Granddad’s Life Story – The Eighth of Seven Children

John Waltham was born in 1778 and was last seen in 2007.
At one time a magistrate in England, after decades of service in the Army, he faked his own death, escaping to the jungles of India.
He thought he had come there to die in peace. He was sixty three, then, in 1841. But instead he started a new life.
He met Vina, the woman of his dreams and had three daughters.
Just when they were of the age to get married, John traveled back to Britain to settle his sister’s estate.
On his return, he found the entire settlement where he and his family lived, a tribal one, of Semitic origin, wiped out without a trace.
For the next ten years he was called Mad John, and even considered an enemy of the state for insisting that a whole tribe had been wiped out in India.
Following a spiritual experience that rejuvenated him, he returned to India, to search for his daughters.
To get access to secret records, John joined the Freemason Brotherhood, and rose to giddying heights for his work with vampires in Ethiopia.
John lived to find his granddaughter, great granddaughter, and his great great granddaughter, who he looked after and taught till the age of twenty-six.
This is just the barest of bare shells of his amazing life.
It is written to share with all people, that if our spirit wants to achieve something, our bodies are capable of it.

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