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Celebrity Alert: Voodoo Lily – Space Perception and Center to Periphery Energy Connectivity

Dear Ed,

Back in 2006 when I was living in the Himalaya mountains, I was fascinated by this plant whose leaves were arranged like a necklace.

While most trees grow straight up and have their leaves grow in straight lines out from the branch, this plant does things differently. It chooses a point in space near it and then it grows its stalk in a circle to form what looks like a necklace of leaves around that point.

It even makes sure that the leaves each grow to a particular size so the central one is the biggest and longest and on either side of it the leaves get progressively smaller. The two leaves at either end of the circle, touch each other completing the necklace. Continue reading

Guarana – Energy Block Release, Recovery from Premature Aging

How I came across Guarana; How similar physical nutrition can carry widely differing energy effects; Energy of Watermelon; Why I don’t bother reading “Nutritional Information”; Blindness caused by loss of vital energy; Premature Aging, Pushing against boundaries; Releasing life energy blocks by pursuing desire

Dear Ed,

There’s this tree called “Guarana” – Paullinia Guarana” whose fruit when ripe, pops open revealing seed and flesh that altogether looks like an eyeball. It’s supposed to have more caffeine than coffee and is used worldwide in energy drinks.

At university, at the church I attended every now and then; there was this teenager in the youth group. He had a beautiful set of drums but told me the drums were now homeless because his mother had told him to get rid of them ASAP. I felt real bad for him and said he could move them to my large living room and play them anytime he wanted. My bedroom and workroom were one level down so I was sure I wouldn’t be disturbed.

So he moved the homeless drums in, and OH MY GOD. He and two other teens arrived at six in the evening and began to play them in turns. I thought they’d get tired by nine or ten. I went to bed about eleven and woke up about five thirty in the morning. The walls were vibrating and shaking, it felt like the carpet was vibrating!

I go up to the living room and find them still on the drums in turns, the two who weren’t playing, climbing onto the sofa and jumping off it over and over.

I asked the youth group leader who was chaperoning them (unofficially) at my place, if they were on drugs. He said, “No, Guarana energy drink.”

Many years later I bought Guarana seed powder by instinct. Coffee had been causing me tooth enamel loss and it said on the internet that Guarana could be a good replacement for coffee.

When it arrived though, the energy field got my attention immediately. This wasn’t another botanical natural stimulant.

It’s like this, Ed. It’s the truth about plants, and anything for that matter. You can have two or three or four or five or hundreds of a fruit (for example) that have physically similar ingredients, but energetically they could be totally different. Even absolute opposites.

You take watermelon, for example. When I was a kid, the family doctor said that watermelon was a waste of money because it was nutritionally near zero. That other than helping keep cool in the summer, it’s benefits were near nothing.

Decades later when I was in labor giving birth to Gabriel, I had gone 33 hours into labor and was exhausted beyond exhausted. The contractions were coming every 7 – 10 minutes. Every bout of contractions was like a speeding train going through me. Nothing would stay in my stomach.

And yet I needed something so very urgently, because my vital energy levels were gutted. There was in the fridge, a small bowl with maybe 3 tablespoons of crushed watermelon from the day before.

In the 5 minutes I had between contractions, I simply swallowed that whole.

I experienced then first hand, why the supposedly near zero nutrition watermelon is still being grown and sold. Why, when the Israelites had escaped Egypt and were in the desert, many of them were willing to go back and be slaves and worked to death, just to have the watermelons of Egypt again (from the Bible).

Those 2-3 tbsps of crushed watermelon surged my skeletal system with fresh vital energy in a way I can only describe as near electric. It was like I got plugged in. I felt it to my fingertips. Normally because we have residual vital energy we cannot feel so dramatically the effect of foods on us. But when I was at zero vital energy after 33 hours of labor – each minute of which was an ordeal way beyond what normal life presents – then it was so clear and so dramatic, the energy effect of watermelon.

It has the shortest energy cycle of any fruit I’ve had, which means it will give you vital energy the quickest, as it’s pure water carried and the body has very little work to do to get that energy. And you need very little of it for that because energy effects are the same whether you have a pinch of something, or a spoon or a bowlful or more. It’s just about coming in contact with the energy field of the plant.

So, coming back to Guarana,

they say it’s pretty much the same as coffee, but twice as concentrated with caffeine.

Ed, a wise thing I do lately is ignore “nutritional information” about plants and herbs. It might be factual but it’s almost NEVER got any bearing on the reality of how a plant actually affects us on a living being to living being interaction.

That “nutritional information” is like giving us a breakdown of a family member’s physical attributes and expecting us to know how our interaction will go because of those. Continue reading

And the No. 1 biggest constant drainer of life energy is….

