Bougainvillea Cheer to Refresh your Spirit

Bougainvillea’s breakthrough energy and how it helped me when I was blocked in every way.

Dear Ed,

Yesterday I saw these beautiful white bougainvillea flowers blooming and was reminded all over again how powerful the energy of these flowers are. They grow all over the world, flower exuberantly without asking much in the way of care, and leave people with nothing but good feelings.

When I was little, my first school, had bougainvillea flowers growing all over the long front wall. They cheered me everyday. I often used to crawl under the foliage and near the woody trunk of the shrubs and feel completely safe and hidden there from everything else happening around.

I always get that feeling of cheerful unquestioning friendship and joy of living when I see bougainvilleas.

I felt like sharing the cheer, Ed, so here are some beautiful pictures of Bougainvillea.

This is an amazingly powerful energy of breakthrough, Ed. You don’t need to take it as medicine to experience its influence. It is ALWAYS a sign Ed, when Bougainvillea comes into your awareness. ALWAYS.

There’s this thing Bougainvillea does, Ed. It is always going where it shouldn’t. Other vines move inch by inch along whatever they can cling to. But Bougainvillea makes wild leaps of faith and will often sweep onto the ground and continue to grow just as profusely there. I just love the joy of that.  Picture Source

Look at this, Ed… reaching right across the street! That’s called faith. That’s such a powerful manifestation of life energy moving. Picture Source

This beautiful shrub hangs right over my head on a path we take often in our walks.

One time when I had writer’s block, Ed. Well actually not just writer’s block but a full on life block; I simply couldn’t see any way out for me. Just logically speaking, I was blocked in every way; at the time I collected a dew drop on my bougainvillea plant in the morning and put it in a bottle with more water, shook it up and had a few drops of it.

Fifteen minutes later I wrote my first holistic healing article.

I’d been told all my life that my sort of viewpoint was illogical and that people would laugh at me if I ever made it public. I was told that no one would give a damn about my family’s ancestral medicine made with energies of plants more than the physical components. I’d been shamed so much, Ed, that not even to save my life was I able to write about my own medicine.

I’d worked for eight years editing and publishing and promoting the work of another herbalist, and never once ever told anyone that I had my own inherited body of knowledge and practice too. When I quit that job (crazy abuse unfortunately), I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I reached a point where I planned my death because I was definitely not going to compromise my safety by becoming dependent on anyone. I had no family, Granddad was gone. I was pregnant with Gabriel.

But fifteen minutes after I took bougainvillea’s energy field, Ed, something popped. In the days that followed the blocks came back over and over. And I took Bougainvillea over and over. Over the years whenever I reach an impasse, Bougainvillea arrives in some way to support me.

I like this. Very soon this will be a most beautiful energy shelter. It already is, with bougainvillea on both sides. Picture Source

It begins as a creeper, Ed, needing the support of whatever it can find, but it grows over time into a tree. It develops a truly strong trunk just like any other tree.  Picture Source

One thing I must mention before I end this, Ed, is that it’s one of those breakthrough herbal medicines for persistent cough that just won’t stop no matter what a person tries. That sort of cough is caused by cramps in the lungs.

In general an infusion of bougainvillea leaves and flowers will release cramps ANYWHERE in the body that have persisted for a long time and which are there because of emotional or energetic causes.

I hope you enjoyed the Bougainvilleas, Ed. Some day in this or another lifetime, I’m going to grow LOTS of them.

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