Personalized Herbal Treatment Programs for People

To have me prepare a holistic healing treatment program for you or a loved one, please fill the following form and submit it.

You will receive a page asking you to pay the consultation cost of $99. Once your payment is complete you will receive a receipt from Paypal.

If you find you’ve forgotten something important you would like to add, please email me as quickly as possible with it. caraf AT

I will respond with a herbal treatment program tailor-made for your needs, taking into account all the conditions you’re facing.

I’ve had a lot of success with my approach because there’s a big difference between taking herbs for say – a stomach problem – and taking herbs for a whole-body state of discord.

You will have to buy the herbal tinctures I recommend, currently – as my shipping is still closed due to quarantine restrictions – from local sources or online nearest to your location, and take them faithfully.

My usual treatment program consists of:

-> Herbs to be taken in the morning.
-> Herbs to be taken in the evening.
-> Where required – herbs to be taken an hour before going to bed.
-> Herbs to carry with you for emergencies and support in stressful situations.

-> The addition of herbal teas – usually Rosehips tea – for vitality support.

All this costs the average person between 30 and 50$ for tinctures that will last about three months, and often up to 6 months.

The treatment program will cover you from every side – whether that’s your emergency needs or rehabilitation from long term damage, or support for dealing with emotionally trying situations.

I offer free follow-up support to help you fine-tune the treatment for what works best for you.

Here are some nice things people have said about my help with choosing herbs for them:

“You’ve cut through the noise to the basic issues I’m facing. Thanks for that.”

“I hope you become a millionaire. You’ve changed my life around. I didn’t know herbs could make such a difference.” (One of my most favorite emails ever – the millionaire bit. 😉 ).

“No one’s been this blunt with me in ages. I respect your courage in telling me the truth.Thank you.”

“Thank you for explaining how each herb will help me. I don’t think I’ve learned so much as I have from you about my own body, in so long.”

“I consulted with you ten years ago and took the herbs you recommended. Since then I’ve changed my life around. I followed my dream and have made it work.”

“The change in my energy levels has been amazing. So many people have asked me what I’m doing that’s made such a change.”

“I never thought I’d ever actually find a solution to my problem.”

“More than what you said, your genuine interest in helping my son recover has touched me and my family’s hearts.”

That’s enough of bragging for one page I suppose.

Let’s get to it.