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Disruption to Metabolism, Life path, caused by Blood Loss

Dear Ed,
These days I’m seeing more and more, the long term effects of blood loss in people.
Did you know that until the early 1900s all medical diagnosis was done with urine and stool analysis, and not blood? This is because urine is in fact filtered blood.
In the early 1800s when the state sponsored and validated medical system in Europe began its ill fated rash of draining blood as a method of curing anything and everything, it created such lasting ill effects that ultimately the naive and trusting population of those times, rebelled and the modern movement towards herbalism and homeopathy was born. But not before people saw for themselves what the draining of blood could do to the person and the body long term.
For one, the trauma is inescapable. Chronic nightmares came to even adults who’d gone through blood draining. Bouts of shivers, loss of the will to live, a feeling of being disconnected from loved ones and life itself. One person wrote to his brother, “Since I have had the treatment (blood draining) my limbs have felt like strangers to me. My wife feels not the same woman, nor my children my own. I live an existence at odds with the sun, and feel I have fallen off the very orbit of the Earth.”
You know all about my own experience, Ed, where I was drained of all the blood in my body at the age of 8. I have told you often of the terrible cold I experienced and experience often even now, the inner cold. Only recently when reading the letters of people in the 1800s who’d been through blood draining did I realize many others things I’ve experienced that I didn’t know were triggered by the blood draining.
For example, metabolic distress and mood swings.
This is something, Ed, the medical system will never validate or attest to, because right from when physical healing got taken over by “governments”, one of their main aims is blood extraction under one guise or the other. It is the most common form of energy-vampirism, as well as control of the population through energy suppression.
I could give you example upon example of how blood draining is used to control “rebels”, but I will give you just one. This guy I knew personally, who was being regularly ritually sexually abused; every time he began to not behave submissively, show aggression to the “family members” abusing him, he’d find myself unwell, maybe with a terrible stomach infection or something like that. If that didn’t cut him down to size, it would continue and he’d be taken to the doctor. There he’d be diagnosed with “pernicious anemia” or something like that and a full body blood draining and then transfusion of fresh blood would be done. This would completely end whatever aggression he’d had before, and almost wipe out his personality as such. He’d go back like a new person, something like a blank slate.
The drug called “Remdesivir” that shot to fame recently in the media as a treatment for You-Know-What, that’s delivered intravenously through blood transfusion.
So what I’m saying is, draining blood is a core value of the modern government controlled medical system and it is being used to not just harvest vital energy from people, but also cause the breaking of rhythm of the energy body so the person is unable to move on in their personal endeavors till they recover.
And then there’s good old violent bloodshed, often disguised as “accidents” or “injuries”. Messy, but just as effective in breaking a person’s rhythm.
The point I’m trying to make Ed, is that it’s no small matter to lose blood for any reason and the effects are serious life impacting long term effects.
A LOT of the craziest symptoms people experience that don’t respond to traditional treatments for those, are actually because of the body not having recovered blood function and rhythm.
Chronic inflammation for example is routinely treated with detox. When it is the body’s constant staying in a wounded state because of not being able to heal wounds or gaps in the blood vessels’ inner linings, as well as organs, caused by blood loss.
The inability to grow strong hair, nails and bones, often also comes down to rhythm loss because of blood loss.
Various symptoms treated as poisoning are actually the body’s weakness and insufficiency in housekeeping because of being thrown out of rhythm. We could go crazy eliminating things from our diet thinking we’re being poisoned when we’re not really.
And possibly the most common effect of blood loss that’s mistaken for everything else, is chronic loss of gut bacteria and natural yeast. There are people eating fermented foods, taking prebiotics and probiotics and still simply not recovering a good yeast population in the gut. Over the years they even think they have become allergic to this and that in the diet because the body is no longer able to work with gluten, starch and even natural sugars.
The root cause of this is simply that the person is unable to get back a stable energy frequency that yeasts depend on for a healthy population.
The reason many pharma products come with probiotics as part of the treatment, is because they disrupt nervous frequency and that kills off our natural yeasts.
Blood loss does that same thing but they don’t tell you about it.
A little blood loss from a tiny wound wouldn’t cause too much of a disruption but even then you can immediately feel the change in the frequency of the body. But if it keeps on happening regularly, or if the blood loss is big, then you have chronic disruption and body frequency simply isn’t stable anymore.
Menstrual blood in women is technically not blood loss, unless it goes from more than the normal shedding of the inner lining and some little blood as the lining heals, to a failure to make the new cells required to stop the bleeding. This failure to make new cells is itself a manifestation of the body not being in a stable frequency so the problem avalanches cycle after cycle keeping the woman feeling perpetually drained and out of rhythm.
But you see, Ed? It’s all about getting that nervous frequency back to stable after losing blood.
There are many ways to do it, but the simplest, Ed, so simple that it is routinely overlooked, is simple very slow breathing.
One of the reasons for yoga’s phenomenal success worldwide and why it and other forms of energy work such as Tao yoga, etc have survived millennia is because of how phenomenally powerful breathing slow really is.
Those who truly experience and stick with slow breathing exercises, getting past the mental blocks and in fact fear and panic blocks that make a person not want to actually breathe slow and deep, experience such life changing healing.
When we change our rate of breathing, Ed, we change our nervous frequency. When we change our nervous frequency, we change our consciousness. When we change our consciousness and hold that consistently, we change our lives.
There’s a practice I learned in very troubled times of my life. In the mornings when I woke up, I wouldn’t be able to find the strength to get out of bed. So I’d ask myself, “What is the one thing upsetting you the most?” And I would answer it. 10/10 times I would realize that what I was believing that made me so upset was a lie. Because when we find out truth, however horrible, it always sets us free, releases energy. That paralysis of energy and motivation is always because we’re believing a lie.
And then Ed, I would find the motivation to just sit up in bed for a few moments and just breathe really slow and try and avoid that morning panic I’d been trained into from childhood and school days. In deed I do ot remember a morning I did not panic on waking, till I started doing this exercise, Ed.
And then every time I found out something was a pet anxiety or fear of mine, that I keep feeling over and over, I’d put up something on the wall or wear some piece of jewellery to constantly remind me of the truth and defuse the lie.
And so Ed, my life changed slowly but surely, and continues to.
For those who have experienced VERY severe blood loss at some time in their life, such as through a major surgery or accident, blood transfusion and so on, a course of blood building support herbs for a few weeks can do wonders. If there are indications of lung trauma or shock, some lung support herbs will help too.
But essentially, if we just focus on breathing slow and keeping a stable nervous frequency, that will take care of so many health problems not responding to anything else. And we will have a change of vision of our life giving us new motivation and direction. Continue reading

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Dear Ed,

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Dear Ed,
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Dear Ed,

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Far be it from me to withhold from you, that which you have yearned for so long and so much. Continue reading

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