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My approach to holistic healing, consists of three sorts of plant medicine.

1, 2; ie, the LIGHT or manifested energy fields are custom prepared as Herbal Treatment Salts and supply nutrition and “Trigger” energy fields for healing and rehabilitation. These you are familiar with as Herbal Medicine and that is why you are here. My family practices a unique form of herbal medicine where we pack herbal extracts into salts for preservation of energy field through travel and radiation.

But we also have developed over more than 82 generations a form of medicine I call “Inverse Field Energy Medicine” but which my family just called “our medicine”.

Inverse Field energy medicine has NO physical properties of the plants it is made from, just the energy pattern of the plant passed through magnetic induction into water.

Have you ever found that a medicine that works wonderfully for a few days or weeks then stops having the same effect? It’s because the body ultimately resists everything that’s foreign and not part of your regular lifestyle. That’s why, however wonderful a medicine is, it’s real job is to lead you to managing the problem yourself and not using it as a crutch.

What happens in most cases though, is people don’t cross over to self reliance but look for another supplement or herb to take them on. That’s OK too, for a while, but you’ll keep coming back to where your body has to actually take over and MAKE what you need, rather than wait for you to ingest it.

There’s this place way up in the cold cold mountains where a certain country has a prison and army base in one. The only thing that grows in that cold desert, is peas. So the prisoners and the soldiers alike; all they eat is peas, every day for every meal, all year round. You’d think they’d have some horrible nutritional problem. But no, they’re fine. Their bodies make whatever else they need.

Humanity hasn’t been having “balanced meals” through our history. We’ve been eating what grew locally, not a very wide range, but our bodies know how to take what’s available and make what we need from that.

When we are given everything we need on a platter, the body starts atrophying in those parts that MAKE our medicine and fine nutrition. This is the cause of all kinds of problems as we go on. No matter what supplement we take we can’t be really actually well. We swing between numb and over-reactive.

What’s needed is to start making our own nutrition out of what food we get.

But what if our body has forgotten how to? Or we’ve gone through life so bombarded, so trauma hit year after year after year, that we never really developed the ability to be well independent of medicine or speciality food?

In such cases our medicine – Inverse Field Energy Medicine will help bring back primal memory of your conception field – ie. the you just before you became a cell. All this medicine does is remind you twice a day, around sunrise and sunset- the times the body changes gear – to be YOU again.

The medicine is simply six layers of a combination of plant energy fields that are opposite to each other, that altogether mimic your energy field.

This is an example of ingredients used to treat chronic heart pain in a person. Note that the treatment was formulated for a PERSON with the condition, not the condition itself. So the treatment is never the same for two people or pets.

How do I arrive at these? I’ve inherited the ability to work with dark or inverse energy fields, and my great great granddad John Waltham developed the ability in me through play from when I was three. I can’t explain to you how I do it, I just do it.

Its effects can’t really be predicted because every person’s system finds its own way to balance and healing. But some things that I’ve noticed happening a lot are described here: How Inverse Field Energy Medicine works; Common effects of energy medicine .

I have an online form which you fill in giving me some information about you or whoever you want the treatment for. I am able to perceive your energy field from that communication and mimic it using 12 or so plant energy fields. I combine these through the alchemical process. I pack the water into salt and post it to you. You dilute it into a dropper bottle and take 2 drops twice a day for at least six months.

You can order Inverse Field Energy Medicine for both people and pets. The making cost is $299 per individual inclusive of Priority international shipping.


Herbal Treatment Salts have turned out to be a raging success. Not only do the treatments last for weeks longer than the usual 6-8 weeks the 100ml of liquid medicine lasts, the overall effect has been as one person said, “Life enhancing.” Unlike before, there’s no chance of loss of the medicine through bottle breaking or leaking in transit.

Magnesium Sulphate or Epsom Salt was used by my family traditionally to lock in precious concentrated herbal energy fields while traveling on the long voyages they made by sea back in the day. These lasted almost indefinitely and were an excellent form of emergency medicine because of how easy it is to slip a little vial of salt into your pocket.

I myself have been making and taking them since 2009 when I discovered that you can treat 50% of nearly any condition by supporting the heart with the tiniest pinch of Magnesium Sulphate; and when you have other herbal energies in it, it’s a super fast delivery system to wherever it’s needed the most.

It’s simple, it doesn’t cost the moon; It’s easy for me to make, easy for you to take. Kids love it. Except for cats who are initially suspicious pets like it.

To try a herbal salt treatment, please head over to the form and tell me what you need it for:

Always Custom Prepared Herbal Treatment for People and Pets >>


I come from an energy medicine background where I started out learning to treat bio energy fields for energy disorders rather than physical symptoms, using the energies of plants rather than their chemical ingredients.

As such my approach to conditions is rooted in understanding how the body is managing energy more than anything else. I’ve found through my own personal life experience that you can go only so far using herbs as replacements for pharma pills. A lot of people give up on herbs and natural healing in general because of not being able to make that move from using herbs for a physical effect to experiencing the uplifting rehabilitating power of a herbal energy. Once you experience that, you’re a herb lover for life. Herbs are no longer just another product, they’re a living energy, a friend.

I was blessed to be taught by my Great Great Granddad John Waltham how to view and understand the holistic being and I share the things I’ve learned and experienced in articles on this website. I take care to write the things that I know are nowhere else on the internet so that I’m adding what’s not already available.

Here are my most recent articles and if you scroll down or look in the sidebar you’ll find the most popular ones linked to.

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