Lizards and the lizard phase of our development; The Effect of trauma while transitioning from receptive and reflective stage to expressive stage; Neutral is different from Balanced; Chameleons changing color video 

Dear Ed,

The answer is, “Being neutral.”

Granddad taught this to me and I remembered it recently when I saw this photo I took last year of this cute little garden lizard gazing solemnly at me thinking I didn’t know he was there.

Lizards have been getting bad press lately because apparently someone’s seen “the elites” morph into lizards and eat babies at special royal parties. Continue reading

How Sexual Energy Depletion causes Metabolic Inbalance

How I realized that displacement was causing metabolic syndrome that showed as immunity issues; Videos explaining how energy flows in the body and how to replenish stored energy.

Dear Ed,

There’s been a lot of talk about fungus recently. About how those with compromised immunity are more susceptible to it, even to it causing death by spreading so virulently that it attacks an internal organ and results in death.

I’ve had some experience with various sorts of fungi, Ed, as I grew up with very compromised immunity, and have lived in some very rainy wet places, places with so much humidity in the air that my music system speakers went blue with fungus! I nearly lost all my books to fungus. And my clothes never would fully dry out (I didn’t have a clothes dryer) so even after ironing them they’d still be slightly damp.

At one time it seemed that for years, while I was traveling, every hotel room in my budget had fungus. And every house I could rent had mold somewhere or the other.

All this exposure to fungii meant several experiences with lung and skin infections.

Believe it or not Ed, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not compromised immunity that aids the spread of fungus in the body, but metabolic imbalance caused by sexual energy imbalance. I know that sounds a little crazy but let me explain.

Candida, possibly the most famous fungus baddie, is famous for feeding on sugar in the body. A lot of people have found that quitting sugar stops Candida in its tracks.

I’ve read that Candida bastards MAKE a person crave sugar! So the more candida bastards are ravaging your body, they change your body chemistry and make you want and therefore get attracted to sugar.

I just thought, “Those bastards got to be killed. Just make everyone stop having sugar. Candida is a bastard. Sugar is a bitch.” I feel bad about the language Ed. But anyone who’s had an outbreak of dandruff or such understands. Its just so very frustrating.

The fact is, you can’t eliminate ALL sugar from your diet, the body needs it too.

And you’ll meet people who’ll say stuff like, “Oh just use this shampoo,” or “Just wash your hair with apple cider vinegar.” (About recurring issues like dandruff.)

And that works for some, but not for someone with a metabolic disturbance and sexual energy imbalance.

As a child, Ed, I was moved about a lot between the age nine and twelve. In those years I changed schools once every year for four years, across three different states.

I got to see one big difference between kids. Those whose energy patterns hadn’t been disturbed by displacement and those whose had.

Those were the pubescent years, when the classroom was full of hormones developing for the first time. I’m very sensitive to hormonal scents and energies so it was like watching such a show, for me.

I don’t know if you ever changed schools Ed, in those years, or had a drastic change of emotional environment. But you did teach kids for a while so maybe you’ve noticed the difference between the not displaced kids and the displaced ones.

The not displaced ones have had more or less the same food all their lives, are adjusted to the emotional and energetic environment, not likely to get overexcited or deeply affected by things. In general they’re at ease in their bodies unless there’s some specific abuse in their lives.

Their passing into puberty is relatively drama free as their sexual energy patterns develop calmly and without disruption over the years from five on.

On the other hand are the displaced kids. Over achievers or under achievers. They have to recalibrate to the new environment. It could take forever. It might never happen.

These are those whose bodies react dramatically to metabolism influencing substances that other kids’ bodies don’t react to that much.

By metabolism influencing substances, I mean sugar, coffee, soft drinks, herbs, spices, drugs.

Their basic threshold of metabolic stability is not developed enough to take the onslaught of a metabolism influencer. One night without enough sleep could devastate them.

Many of them had relatively healthy childhoods but it was the prepubescent years and teenage years which revealed a whole lot of crazy disorders.

Which brings us to sexual energy.

Sexual energy is basic vital energy that’s stored in the bottom half of the body. It converts on requirement to all other forms of energy.

When we’re very little children, our sexual energy is nearly never directly expressed out into the environment as sexual energy. It circulates in the body developing our internal organs.

However, around age five on, our body begins to develop patterns of sexual energy expression, and develop the reproductive system’s patterns that will result in maturation or adolescence.

From here on, I realized I couldn’t explain what I wanted to without doing it on video.

