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How the Body Really Works with Food; Frequency & Soul Acceptance

Dear Ed,
It took me very long time watching my body and others’ around me to understand that we’ve been lied to about how the body works with food.
You see Ed, we’ve been given the impression that when we eat something, the stomach breaks it down, and the walls of the intestines then ABSORB the “nutrition” and send those nutrition components to the rest of the body.
This is actually NOT how digestion works at all in reality.

In reality, what happens is;

– Food goes to the stomach. Continue reading

Parasite Paranoia – What makes us Vulnerable to Parasites?

Granddad explains what parasites do, how they take over our consciousness; how we give others authority over our consciousness making us vulnerable to consciousness invasion; Sexual perversion and the Debt matrix

Dear Ed,

For many years now there’s a lot of talk in the alternative medicine community about parasites. The general consensus is that toxins or poisons are the cause of unnatural growths like tumors, areas of decaying cells in the living body, like cancer. It’s understood that these toxins are either poisons – like certain metals – that our bodies cannot digest and process out at the rate at which we’re taking them in, and they are also the side-products of cell metabolism – just like making sugar from sugarcane juice makes molasses on the side, and crushed cane pulp – both of which have to be separately taken out of the factory, so that sugar production can continue. Continue reading

2 Causes of Premature Aging, Loss of Magnetism; How to Reverse them

Dear Ed,

In recent weeks, I have begun to notice like never before the effect of the loss of body magnetism in people and how this affects overall health.

I’ve begun to notice the role of Nitrogen, and negative ions in preventing premature aging and recovering from the effects of premature aging.

I’d like to share, Ed, two causes of premature aging and how to reverse them.

The first is the loss of gut biome, and the second is getting positively charged and falling out of a healthy Nitrogen cycle. Continue reading

Releasing Soul Memory Held in Water – Excerpt from “Soul Memory”

Unnoticed Amnesia; Energy Blocks caused by Emotional Energy Misappropriation; Memory not as a series of events but state of soul; Simple exercise to release memory held in water in our bodies; Link to Book describing the elements of Soul Memory and how to release memory

Dear Ed,

In my experience with illness of the recurring and chronic kind, the sort that frustrates people, the sort that doesn’t resolve in one round of treatment (for example), I have in 9 times out of 10, found that the cause is an issue with memory. The 1 out of 10 times, it is caused by a poison being taken long term as part of lifestyle, and the problem resolves when the person stops taking the poison. Continue reading

Mental Projections of False Body Image and Identity

Dear Ed,

A topic very close to my heart, is the effects of trauma on body image. One of the first articles I wrote that was on the internet (unfortunately lost now) was titled “Phantom Body”.

I wrote to you about it last year as well: Phantom Energy Body; Upper-Lower Body Disconnection

Our mind is constantly projecting an image of our bodies on us,

influencing our very real energy field to behave differently from its own nature. Our body shifts out of alignment because of the false image and behaves in a way as to support the false image.

For example, if someone believes in their head that they’re fat, that’s a constant suggestion to their energy field to skew and pull the shape of body into a “fat” shape. Our soul will resist the lie, often causing backswings to that, but the result of that conflict is tiredness and feeling an internal war going on. Continue reading

My Travails with Truth, Lies and Energy Flow

Dear Ed,

I was brought up in an environment where everyone lied routinely. As a child I demonstrated what they considered then, a character problem in me, and for which I was much reviled and character assassinated.

You see Ed, I could not lie effectively. Now that sounds like I’m showing off. But I assure you it was quite the opposite then. For example, one adult member of the foster family says to me, “When grandfather dies, I’m going to inherit this and this and this. Don’t mention this to anyone.”
There’s a knock on the door. Another member enters. “Oh hello,” looks at me, “What were you talking about?”
Me – “About how when grandfather dies, she’s going to inherit his….”
Stony stares.
Inheritor 1, “My God what a liar she is!!! What a horrible story she just made up!!! Why is she such a liar.”
Family member who just entered – not wanting a conflict with inheritor 1, “Oh my God! For such a small child… what a horrible thing to make up. What a LIAR she is!!!” Continue reading

How to Holistically Stabilize Energy Levels – Energy Flow from Consciousness to Body

My investigation into why healed conditions kept returning; The body’s allegiance to the consciousness; Imposing mental constructs on our experience; Reactive emotions versus deep emotional state; The manifestation zone – Gender and Sexuality; Energy flow from consciousness to body; How to stabilize body temperature  

Dear Ed,

This is about one very simple principle of holistic healing that took me very long to learn.

There’s this frustrating thing, where when you look into why an allergy flared up again out the blue, why an infection struck again, why a condition came back after going away for a while; all the information you get is, “Stress can cause this.” Continue reading

False Kisses and the Sugar Miasma

My experiences smelling high sugar levels and diabetes; the Kissing Miasma explained by Granddad; How the Pancreas works as our lie detector; Helplessness; Kriemhild’s Accusation; Movie Posters

Dear Ed,

Ever since I read a historical account of a beautiful couple in love, whose lives were torn apart by the loss of five babies and then the woman’s being diagnosed with diabetes, given codeine in higher and higher doses till  her body couldn’t handle it anymore and she went into a coma and died, followed some years later by her husband who killed himself; ever since then, memories of my encounters with diabetes around me and things my Granddad said have come back to me every now and then. Continue reading