesterday I saw these beautiful white bougainvillea flowers blooming and was reminded all over again how powerful the energy of these flowers are. They grow all over the world, flower exuberantly without asking much in the way of care, and leave people with nothing but good feelings.

When I was little, my first school, had bougainvillea flowers growing all over the long front wall. They cheered me everyday. I often used to crawl under the foliage and near the woody trunk of the shrubs and feel completely safe and hidden there from everything else happening around.

I always get that feeling of cheerful unquestioning friendship and joy of living when I see bougainvilleas.

I felt like sharing the cheer, Ed, so here are some beautiful pictures of Bougainvillea.

One time when I had writer’s block, Ed. Well actually not just writer’s block but a full on life block; I simply couldn’t see any way out for me. Just logically speaking, I was blocked in every way; at the time I collected a dew drop on my bougainvillea plant in the morning and put it in a bottle with more water, shook it up and had a few drops of it.

Fifteen minutes later I wrote my first holistic healing article.

I’d been told all my life that my sort of viewpoint was illogical and that people would laugh at me if I ever made it public. I was told that no one would give a damn about my family’s ancestral medicine made with energies of plants more than the physical components. I’d been shamed so much, Ed, that not even to save my life was I able to write about my own medicine.

I’d worked for eight years editing and publishing and promoting the work of another herbalist, and never once ever told anyone that I had my own inherited body of knowledge and practice too. When I quit that job (crazy abuse unfortunately), I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I reached a point where I planned my death because I was definitely not going to compromise my safety by becoming dependent on anyone. I had no family, Granddad was gone. I was pregnant with Gabriel.

But fifteen minutes after I took bougainvillea’s energy field, Ed, something popped. In the days that followed the blocks came back over and over. And I took Bougainvillea over and over. Over the years whenever I reach an impasse, Bougainvillea arrives in some way to support me.

One thing I must mention before I end this, Ed, is that it’s one of those breakthrough herbal medicines for persistent cough that just won’t stop no matter what a person tries. That sort of cough is caused by cramps in the lungs.

In general an infusion of bougainvillea leaves and flowers will release cramps ANYWHERE in the body that have persisted for a long time and which are there because of emotional or energetic causes.

I hope you enjoyed the Bougainvilleas, Ed. Some day in this or another lifetime, I’m going to grow LOTS of them.

Spin Breaker Herbs – Holistic Relief from Emotional and Energy Blocks

The pool in the central atrium of Augustus Saint Gaudens’ home.

Dear Ed,

I wrote to you about herbs that demagnetize the body, so the body can regenerate itself instead of being stuck in the same patterns over and over.

Similar to those herbs, Ed, but working on a slightly different level, are what I call “Spin Breaker Herbs”.

There’s the magnetic field, Ed, formed by us as we do our daily routine in the physical place, our physical body, occupies. Demagnetizing the body with fresh air, changing the metabolism of the body, and demagnetizing influences such as herbs, all help.

You know, Ed, creative geniuses who are able to convert their energy into beautiful things, they know the value of demagnetization very well and instinctively will do things to keep their energy flowing right.

The great sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens, when he wasn’t quite so famous, had only a little studio in a run down mostly abandoned building in New York. His landlord thought he was renting to a mostly harmless artsy type when he suddenly got the biggest water bill ever. When he went around investigating, he found that Augustus Saint Gaudens only worked with the tap open in the bathroom sink and the sound of flowing water going through the studio.

His entire career, he worked with water near him, and he was so bothered about the water features around wherever he worked, that when he was away from home, and a pool was being built outside his studio, and his wife wrote to him but forgot to mention how the pool was coming on; he sent her an angry letter about how he had enough information about how his wife and child were coming on, and the only thing he wanted to hear about, was the POOL.

But you see, Ed, those who know how to convert their energy right, they give attention to influences around them that help keep their energy flow going right. It’s the difference between those who stay wishing and dreaming about doing things, and those who actually manage to do what they dream of doing.

The details, matter. The little things matter. And anything that helps get our energy flowing is so important, Ed.

You know, Ed, if we actually realized that staying in static energy loops was robbing us of our dreams, our destiny, of love, of happiness, OF MONEY, we would wake the hell up and start paying attention to the things that keep us in energy and consciousness loops, preventing us from breaking out of the spin and taking leaps and steps towards where we want to go.