Part 1

How the bottom part of our energy field stores energy that the upper part expresses or uses in different ways;
How energy moves in men and women;
How energy moves in childhood and then later around puberty and adolescence
How we lose sexual energy or stored energy because of displacement or disruption and are depleted
The need to replenish the sexual energy store

Part 2

How to replenish the energy store;
We are the Earth, we can reconnect to earth field anytime anywhere;
How the lower body corresponds to the upper body;
Activities that result in emotional feedback;
Herbs that de-stimulate and therefore nourish a depleted body;
Occupy the lower body – an exercise mentioned in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth;

In conclusion;
Any energy expenditure that does not end with replenishment is not complete.

If we look for emotional fulfillment in everything we do, we connect to earth energy, and we will set our energy field right surely.

“Conservation of Energy” is a Trap


The consciousness of lack is a serial killer. And the mindset of conservation of energy is a trap. This practice of energy manipulation through believing we have limited energy is often presented as an energy science, when it actually causes severe energetic imbalance and makes us vulnerable to energy vampirism.

Dear Ed,

I remembered this morning a person who was always saying things like, “Save your energy for this,” or “Save your energy for that.”

While it is wisdom not to spend our time doing things that are not rewarding truly, what that phrase does over time is uphold a consciousness of lack of energy.

The consciousness of lack is a serial killer. And the mindset of conservation of energy is a trap. 

Genetically modified beings – vegetable or animal – have static energy fields and therefore their energy is limited.

Real humans have living energy fields and we do ourselves a disservice when we fall into the consciousness in which energy is limited.

While the original Yoga was a great and true energy science, it degenerated into a fake human controlled science of energy MANIPULATION carrying the consciousness that energy is limited.

Not all who practice or teach yoga believe so, of course.

But this mind-set is not limited to yoga. It is widespread in the world and every time we watch others carrying that consciousness of lack, it is suggested to us as normal.

It is not normal to lack energy. An energy drain is a serious matter one should look into when it happens. It means that our body or psyche is in distress.

When we’re tired it’s not because we don’t have energy. It’s because our body needs to do maintenance and repair work that it can’t do while we’re awake.

When we’re not able to do something, it’s not because we don’t have energy, it’s because our energy is not flowing freely to do that. Maybe our heart really isn’t in it. Or maybe we’re too disappointed to believe it worth the investment.

These are the real issues we face. Lack of energy is NOT.

But we could develop a whole lack of energy psychosis and get into a cycle of using everything and everyone to get energy, while in fact that’s all mental spin and results in nothing in the end.

Consciously sign out of the consciousness of lack of energy.

Don’t do anything with the mind-set of “conserving” energy because it’s you telling yourself that you don’t have enough, that you’re not connected to the universe for energy support, that you don’t have enough to do whatever you want to achieve.

Don’t eat with the mindset or consciousness that your energy depends on the food. It’s an incredible mind-trap.

We get our energy from soul and spirit, to fuel us in the direction of our desire, to fulfill our spirit destiny.

Food is a manifestation, just one manifestation of the way the Earth supports us. But we are not dependent on it for vital energy.

“But one would die without food,” you’d think.

Sure, but we’d die without air too, or water, or so many other things.

Don’t eat or drink anything for the energy it gives you. Eat it for pleasure, for the taste, for how it feels in the stomach. That’s how we honor food and the world, not by USING it.

Life and death and everything in between are the domain of the spirit and this is the truth.

The mindset of “Conservation of Energy” is a trap, Ed. It makes bodies hold more and more static energy for energy vampires who can only have static energy (the most degenerate kind)  to tap into at will.

It makes the human body fall ill on so many ways and sets up such energy imbalances.

Never take anything, especially a herb for its life energy. Sure, you have those that motivate or call up life energy in you, but actually we never can “get” energy from other living beings, so it would be just foolish to think we are. They only stimulate energy we already have.

The mind-set of energy lack however, is the justification for energy vampirism and, in the consciousness, you could become vulnerable to vampirism yourself.

That is not a food chain for a human to be in.

We are living beings with independent life energy connections. We enjoy our world, we don’t take the life energy of anything else. We only share ours naturally without doing anything particularly special, but with every breath, with our mate, with who we already exist as one body, and our children until they begin to be independent.

All the beautiful living beings in our world are similarly energetically independent. “Energy medicine” is the healing we go through as we’re inspired by their energy patterns.

The branch of Plumeria or Frangipani I’ve had for almost four months now, that’s been leafing without being in Earth, or being watered, or even getting sunlight is a daily reminder that life energy does what it wants when it wants and it is not dependent on other things. I know it’s a bit of an extreme case, but here it is and it demonstrates a principle that underlies our existence.

One way to support ourselves while recovering from the long term mind-set of the consciousness of lack, is to be inspired by those plants which are great examples of energetic independence and grow well in isolation.


Holy Basil or Tulsi – Hold your Frequency, Lung Cell Rehab

About how Holy Basil helps rehabilitate failing or weak lungs, exhumes the body of stale air, helps us hold our frequency and strengthens our energy body. 

