Herbs for Brain Healing & Recovery

Dear Ed,
Many people have been emailing, messaging and so on asking about herbs for brain recovery. I’ve already written a lot about this in the past, but here’s a sort of summary.

To heal the brain, we need to do two things.
1) Restore or keep up blood circulation to it.
2) Stabilize nervous electricity.

Herbs to restore or keep up blood circulation to the Brain

All brain problems that are chronic or long-term ultimately come down to this one thing. There are so many reasons blood circulation to the head can be restricted. The following is just a little preview off the top of my head of which herbs help with which condition. These herbs will have to be taken in some form or another on a somewhat long term basis as the body’s very way of managing energy has settled into a habit and the habit has to be changed, which takes weeks, months, maybe years if there is buried trauma.

Emotional blocks in the heart and throat area that choke blood going to the head
– Cactus Grandiflora, Cannabis or Hemp (leaf powder), Passionflower, Hawthorn (Crataegus), Rowan (Fraxinus Excelsior)

Emotional blocks in the core or gut area (usually caused by trauma in childhood or later sexual energy draining)
– Spikenard, Damiana, Lily of the Valley or Convallaria, St. John’s Wort, Ashwagandha or Winter Cherry

Long term breathing restriction where the lungs don’t expand fully and there is chronic low oxygen in the body
You know you have this if you’re anemic in general and have blotchy or unclear skin.
– Pomegranate (whole plant), Mullein, Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis), Sarsaparilla, Milk Thistle and all liver herbs

– The Brain itself has multiple blocks because of unhealed old physical assault or trauma. This keeps places inflamed.
Brahmi, Gotu kola (Centella Asiatica), Lion’s Mane mushroom, Daphne Indica, White Willow Bark (Salix Alba), Parsley, Sage, Rauvolfia Serpentina or Snakeroot or Sarpgandha

– Past life, or trauma blocked so deep that the person cannot remember it, but feels that there is some trauma, enough to make them go into “brain slumps” where they are unable to focus on the moment, loss of nervous force every time this happens and full body fatigue.
Heather – Calluna Vulgaris, Herb Robert (Gentiana Roberta), Henbane, Datura, Mugwort and all Artimisia family

– When none of the above work;
Bamboo leaf (officinalis), Scullcap (Scutellaria), Homeopathic Magnesium Phosphate 1M, All silica containing herbs.

Just a picture to soothe your eyes. Bluebonnets of Texas painted by Julian Onderdonk . Never underestimate the power of beauty in healing a person.

Herbs to stabilize nervous electricity

All brain conditions where there are sudden manifestations of symptoms that can be debilitating, are because of unstable electricity in the brain. Epilepsy, migraines of the “Attack” type, sudden blindness or suspension of sensory functions, nervous breakdowns, panic disorders, anxiety disorder and so on.

Essentially these signify that the person is deeply emotionally hurt and unable to stay stable in the face of it. This pattern of dealing with emotional or sensory pain can become fixed over time and then passed on to the next generation – as in the case of labrador dogs with genetic epilepsy.

In people, the aim in healing is to find out the trauma buried and face it before moments arise when the body electricity goes awry and the brain and nerves seize. It isn’t always easy as the trauma is usually under layers and layers and goes back to childhood. Also, many people simply aren’t able to mentally face trauma. In such cases, one way to go about things, is to notice what triggers the attacks or episodes and gently re-introduce those at a time when the person is feeling safe (in the arms of a loved one for example, warm under a blanket and comfortable) and give them herbs to keep their brain and nerves calm during that time. These herbs are Passionflower, Scullcap, Valerian (mild sedative), Mugwort.

When the person has had severe physical trauma at any time in their life, where they lost blood, and fainted or lost consciousness, and their brain hasn’t been the same since;
Yarrow (Achilacea Millefolium), Gelseminum (Yellow Jasmine), St. John’s Wort, Comfrey (Symphytum Officinalis), Violet (Viola Odorata), All geraniums.

When the person has hormonal imbalance manifestations, the glands themselves have to be soothed first.
For men – Phytolacca or Poke Root, Spikenard, Damiana, Larkspur or Staphsagriya (brings out blocked up rage), Laburnum, Yarrow
For women and children under four – Pulsatilla or Wind Anemone, Spikenard, Digitalis (Foxglove), Juniper Berry, Mistletoe, Monotropa Unifora or Ghostpipes

The wearing of crystal stones like Onyx, Labradorite, Tournamaline.. all black and grey stones in general helps nervous electricity stay stable longer and longer. Holding a rock – one of the solid heavy ones, not the sort that’s a mineral and is light and/or crumbles easily, while sleeping helps keep the nervous electricity stable while sleeping and helps the person deal with subconscious trauma.

In the long term, sticking with a basic diet which is not over-stimulating, that is, stimulating herbs like garlic, ginger are avoided as are anything too spicy (spices affect the nervous system big-time) helps.

You want to develop a solid stable routine in your diet, sleep, life in general.

I have written extensively about herbs for brain and nervous healing and recovery:


I leave you with a picture of Gabriel walking barefeet. If there’s one thing a person with ANY kind of problem should do, it’s walk barefeet on the earth. There is simply no healing as powerful as direct electrical grounding.

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