Those who achieve, Ed, they find this out early in life and that’s how they’re able, even in our times, which are anything but conducive to creative energy flow, to keep their energy flowing.

So Ed, I was saying that there’s demagnetization of the body from the physical magnetic field built by routine and repetitive physical movements, especially in a particular place. The physical magnetic field is made up of a vibrations that then begin to influence the thoughts and feelings of a person which tend to become repetitive as well, trapping the person in many ways, for better or worse in that spin.

Just as a magnetic field builds up because of repetitive physical movements, so a consciousness magnetic field develops through repetitive thought and feeling processes. It’s something like a cloud of memory that builds up with lot of emotional patterns being reinforced through time, that becomes so big that people feel emotionally influenced and even played by the field.

We build our own Spin fields up through out life as we go through various emotional experiences. It could keep us in good patterns, or it could keep us in things like trauma, feelings of loneliness, isolation, low self esteem and so on.

When we’re feeling stuck in life, Ed, it’s mostly because our own spin fields made up of repetitive thought and feelings has become too big.

Breaking the Spin, is what has to be done. Unlike demagnetization which can be done on physical level by getting fresh air, lightning a fire, being near water bodies; breaking our Time Memory spin, is on another level.

I’ve had to deal with a lot of trauma in my life, Ed, starting with losing my mother the day I was born. Even as a child I already had too much of a trauma field. Without me knowing it, Granddad used to “pop” the spin field.

Now Ed, you can’t tell a child to “snap out of it,” and Granddad was faced with such a situation. He couldn’t even ask me about my trauma because I didn’t know. All I knew then was things on the surface, like what I ate for breakfast and who came home in the evening and which fruit tree was blossoming. I was so traumatized I could not know what I was feeling.

The way I was brought up, Ed, in the foster family, no one ever bothered about my feelings, so the time Granddad asked me how I was, I’d say I stood first in my class again. I’d give him updates on my academic performance and then tell him how the trees were doing. That was all I knew of my own life in my own head at the time.

So Ed, he had to find another way to break me out of trauma. He used to tell me to look at the moon. I told him I wasn’t allowed out of the house in the night. He said, “Slip out for ten minutes when no one will notice. But you must look at the moon tonight. You’ll get very scared and upset for a while. But don’t go away. Look till you feel sleepy.”

So Ed, I began to do that. I couldn’t do it everyday. But whenever I could. And later on in my life, whenever things got too much for me, I used to slip out and look at the moon.

Looking at the moon, Ed, it breaks the spin of emotional and mental fields.

“Moon River” Ed, by Henry Mancini, from the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a beautiful song written about just this experience.

For those who can’t go look at the moon, looking at one’s own left palm has a similar effect. It’s not easy as it sounds, Ed. I focus on the center point of my palm and you got to cross the point where your whole body seems to want to make you look away. That force trying to stop you from looking at your own palm is the big field of static emotional patterns holding you back.

These are the easiest things to incorporate into lifestyle to keep breaking the spin for emotional and mental clarity and freshness.

But God has made herbs too that work amazing to break the spin.

I’ve been rescued from the swamps of my mind and trauma field, again and again by them, Ed. My angels that came to me in answer to prayers.

They are Oleander, Ghostpipes or Monotropa Uniflora,Wormword or Artimisia Absinthium and Larkspur or Staphsagriya.

Oleander – Thevetia

Ed, it’s now hidden, the power of Oleander. Once upon a time, it was grown in courtyards just like the most important medicinal plants.

Here’s a painting.

The things a person should know about Oleander are:
– Oleander is a poison and has to be taken in very highly diluted quantities. One drop of the tincture is OK and ENOUGH.
– The electricity and consciousness of Oleander causes a consciousness “buzzing”. If I had to translate it into a sound that you might recognize, Ed, it’s the sound that comes when something metal hits another metal thing that’s spinning. Like the sound made by a single knife touching a knife sharpening machine.

I don’t know if you’ve seen a knife sharpening machine. When I was little, people took the knives and gardening tools in the house regularly to the knife sharpening shop, instead of buying new knives like most people do now.

Here is a photo I took in 2018 of what looks like a very old knife sharpening machine. I took the pic from across the road where I was standing at the butcher’s Ed. So it’s not very clear.

It’s hypnotic and fascinating, Ed, to watch the machine in motion and the knife getting sharpened setting off sparks as it comes in touch with the metal wheel spinning.