Dear Ed,

I saw a beautiful little wild Holy Basil plant today – Ocimum Gratissimum. It’s not the Sweet Basil used for cooking, or the usual Holy Basil used in Ayurvedic herbal medicines.

This is a wild strain of basil – and there are many.

I first came in touch with the “other” basils when I was living in the Himalaya mountains.

I began to grow them, harvest them and use them round the year as tea.

There was a brand called “Organic India” which came out with Tulsi Tea. I was really excited about it because it would save me a lot of work and I was running low on space to grow plants. I bought a big money saver pack of tea bags. I was disappointed however as the tea was zero energy and not even anywhere close to actual Holy Basil dried leaves.

I wondered then – How difficult can it be to pluck the leaves, dry the leaves, crush them, and put them into tea bags and sell them! Why is it the energy field of the tea is unrecognizable as Holy Basil?

Years later I found out that the drying and storing process of the tea companies, as well the bigger dry herb seller companies, involves irradiating the leaves to kill off any mold or fungus.

Well Ed, it must be a concern – I know because I do a lot to keep the herbs I’m drying free of mold.

For me however, it beats the point because it means the precious energy field of Holy Basil is lost.

Most of the capsules and powders of Holy Basil available on the market are similarly energetically dead.

What a pity!

This is one amazing herb.

In these days when people are going about breathing in their own carbon dioxide because of masks, and not getting enough fresh air because of staying indoors, and then having to get admitted in hospitals to treat failing lungs (you know the fancy names they have for various respiratory problems these days); but these are the days to remember the beautiful Holy Basil.

This plant clarifies and purifies the airs of the body. Not just in the blood, but as you keep taking the tea or the extract, the very tissues of the body.

It’s a gentle exhuming clean-up of the body that few other herbs can do without causing some kind of disruption to the system or a change in the body temperature, or an excess of anything.

Holy Basil gently stimulates the lymphatic system into sweating out stale odors.

Why is it not a famous bad body odor antidote – I don’t know!

All problems of the body that result from or come with stale air (and odors) trapped in the body are helped by Holy Basil.

The lungs which filter our air are naturally the first affected by stale air as we breathe it in.

Stale air for the lungs means less exercise, less stimulation. Stale air has less of the stuff lungs take out of the air and put into blood – oxygen and vital energy.

Without that, the lungs began to go limp and fall into a state of weakness because of lack of exercise.

See Ed, those cells of the lungs that do the taking of oxygen from air and putting it into blood – they’re not long lived. Their lifespan is 3 weeks – 12 weeks. In a healthy person it’s closer to 12 weeks. In a not-so-healthy person, lesser.

But in these few weeks, those cells grow up into adulthood, do their big contribution to the work effort and die.

This means, if we go even a few weeks without good air, it’s life impacting for them as their lifespan is so small. All of them that are in their childhood and developing stages, they all grow weak and puny and don’t do a good job. Worse, they reproduce making punier weaker offspring.

This means that very quickly… just a matter of weeks the lung can go from robust and healthy to under-performing and weak and vulnerable now – to infection and lung poisoning.

Holy Basil has just the right everything – to wake up weak and sluggish lung cells.

If ever there was a plant that seemed to be made specifically for the lungs, it’s Holy Basil. It is just such a fantastic all round agent of lung rehabilitation and strengthener.

Not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual, energetic level as well.

Holy Basil has an energy field that is resistant to change. It doesn’t mean it’s pig-headed or has walls of resistance or doesn’t evolve. It just means it’s so secure in it’s own frequency that it just isn’t likely to get unduly influenced or worked up by others’ energy pattern suggestions around.

It goes on its path without being someone else.

It’s my No. 1 aid for those who perform on the stage (they also benefit from the lung support), for those who have to travel and find adjustment to different energy fields in different places difficult or tumultuous, and for all those whose situations in life have changed suddenly or are changing rapidly.

In any situation where you need to hold your own frequency, rather than getting pulled into the stream of consciousness of others, Holy Basil is a wonderful support.

The consequences of holding your own frequency, and making that your habit, wow I cannot begin to say how important that is and how it helps health and healing in every way.

We exist as an independent person and body only so long as our system carries its own unique frequency.

The day we stop carrying our unique frequency, we die.

Our unique energy frequency pattern, is our light. When it’s going strong, we glow, we shine. When it’s growing dim, our own body reads it as a crisis and our energy flow moves into crisis mode instead of the usual. This makes large parts of our bodies go without the energy they need to keep doing their thing, and soon we have a widespread physical crisis.

Holy Basil makes our light glow brighter; helps us hold your own frequency and move by it.

