New Book: Womb – Take Your Sexual Energy Back

This is an excerpt from my new book, “Womb – Take Your Sexual Energy Back”, which is for both men and woman wanting to recover from sexual energy draining, close portals through which draining is happening. It includes a long conversation with my Granddad teaching me an exercise to heal the Womb or Bowel (in men) Crystal. It available at online book stores here: . PDF, Mobi and Epub versions here .

In Mumbai, Ed, was an old Anglo-Indian bastion, a remnant from the 400 years of the British ruling the sub-continent. I stumbled into it a few years ago quite by accident. I was out to commit suicide as usual (that’s how all my adventures start). There was simply no way forward I could see, and things were so bad that I could not allow things to continue as usual. So, I fled to Mumbai and there, seeing no way out either, I methodically started putting my plan in action.
At some point, there was this group of Anglo-Indians crossing the road. These days it takes a practiced eye to pick them out from other Indians. People of all backgrounds wear western clothes now, and everyone reads the same books, and so on. But maybe because my mother was Irish, I can always recognize Anglo-Indians.
It was just a few minutes Ed, as I waited for the traffic signal to change that I saw them. They were about seven of them. One of the daughters was holding the hand of her aged mother taking her slowly across the pedestrian crossing. The others were purposely walking slow, constantly looking back to see that their mother was progressing on and that they were all together. The father, aged as he was, was still the sharpest of them, as he led the family across the road, perusing the traffic from behind his bushy grey eyebrows.
I greatly enjoyed seeing this, Ed. And then as I stood there, I saw the womb inside the mother. It was that womb that connected every person there with her and with each other. That womb was not just the center of her body, but of their family.
That womb was holding them together despite their being very different personalities. That womb was literally making them walk together as a family, literally like a magnet. I saw the magnetic connections, Ed. I saw its unfightable, strength.
That night, Ed, with the suicide plan out of the window for then, (your photo on my phone screen stopped my plans), I was lying down and had this half waking dream. A butterfly came and sat on my window sill. I was dying on a hospital bed. I was too weak to say or even think anything. I just saw that butterfly busy rubbing its forelegs together for some reason.
After a few minutes, I wanted to touch the butterfly and say, “Relax little dude. You are perfect. Your legs are alright.”
The butterfly must’ve felt me. He looked up like something had broken him out of his fixation on his legs. He stretched out gloriously and flew away.
In my dream I felt my own higher self speaking. “Rach” in Hebrew (pronounced “RAH” + “KHH”) is womb; “Racham” or “that of the womb” means Mercy, Compassion, Empathy. That feeling of mercy and compassion for another, is Womb emotion.
The Womb gives and calls up, and attracts that loving compassion, and in doing so, holds people together, and through that, the REAL natural universe matrix; the REAL natural world, Ed. That loving compassion, Ed, we are all immersed in it; it is what makes us love flowers, little birds, big birds, the trees, the mountains, the sea. It’s what makes us humans care for each other, our dogs, others dogs, stray dogs, all animal and plant life. We are all born and in and of the same Womb.
Therefore Ed, the portal into the universe matrix of life is through the Womb.
Now, Ed, maybe you’re thinking that men feel that mercy, that compassion too. And maybe you’re thinking that that’s the feminine side of men. But I feel that’s not so. It’s masculine mercy and compassion. In the body it corresponds to the male reproductive system, the core of it, the lower abdomen of the body. In old times, this area was referred to as the bowels of the man.
These days the word “bowels” have come to mean the digestive system. But in old days it meant different.
In desert places, there used to be a sort of clay pot with two spouts. The pot itself would be put into the earth. Through one spout herbs and water, wine etc. would be poured into the pot and then that spout closed. It would get heated up as the sun heated the earth all around. About noon, a vapor would start arising out of the other spout, the one that was open. The herbs inside the pot would have gotten slow heated in the pot and released their energies into the water, just like tea, which would now be carrying those energies up out the other spout. Here the vapor would either be inhaled as medicine or for relaxation or such. Or it would be passed into another vessel that was cooled to make the hot vapor become water again, and be collected as the spirit or liquor of the herbs (distillation).
That pot that was put into the earth was called a “bowel” – possibly a predecessor of “bowl”. Continue reading

Crystal skull

The Skeleton, Crystallized Intention & a Bone Healing Method

Dear Ed,
Thug media has made us see our skeletal system as the most mortal part of us, because of the skeleton getting associated with death in our minds.

This is incredibly damaging because it makes us subconsciously go numb to or suppress, the energy in our bones.
Our bone matrix not only is literally physically immortal indefinitely without any metabolic activity to sustain it; it is literally the crystallizing form of us.

It holds energy and intention, the longest of all the parts of our body.