That Ssshhhhhhhhhhhssssssshhhhhhhsssss sound; the vibration of that is how Oleander sounds. It has a similar effect in our consciousness, coming in the way of the spin, and helping break it.

This sound and vibration has been used maliciously to cause trauma by those in the trauma harvesting industry.

But for those who do not fear “coming apart” or their spin being broken; who would like to live on and off something more permanent than a spin of old patterns, this can be valuable medicine.

The exact experience, Ed, is not something about which I can say, “I took a drop of Oleander at two o’clock, and at three this happened.” It shows more in a simple change in emotional cycles, which causes us to think and react differently to things from before. Just little things, but which all add up and cause big changes.

Oleander makes us aware of what we want, what we desire, a simple way to clarity.

Oleander is not something one needs to take regularly unless you’re under a seriously huge trauma field that won’t budge. Just knowing about it is enough. At the right time, it will appear in your mind’s eye or memory, you’ll remember reading this. That will trigger you into maybe getting a plant, or looking at photos of them online, or getting the tincture and actually having a drop.

We’re dealing with a manifestation of the spirit of God here. Oleander will speak to your soul and take it from there.

I’ve written about Oleander in:
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Ghostpipes or Monotropa Uniflora

Ghostpipes – Taken by Rebekka Honkala in 2021I have never seen this native of the New England area of the East Coast of the US, in this lifetime, in the wild myself. I’ve just bought the tincture and experienced it that way.

I saw it first in a forum on Facebook on native plants of the US and I was simply stunned beyond stunned. They went straight to my heart like an old friend.

This plant, Ed, lives an ethereal existence, manifesting in this world, but without the usual parts of a plant, like roots. It lives by communication through fungi with other plants that feed it that way.

They don’t have muscle and bone like us, or the same physical structure as other plants. They manifest as held together by an energy field that literally holds them together. When they’re plucked, the field pops and they flop down.

They are put into water for tincture immediately on the spot where they’re found because they near totally disintegrate very very quickly.

The season of 2021 was apparently amazing for seeing them (and mushrooms) because of the extra rains the region experienced.

For me the sighting of them in such large numbers as in 2021, is a huge sign from the spirit.

This plant, Ed, demonstrates the principle of surviving without roots and means a lot to me who had to grow up without my parents. I had to find a way of living in this world by finding my spiritual roots, that which is eternal, the connections of my soul.

My life changed when I found this angel friend of mine.

Why I call it a Spin Breaker Herb, Ed, is because it just doesn’t buy into common consciousness AT ALL. It just doesn’t. It’s just its own self. It maintains its primal pure basic energy field between the earth field magnetism beneath and the stars swirling above.

I have it whenever I feel the swirl of emotional patterns getting overwhelming for me, and not like when I feel overwhelming love, but when I feel overwhelming heaviness or emotional sludge around me.

This is a wonderful help for those sensitive to energies in public places and places where energy fields and patterns build up.

I wish I’d known about it before. It’s just wonderful.

I’ve written about it:
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Opium has been such a popular drug for a good reason. It is a traditional spin breaker, used especially to break the pain report of nerves in a pain hypnosis.

It’s unfortunate that such a wonderful medicine has been reduced to a pharmaceutical product that delivers the physical effects without the energy field and consciousness of the plant.

Nerve ending hypnosis is a real problem. When nerve endings get into a spin they can’t break out of, they keep reporting the same thing, whether that’s pain, or itching, or nothing. This triggers the same responses from the body over and over.

This could cause all kinds of problems, problems like the over-delivery of nutrients to places where there was once a little wound, these layer up and become tumors and stress the whole area.

Our entire system depends on nerve endings to tell us what’s happening and where, so we can repair or replenish or whatever.

A huge problem for people with facial skin and hair issues is that strong chemicals put the nerve endings into a hypnosis so they keep reporting the same thing – say “dehydration” when there isn’t dehydration, causing underlying swellings, lumps and so on. Or extra oil or none of it. You get the picture. The nerve ending reports aren’t true in the moment, they’re true to another moment they’re hypnotized in, a time loop.

Poppy’s amazing ability to be in the moment, snaps the nerve endings (and us) out of the hypnosis.

Isn’t it amazing how a substance known to CAUSE deep sleep or hpnosis actually is just bringing a person out of the spin of the wake-sleep cycle they were in?

We assume that being in this moment means “waking up”, while it could be that to be in this moment for real, we should be somewhat asleep.