It’s so important in this day and time.

Note: I have never come across anyone of any age or any state of vital energy having a bad reaction to Holy Basil. It’s always been good good good.





Matter vs Energy; Herbal Extractions vs Dilutions

How to use herbs for physical nutrients like food, versus triggering of the body’s own self regulation and healing systems through increasing the energy value of the herb. The importance of re-cognizing the herb as you dilute it. 

Ed, Granddad taught me:

The soul manifests both matter and energy. They’re the same thing really, but on different frequencies.

Matter for example – that which we can touch and measure is a frequency that’s most similar to the earth field we’re in.

Energy – whether that’s sound energy – that which we hear, or pressure – that which we feel with our skin and tissues, or subtler forms of energy – that’s frequencies on the borders of and going beyond the environmental earth field.

This is why we look and feel different immediately when we move to another place even on the same earth. The parts of us that become visible or invisible change in reaction to the earth field wherever we are.

Now the same soul, if its presence as matter decreases, its presence as energy increases.

This means, the frequency it’s carrying and vibrating at is different.

If you hold a flower in your hand, it’s got a percentage of matter to energy that’s 50:50. 50% matter 50% energy.

When you extract it into water or alcohol or vinegar, its proportions moves from 47:53. That’s 47% matter and 53%energy.

Ie., a little of its physicality or matter is lost and its energy value increases by that amount.

Most herbal extracts are at that proportion of 47:53 which accounts for the difference between eating a herb directly and taking it as an extract.

You must have noticed the difference between eating herbs in a salad versus taking drops of the extract in alcohol. It’s very much like the difference between eating grapes and drinking fresh wine.

That difference is all just because of the slight decrease in physical matter and the slight increase in energy value.

This very slight increase in energy value has traditionally been the difference between what’s food and what’s “medicine”.

Now imagine the difference if say, you took one drop of the extract and put it in a cup of water. You now have a cup of water with just a very tiny trace of the physical part of the herb, but as water will reflect an energy field fully, you have amplified the energy presence of the herb by a 100 times at least.

Think of a child going to school for the first time. She gets these books in kindergarten which she gives away when she reaches the first grade. When she goes to the second grade, she gives away her old books and get fresh ones for the third grade. And so it goes on till she passes out of school and then university.

When she goes to her first job, she does not carry the books she had from kindergarten through primary school and middle school, high school and university. She doesn’t need to. Her education has been digested and processed and even though at that point its only visible manifestations might be a certificate or some souvenirs from school days, it’s all there – the whole process.

It’s the invisible parts of the education that’s of value, that we use to move forward.

That great light is not the sun, Ed. The sun himself was just beyond the horizon when I took this picture. That’s the light field of the sun there.

There’s no greater example of the power of energy versus matter than the Sun.

If we touched the physical part of the sun we would burn, wouldn’t we? And yet it is the light of the sun, the energy of the sun, the gentle part of the fire, which triggers all the living processes in all our earth, which heals all that’s depleted and dead with new life.

A herb is like that. It has its visible measurable physical parts and its invisible energy parts.

The modern medical system denies the existence of everything but the physical measurable parts, but every instinct of every living being testifies to the existence of the invisible energy parts, because we are all the same and we have our invisible energy or soul component undeniable to us.

Of course there are some humanoid robots that claim they feel so soul of their own and none in nature either. We have to believe them when they say they have no soul. It’s a possibility these days as more and more genomes are being made into physical bodies. A sperm and egg might make a new body, but it takes two SOULS to make a new one.

But coming back to the herb, it has the whole thing – from all the books of kindergarten to university, the shoes and the clothes… along with all the learning of every stage of that process.

It’s up to us, to reach for what we need the most.

Sometimes we need the counsel of the herb as a fully educated grown soul.

Sometimes we need the company of the herb of the 5th grade skipping merrily to a song blissfully unaware of anything outside the school yard.

Sometimes we need the books of kindergarten because our body has been hit in such a way we’ve lost something very basic and intrinsic to our being.

When you hold a herb in your hand, you’re holding the whole circle of life.

Now which part of this meets your need?

Instinct will always take us on the right path. Sometimes you feel like a strong cup of tea. Sometimes you’d rather have just a drop of the extract under the tongue. Sometimes you want the effect of a few drops in water. Sometimes all you need is to look at them.

Many days I find my soul satisfied by looking at pictures and paintings of them on the internet. That is medicine and healing too.


As you use herbs over the years you begin to get the hang of how your body interacts with them.

At the time my Granddad told me about the matter to energy principle – that as the matter decreases the energy increases; Just like when the books are gone from the student – the whole cumulative effect of the energy of his or education manifests; at time my instincts weren’t all well honed.

