New Book: Womb – Take Your Sexual Energy Back

This is an excerpt from my new book, “Womb – Take Your Sexual Energy Back”, which is for both men and woman wanting to recover from sexual energy draining, close portals through which draining is happening. It includes a long conversation with my Granddad teaching me an exercise to heal the Womb or Bowel (in men) Crystal. It available at online book stores here: . PDF, Mobi and Epub versions here .

In Mumbai, Ed, was an old Anglo-Indian bastion, a remnant from the 400 years of the British ruling the sub-continent. I stumbled into it a few years ago quite by accident. I was out to commit suicide as usual (that’s how all my adventures start). There was simply no way forward I could see, and things were so bad that I could not allow things to continue as usual. So, I fled to Mumbai and there, seeing no way out either, I methodically started putting my plan in action.
At some point, there was this group of Anglo-Indians crossing the road. These days it takes a practiced eye to pick them out from other Indians. People of all backgrounds wear western clothes now, and everyone reads the same books, and so on. But maybe because my mother was Irish, I can always recognize Anglo-Indians.
It was just a few minutes Ed, as I waited for the traffic signal to change that I saw them. They were about seven of them. One of the daughters was holding the hand of her aged mother taking her slowly across the pedestrian crossing. The others were purposely walking slow, constantly looking back to see that their mother was progressing on and that they were all together. The father, aged as he was, was still the sharpest of them, as he led the family across the road, perusing the traffic from behind his bushy grey eyebrows.
I greatly enjoyed seeing this, Ed. And then as I stood there, I saw the womb inside the mother. It was that womb that connected every person there with her and with each other. That womb was not just the center of her body, but of their family.
That womb was holding them together despite their being very different personalities. That womb was literally making them walk together as a family, literally like a magnet. I saw the magnetic connections, Ed. I saw its unfightable, strength.
That night, Ed, with the suicide plan out of the window for then, (your photo on my phone screen stopped my plans), I was lying down and had this half waking dream. A butterfly came and sat on my window sill. I was dying on a hospital bed. I was too weak to say or even think anything. I just saw that butterfly busy rubbing its forelegs together for some reason.
After a few minutes, I wanted to touch the butterfly and say, “Relax little dude. You are perfect. Your legs are alright.”
The butterfly must’ve felt me. He looked up like something had broken him out of his fixation on his legs. He stretched out gloriously and flew away.
In my dream I felt my own higher self speaking. “Rach” in Hebrew (pronounced “RAH” + “KHH”) is womb; “Racham” or “that of the womb” means Mercy, Compassion, Empathy. That feeling of mercy and compassion for another, is Womb emotion.
The Womb gives and calls up, and attracts that loving compassion, and in doing so, holds people together, and through that, the REAL natural universe matrix; the REAL natural world, Ed. That loving compassion, Ed, we are all immersed in it; it is what makes us love flowers, little birds, big birds, the trees, the mountains, the sea. It’s what makes us humans care for each other, our dogs, others dogs, stray dogs, all animal and plant life. We are all born and in and of the same Womb.
Therefore Ed, the portal into the universe matrix of life is through the Womb.
Now, Ed, maybe you’re thinking that men feel that mercy, that compassion too. And maybe you’re thinking that that’s the feminine side of men. But I feel that’s not so. It’s masculine mercy and compassion. In the body it corresponds to the male reproductive system, the core of it, the lower abdomen of the body. In old times, this area was referred to as the bowels of the man.
These days the word “bowels” have come to mean the digestive system. But in old days it meant different.
In desert places, there used to be a sort of clay pot with two spouts. The pot itself would be put into the earth. Through one spout herbs and water, wine etc. would be poured into the pot and then that spout closed. It would get heated up as the sun heated the earth all around. About noon, a vapor would start arising out of the other spout, the one that was open. The herbs inside the pot would have gotten slow heated in the pot and released their energies into the water, just like tea, which would now be carrying those energies up out the other spout. Here the vapor would either be inhaled as medicine or for relaxation or such. Or it would be passed into another vessel that was cooled to make the hot vapor become water again, and be collected as the spirit or liquor of the herbs (distillation).
That pot that was put into the earth was called a “bowel” – possibly a predecessor of “bowl”.

A bowel is where things are cooked, worked on, mixed together and the spirit of them arises as a most precious resource and treasure.
The bowels of a man in his energy field correspond to the lower abdomen, the core of a man. It’s the place it hurts when kicked in the testicles, the place the testicles were before they descended.
That place processes all the primal experiences of the man and the distillate of it all manifests in his sexual fluids – which includes semen, hormones and sweat. That glow men have naturally when they’re happy in life is because their bowel is working well. They, just like women from the womb, are expressing their soul from deep within.
If all is well down there in the bowl, they feel a very sexy masculine compassion and empathy.
If we can even put our heads down in this world, for two seconds, it’s because of the compassion of men who make any peace at all possible in these times. Male hormones have the direct effect of making women and children calm around them. The bowels are the heart of the heart of the man. The bowels in a man produce the semen and sperm that make new life. It is the distilled essence of him. The warmth of his hand, the look in his eyes, the way he plants his feet on the earth, the steadfastness with which he pursues the care of those he loves, and that which he desires; it comes from his bowels. All life comes from this place of a man, and all ancestral memory. From here go out the arrows or darts or sparks that trigger Life, that start every fire.
Weak bowels, weak handshake, wandering eyes, feet disconnected from earth.
Just so, the Womb is the heart of the heart of the woman.


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