There’s no need to take Poppy or Opium in huge doses for its spin breaking help. One drop of the tincture is enough.

Poppy seeds are available as a culinary item. You just put about a quarter of a t-spoon into a soup or sprinkle over whatever you’re having. It goes with sweet things very well too. I LOVE poppy seed vanilla cake. The smell is enough. It’s so beautiful. I once had a poppy seed soap that I loved.

It’s a great all round holistic healer.

I’ve written about it:
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Larkspur or Staphgsagriya

Over the years I’ve come to depend on Larkspur in the worst mental and energy jams. Especially to do with repressed anger. An energy field spinning with unexpressed anger or rage is just hell to live with. I stop being able to digest my food, stop being able to do anything. Often I don’t know what it is that has made me feel like that. It’s not just about anger, there are other strong emotions, and it’s possible sometimes that we’re mentally too occupied to notice that we’ve had an incident that’s provoked a strong emotion, and we don’t even know it happened.

But our subconscious is on fire, our body is feeling inflamed, we’re doing crazy things like binge eating ice-cream to calm the inflammation down. Or binge drinking or doing weird things for us like spending time with someone we don’t like in a place we hate.

You get the picture.

I don’t know how Larkspur does it, Ed. But every time I’ve been n those situations and taken a drop of the tincture of Larkspur, later that evening or some hours later, I’ll realize that it worked. I literally physically feel the release of tension in my body, in my bones. It’s not always dramatic but it can be sometimes.

I have the confidence to write to you about it, Ed, because I have experienced it myself so very many times. It’s an amazing spin breaker.

I wrote about Larkspur:

Herbs to Release Pent-up Rage Continue reading

How to Compromise your Immunity; De-stimulation and Downward Pointing Flowers

Common ways to compromise your immunity; The need for de-stimulation, How to de-stimulate the body; Downward Facing Flowers

Dear Ed,

I have never seen such open betrayal of the public trust as I’m seeing these days.

Every measure being promoted, supposed to help people “stay safe”, has long been known by anyone working in the healthcare industry as dangerous.

Deprivation of sunlight, fresh air, exercise and human contact have long been known to deplete energy levels and make one susceptible to whatever infection agent comes along.

But it’s my understanding that most people already know this – that that’s how you compromise your immunity. So I won’t say it again.

Why I’m writing this, is because there’s something very few, if any, ever do actually say, because it’s bad for sales of any sort of medicine.

It’s that, whether it’s a medical treatment, or a supplement, or herbal medicine, taking immunity booster treatments – outside of your normal diet which might include herbs like garlic, turmeric on a regular basis – is how to compromise your immunity.

The body doesn’t respond to immunity boosters. The body responds to threats;

to energy patterns that do not match its own energy pattern. It snuffs out the cells that carry those opposing or disruptive energy patterns.

Now if there are no threats, and you supply immunity boosters, you are telling the body that you PERCEIVE threats that it has not detected yet.

The body then goes into hyper-alert mode checking for threats. Energy is pulled from other functions and moved to checking for threats. An inquisition begins. All the substances are made and released into the blood that fight threats.

24 -48 hours later, if no infective agents are found, the body feels drained. Energy meant for other normal life functions has been lost preparing for an attack. The substances made to fight infection are now useless and various soldier cells are hanging around looking for a fight now.

The next time you boost your immunity like that, the body will respond with less alacrity. You’ve cried wolf too much. Eventually an infection does come along, and the body barely notices. Now you have to supply an external infection fighter because the body isn’t dealing with the infection naturally.

When you start supplying infection fighters such as antibiotics, that have the substances the body should be making to fight infections, the body’s own systems either fight back or retire. When they fight back, it’s called “antibiotic resistance” and it’s the body saying, “I’d rather have an infection and die than tolerate interference from outside.” When the body’s systems retire, it leads to organ dysfunction and failure.

This is all really basic commonsense.

You don’t take herbs that fight infections until you have one.

That simple. Taking them in small quantities – such as garlic in your diet, or diluted quantities is enough to simply be generally supported should an infection need to be dealt with.


keeping your body on hyper alert, leads to energy diverting from normal life functions Continue reading

Guarana – Energy Block Release, Recovery from Premature Aging

How I came across Guarana; How similar physical nutrition can carry widely differing energy effects; Energy of Watermelon; Why I don’t bother reading “Nutritional Information”; Blindness caused by loss of vital energy; Premature Aging, Pushing against boundaries; Releasing life energy blocks by pursuing desire

Dear Ed,

There’s this tree called “Guarana” – Paullinia Guarana” whose fruit when ripe, pops open revealing seed and flesh that altogether looks like an eyeball. It’s supposed to have more caffeine than coffee and is used worldwide in energy drinks.

