Guarana – Energy Block Release, Recovery from Premature Aging

How I came across Guarana; How similar physical nutrition can carry widely differing energy effects; Energy of Watermelon; Why I don’t bother reading “Nutritional Information”; Blindness caused by loss of vital energy; Premature Aging, Pushing against boundaries; Releasing life energy blocks by pursuing desire

Dear Ed,

There’s this tree called “Guarana” – Paullinia Guarana” whose fruit when ripe, pops open revealing seed and flesh that altogether looks like an eyeball. It’s supposed to have more caffeine than coffee and is used worldwide in energy drinks.

At university, at the church I attended every now and then; there was this teenager in the youth group. He had a beautiful set of drums but told me the drums were now homeless because his mother had told him to get rid of them ASAP. I felt real bad for him and said he could move them to my large living room and play them anytime he wanted. My bedroom and workroom were one level down so I was sure I wouldn’t be disturbed.

So he moved the homeless drums in, and OH MY GOD. He and two other teens arrived at six in the evening and began to play them in turns. I thought they’d get tired by nine or ten. I went to bed about eleven and woke up about five thirty in the morning. The walls were vibrating and shaking, it felt like the carpet was vibrating!

I go up to the living room and find them still on the drums in turns, the two who weren’t playing, climbing onto the sofa and jumping off it over and over.

I asked the youth group leader who was chaperoning them (unofficially) at my place, if they were on drugs. He said, “No, Guarana energy drink.”

Many years later I bought Guarana seed powder by instinct. Coffee had been causing me tooth enamel loss and it said on the internet that Guarana could be a good replacement for coffee.

When it arrived though, the energy field got my attention immediately. This wasn’t another botanical natural stimulant.

It’s like this, Ed. It’s the truth about plants, and anything for that matter. You can have two or three or four or five or hundreds of a fruit (for example) that have physically similar ingredients, but energetically they could be totally different. Even absolute opposites.

You take watermelon, for example. When I was a kid, the family doctor said that watermelon was a waste of money because it was nutritionally near zero. That other than helping keep cool in the summer, it’s benefits were near nothing.


Decades later when I was in labor giving birth to Gabriel, I had gone 33 hours into labor and was exhausted beyond exhausted. The contractions were coming every 7 – 10 minutes. Every bout of contractions was like a speeding train going through me. Nothing would stay in my stomach.

And yet I needed something so very urgently, because my vital energy levels were gutted. There was in the fridge, a small bowl with maybe 3 tablespoons of crushed watermelon from the day before.

In the 5 minutes I had between contractions, I simply swallowed that whole.

I experienced then first hand, why the supposedly near zero nutrition watermelon is still being grown and sold. Why, when the Israelites had escaped Egypt and were in the desert, many of them were willing to go back and be slaves and worked to death, just to have the watermelons of Egypt again (from the Bible).

Those 2-3 tbsps of crushed watermelon surged my skeletal system with fresh vital energy in a way I can only describe as near electric. It was like I got plugged in. I felt it to my fingertips. Normally because we have residual vital energy we cannot feel so dramatically the effect of foods on us. But when I was at zero vital energy after 33 hours of labor – each minute of which was an ordeal way beyond what normal life presents – then it was so clear and so dramatic, the energy effect of watermelon.

It has the shortest energy cycle of any fruit I’ve had, which means it will give you vital energy the quickest, as it’s pure water carried and the body has very little work to do to get that energy. And you need very little of it for that because energy effects are the same whether you have a pinch of something, or a spoon or a bowlful or more. It’s just about coming in contact with the energy field of the plant.

The top of a watermelon – Source

So, coming back to Guarana,

they say it’s pretty much the same as coffee, but twice as concentrated with caffeine.

Ed, a wise thing I do lately is ignore “nutritional information” about plants and herbs. It might be factual but it’s almost NEVER got any bearing on the reality of how a plant actually affects us on a living being to living being interaction.

That “nutritional information” is like giving us a breakdown of a family member’s physical attributes and expecting us to know how our interaction will go because of those.

Like, imagine if you needed to do a course to learn some important life skill. Let’s say – cooking. And there’s a brochure with the different teachers you could choose to learn from. And under each teacher’s photo it says stuff like, “Aged 59, 50% flesh, 20% organ meat, 20% bone, 10% muscle and sinew. Use before January 2042. ”

Wouldn’t that be such an insult, Ed? To judge a living being by their physical attributes?

Plants and fruits and all natural beings are living energy fields and it’s a great mistake that our understanding of them has been warped to only look at their physical attributes. It is why the great power of herbs to heal is suppressed and muted and held back. Because the system treats them as just inert and dead matter.

But coming back to Guarana again, the eyes, Ed. A message straight from God, any living being can understand immediately, of how the energy or living being of this plant can help us.


Like Coffee, Guarana helps focus energy so instead of being scattered about and dissipating, our energy gathers together and is directed at whatever we want to do.

But that’s just what it has in common with Coffee (and perhaps all caffeine carrying substances like Cola nut, Tea etc).

Where it goes unique is in its effect on our energy field.