It IS our spirit intention in solid form. Continue reading

Disruption to Metabolism, Life path, caused by Blood Loss

Dear Ed,
These days I’m seeing more and more, the long term effects of blood loss in people.
Did you know that until the early 1900s all medical diagnosis was done with urine and stool analysis, and not blood? This is because urine is in fact filtered blood.
In the early 1800s when the state sponsored and validated medical system in Europe began its ill fated rash of draining blood as a method of curing anything and everything, it created such lasting ill effects that ultimately the naive and trusting population of those times, rebelled and the modern movement towards herbalism and homeopathy was born. But not before people saw for themselves what the draining of blood could do to the person and the body long term.
For one, the trauma is inescapable. Chronic nightmares came to even adults who’d gone through blood draining. Bouts of shivers, loss of the will to live, a feeling of being disconnected from loved ones and life itself. One person wrote to his brother, “Since I have had the treatment (blood draining) my limbs have felt like strangers to me. My wife feels not the same woman, nor my children my own. I live an existence at odds with the sun, and feel I have fallen off the very orbit of the Earth.”
You know all about my own experience, Ed, where I was drained of all the blood in my body at the age of 8. I have told you often of the terrible cold I experienced and experience often even now, the inner cold. Only recently when reading the letters of people in the 1800s who’d been through blood draining did I realize many others things I’ve experienced that I didn’t know were triggered by the blood draining.
For example, metabolic distress and mood swings.
This is something, Ed, the medical system will never validate or attest to, because right from when physical healing got taken over by “governments”, one of their main aims is blood extraction under one guise or the other. It is the most common form of energy-vampirism, as well as control of the population through energy suppression.
I could give you example upon example of how blood draining is used to control “rebels”, but I will give you just one. This guy I knew personally, who was being regularly ritually sexually abused; every time he began to not behave submissively, show aggression to the “family members” abusing him, he’d find myself unwell, maybe with a terrible stomach infection or something like that. If that didn’t cut him down to size, it would continue and he’d be taken to the doctor. There he’d be diagnosed with “pernicious anemia” or something like that and a full body blood draining and then transfusion of fresh blood would be done. This would completely end whatever aggression he’d had before, and almost wipe out his personality as such. He’d go back like a new person, something like a blank slate.
The drug called “Remdesivir” that shot to fame recently in the media as a treatment for You-Know-What, that’s delivered intravenously through blood transfusion.
So what I’m saying is, draining blood is a core value of the modern government controlled medical system and it is being used to not just harvest vital energy from people, but also cause the breaking of rhythm of the energy body so the person is unable to move on in their personal endeavors till they recover.
And then there’s good old violent bloodshed, often disguised as “accidents” or “injuries”. Messy, but just as effective in breaking a person’s rhythm.
The point I’m trying to make Ed, is that it’s no small matter to lose blood for any reason and the effects are serious life impacting long term effects.
A LOT of the craziest symptoms people experience that don’t respond to traditional treatments for those, are actually because of the body not having recovered blood function and rhythm.
Chronic inflammation for example is routinely treated with detox. When it is the body’s constant staying in a wounded state because of not being able to heal wounds or gaps in the blood vessels’ inner linings, as well as organs, caused by blood loss.
The inability to grow strong hair, nails and bones, often also comes down to rhythm loss because of blood loss.
Various symptoms treated as poisoning are actually the body’s weakness and insufficiency in housekeeping because of being thrown out of rhythm. We could go crazy eliminating things from our diet thinking we’re being poisoned when we’re not really.
And possibly the most common effect of blood loss that’s mistaken for everything else, is chronic loss of gut bacteria and natural yeast. There are people eating fermented foods, taking prebiotics and probiotics and still simply not recovering a good yeast population in the gut. Over the years they even think they have become allergic to this and that in the diet because the body is no longer able to work with gluten, starch and even natural sugars.
The root cause of this is simply that the person is unable to get back a stable energy frequency that yeasts depend on for a healthy population.
The reason many pharma products come with probiotics as part of the treatment, is because they disrupt nervous frequency and that kills off our natural yeasts.
Blood loss does that same thing but they don’t tell you about it.
A little blood loss from a tiny wound wouldn’t cause too much of a disruption but even then you can immediately feel the change in the frequency of the body. But if it keeps on happening regularly, or if the blood loss is big, then you have chronic disruption and body frequency simply isn’t stable anymore.
Menstrual blood in women is technically not blood loss, unless it goes from more than the normal shedding of the inner lining and some little blood as the lining heals, to a failure to make the new cells required to stop the bleeding. This failure to make new cells is itself a manifestation of the body not being in a stable frequency so the problem avalanches cycle after cycle keeping the woman feeling perpetually drained and out of rhythm.
But you see, Ed? It’s all about getting that nervous frequency back to stable after losing blood.
There are many ways to do it, but the simplest, Ed, so simple that it is routinely overlooked, is simple very slow breathing.
One of the reasons for yoga’s phenomenal success worldwide and why it and other forms of energy work such as Tao yoga, etc have survived millennia is because of how phenomenally powerful breathing slow really is.
Those who truly experience and stick with slow breathing exercises, getting past the mental blocks and in fact fear and panic blocks that make a person not want to actually breathe slow and deep, experience such life changing healing.
When we change our rate of breathing, Ed, we change our nervous frequency. When we change our nervous frequency, we change our consciousness. When we change our consciousness and hold that consistently, we change our lives.
There’s a practice I learned in very troubled times of my life. In the mornings when I woke up, I wouldn’t be able to find the strength to get out of bed. So I’d ask myself, “What is the one thing upsetting you the most?” And I would answer it. 10/10 times I would realize that what I was believing that made me so upset was a lie. Because when we find out truth, however horrible, it always sets us free, releases energy. That paralysis of energy and motivation is always because we’re believing a lie.
And then Ed, I would find the motivation to just sit up in bed for a few moments and just breathe really slow and try and avoid that morning panic I’d been trained into from childhood and school days. In deed I do ot remember a morning I did not panic on waking, till I started doing this exercise, Ed.
And then every time I found out something was a pet anxiety or fear of mine, that I keep feeling over and over, I’d put up something on the wall or wear some piece of jewellery to constantly remind me of the truth and defuse the lie.
And so Ed, my life changed slowly but surely, and continues to.
For those who have experienced VERY severe blood loss at some time in their life, such as through a major surgery or accident, blood transfusion and so on, a course of blood building support herbs for a few weeks can do wonders. If there are indications of lung trauma or shock, some lung support herbs will help too.
But essentially, if we just focus on breathing slow and keeping a stable nervous frequency, that will take care of so many health problems not responding to anything else. And we will have a change of vision of our life giving us new motivation and direction. Continue reading

