What each Herbal Treatment is composed of

Every herbal treatment we make has 4 components:

1) Herbal extracts for basic vitality

There is simply no point giving the body the job of breaking down and using a herb to heal if it doesn’t have the energy to do that. So our first job is to provide very basic nutrients from a source with high-vitality so that the body can work with all the others. My favorite super-antioxidants can be found described on the Super Antioxidant Blend page.
I also use herbs that have nutrients specific to the condition and the systems of the body that are depleted.
Often the person or animal is lacking only in one or a few vital minerals. I use water-based extraction methods that retain the minerals in herbs for such situations.

2) Herbal extracts in trigger doses

These are herbs that are extremely potent and need only be introduced in small doses to the body regularly enough for their effect to be seen. Some of these are classified as ‘poisons’ because their action in large doses causes more trouble than help.
The difference between a medicine and poison is dosage – said a wise someone. I always start off with the smallest quantities of a herb and only raise it in the next course if the person seems to have not had the effect you’d expect from that herb. But that’s rare.
In general, When you’ve got good quality naturally grown high vitality herbs, you only need a very little.

3) Bach flower remedies

These are the fine energies of flowers that work by supporting a person emotionally through the process of healing.
More about how each Bach flower works to inspire natural healing >>
Bach Flower remedies for Cats, Dogs, Horses

4) Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver water is a powerful killer of all kinds of infection. Even in tiny amounts it sterilizes water and food that water goes into. It does not however kill the good bacteria native to our bodies. Best of all, it has as no negative side-effects whatsoever (so long as you drink it only as much as you’d normal water and not go overdo it) AND it works to kill even infections that have turned antibiotic resistant.

My herbal treatments therefore can be considered effective first-aid. There’s almost no condition Colloidal Silver won’t help.

Medicines given in silver water get the red carpet treatment because our bodies recognize and accept pure water – the result of the silver purification. This makes the herbs work faster and better.

But we have a more important reason to use Colloidal Silver – its ability to make and preserve a full extract of herbs without heat.

While many of our herbs are extracted into apple cider vinegar and a few into alcohol, most herbs simply do not get properly extracted into anything but pure water. That is why their usual herbal extracts do not have the same curative powers that their fresh form has.

Before the invention of modern electricity, our family used to make silver water by generating currents using magnets and silver flasks. This water with its magnetic field now cleared up, is pure and infused with silver. It is used to extract herbs without using heat or light.

This cold extract smells stronger and contains all the minerals and delicate properties that are usually lost through the heat process. Because of the presence of silver it cannot go bad and therefore we get the full benefit of everything it releases as it softens and dissolves into the water.

Aqueous Whole Herbal Extracts

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