In fact, my instinct was so buried under mental collections of knowledge that was at best useless and at worst dangerous and destructive.

To help me find my way my Granddad gave me “keys” to consciousness.

These were just principles that he said I should use as a key or guide.

In the matter of herbs and their effects the key went:

Matter: Energy Proportion of the Herb – Area of the Human Consciousness it affects

Raw herb fresh
50:50 – Physical body and Limbic system ie. the basic building blocks of our brain and body’

Raw herb dried
49:51 – Physical body and Limbic System and Voluntary Nervous System Ie. our conscious control over our bodies

Herbal Extract in Water (kept well beneath boiling point) or Alcohol or Vinegar
47:53 – Physical nutrients + All communication systems, blood vessels, All maintenance systems (such as cleaning out, making new cells etc).

1 drop of extract diluted into a cup of water
40:60 Very few physical nutrients, but triggers all communication systems, blood vessels, hormone management systems, hormone creation and maintenance, reactionary systems (including immunity), comprehension of environment systems, absorption of nutrients abilities, regulation of fluid in the body, quality checking of new cells (very important in recovery from cancers and recovery from physical injury).

1 drop of extract diluted into a cup of water and then 1 drop of that put into another fresh cup of water further changes the way the herb affects us by going onto the “grown-up” parts of our system – how we view ourselves, how we manage our energy, how we judge what amount of energy we need for our day, how we use the energy available to us, how we perceive our environment and so on.
This is the level on which those with chronic allergies and auto-immune problems need healing the most on.

Our family has practiced a field of medicine called “Inverse Field energy medicine” in which we use the complete absence of the herb and just its dark energy field, or the space it leaves when it leaves. I was able to offer this through my website from 2009 to 2017 when I was no longer able to as epsom salt in which this medicine could be carried without getting broken through airport radiation scanners was banned from international post out of India.

I believe there’s a destined time for its revival.

Despite how difficult it was to explain its effects, it was wildly popular and I had emails all the time telling me of how it changed people’s and their pets’ lives.

But for now getting back to herbal extracts, as the physical matter decreases, the energy value increases.

When Granddad explained it to me, I asked him, “At which point does the presence of the herb go out of the water? Like if I kept diluting it and diluting it.. at which point would you say there was NO herb in the water anymore?”

Granddad explained to me that that depended on my following the process.

It’s like this. A herb is just another green leaf with some physical chemical properties – just like a pill from the drugstore, till a human with consciousness memory of that herb comes into contact with it and has primal recognition of it.

When that human with the primal recognition of the herb, extracts it, then dilutes it, with every dilution the human re-cognizes the herb’s presence in the water, which makes the water take on and carry the energy field of the herb.

This human recognition and telecast to the water, with every level of dilution is very important.

That’s why, to heal with herbs which are living beings, unlike pills and chemicals which are not, it’s important to RE-COGNIZE the whole being of the plants. Knowledge about how they work in general is good, but very soon you find out, it doesn’t take you very far at all.

Anyone can look up which herbs do what in general on the internet, use them and dump them because they didn’t work. God knows I’ve done quite a bit of that myself.

When I was a teenager someone told me if I rubbed turmeric powder on my arms and legs I’d never have to shave or wax them. So I had yellow stains on my bedsheets and home clothes for weeks. This was all quite hilarious as I had almost no hair on my arms and legs to start with at the time. My plan had been to NEVER have to shave or wax ever by PREVENTING the hairs from ever growing.

But the previously unthought of hair now began to grow – possibly because of all the attention they were getting for the first time in my life. The turmeric made sure they fell quick after they grew quick.

I realized that herbs that increased cell division and vitality also speed up their death. (The reason turmeric can heal cancer – it speeds up cell death or apoptosis.)

Castor oil for example on your eye lashes will make them thick and long for a few weeks before they will fall to make place for new ones.

You got to know the whole cycle before you use a herb for one thing.

And when you’re dealing with a living being, you need to think beyond how they’re physically affecting you to their effect on you emotionally and psychologically and spiritually.

Someone did this research that showed more than 90% of our decisions are made from emotion, not logic.

The fact is, our lives are so ruled by our spirit and soul, that to assume that medicine that does not address the decision making, destiny choosing, path directing parts of us, is medicine at all, is immature.

It is the journey of a lifetime to allow our soul to become loud from under the rubble of our mental education and begin to recognize the living beings around us that have been relegated to “things”.

I write this to inspire the human consciousness to realize that when a physical medicine doesn’t heal us, it’s only because there’s only so much the physical or matter can do. There are PHYSICAL parts of us, the key to which is in the soul parts of us. And there are herbs, our angels, who can speak to our soul parts and heal us on that level.

Never give up.