At university, at the church I attended every now and then; there was this teenager in the youth group. He had a beautiful set of drums but told me the drums were now homeless because his mother had told him to get rid of them ASAP. I felt real bad for him and said he could move them to my large living room and play them anytime he wanted. My bedroom and workroom were one level down so I was sure I wouldn’t be disturbed.

So he moved the homeless drums in, and OH MY GOD. He and two other teens arrived at six in the evening and began to play them in turns. I thought they’d get tired by nine or ten. I went to bed about eleven and woke up about five thirty in the morning. The walls were vibrating and shaking, it felt like the carpet was vibrating!

I go up to the living room and find them still on the drums in turns, the two who weren’t playing, climbing onto the sofa and jumping off it over and over.

I asked the youth group leader who was chaperoning them (unofficially) at my place, if they were on drugs. He said, “No, Guarana energy drink.”

Many years later I bought Guarana seed powder by instinct. Coffee had been causing me tooth enamel loss and it said on the internet that Guarana could be a good replacement for coffee.

When it arrived though, the energy field got my attention immediately. This wasn’t another botanical natural stimulant.

It’s like this, Ed. It’s the truth about plants, and anything for that matter. You can have two or three or four or five or hundreds of a fruit (for example) that have physically similar ingredients, but energetically they could be totally different. Even absolute opposites.

You take watermelon, for example. When I was a kid, the family doctor said that watermelon was a waste of money because it was nutritionally near zero. That other than helping keep cool in the summer, it’s benefits were near nothing.

Decades later when I was in labor giving birth to Gabriel, I had gone 33 hours into labor and was exhausted beyond exhausted. The contractions were coming every 7 – 10 minutes. Every bout of contractions was like a speeding train going through me. Nothing would stay in my stomach.

And yet I needed something so very urgently, because my vital energy levels were gutted. There was in the fridge, a small bowl with maybe 3 tablespoons of crushed watermelon from the day before.

In the 5 minutes I had between contractions, I simply swallowed that whole.

I experienced then first hand, why the supposedly near zero nutrition watermelon is still being grown and sold. Why, when the Israelites had escaped Egypt and were in the desert, many of them were willing to go back and be slaves and worked to death, just to have the watermelons of Egypt again (from the Bible).

Those 2-3 tbsps of crushed watermelon surged my skeletal system with fresh vital energy in a way I can only describe as near electric. It was like I got plugged in. I felt it to my fingertips. Normally because we have residual vital energy we cannot feel so dramatically the effect of foods on us. But when I was at zero vital energy after 33 hours of labor – each minute of which was an ordeal way beyond what normal life presents – then it was so clear and so dramatic, the energy effect of watermelon.

It has the shortest energy cycle of any fruit I’ve had, which means it will give you vital energy the quickest, as it’s pure water carried and the body has very little work to do to get that energy. And you need very little of it for that because energy effects are the same whether you have a pinch of something, or a spoon or a bowlful or more. It’s just about coming in contact with the energy field of the plant.

So, coming back to Guarana,

they say it’s pretty much the same as coffee, but twice as concentrated with caffeine.

Ed, a wise thing I do lately is ignore “nutritional information” about plants and herbs. It might be factual but it’s almost NEVER got any bearing on the reality of how a plant actually affects us on a living being to living being interaction.

That “nutritional information” is like giving us a breakdown of a family member’s physical attributes and expecting us to know how our interaction will go because of those. Continue reading

Soul Memory & Beautiful pictures of Heather

A beautiful picture of the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens with his beloved dog, Doodles, who was by his side all the time when he wasn’t well. Circa 1905

How wild Heather plants remembered my Granddad generation after generation; How Granddad helped me recover after I lost my memory at the age of 8, and BEAUTIFUL pictures of Heather by Eva of Helios Flowers 

Ed, back in the day when Granddad was a little boy growing up wild on a remote island of the Hebrides, off the coast of Scotland, he had a particular favorite haunt. It was a point overlooking the sea, with a big rock behind him to lean against, in a field of wildflowers which were mostly Heather.