In the old days, Ed, when people were allowed to die naturally out of old age and not get a push from the medical system to send them out, blindness due to old age was a thing. As the body loses vital sexual energy in a process we now know as “Aging” and does not replenish because the person’s spirit is no longer engaging with their environment, but wishing to move on, the vital energy of the body collects from the periphery of the body towards the center, to propel the soul out.

The person now experiences the cold more – this is why the aged need their blankets and warm clothes and hot water bottles more than the young. Their vital energy is collecting towards their centers, for the job of leaving the body.

The person now experiences the vision and focus moving inwards as the soul collects up the sum of the emotional experiences of life, their sweetest memories, to take the sensation of those with them as they leave. They’ll begin to speak not so much about politics, but things they experienced in their childhood, the people who touched their hearts and so on.

The vital energy is moving inwards, collecting up, preparing to leave.

When this happens slowly over months and years instead of suddenly, a slow blindness of the physical vision can set in, while the soul considers it no longer a priority to look outwards.

Now this same thing happens to people who aren’t dying of old age when we experience our heart being broken emotionally. We start collecting our vital energy up from the peripheral parts of the body towards the center, because our soul wants to leave, not interact with the environment here anymore. All the symptoms we call “aging” set in.

This is why some people will experience their hair going grey suddenly. (Note: This is different from when hair goes grey naturally, or loses hair gradually – I think that’s beautiful and even sexy, because it means the person has focused their energy on an inner experience, and that’s natural as we get older and wiser.)

The time Gabriel got vaccinated and paralyzed for three weeks, I was 34 then, and for the first time in my life I had grey hair suddenly. I’ve seen people get grey hair overnight because of vital energy withdrawing.

All the signs of “aging” are simply the soul collecting up vital energy to leave, rather than continue to interact with the environment and live here.

And a lot of the things we do to heal those symptoms when they set in suddenly only work temporarily and just tire the body at the end of the day.

You take Castor Oil. It’s famous for making hair grow back. For example, if you lose hair from your eyebrows or eyelashes, putting castor oil on there every night, will make the hair grow back and grow long and thick and lush – for a few weeks. And then as you continue to put Castor Oil on every night, you find the hair falls. The cycle of energy comes back to base. The soul doesn’t want it. It was just a temporary push. The body resists it.

That’s why you take all kinds of supplements and they’ll work wonderfully for a few days or weeks and then the body develops resistance and that supplement or herb doesn’t work that well anymore.

The most amazing creams will make the skin look like its healing and then the effect diminishes.

What we need to do if we really want to change the situation is get our soul to want to engage in our environment rather than prepare to leave. This is where our money should be invested.

If we’re still lingering on this world, it means that for some reason even though we want to go, there’s something our soul still needs to do or experience that we’re waiting for.

In such a situation, it’s a pity to live everyday – with all the opportunities it presents to actually do whatever it is we’re lingering on for – with our energy field behaving like we’re ready to die any moment.

I look at it this way: If we really want to leave, why not do it quick. Finish whatever’s holding us back so our soul can get closure. And if we really don’t want to leave, but are withdrawn because of trauma then it’s high time we get the hell out of the trauma spin and live fully.

As it was said in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption,”, “Get busy living or get busy dying.”

And Guarana is that plant that has that consciousness and that energy.

Get busy living or get busy dying.

Guarana turns our vision, our awareness, our energy flow to whatever it is that in the moment is attracting us, but which we’re not able to reach or touch because our soul is withdrawn.

It’s like a person who has longed for a yummy chocolate all his life, is now standing in front of it in a shop. Unlike when he was little, he can afford to buy that chocolate now, he can buy many such chocolates if he wants. But the long years of poverty in his life, have made his soul deny him pleasures of that sort. He’s scared he’ll lose everything he’s saved up over the years, if he changes his attitude towards pleasure and indulges in the chocolate.

It’s not about the chocolate. It’s about his maintaining his consciousness to live on the dregs of life rather than once more experience unhinged pleasure and the drain that could follow – that once followed – such an experience.

“Let me not even start,” his soul says, but the same soul still craves for the chocolate. Even though he might walk away from the shop, there’s a part of him still standing there wondering if he should buy it.

Guarana would whisper to him, “Get it.” Guarana would make him have it, not even when he got back home, but immediately in the car.

I know it sounds like an incredibly mind controlling substance, which could be used to market evil things to people. But it’s not.

The spirit of God manifests our bodies to enjoy the pleasures and thrills of creation. Not to just go through life being appropriately dressed for every occasion and collecting certificates to show how well trained we are. Achievements are great, but that we enjoy our life is even more important. It’s all we can take from here when we leave.

So long as we’re following our heart, we need never fear pleasure and expression of our soul. It is our healing no matter what happens next.

A stuck life path, where the person isn’t moving forward or backward or upward or downward – that’s not balance, that’s being stuck. That’s our energy being stuck.

There was this godman on television about a decade ago when I was in a hotel room and had a television and many channels to surf. This man had made a whole career and millions of followers – a cult you’d call it. There he was sitting on a throne in a huge stadium full of people. He wasn’t very good looking, or sexy as I’d thought people like that would have to be. He looked pretty normal and not even exactly “educated”. You know what I mean.. you can tell.

