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I was born into an ancient matrilineal heritage of herbal medicine. I started making medicine from plants at the age of three, watching my twice great grandfather, John Waltham who taught me almost everything I know.

But head knowledge and even inherited wisdom wasn’t enough. It was only after I had gone through the pitfalls of an average human’s lifestyle in our day and time, and then sought out and tried natural healing for myself that I learned the true value of what my ancestors had invested their lives in.

In 2009 I publicly started practicing making energy medicine from herbs. I was completely swept away by the response I received. In about 2 years I had prepared treatments for hundreds of people and animals worldwide.

I first started making herbal distillates and extracts for energy medicine customers to bring relief in the moment and supply vital nutrients and support for specific conditions, and then went on to make complete programs for those with cancer diagnoses and similar conditions.

I’ve had such amazing success with herbal treatments because I’ve always chosen only the best raw material, always had an eye out to get the best wild herbs and extracted them with a lot of care.

I was taught to use only herbs that are high in vitality, wild-pollinated, organic of course and brought up in natural cycles; that a little of a good quality herb was better than a lot of a low vitality herb, so I’ve traveled quite a bit, looking for the best quality wild herbs and seeds preserving them. I currently post treatments out of Pune, India.

John Waltham
John Waltham

My herbal treatments while made up of mostly western classical herbs familiar to my ancestor, John Waltham (Scottish and Welsh), are always modified for the individual, based on the best seasonal herbs, the herbs their genetic type is more likely to be familiar with and supportive of bio-rhythm and hormonal balance.

My herbal medicine is aimed at providing consistently (twice or thrice a day) the trace minerals and natural physical substances that kick-start natural healing processes in people and animals.

In everything I do, I remember the words of John Waltham:

It is not knowledge, but the intention to heal that makes a healer.

Helping others heal, abandon lifestyle and habits that were pulling them down, recover from trauma, injury and conditions that the doctors say they cannot ever heal from, and go on to live fully, this gives me deep fulfillment.

Caraf Avnayt


My herbal medicine is unique.

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