Sexual Energy Healing - Book by Caraf Avnayt

Sexual Energy Healing – New Book Release

Dear Ed,

It has been my experience that we can make a whole new start to living at any time. All our life processes come down to sexual energy. That’s why they war on our sexual energy from when we were so little. That’s how they keep us feeling bad about ourselves, low on energy, self sabotaging.

I wrote this book to share some of my deepest experiences healing from rather extreme and severe sexual energy abuse. Note that sexual energy abuse is more than just sexual abuse. It’s the abuse of sexual energy itself, which is vital energy itself. We, humanity, are mined for it literally. Continue reading

Hyssop – Don’t Fear the Pain

 I was wondering, Ed, why of all the herbal painkillers, Jesus was given Hyssop and vinegar (or sour wine) when on the cross. It seemed to me to be hardly something given to someone in pain who was expected to die.

Yet again, it’s an instance of a herb being used that is not for the dead or dying at all, like aloes – a wound healer- in which they wrapped his dead body. It’s the equivalent of packing a dead body in Neosporin/Bacitracin/Polyspirin. How ridiculous is that? They so expected him to come back into his body.

But the Hyssop, Ed, mystified me because it is a BITTER herb, a liver cleanser, not exactly a painkiller. It seemed like they were torturing him even more giving him that.

Anyhow Ed, recently I went through some days when suppressed memories of traumatic times I’ve been through arose and on instinct I decided to have Hyssop tea everyday.

On day one, Ed, the bitterness was a shock. It is REALLY bitter. But on day two, I wanted it, and had three cups in a row.

To my surprise, Ed, I found that Hyssop was vibing with, or vibrating the same as pain spots in my body, those cells holding pain. I’m not talking about physical pain, Ed. I’m talking about the residue in the body of emotional and energetic destruction; The sort that literally pulverizes the energy field into splinters.

Somehow, Ed, Hyssop makes it possible to feel those without fainting away at the pain, or escaping by distracting oneself.

It inspires strength to face mind blowing pain, Ed.

I never knew this before and now I have in my mind the idea of a whole different kind of painkiller. The sort that inspires you to feel the pain instead of turning away. That’s the best sort of painkiller according to me, because you leave nothing to deal with later. You fully experience what you’re experiencing and process it too. It’s scary but in hindsight it’s the best way. Continue reading

Herbs for Brain Healing & Recovery

Just a picture to soothe your eyes. Bluebonnets of Texas painted by Julian Onderdonk . Never underestimate the power of beauty in healing a person.

Dear Ed,
Many people have been emailing, messaging and so on asking about herbs for brain recovery. I’ve already written a lot about this in the past, but here’s a sort of summary.

To heal the brain, we need to do two things.
1) Restore or keep up blood circulation to it.
2) Stabilize nervous electricity.

Herbs to restore or keep up blood circulation to the Brain

All brain problems that are chronic or long-term ultimately come down to this one thing. There are so many reasons blood circulation to the head can be restricted. The following is just a little preview off the top of my head of which herbs help with which condition. These herbs will have to be taken in some form or another on a somewhat long term basis as the body’s very way of managing energy has settled into a habit and the habit has to be changed, which takes weeks, months, maybe years if there is buried trauma.