So what was happening was, the mic was being passed on to people in the audience, who’d in a few sentences tell the “Baba” what their problem was, and he had his mic on the stage on his throne, and he’d tell them what to do to solve that problem.

Pretty standard really as far as cults go. But what got my attention was the advice this “Baba” was giving peeps. This man says, “Baba, my wife and I have been suffering severe health problems for many years. At the same time I lost my job and I’m not able to find a good job. Financially we have lost everything. We have one daughter and her marriage is not working out. We are very much in suffering. Please tell us what to do.”

The “Baba” looks ahead for some seconds while everyone shuts up and waits. Then he lifts his mic up to his mouth and says, “You really like ghee and milk laddoo (traditional sweet that’s round like a ball) don’t you?”

The man blushes, “Yes, Baba, I do.”

The “Baba” says, “Now when you go home from here, go buy one kg of those and have as much as you can. Share it with your wife and your family. And if anyone comes to your house, share it with them too. If your problems don’t start being solved, buy more, do it again, share it with others as well.”

I watched as this “Baba” did his thing. He would sense what the person liked or enjoyed and he would tell them to indulge in it.

Back then I changed the channel. It was later on, when I was writing an article about how Granddad told me about how desire and pleasure are the drivers of our vital life energy and to suppress and to block them is to suppress and block our life energy and destiny (that article is at the end of my book “Yeast will tell you the time”), that I thought back to how that “Baba” advised people.

He had (probably still has) millions of people attesting to his “powers” – saying that he’d changed their lives. And all the dude was doing was redirecting their focus to pleasure.

I’m happy to say you don’t need a Baba to do that for you anymore, you can do it for yourself, and herbs like Guarana are so famous because they do the same thing. They help us pursue pleasure and desire.

We don’t need huge quantities of herbs like Guarana.

Those energy drinks are spiked with sugar and other agents of adrenal stimulation, that strain and drain the kidneys. They’re bad for health. I’ve seen teenagers lose their sexual energy reserves that should’ve taken them to a hundred years, in a few weeks of an energy drink habit.

We need a pinch of Guarana powder, a tiny tiny pinch. Or a drop of the extract. Half a drop, a dilution, a high dilution like one drop of extract to a whole cup of water and stirred or shaken well so it diffuses.

We’re interacting with a living being, a great Babaji who has the gumption to live by pleasure in the face of trauma, pain and death. If we ever met such a man or woman in daily life, one meeting with them would impact us for life.

The sheer magnetic power of a being that steadfastly believes in bliss as the reason for existence, is amazing.

I know, because my Granddad was like that. He’d gone through so much in life. He lost his entire life many times. He even had to survive losing his wife and three daughters and their home and all that was familiar to him. He spent 10 years in complete grief and madness – where he lived like a madman on a remote corner of his sister’s property. They used to call him “Mad John”. He used to dig his own grave, literally, and lie down in it and want to die to go to his wife.

He lived through the world wars and he said they weren’t as bad as before and after.

But after all that, he had this victory in his eyes. The look in his eyes, Ed, it terrified “normal” people. Those who live like slaves. So he wouldn’t look directly at people. But he looked at me and I would shiver and shake at the victory in his eyes. He’d found pleasure beyond pleasure, life beyond death, endless delight. He’d really made peace, really seen things and gone all the places and done all the things he once feared. He’d crossed boundaries that fear sets people and he lived on.

Age was a joke around my Granddad. And so he’d proven it before he taught it to me; that desire and pleasure are not bad things, they’re what drives the energy in our bodies and lives.

The times I used to write about desire and pleasure on my blogs and websites before this, peeps reading would simply get one message out of it. That I was “single and ready to mingle.” That I was horny and asking for it. That I was advocating loose licentious sexuality.

That’s not at all the case. I’m talking about LIFE ENERGY here. I’m talking about healing on such a deep level you reach a point where you no longer need any medicines or anything. Where your life makes so much sense. Where you experience joy so deep it erases the pains of your past.

You can’t get there until life energy is flowing normally again. You look at babies. They reach for what they want. They cry for what they want. They crawl and they walk reaching for what they want, and desire, that gives them pleasure. To get back to that simple natural way of being is all we need to do.

I have a lot of herbs and a lot of knowledge of how to use them. So I know how you can get caught in a pseudo healing trip of just swallowing every new supplement on the market, drive your body to resist, crash, then say herbs don’t work.

You’ve got to allow herbs who are living beings to really heal you. You have to allow what you’re taking for healing to take you across the boundaries. That’s the whole point.

Guarana is one of those special herbs, a beautiful living being that pushes us across our boundaries and limits.

And so, once more, here is Guarana.


Guarana energy drinks (I’m not advertising them! They just look so cute. I’d probably try one…. just once… like in the airport before leaving the country where they’re available. LOL Forget the drink, the cans look addictive!)





This is dedicated to my Granddad – Victory by Bond

What’s a song dedicated to my Granddad doing in a letter to you, Ed? I don’t know! Sue me. 😉

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