Super Antioxidant Blend for Cancer Recovery & Prevention

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The Super Antioxidant Blend that Repairs Immune System Intelligence

Immunity is a tricky thing. If recovering from immune-system failures like cancer, and immune-system gone crazy conditions – autoimmune diseases, was as simple as pumping in tons of Vitamin C or herbs that have high levels of Vitamin C, there would be no one dying of these conditions.

How do you get a body that has stopped recognizing what’s right for it and what’s not, to start doing that again?

You introduce it to botanicals from nature that do that so the body learns from them to figure out what’s natural and what is not. Our super antioxidant blend not only supplies all the nutrients the body needs to jump-start its immunity in a big way, feed areas like bone marrow and the thymus gland where the cells of the immune system are made, but also by virtue of their presence re-train the body to start filtering things right again, essentially repairing the body’s natural intelligence. Continue reading