Emotional blocks in the heart and throat area that choke blood going to the head
– Cactus Grandiflora, Cannabis or Hemp (leaf powder), Passionflower, Hawthorn (Crataegus), Rowan (Fraxinus Excelsior)

Emotional blocks in the core or gut area (usually caused by trauma in childhood or later sexual energy draining)
– Spikenard, Damiana, Lily of the Valley or Convallaria, St. John’s Wort, Ashwagandha or Winter Cherry

Long term breathing restriction where the lungs don’t expand fully and there is chronic low oxygen in the body
You know you have this if you’re anemic in general and have blotchy or unclear skin.
– Pomegranate (whole plant), Mullein, Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis), Sarsaparilla, Milk Thistle and all liver herbs

– The Brain itself has multiple blocks because of unhealed old physical assault or trauma. This keeps places inflamed.
Brahmi, Gotu kola (Centella Asiatica), Lion’s Mane mushroom, Daphne Indica, White Willow Bark (Salix Alba), Parsley, Sage, Rauvolfia Serpentina or Snakeroot or Sarpgandha

– Past life, or trauma blocked so deep that the person cannot remember it, but feels that there is some trauma, enough to make them go into “brain slumps” where they are unable to focus on the moment, loss of nervous force every time this happens and full body fatigue.
Heather – Calluna Vulgaris, Herb Robert (Gentiana Roberta), Henbane, Datura, Mugwort and all Artimisia family

– When none of the above work;
Bamboo leaf (officinalis), Scullcap (Scutellaria), Homeopathic Magnesium Phosphate 1M, All silica containing herbs.

Herbs to stabilize nervous electricity

All brain conditions where there are sudden manifestations of symptoms that can be debilitating, are because of unstable electricity in the brain. Epilepsy, migraines of the “Attack” type, sudden blindness or suspension of sensory functions, nervous breakdowns, panic disorders, anxiety disorder and so on.

Essentially these signify that the person is deeply emotionally hurt and unable to stay stable in the face of it. This pattern of dealing with emotional or sensory pain can become fixed over time and then passed on to the next generation – as in the case of labrador dogs with genetic epilepsy.

In people, the aim in healing is to find out the trauma buried and face it before moments arise when the body electricity goes awry and the brain and nerves seize. It isn’t always easy as the trauma is usually under layers and layers and goes back to childhood. Also, many people simply aren’t able to mentally face trauma. In such cases, one way to go about things, is to notice what triggers the attacks or episodes and gently re-introduce those at a time when the person is feeling safe (in the arms of a loved one for example, warm under a blanket and comfortable) and give them herbs to keep their brain and nerves calm during that time. These herbs are Passionflower, Scullcap, Valerian (mild sedative), Mugwort.

When the person has had severe physical trauma at any time in their life, where they lost blood, and fainted or lost consciousness, and their brain hasn’t been the same since;
Yarrow (Achilacea Millefolium), Gelseminum (Yellow Jasmine), St. John’s Wort, Comfrey (Symphytum Officinalis), Violet (Viola Odorata), All geraniums.

When the person has hormonal imbalance manifestations, the glands themselves have to be soothed first.
For men – Phytolacca or Poke Root, Spikenard, Damiana, Larkspur or Staphsagriya (brings out blocked up rage), Laburnum, Yarrow
For women and children under four – Pulsatilla or Wind Anemone, Spikenard, Digitalis (Foxglove), Juniper Berry, Mistletoe, Monotropa Unifora or Ghostpipes

The wearing of crystal stones like Onyx, Labradorite, Tournamaline.. all black and grey stones in general helps nervous electricity stay stable longer and longer. Holding a rock – one of the solid heavy ones, not the sort that’s a mineral and is light and/or crumbles easily, while sleeping helps keep the nervous electricity stable while sleeping and helps the person deal with subconscious trauma.

In the long term, sticking with a basic diet which is not over-stimulating, that is, stimulating herbs like garlic, ginger are avoided as are anything too spicy (spices affect the nervous system big-time) helps.

You want to develop a solid stable routine in your diet, sleep, life in general.

I have written extensively about herbs for brain and nervous healing and recovery:

I leave you with a picture of Gabriel walking barefeet. If there’s one thing a person with ANY kind of problem should do, it’s walk barefeet on the earth. There is simply no healing as powerful as direct electrical grounding.

How the Body Really Works with Food; Frequency & Soul Acceptance

Dear Ed,
It took me very long time watching my body and others’ around me to understand that we’ve been lied to about how the body works with food.
You see Ed, we’ve been given the impression that when we eat something, the stomach breaks it down, and the walls of the intestines then ABSORB the “nutrition” and send those nutrition components to the rest of the body.
This is actually NOT how digestion works at all in reality.

In reality, what happens is;

– Food goes to the stomach.

– Acids in the stomach break the food down.

– Now there are two things that happen in the stomach and intestines.

1) The Nerve Endings in the stomach send information about the physical components to the Brain. This makes the Brain tell the organs like the liver to send more bile (for example) to break down the food if required.
SAMPLES, only SAMPLES of the food are absorbed into the blood and sent to the liver, pancreas, for them to work on.
The body does NOT absorb more than samples of what we eat. It just breaks it down and passes it out. I’ll explain this more in a second.