He always sat at the same place and would twine a Heather plant gently around his finger for hours as he sat there looking at the sea. This plant grew up with that twining pattern.

When the winter came and all the plants died away, so did it.

But the next year, when the new plants came out of the earth – there was the child of the old year, growing in a twining pattern!

Granddad was deeply moved. It needn’t have grown that way. But the soul of the plant had remembered him in its next generation. All of my Granddad’s long life, the Heather remembered him. People grew old and died and some even before they died couldn’t recognize my Granddad when he went back. But the Heather remembered him.

And Granddad always remembered the Heather.

When I was eight, one time when Granddad came to visit me, there was an incident where I’d almost died. I was barely alive. I was unconscious and in a body cast. Every part of me was in shock. As Granddad brought me back to consciousness (I believe mostly by the pure power of love), he realized I had lost most of my memory. I didn’t know who he was or my own name. But I could read and write and do math. I bet most people thought I was done for.

But not Granddad. I was back at school very quickly after that. That month I stood 4th out of 68 children in the monthly tests – which I consider a huge huge miracle.

In the years that followed, Granddad helped me recover important bits of my memory. You’d think he did it with herbs that stimulated the brain. But he didn’t. You see there are memory problems that can be healed by treating the brain with herbs – where the brain is actually physically wounded or depleted of nutrition. Brahmi, Lion’s Mane Mushroom and others. And you can enhance memory radically by having herbs that help increase circulation and therefore oxygen and glucose to the brain – Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica), Zizyphus, Parsley, Mate and so on. Even real coffee does that.

However, when the memory problem is caused by shock or trauma, there’s only so far that physical treatment of the brain will go.

Granddad showed me that memory is not a function of the brain – though the brain is the interpreting tool. Like how the screen of the computer, is not where the memory is, but just accesses that memory and brings it into awareness.

He showed me that memory is stored in every cell of the body, and deeper, in the energy field of every cell of the body.

He’d tap the point on my finger where he’d poked me to bring me back to consciousness. He’d then look at me and I’d immediately remember the moment I came back to consciousness and looked up to see his beard in front of me. He’d give me a look like, “Ok, so this is our starting point now.”

He taught me to re-develop in my brain the memory that was lost by finding the memory in the energy field of my body.

This has been a slow but wonderful process. Because while others around me seemed to function only on mental brain memory, I was now accessing memory in my DNA inherited from my ancestors, memories of past lives and so on.

I was unaware of this – I just experienced that I knew some things so surely in my spirit, without a doubt, and accepted it as my spiritual knowing – which it is indeed. I cannot recount to you the many ways this has saved me, protected me and increased the quality of my life.

However some things – such as the recognition of people and places – these are so very obviously not just spirit knowing but actual memory of previous events and experiences.

Every human is a treasure trove of real true soul memory. As a civilization we have been taught to look to external evidence of events, facts and truths. In fact, every truth seeker finds out real quick, how easy it is to warp or hide the truth by rearranging external things.

Our soul memory is our indispensable natural support in life’s terrain.

I once read of a Tibetan method of memory where the monks memorize huge huge amounts of scripture through this exercise where they organize the brain into a library with many drawers and then save pieces of the scripture in the relevant drawer.

I’ve never been able to get myself to do things like that. I told Granddad about it and he said, “Those drawers could get rearranged.’

Granddad said that memory stored in the brain could easily be accessed by others and changed. Sometimes we wouldn’t even know it consciously if someone were slowly messing with our brain memory.

But no one can change our soul memory.

This is known to the powers that be.

It is a “scientifically”proven fact that plants have memories. I remember watching a video some years ago about how plants reacted differently to someone who had beaten up a plant near them, thereby being witness against the criminal.

What is not told the public is that plants being living beings like us have energy field or soul memory. They’re always trying to come up with theories like “calcium signalling” – anything to push the existence of soul out of the way.

The nice thing is this – we don’t need anyone’s permission or help to access our own soul memory. We don’t need to climb mountains or sit in caves to access it. We just need to honor our soul and be open to soul memory arising when it does.

Every time we feel soul memory surface, instead of pushing it away, devaluing it, wondering IF it’s true, accept that it is.

