Herbs for Bone Detoxification

Those who have been exposed to poisons especially those in adulterated fats, like milk, oil, butter and so on, need to go through a round of detoxification as part of any sort of healing, because poisons in fats tend to accumulate in the bones over time, and when the body decides its time to throw them out – usually when we actually are in a healthy time of life, it’s perplexing and disheartening to find ourselves breaking out in boils, pimples, rashes, swinging between diarrhea and constipation and so on.

Toxins left back in the bones are serious trouble of the cancerous kind and most even slightly healthy bodies will go on a clean up mission at some point or the other. If our lifestyle is too stressed and hectic, the body will begin to insist on us getting rest and then do drastic things like have a bout of severe diarrhea or fever or something like that to get us to actually slow down and rest.

A balanced lifestyle means the ability to both work and rest without overdoing or under-doing either and rarely will a sudden drastic body event be needed to do bone detoxification.

These are the signs your body is trying to clean up the bones:

1) You feel restless.
The body wants to move, to pressure the bones, because pressure on the bones (such as caused by lifting weights, exercise in general) stimulates the bones and support detoxification.

2) You crave fat. Good fat is used by the body to dissolve and pull out toxins stored in the bones and in other fat in the body.

3) You crave protein a lot more than before.

The enzymes the body produces to break down protein, also help the bone toxin detoxification process, by regularizing the metabolism.

The natural body associates protein with chewing and chewing with protein – chewing is a trigger for the creation of enzymes to release various enzymes and stimulate bone healing in general.

Not enough chewing and the face bones, with the rest of the body’s bone will lose bone mass and shrink (premature aging).

Chewing is also relaxing and puts the body in the frequency to do bone cleaning up. Chewing bones is a good thing, not just for dogs.

There are seeds to chew on (2 tablespoons of organic wheatberries chewed on enough actually looks like chewing gum in a while! You might need more than 2 tbsps if you have a big mouth – I mean an actual big mouth not like you-talk-too-much-big-mouth), pine/spruce/birch resin, and you can even make your own natural chewing gum with beeswax (that is actually edible – I’ve eaten it, I know) and flavors you like.

4) Your hair is growing fast, but falling a lot as well. It’s thinner. Several toxins in the skull go out the scalp and hair way. It really will stop on its own. No need to worry.

5) Skin erupts at the slightest mood or hormonal change or change of diet. When the body is doing bone detoxification, it wants food to be simple, just sufficient and anything in excess or not required will be thrown out unceremoniously through skin, through normal digestion and urination.

To support the body through bone detoxification, herbs could help in a big way. They can lessen the discomfort significantly as well the time taken for the process.

These are some of my favorite herbs to do that, well one is a fruit technically but who cares.

Herbs to support Bone Detoxification

Pitcher Plant – Drosera

Pitcher Plant - Drosera
Famous for being a carnivore, this plant gets insects interested in it, then when they’re inside the ‘pitcher’ of the plant it shuts the lid on them and chews on them with the strength of its muscle.

As a medicine for humans, the extract of this plant does things other herbs can’t go near. It strengthens muscle, and has a metabolic effect that gently raises the body temperature in a stable way.

For those who feel the cold in their bones, this is obviously a big help. For those who want to support the bones in detoxification, this is simple direct help.

The Fig

Figs have a frequency that’s slow, deep and steady. No rush, no frenzy. They’ve got nutrients that the bones need, they’re the frequency the bones recognize. When you have fig extract or organic figs, the bones sigh with relief – here’s a friend, finally.

As you regularly have figs or fig extract, the effect of the fig nutrition and frequency results in bone toxin release as a result of bone relaxation.

I use figs in my Super-antioxidant mix to remove tumors and does it work! Remember though, the figs must be organic, and without anything sprayed on or powdered on, or irradiated or whatever new ‘technology’ they have to prevent the fruit from going bad. Organic figs, might not look very pretty but they do a good job.

Bloodroot or Sanguinaria Canadensis

Not on the gentle side of things, more on the ‘get the toxins the hell out of here’ side of things is Bloodroot.