7 Angels of Thwarted Passion – Herbs to Change Inherited Energy Patterns

It’s unbelievable – the effect that the lives of our ancestors have on us, whether an animal or a human or a plant, . The more people and animals I made treatments for, the more I realize how important it is to deal with underlying patterns of energy management to find complete release from ill-health ourselves.

In our times, the first line of action to treat a condition is to treat the symptoms of it. If it’s an infection, take an antibiotic, if it’s a pain, take a painkiller.

But my Granddad gave people a drink and never bothered his time over the symptoms beyond that. He used to say to me,

“Check if their heart’s flowing out right. See where the Passion’s stopped. Say hello to that place. And then keep the hell away while they explode. “

Passion – there’s no other word for it – is life energy. It is so powerful that if it was suppressed or thwarted generations ago it stays there in the consciousness and passes down and has its effects generation after generation.

The classical homeopaths called inherited energy patterns “miasms”. They’re a sort of inherited consciousness illness.

Believe it or not, one of the most common miasms is called the ‘syphilis miasm’ and is supposed to be the energy pattern inherited from an ancestor with syphilis that didn’t fully get cured.

Now I was curious about that, because if syphilis is just an infection, how on earth can that affect someone 7 generations down?

Granddad explained to me that the condition that expressed itself as infection was actually thwarted or suppressed passion or life energy. And it was so powerful as to create an energy field that chronically mismanaged passion or life energy resulting in dysfunction on several levels. This pattern of consciousness has a snowballing effect through the generations and finally reaches a point where one of the descendants is so debilitated that they have to stop life as normal and deal with it.

Eggs and sperm don’t contain actual toxins from our ancestors, but they do carry the entire energy field and all its experiences. That’s how we get ‘racial memory’ and inherited tendencies towards illnesses.

Those who carry patterns of passion suppression just know it. Because the No. 1 sign of it is, they simply feel unable to express their feelings physically. They can feel their feelings, they can describe them, but they cannot EXPRESS them to their satisfaction. Continue reading

Two things to do to Stop Losing Energy

In the middle of the night I woke up perspiring (remember – boys sweat, girls perspire) and I found my heart beating really really fast.

Having had two close brushes with heart attacks, I learned very quick that prevention is the best cure.

How does a nineteen year old end up having heart attacks?

That much adrenal abuse.

Can someone who doesn’t drink or smoke or take drugs be over-adrenalized?

Yes. A state of general panic – such as the mainstream media is religiously devoted to fostering, can affect the body just as bad as drugs that raise heart rate, or poisons that make the immune system hyper-activated.

Now, obviously the solution is to Calm The F*** Down as several cats and other pets have recently advised on the internet, no doubt based on sound personal experience.

But as our species seems to have a problem doing that, I would like to share with you two things that have helped me immensely.

Two things to do to Calm Down and end energy loss

1) Stop converting energy.
2) Herbs for recovery from adrenal abuse.

The second one, you get. Please click on the link to read all about it in detail. Those herbs are available anywhere. They can change your life. Trust me on that – I’ve been rescued by them. If you’re prone to over-adrenalization, you need a little dropper bottle in your pocket or bag always. Every time you feel you’re getting too worked up, take a few drops. You have no idea how much that can help until you try it.

And now for the first.

Stop Converting Energy

According to the laws of physics, a body never has a change in the amount of energy it has. You check it out on the internet – The Law of Conservation of Energy.

The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant; it is said to be conserved over time. This law means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.

Now, if the energy in a body stays the same, why do we feel a lack of energy?

I asked my (very cool and now famous) Granddad that question and he said to me, “Stop converting.

When energy converts from our stored energy in the deep gut, it goes off in that direction and takes forever to come back to a state where it can be converted again to another sort we require.

It’s like money. Once you invest in your career by buying a lot of clothes to wear to meetings, it’s going to be a while, months or years, before that money comes back as money you can use for something else.

So if we keep converting huge amounts of energy from our store, we feel depleted when we need energy for something else.

Therefore, stop converting.

How does that work? I asked Granddad.

The venerable gentleman went silent for a while and then said, “What’s your No. 1 energy drain?”

I thought a bit and said, “Getting emotionally worked up reading things or seeing things.”

“No,” he said. “No, no no.

Your No. 1 energy drain will always be sexual.”

I was shocked. Me? No sexy male for thousands of miles around. It’s true. Though that never stopped me from having an err… “inner” sex life.

Granddad continued.

“Sexual energy conversion accounts for the bulk of energy conversion. We needn’t talk about the others – they fall into place.”

Me – Oh!

Grandad – There are two kinds of sex. Happy sex and sad sex.

Me – Oh!