2) On a sheer magnetic level, the energy network of our bodies which is directly in connection with our SOUL will react to the ENERGY PATTERN of the food and radiate this information out immediately to every cell of the body (in a healthy body) and this INFLUENCES the body to react, by either rejecting the influence vehemently, ignoring it, or dancing to its music. This decision is made on a subconscious, primal or soul level.
For example, if we ate Spinach, the Spinach has its energy pattern which works a lot with Iron, and our body would either imitate that energy pattern and call up our Iron metabolism functions, or ignore it, or react vehemently by making us throw up or pass out the spinach.

This is the real process of digestion.

Food is actually frequency CORRECTION of the body to connect us to our environment.

Food calls up, stimulates, encourages and supports living functions in us as part of the dance of life in our environment. But it is NOT the source of our energy, neither do we depend on it – the way we’ve been made to believe – for a minute by minute sustenance of the body.

Our body makes all the substances it is made of. This is why until recently, the human race was doing quite well without eating “the food pyramid”. We do not need to eat everything our bodies are made of. Our eating is for information about the environment and CONNECTION and INTERACTION.

Why then, you could ask, Ed, do people put on fat? Is that not absorbed from the food and stored in the body?

Actually Ed, most people’s fat is lymphatic fluid produced to soothe inflammation caused by micro-poisons in the food, and even more usual than that, inflammation caused to the tissues by the soul being enraged. That rage not being expressed keeps the nerves in parts of the body on high alert and red hot – causing the tissue around to be overheated – which makes the body send lymphatic fluid to calm it down.

But the body does store real fat too, and it’s because a lot of the hormones of the body – hormones made by the heart and reproductive systems for example, are only fat soluble. So if the food triggers the processes that make these hormones but these hormones don’t get used or expressed out, the body keeps them stored in fat.

Most sexual and pleasure hormones for example are stored in fat.

This is why teenagers will put certain types of fat that are different from “baby fat” and this sort of new fat signals to others that a woman or man is fertile, capable of sexual exchange.

When we eat things that trigger our pleasure hormone manufacturing processes – such as sugar – but we do not complete the cycle of that pleasure, those hormones are stored in fat in the body. If time goes on and they are not released, they pile up uncomfortably.

They typically need PLEASURE – of all sorts – like the pleasure of walking in nature, the pleasure and thrill of new experiences, the pleasure of lovemaking, to be released.

When people “work out” to lose weight, only the parts of the working out where they’re IN their bodies and experiencing the PLEASURE of the exercise, actually work. Otherwise, the body will remake any fat broken down by heat and replace it.

A common cause for putting on weight Ed, that’s hard to “lose”, is when a person is used to certain pleasurable activities, such as dancing, or walking, or interaction with family and friends; and that stops for whatever reason, and the person is unable to find that pleasure in new things. The body used to producing hormones to support all those activities, continues to, but they get stored up in fat, because there’s no way to express them.

About nutrition Ed, we’ve been lied to by Big Pharma about supplements and medicines.

They make it like if you take Iron supplements or Calcium supplements for example, everyday, your body will not have a problem. In fact, in reality there are people taking vitamins and supplements for decades who have the very problems those supplements were supposed to prevent. This is because;

Our body will work positively with food or medicine, only if;
1) It is natural.
2) The Soul Accepts it.

The natural bit, Ed, is because our bodies work with frequency, and unnatural substances have broken or no frequency. Inert chemicals and substances are passed out of the body. If the body is not able to pass them out robustly, they clog up the system and are stored about in pockets here and there for housekeeping later, and this is how cancers, tumors and such happen. Those vitamins and supplements have caused more problems than helped.

The Soul Acceptance bit, Ed, is the key to life itself. Whatever little food comes to us with love, from a source we trust and respect, our body will respond and listen to it and be strengthened energetically and vibrate to the source of that food. When we call up one function of our body, it wakes up all the others, because they’re all connected. This is real and true medicine. And it need not come by food.

No matter how wonderful a food or medicine or supplement is, is there is no Soul Acceptance from us, the body will reject it. This is why the thug world needs our CONSENT for their atrocious poisons to have a long term effect.

Mind consent because of believing lies isn’t enough. They need the SOUL to believe and trust them. That is why they use stolen human hormones to send out comforting human pheromone and energy vibrations to deceive people into TRUSTING them, and accepting the poison. Human butchery, Ed, white coat and all.

Anyway, Ed, here’s a bit of a video I made yesterday to send you, explaining this.

Anemia – Solar Energy Cycle Block & How to Release It

The basic energy block that causes Anemia; The Inner Sun; The four frequencies at which the system vibrates; Four of the most common causes of Solar Energy cycle block

Dear Ed,

I have recently come across children with anemia being given the medical treatment for it. Their parents look up anemia treatments online and start giving them huge doses of juices of beetroot and such.

