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I’m an introvert and find it hard sometimes to talk to the world without knowing who I’m speaking to. I get a bit wooden. As this page has become one of the most visited pages on my website, I thought I would share here a bit about me from a letter to Ed, the person I find I can write with freedom to.

Dear Ed,

Every person’s work is massively influenced by their own life experience.

While I was born to a family of traditional healers, I was cut off from my own heritage due to the death of my mother and me being brought up in another family of another culture.

At the age of 3, my Granddad, John Waltham Jr., found me and tried as much as he could, whenever it was possible for him, to teach me the principles of life energy and healing that are traditional to my own inheritance.

John Waltham
My Granddad John Waltham in Feb 2005

I grew up in a garden mostly ignored by others, as I discovered nature for myself. Outside of that garden and my Granddad who visited me now and then, my life was hell.

From my earliest years, because of the pain in me – that I did not understand then – and maybe because of inherited tendencies, I was always drawn to those who were in pain and could do with something to help or heal.

My Granddad said it was my redeeming quality – and that wasn’t head knowledge or even skill that makes a healer, but the intention to heal. And I was born with the intention to heal. (He said I was incurably clumsy otherwise – and this was before I got pregnant and got even more clumsy.. but ssshshhh.)

Like I said, my life outside of me, the garden and Granddad, was hell.

I couldn’t even begin to accurately deal with things, because I didn’t even know my true identity till I was 22. It took me years to come to terms with it.

Whether your life’s been good or bad, the whole thing comes apart when you find out you aren’t who you think you are.

Supporting one’s own true version of their own life, whether that matches the story documents and others tell, is therefore also a big part of my philosophy of healing. While mine is an extreme case, identity crisis is an important an issue for others as well.

I’ve also had to deal with various levels of trauma, betrayal and situations that were anything but supportive of life.

As such, the core and essence of my method of treating anyone or anything, is repairing damage done by trauma, and supporting the release of blocked emotion.

I spent my teenage years very active in church circles, studying the Bible, fasting and praying.

At the age of 19, after 2 years of severe heart trouble, while at a university in Australia, I had two heart attacks on the same day. It was Christmas day 2000, and I’d have died, if my Granddad hadn’t turned up to put me together.

Me in the heart trouble days, literally holding my heart up by pressing my left arm against my chest.

During the second of those heart attacks I was aware of having left my body and looking down at myself on the brown carpet. Those moments, and my return to my body affected me deeply and changed the way I looked at life.

My Granddad’s repair of my energy field as an emergency measure to keep me alive, when I was completely given up on by others, with no further treatment other than hospitalization for my condition, impacted me deeply.

For the first time in my life I realized that my Granddad wasn’t just being entertaining when he told me things. That he was giving me living wisdom, and had without my knowledge, equipped me to evolve and build on it for my own self and the times of my life.

My life changed drastically as my attitude changed.

I got nothing but hell from all around (other than my Granddad) as I changed almost overnight in so many ways. I began the slow – mucking in mud process – of clearing the slime of abuse and lies out of my life. There are no words in which I could describe to you, the absolute gutter I was head deep in when I started the clean up.

The herbs and trees and flowers of my childhood, they came back to me, in plants, in dreams, in memories, in pictures. I’d get newsletters describing the very herb I needed.

A picture from letter paper I had when I was 7. It had written underneath, “Memories have magical ways of bringing back favorite yesterdays.”

I was supposed to never be able to run again, but I went back to rigorous and demanding classical dancing just four years after my heart attacks.

I traveled quite a bit, often attracted to trauma zones, in an effort to understand healing for myself.

A picture I took of the aftermath of the tsunami of Christmas day 2004. A ship inland right next to a house.

That’s me in 2011, chilling at a glacier 8500 feet above sea level.

I was supposed to never be able to get pregnant or have a baby. But I did, super-naturally 😉 , and had little Gabriel – born at home without assistance or drugs.

I’ve survived this brat, Ed for seven years now.

I have had great success with herbs because I know them personally – I know their consciousness, I feel their emotional being. I’ve been in situations where I had no help but them and they’ve carried me through.

They’re so much more than a concoction of chemicals that can be predicted.

I’ve tried to write about the herbs and healing methods that my Granddad taught me and which I’ve experienced myself.

For some reason most people find my website when they’re at the end of their tether. Perhaps that’s the zone I operate in because I’ve been there so much in my own life. Or perhaps only when everything else has failed will people consider paying a stranger money over the internet.. who knows! But so it is. And my herbs and my recommendations have worked.

Every now and then I find myself surprised when I find someone somewhere in some corner of the internet saying I helped them – either with my articles or my medicine. I find copy pasted bits of articles on facebook and twitter, that I myself have lost over the years.

Ed, there’s so much pressure on alternative medicine practitioners to write about herbs and alternative medicine like they don’t actually work. Like they’re a sort of side-medicine. Like going to the doctor is the ultimate solution to everything.

To water down the power of herbs.

It’s been a struggle Ed, to keep insisting on the truth.

One time when I had lost faith, Ed, and felt like throwing in the towel, God said in my heart, “It is your worship of me, your true worship of me when you write about the creation of God.”

It’s true Ed.

– —- —


P.S. I started making and posting treatments out of the Himalaya mountains in 2009, then moved around 18 different locations in different eco-systems, and have since 2018 been posting treatments out of a village on the outskirts of Pune, India.


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