Granddad – Happy sex is when the body and spirit both enjoy love. Sad sex is when the body goes in and the spirit waits outside listening to the sounds – Ahhh and Ooooo and Oh my God! – but isn’t invited to the party.

Cara, have you ever felt left out? Of the party? Of the fun?

Me – Yes.

Granddad – Do you want to do that to your spirit?

Me – No.

Granddad – Well that’s what sad sex is. Leaving your heart and soul and spirit outside.

After a very long time feeling overwhelmed by what he’d said, I asked:

How do you make sure your spirit and body are together?

Granddad shrugged like I’d asked which letter comes after A. I used to feel really confident every time he shrugged like that. It meant he’d achieved what he was going to tell me about, and it wasn’t impossible at all.

He said, “Do you remember anything from the book of Song of Songs in the Bible?”

“Yes,” I said, “Of course.” I had memorized that book as a teenager – loved it.

“Then tell me the strangest thing you read in that book,” Granddad said like he knew me so well.

“Do not awaken love until it so desires,” I replied, “That was something I never understood and it was repeated over and over.

“That’s your answer,” Granddad said turning over in his chair looking a little animated compared to before, “See sometimes the answer comes first and the question later.”

I sighed then like I sigh now.

“Do not awaken love until it so desires?”

Granddad realized he’d have to explain it and sank back into the chair. “Love is sexual energy, which is life energy. Don’t awaken it, don’t try to make it wake up, don’t provoke it, don’t prod it, don’t push it, don’t pull it, don’t do anything to it. Just let it do as it pleases.”

I get the same dull head spin now as I did then. “What?”

“Some years from now,” Granddad sighed, “You’ll understand it. For now, just remember what I said.”

That time has come now, almost ten years later.

And it’s all about trust.

You simply don’t push yourself. You watch yourself. You do as your body leads you to do.

You don’t rush rush rush, from one thing to the next. You stop and you feel yourself. You ask yourself, “What does my gut want me to do right now?” And you do that.

You trust your spirit to convert energy. You have to trust your self.

You cannot force a flower to bloom. You have to let it unfold at its pace.

Now I could give you a whole list of things to do to stop being energy drained, but I’m telling you the one true thing I know that will could your life forever.

Start trusting your spirit to manage your energy, don’t mentally impose on your body and your life. Go easy. You’re a living being with spirit, not a robot.

And never try or force your self to get sexually turned on. If you are, you are, don’t block it. If you aren’t, you aren’t, don’t force it. Continue reading

The Curse of the Bamboo – Bamboo for Fertility, Connectivity, Conduction

In the early 1900s there were recorded two severe famines in and around the wild bamboo forests of the North-East of India. Every thirty years these famines would strike.

The cause of the terrible famines was investigated and discovered. Every thirty years, the bamboo flowered and fruited. The fruit would fall down onto the floor of the forest, where rodents, especially rats feasted on them. This resulted in the virility and fertility of the rats increasing so much – an expert said it was 80 -90 times more than usual – and they reproduced as much very quickly.

The huge population of rats then went out from the forest into the countryside looking for food, eating up everything they possibly could. They’d get into the granaries of the time, into fields and barns and homes.

Therefore the flowering of the bamboo became considered more a curse than a blessing.

Bamboo grows easily all over the world. It’s got wonderful nutrients, in fact it’s a sure way to quickly give your hair and skin and teeth and nails a boost, because it’s got so much silica, one of the building blocks of all those.

What I find most amazing about it is how beneath all of its benefits is its ability to support energy and electric conductivity in the body, and on a consciousness level too.

It’s something you try if you find that the herbs you’re taking, or the nutrition you’re having doesn’t seem to reach where it’s supposed to go.

In every way, if you find that one part of you is all passionate and motivated to do something, that other parts of you don’t seem to be able to support, Bamboo’s the one to help.

Bamboo can be had as a tea, powdered dried leaf or as an extract. A little goes a long way. It works best when you take a little of it over a long period of time, like 6 months to a year.

Speaking of fertility. This funny thing happened to me once. I was in a park trying to take a picture of two monkeys nibbling on Bamboo leaves. Between the time I zoomed in on them and clicked they’d done from just nibbling on leaves companionably to errr.. making love. It was quite embarrassing for me standing there with my camera pointing at them and people staring at me like I’m a pervert.

Well I doubt bamboo would work that quick for humans but who knows, perhaps if you have a really strong tea, you never know.

Almost any health regimen will benefit from a boost to connectivity and connection within the body though.

Note: If you want to collect your Bamboo leaves from a densely populated wild place, make sure you put on some mosquito repellent cream as mosquitoes tend to breed in areas like those Bamboo likes – rather wet, almost swampy. I forgot and my son and I got bit all over the face and arms just before I took this video.