As a long term sufferer of Anemia and who have recovered – something they say is impossible, I have seen and experienced first hand what the condition really is.

It’s like this, Ed.

Our systems vibrate in roughly 4 levels of frequency.

When there’s an energy cut off between the deep sleep frequency and the waking frequency, the body begins to not make the stem cells that are needed to make the rest of the cells of the body, including blood, bone, neurons of the nervous system, skin, organ cells and so on.

You can tell how bad the situation depending on which part of the body shows dysfunction.

– It starts with the bones not growing and being as strong as they should. Skin and hair are not as healthy as they should be.

— It then progresses into a lack of blood – or what we call anemia.

— It then progresses into weak muscle tissue. You can see this in the face as premature aging, the loss of tissue tightness. When this is happening on the face it is also happening to the internal organs which are very like muscle tissue.

—- It then progresses into acute nervous distress for a while before progressing into brain dimming – where the person feels perpetually distracted, disinterested; the eyes can’t focus and wander off.

A whole lot of people are living with full blown energy imbalance like this, Ed, and the root of the issue is the energy getting either blocked or drained out at the first stage, the place where stem cells are made to make all the other cells.

My Granddad taught this is to me very simply, Ed.

It’s a disruption of the solar energy cycle in the body.

Solar energy, Ed, is the basic life force of all bodies in this realm. The sunlight triggers life energy to rise up from our inner cave in the deep gut, and expand out and then contract back as it becomes night.

It’s a foolproof process really, Ed. Naturally, it would be impossible to ever disrupt this.

The amazing thing, Ed, that I found out, is that even if you don’t go out in the sun as much a natural human should, you can still have a robust solar cycle, because we have solar energy like an inner sun in us all our lives. This is why there are people and other living beings who live in the caves and caverns of the deep earth, and deep in the ocean, who live and grow just as well as those on the surface. Some of them even develop luminous patches (bioluminescence) from their inner sun to give out light sometimes.

Some these animals who have bioluminecent powers, are cephalopods, Ed, of octopus and squid fame, and you know how they’re among the most ancient living beings to have walked (rather, swam) on this Earth.

So the inner sun is something as old as life in this realm and we need never, as long as we’re alive, fear that our inner life source will ever just not be able to support our living.

I mean this Ed, literally. We need never fear that our life source is not strong enough to support our living.

No matter what the conditions of our living are or have been, if we are alive here, our inner sun is there to fuel us. Continue reading

Herbs for Energetic Shocking – Numbness, Necrosis Treatment

What necrosis is; Juggy’s Unusual Necrotic Tissue Healing; The role of the Heart in necrosis; Herbs for Energy Body Shocking and Re-establishment of Life Energy Connections

Dear Ed,

I just saw on Twitter, a photo of a man whose foot went necrotic, that means, “died” after he got the you-know-what-that’s-being-marketed-and-mandated worldwide. But it made me realize that the medical system, and people in general do not know what to do when life itself, life energy withdraws from a part of the body.

The case of the necrotic foot is an extreme one. There are many conditions of the body that people live with on a daily basis, that are actually the withdrawing of life energy from parts of the body.

A very common example of the result of life energy withdrawing from the ends of the nervous system are numb hands and feet on a regular basis. It is actually something that should be taken seriously, because it means parts of the brain are decaying or cut off from circulation. The BRAIN!! Which means there are functions of the body not happening, because the places that manage those are decaying or dead.

Drastic hair fall is also a sign of life energy withdrawal. Bones growing brittle, loss of flexibility, rigidity; all signs of life energy withdrawal.

On a temporary basis, whatever we do to boost circulation – like exercise, herbs – especially those with Vitamin C, like Rosehips, all help.

But the root of the problem, is always in the heart. Because it’s the heart that sends the blood – and the energy around.

There was this man in my neighborhood when I was little. They called him Juggy. He was such a drunkard. He was never seen when he wasn’t completely drunk and nearly falling over. When he came home visiting, he always rode his motorbike straight into the wall. That’s how his bike ever stopped. When his visit was done, someone would have to take him out and get his bike that would be half inside the road gutter near the wall, put him on it, and start it and send him off.

But this man, Ed, after years of somehow never having an accident despite all that, developed a necrosis – what looked like a large blue area on his leg. It was like four inches long and 2 inches wide on his shin. Now every time he came home, he’d roll up his trousers and show people that and say that nothing was working to stop it and the doctors were saying they’d have to amputate his leg. He’d told them to f*** off.

People all said that he’d lose his leg, Ed, but he didn’t.

Many years later, I saw him again. He was a very very tall man. I asked him what happened to his leg. Was it still there? He laughed and said, “Yes, it’s still there, see.” The necrotic patch was gone Ed. I asked him how it went finally. And he said this.

“First I’ll tell you how it started. I was on my bike riding up to Tirupati (that’s an ancient pilgrimage site that’s at the top of a huge hill). It was very cold and somehow I kept riding and riding till I reached there. When I reached they told me that the temple is closed for the day. So I decided to spend the night there, instead of coming back down and riding up like that all over again.

