Herbs for Life Changes – To Support Re-Establishment, Brain Function & Vitality

As Life is, every living being changes lanes every now and then. What I mean by ‘shifting lanes’ is when you’re on the same path but it’s all very different. Some very intrinsic things have changed and your consciousness, your emotions and your body chemistry have changed too. You know what I’m talking about.

There’s nothing that happens in life that doesn’t affect us both emotionally and physically, whether we are mentally aware of it or not. Our healing accordingly needs to support us both physically and emotionally. Herbs being living beings are natural holistic healers.

Here are some powerful healers to help you through drastic life changes:

Liquorice – Glycyrrhiza glabra

Gut strength – that’s what Liquorice gives us.

When we go through drastic life changes our nervous frequency changes and with it the nerves of our digestive system get a little extra sensitive. Liquorice calms nerve endings and strengthens muscle so altogether it is a gut strengthener. It soothes the inner linings of the digestive system as well.

It takes a bit of getting used to – the sort of sweet Liquorice has is a little spicy as well. But it’s well worth the effort, especially because chewing something to exercise the facial muscles is as stress relieving as anything else and it build bone and teeth.

You can take Liquorice in its tincture form – 4 drops to a cup of water, or as a tea – a t-spoonful of chopped up Liquorice sticks, or just chew a piece or two of the sticks a day.


Brahmi – Bacopa Monieri and Parsley

Brain tonics, both of them. Parsley is available easily enough, a tspoon of dried parsley or a handful of fresh parsely boiled in cup and a half of water and reduced to one cup is a quick brain tonic.

I choose Bacopa however for many people because Parsley stimulates the urinary system and the uterus and not everyone wants that.

Bacopa is an amazing brain rejuvenator and healer. One of its most amazing abilities is how it inspires the subconscious brain to set priorities. This makes a lot of the unnecessary things running in the back of our brains go silent so we can focus on priorities.

This is especially useful in times when we are facing overwhelming change.

The tincture of Bacopa Monieri as well as the dried leaves can be used. 3-5 drops of the tincture in the mornings and afternoons (it can be a little too stimulating in the evenings and nights), and a tspoonful of the dried leaf or a handful makes a cup of tea.

Rosehips – Rosa Canina

The rose is such a lovely tender flower and it’s fruit is a fighter. That’s just it is in nature. Rosehips is packed with all the nutrients required to support the body through the drop in immunity that tends to happen around life changes, nutrients like Vitamin C.

It can also work as an aid to sleep. Because some forms of sleeplessness or insomnia are caused by an acute lack of basic vital energy, that Rosehips can help with.

You can have 3-5 drops of the tincture in a cup of water, or make a hot cup of tea.



Pine Needles

What a miracle the Pine is! A tree that grows in depleted soil, that holds the soil of mountain firmly in, and is so energy efficient.

Pine has all the nutrients required to help a person whose foundations have been shaken, whose energy field is weak from the change, to re-establish their energy patterns.

If there’s just one supplement you need to choose to help you through a life change, Pine would be a good choice.

Pine needle tea is a time trusted aid – full of Vitamin C and all those many other wonderful things Pine has to revive a tired system. Pine Bark tincture is famously used for everything from recovery from chemotherapy to recovery from surgery.

Heather – Calluna Vulgaris

This beautiful plant grows wild over wide areas in several parts of the world. My great great Grandfather John Waltham during his childhood and teenage years would spend hours and hours sitting in “the Heather”. He told me he never ever found two heather flowers that looked the same. It was amazing.

That’s the beauty of Heather – the beauty, the purity of being a unique individual. For those who need help remembering or feeling encouraged to hold their own being, their own life purpose, Heather gives support.

This beautiful plant if burned down, will grow back even more lush the next year. It holds its memory of who it is, right through the time when it isn’t even supposed to be ‘living’. John Waltham told me he’d sit in the place where the Heather was in the summer and would feel the Heather still there, and then it would appear again the next spring.

This beautiful ability – to remember who you are right through what seems complete destruction, this is what Heather supports in us.

As it goes through the system it reminds the various cells and organs that make up our body to each do it’s own job properly. This contributes in a big way to less stress overall.

On a physical level it is gently cleansing and supportive of the regeneration of areas that are electrically burned out in the nervous system, tissue that is over-heated or under-heated in the body. Those things that trouble us and cause us to feel like something’s wrong even when the body in general seems to be working fine, Heather takes care of those areas.

It is available as a tea, and as a tincture. 2-5 drops of the tincture or a tspoonful of it as a tea is a good dose. You do have to take it regularly to experience all its benefits however. Ideally it ought to be taken for 6-12 weeks.

Mugwort – Artimisia Vulgaris

Mugwort is a bridge engineer. When we’re faced with sudden drastic change, sometimes the connections between various parts of us is strained as some parts behave differently, and at different frequency from the usual and this can cause all kinds of traffic jams and miscommunication, causing us stress.

Mugwort repairs and re-engineers those bridges, those connections and helps us get back to efficient function quickly.

Like the other 2-5 drops of the tincture or a t-spoonful as a tea is a good dose.

And now a quick recap.

What to remember about each herb:

Bacopa (Brahmi), Parsley – brain energy, prioritization, sub-conscious prioritization

Pine – re-establishment, thriving on few resources, making do till establishment

Rosehips – vital energy, resistance

Mugwort – bridge builder between body and psyche

Liquorice – gut and muscle strength

Heather – toner of everything, reminder of purpose and individuality
physically helps each cell remember what it’s supposed to do – very important in times of change

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