See Ed, I managed to get to the point where I respected my soul memory, really early on, because after the age of 8 I depended on it – I didn’t have brain memory like the others. So I valued it and as I grew up and it saved me on many occasions, I learned to respect it secretly. Not openly because that went against the society I lived in. It was an evidence and proof-worshiping society that scoffed at anything outside of the mainstream accepted thought processes.

Where I always tripped was the point where I  simply couldn’t respect and accept my soul memory OVER externally provable facts.

I suppose the day I crossed that threshold was the day Gabriel was born. I realized when I was 30 hours into labor and barely alive, that all the things I’d read and watched about childbirth were not information enough. That life is a function of spirit and soul. That when it comes down to the really important things – moments when you’re swinging between life and death – it’s not your mentally proven facts that save you, but your DNA and genetic memory, your soul memory, your primal instinct.

Only our soul memory is expansive enough to cope with the life of Spirit. Maybe once upon a time man’s mental memory and education was evolved enough to comprehend the workings of our bodies, our realm, our universe. Sadly in our times it falls woefully and desperately short.

We simply cannot transcend even our health problems these days with just mental memory.

We need soul memory all the time everyday to guide us and show us the way. It’s the way of Life. It is how we’re designed.

I have crossed the threshold from requiring evidence for what my primal memory says to accepting it as first authority in my life. It is fear of being alone that kept me there on the other side, fear of losing touch with everything and everyone so familiar to me. I didn’t realize the years of my life were going away, drained because of not progressing the way of all life.

We all grow up – from learning the names of animals from a book with pictures of them – D for Dog – to actually patting a dog and then having a relationship with one, that words and ideas will never quantify or fully describe yet hold us forever, even after they’ve moved on to another life.

We have to cross over from mental function to soul function or we’re not tapping into the power of life at all.

Now there are exercises to help develop soul memory’s acceptance in the brain. I have described one I use often here: Release Pain caused by Buried or Suppressed Memory – Herbs & an Exercise. To be honest though, it’s not like I have the time or privacy on an everyday basis to lie down and do the exercise. I ultimately get to doing it when I’m in crises.

So for the most part, I’ve taken the easy way out and put my head in the lap of my ancestral family of plants for all my needs.

The herbs that have radically helped me recover my brain from shock are described in this article (with a video) Herbs for Life Changes – To Support Re-Establishment, Brain Function & Vitality .

I got inspired to write this article today (actually, yesterday), only because I saw these beautiful pictures of Heather by Eva of Helios Flowers on Instagram that I simply have to share.

Here is beautiful Heather, best friend of all those who need to recover soul and energy field memory for life healing.

I could say a million things, but none which will heal so much as what your soul remembers when you look at Heather, so for once I will be silent in the presence of the holy.

I love the way Eva takes pictures of plants. I’ve shared pictures of her Roses and Digitalis or Foxglove before.

I describe the benefits of Heather in the following articles:
Herbal Energies to Cope with Isolation and Recover from Isolation Trauma
Intelligent Detox – Herbs that raise body intelligence
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Herbs go where words can’t. Herbs to comfort.

Don’t slug it out alone. Herbs for Life Changes – Support & Re-establishment Continue reading

Energy Field of Turmeric – Clarity in Atmospheric Trauma, Spatial Sensitivity

How to choose a herb or plant for its energy field; How I found out about Turmeric’s ability to support energetic sensitivity, clarity of intuition and instinct despite atmospheric trauma and chaos; Correcting shifted center of gravity back, Spatial sensitivity 

Dear Ed,
So much has been written about turmeric at this point that I feel loathe to add to it all. However, I must, because I have not seen this information anywhere else.

On one hand, people write about the physical effects of herbs like they’re just a bunch of chemicals, and on the other hand I’ve see written things like, “Use this in spells to break off an engagement.”

But this is why I need to write about turmeric. Because this is a living being with spirit and dynamic intelligence, we are talking about. Not a dead chemical whether physical or otherwise.

When I was a teenager, I was told that using turmeric on my face everyday would get rid of facial hair so I’d never need to do the horrific painful things other girls did.

I can’t say if it worked or not, because to be honest I had very little facial hair to start with – I just was paranoid because my classmates were paranoid about facial hair.

But I did experience several benefits from it and gave it up simply because I didn’t fancy having flaming yellow all the time. No matter how I washed it off, the yellow tinge would stay for days.

About that time though, there was a local scandal in the neighborhood. And I was to come across the energy field effects of turmeric.