In the night, it became even colder and all I had was my riding jacket. I wrapped it right around me, but I still couldn’t get warm enough to sleep, so I decided to walk up and down and heat my body up.
As I did, a saw this ghost. Real ghost, not a movie one. A woman, walking up and down behind the pillars as if searching for something.

Now you and I know, that ghosts are real. So that’s why I’m telling you this. Will I tell this to your father? No. Your mother? No. Our parish priest? No. My daughter’s school principal? No.
So I wanted to speak to her and I went up to the pillars. But when I reached she disappeared. I was disappointed.
Then I looked down at the floor. On that old stone floor there were little depressions here and there, like small bowls in the floor. And just where the ghost had been standing, there was water in a patch of those little bowls. I bent down and took some in my hand and I drank it. And I said to God, “Whichever form of life you took to appear in front of me, I accept that.”

The next day I returned home.

That same day the disease started in my leg.

I didn’t bother. I knew it was because of the water. I already knew.

But you know my wife. Her only job in life is worrying about me. From 1972 she’s worried every day that I’ll die. She’s even taken the children and gone to her parent’s house saying that she might as well go now while I’m living, instead of going when I die. Crazy woman, always worried that I’ll die.
Have I died ONCE till today, you tell me.”

Me – No, Uncle.

“That’s what I keep saying. No one believes me. Dying just doesn’t happen just like that. It starts in the heart. If the heart is not ready to die, no accident, no lightning from heaven, no disease can kill you.”

Me – Yes, Uncle.

“See, Ma ( “Ma” was a way of speaking to little girls in the local lingo), what others were calling as a dead spot on my leg, actually was not a dead spot on my leg. It was that the whole body had been dead. When I drank that water, the electricity went through my whole body, making my body live, but it could not penetrate that particular place. Ask me why.”

Me – Why, Uncle?

“See, this is my heart.” He put his hands near his chest but like he was holding a big bowl of something near his chest.

“When it beats, dha dhak dha dhak dha dhak dha dhak, it’s sending life to my full body. But when it doesn’t beat properly, the blood goes only to some places and leaves out some places.

When I got that electric shock from the water, the life went from my heart all over. But because in my heart there was one place saying, “NO,” that part of the leg did not get the life.

Now my whole body was running on that new life from God but that one place was stuck in the old Juggy. New Juggy was saying to Old Juggy – “Who are you? I don’t know you.”

Because of my wife crying and fighting with me, I went to the doctor and he said they have to cut off my leg. I said, “You will not cut off anything of mine, you hear? You dare try anything after giving me anesthesia, I will come back and cut your balls off. You hear?”

I shouted so even my wife didn’t dare to take me to the doctor again.

And you know what I did?

I went to the ghat of the lepers (a place in the city, part of the St. John’s Hospital but which was like a walled off section that included a big garden with old trees, where lepers used to be, and mostly left to die, because there wasn’t actually a medical cure for leprosy).

There I asked the nurse,”Can you get me a cloth of one of the lepers?”

For money, Ma, you can get whatever you want.

You city children, don’t know all these methods, Ma, in my village, we were not afraid of such things. If we were afraid, we would go TO that thing, catch it, twist it and eat it.

You cannot live this life like a kitten. You must live fully or go and pay the money to the grave digger boys and ask them to dig your grave and bury you. Why be alive and insult God living like a coward?

So I got that cloth, I soaked it in water and I drank the water.

Two days, Ma, the patch was gone. Ask me how.”

Me – How, Uncle?

“When I drank that water, my body got shocked again. That water was full of death. When Old Juggy patch got it, it got a shock. “If I don’t become New Juggy too, I will become like this, I will die.”

Me – But, Uncle, why did Old Juggy patch not become New Juggy in the first place?

“See, Ma, you’re very small now. But when you grow up you will understand. In the heart, some places want the old Juggy because old Juggy knew to cut and kill his own self for the sake of others’ wishes. Old Juggy was like that, Ma. Full life, Old Juggy lay himself down on the ground like a carpet and told others, “Come walk on top of me.” Old Juggy cut his own heart, his own everything and threw it away because someone else said that will make them happy.
And this heart thought, “Let me keep a little of Old Juggy, because maybe I will have to cut and throw pieces of myself again. Maybe no one will love me until I do that again. So let me keep a little bit of Old Juggy.”

But when the smell and the feel of death came, my heart said, “NO, I WANT LIFE. I WANT NEW JUGGY FULLY.”

I know this story is a little extreme, Ed, but necrosis and decay of the body IS extreme already.

We cannot deal with necrosis in any of the usual ways, because all the usual methods of healing; herbs such as Comfrey, Elecampane and so on are based on the assumption that life energy is flowing to a place. You have to do something that actually shocks the body and psyche into reality.
Nerve endings that are electrically near dead and atrophied from lack of use, have to be sparked back into function.