This plant is so powerful, it’s quite famous for removing skin cancers. It is a blood cleanser naturally but it is also a bone toxin eliminator when used in small doses over a few weeks. It is one powerful vibrant agent in the body. To the best of my knowledge I don’t know of anyone ever having had side-effects from it, I’ve tried some very strong doses myself even when pregnant with no side-effects. Just good effects.

Blue Flag – Iris Versicolor

This one’s a deep cleaner – famous for lymphatic system cleaner, but it actually a whole lot more. It’s been used traditionally as a cure for syphilis, a disease that confounded doctors because while it seemed to be basically a skin disease, it did not respond to treatments for skin disease, leaving doctors to trace the effect to the bones and then past bones into hereditary tendencies.

Homeopaths identify syphilis as a ‘miasm’ which means an energy habit or state of being.

Whatever it is, Blue Flag’s got the intelligence, the nutrients, the frequency to cause bone along with lymphatic cleaning, which basically means, it actually stimulates the body on that deep deep level where things from generations past are stored, whether that’s dna or energy field memory. How absolutely awesome is that!

There never is no response of a body to Blue Flag. It always helps some way or another. I always use very little of it unless there’s a full blown lymphatic cancer situation. Just a little taken regularly is enough.

Bladderwrack – Fucus

This sea weed has a whole lot of minerals in it, especially natural iodine. Natural iodine’s got a stimulating effect on the body and when taken in little doses over a few weeks helps the metabolism balance out so the person is more awake when awake and sleeps deeper when they’re sleeping.

This is a very useful aid for a person who is on the energy deficient side when bone detoxification starts or is required. Everyone could use a little push to metabolic balance in our times.


Gorgeous tree – stimulates the the whole body and is an anti-inflammatory. I use it most in my herbal treatment for arthritis, but add it in whenever I feel a person or animal is a little too stiff and crackle-boney. It makes bones and joints feel so much less cold and stiff and supports sweating, so a stimulating yet gentle (small doses, remember) support for bone detoxification.

Oil extracts of Spikenard, Cannabis, Mugwort, Comfrey

Bones like oil, and the following herbs reach the bones very quickly and effectively when carried in oil.

Spikenard – I struggle to find words for how wonderful spikenard can be. You have to read an article of mine on it to understand it, and then again not even that will explain it. You’ll have to experience it. Spikenard in oil soothes little teething babies, and generally works as an aid to sleep.

Cannabis because it relaxes and supports the body’s own pleasure system and this supports everything. There are several types of cannabis. The one that’s good for bone detoxification is any strain that helps you sleep well and deep – mostly cannabis indica. CBD Oil that is available fairly easily these days is a good idea, however I’ve experienced and others have corroborated – making your own oil extract is a better idea than buying CBD oil, unless you’ve got a great supplier. You see, the plant’s a sensitive fussy kind – most plants are, but cannabis even more. The person who extracts it, makes a big difference to how it works later on.

It’s a consciousness thing. It’s like how a successful gymnast carries the energy of the person who first taught him to do a cartwheel. Passionate teachers, passionate gardeners, passionate farmers, they make the difference between equally endowed results. One is ok but one is EXCELLENT.

When you make your own oil extract, with a whole lot of excitement and looking forward to having it, you get that effect in the oil. If you can get your oil from someone you know who makes it with passion, that’s good too.

Mugwort (Artimisia Vulgaris) because it’s a lot like cannabis, releases tension in the nervous system, calms hyperactive nerve endings in the bones and gets communication going smoothly through the body. Mugwort is an angel.

Comfrey (Symphytum Officinale) because it’s a comforter and bone healer specifically. It goes straight to the bones.

To make an extract of either or all of the above, you cover the dried herb with a natural oil (cold pressed organic olive oil for example), and let it sit in a cupboard for a few months, or you slow heat the bottle by sitting it in a bowl of warm water, changing the water every hour or two. Do this during waking hours for a few days and you’ll see the color of the oil changing. The darker it gets, the stronger the extract will be.

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