Now, Ed, these days, turmeric powder bought in the supermarket is mostly energy field destroyed. But in those days you got good quality turmeric powder most places. Days before harvested crops were irradiated to prevent bacteria and fungi from growing on them.

Now you have to get the fresh or dried root, or get your powder from a source you know won’t adulterate the powder and will use the a proper herb.

You know you have the energy field of turmeric when you feel vital heat in your palm as you draw it near the turmeric. Don’t touch it directly. Put your hand parallel to it about 2 -3 inches away and if you feel a tingling or heat, that’s the energy field of turmeric. Never touch herbs, fruit, flowers in supermarkets – it numbs out your energy recognition of them and focuses on the physical.

If you need a herb or a botanical you’ll feel desire in your heart and body for them. If you don’t feel that desire, no matter what its benefits, it’s not likely to benefit you. Continue reading

Celebrity Alert – Tree from Antarctica – Northofagus Antarctica

She looks like just another large shrub growing in the rocks, doesn’t she? Who would believe she was such a celebrity! And look at how strong and fortified her roots are! Wow!

Ed, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A tree whose second name is Antarctica!

Call me a conspiracy theorist – I don’t care – but every ancient culture had mention of the continent of Antarctica as not one but many island continents. And I’ve read ancient books that spoke of the vegetation and animals on those continents in detail.

I believe that this information about Antarctica has been kept out of public knowledge in recent times – just as before Columbus found America, people didn’t know the American continents existed. Many ancient civilizations did business with the Americas and there are traces of herbs from the Americas in Egyptian tombs, still, for centuries before Columbus found it, America had been removed from public consciousness – so that even those who found it thought it was India!

The powers that be don’t like people having dreams of faraway beautiful places to escape to when their freedoms are threatened or taken away here.

The internet says that only mosses and lichens grown in Antarctica. But here we have a tree named for its origin in Antarctica. And apparently it isn’t the only one.

But here she is, an AMAZING WONDERFUL MESSAGE – from a far off place we’re told doesn’t exist.

These pictures were taken by Wendy Cutler at UBC Botanical Garden, British Columbia.


Energy Field of Vervain for Electrical Grounding, Rehabilitation of Sensory Earth Energy Receptors

Here’s a really old painting (12th Century) showing a man holding the herb Vervain, subduing some sort of scary serpent who’s lying most deviously to him. Vervain helps the man see through the deception and know who is the enemy! Vervain is a nervine – which means a herb that helps calm and support the nervous system – just the thing to help you face challenges calmly and keep your nervous system strong.

How the energy field of Vervain electrically grounds the body; How we can be electrically grounded when we are not physically in contact with earth; Rehabilitation of sensory and sexual energy receptors; Getting back to using basic earth energy instead of mental energy

Dear Ed,

An herb so old in the consciousness is Vervain or Verbena Officinalis.

I almost got drunk on Vervain on a very hard day in my life when I poured way too much of the alcohol extract of it into my water bottle. You know my old bad habit of putting in more of something if I feel I need it more. I held my nerve alright, all day, but I did feel quite drunk a lot 😉 .

It’s an example of how not to take a herb. Never assume more of it will increase its effects. You can do that a few times in emergencies – when you have the actual leaf or infusion, not when its extracted into alcohol (makes you feel woozy headed and over friendly) or vinegar (makes you feel hungry, causes acidity).

To really amplify its effects on a holistic level for lasting healing, you take small or even tiny quantities of it, regularly over a long period, so you actually train yourself to be like it, and that habit becomes internalized into your own nature.

Vervain is one of those herbs which doesn’t have to be diluted too much for its energy field to be clear and stronger than its physical properties. Let’s say its physical properties at any time are never louder than its energy pattern.

All you need is one drop of the tincture or Extract of Vervain – to say 100 ml or 4 ounces or one cup of water. This gives strength to the nervous system in times of stress and the effect goes all the way through our nervous system to the last little fragile little nerve endings.

This is because of its energy pattern.

The energy pattern of Vervain is simply an electrically grounded point. It’s like the grounding wire in an electric plug. I mean this almost literally. It immediately electrically grounds our energy field. You have to try this to believe it.

When all your nerves are electrically all over the place, jumping and jerking about, nerve endings flailing wildly – reaction to shock, trauma ie. you take Vervain, and physically, your nervous system – which is basically an electric circuit, is grounded. The water of our body which also carries electric charge, calms down soon as well. Continue reading