But more than anything else, the Heart, both on a physical level and an energetic, emotional level needs to be woken up to face the moment.

I have written before, Ed, about how parts of our body can fall into living in different times or time zones because of being stuck in trauma loops.
Clock Error or Confusion in Cell DNA Time, Holistic DNA Recovery (Conversation with Granddad)

In my article, the Me versus Me – Herbs for Autoimmune and Histamine Disorders , I’ve described the use of herbs that unite the body to resolve differences in consciousness, and all come into the same time – Calluna Vulgaris or Heather, Quis Qualis Indica (Rangoon Creeper), Yerba Mate, Blue Flag (Iris Versicolor) and others.

But these are herbs that work by us being exposed to them on a long term basis and in cases of necrosis where decay and numbness have set in already in a big way, these are not enough.

Conveniently for us, Ed, God has made herbs that can cause the body an energetic shock, that can make the heart react by gathering up all the chickens under her again, so to speak, and then releasing them now with connection re-established. These herbs also tend to be emergency heart attack prevention and treatment, Ed. I have tried them each myself in the days I had heart trouble , so I know how each works. These are available online, at herbal and homeopathic stores.

Herbs for Energetic Shocking – Numbness, Necrosis Treatment

Lily of the Valley – Convallaria
Digitalis – Foxglove
Datura – Jimsonweed

Note: All of these are classified as poisonous and must only be taken in very diluted doses.

Ignatia – St Ignatius Bean

This makes the heart contract and release, Ed. It relieves heart pain (angina) for this reason. There were times I used this many times a day just to keep going. When I was pregnant with Gabriel, I had a time of trauma so bad, I used to have heart pain near the level of a heart attack a few times a day. It used to be even more terrifying than usual because I was pregnant and worried for the baby. That used to increase the pain. But I had a bottle of Ignatia 30 (Ignation diluted 30 times, available in homeopathic stores) that used to give me relief and keep me going.

Lily of the Valley – Convallaria

When there is heart tightness, Ed, this is the medicine. Heart tightness and abdominal tightness or cramps go together. The heart and the womb in women, and the sexual organ circle in men, are energetically the same area. So you can know if your heart muscle is tight or cramped, based on tightness and cramps in the deep abdomen. On everyday basis, this tightness can be treated with Pulsatilla (wind anemone). But if there’s deep trauma involved, shocking the energy body with Lily of the Valley is the thing to do.
You know you need this if you have “pins and needles” or cramps anywhere in the body often. It means you’re tight in the deep core and in the heart muscle – most probably because of living with tension and in an atmosphere you didn’t feel safe in, long term, where you had to perform all the time and carrying performance anxiety all the time.

Digitalis – Foxglove

I wouldn’t be alive, Ed, if not for this angel. Digitalis shocks the peripheral nervous system – which means all the stuff hanging out from the brain, including the spinal cord. This makes all of it seek immediately to establish full contact with the brain again, which immediately seeks to make full contact with the heart again.
Any time you feel “cut off from myself” this is the emergency medicine.
This plant, Ed, lives in uncompromising contact with herself and therefore inspires the same in us.

The thug world order, Ed, it constantly terrifies people into thinking that if we don’t do this, or we don’t do that, something terrible will happen and we will fall out of our destiny. People who for whatever reason didn’t do things like others at certain times in their lives, tend to carry that anxiety for themselves. That feeling that they have fallen out of their time zone, that they missed the bus, and their destiny is lost now. They’re just living on day to day wondering if maybe there’s another chance to catch that bus again, and get back to their destiny.

Digitalis, Ed, helps the ganglions of the nervous system and all the peripherals of the core organs, connect back on a primal level to relieve that existential anxiety and feeling of being cut off.

Henbane – Hyoscamus Niger Continue reading

The Eighth of Seven Children - The Life of John Waltham Jr.- Book by Caraf Avnayt

Granddad’s Life Story – The Eighth of Seven Children

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At one time a magistrate in England, after decades of service in the Army, he faked his own death, escaping to the jungles of India.
He thought he had come there to die in peace. He was sixty three, then, in 1841. But instead he started a new life.
He met Vina, the woman of his dreams and had three daughters.
Just when they were of the age to get married, John traveled back to Britain to settle his sister’s estate.
On his return, he found the entire settlement where he and his family lived, a tribal one, of Semitic origin, wiped out without a trace.
For the next ten years he was called Mad John, and even considered an enemy of the state for insisting that a whole tribe had been wiped out in India.
Following a spiritual experience that rejuvenated him, he returned to India, to search for his daughters.
To get access to secret records, John joined the Freemason Brotherhood, and rose to giddying heights for his work with vampires in Ethiopia.
John lived to find his granddaughter, great granddaughter, and his great great granddaughter, who he looked after and taught till the age of twenty-six.
This is just the barest of bare shells of his amazing life.
It is written to share with all people, that if our spirit wants to achieve something, our bodies are capable of it.

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