Herbs for Energetic Shocking – Numbness, Necrosis Treatment

What necrosis is; Juggy’s Unusual Necrotic Tissue Healing; The role of the Heart in necrosis; Herbs for Energy Body Shocking and Re-establishment of Life Energy Connections

Dear Ed,

I just saw on Twitter, a photo of a man whose foot went necrotic, that means, “died” after he got the you-know-what-that’s-being-marketed-and-mandated worldwide. But it made me realize that the medical system, and people in general do not know what to do when life itself, life energy withdraws from a part of the body.

The case of the necrotic foot is an extreme one. There are many conditions of the body that people live with on a daily basis, that are actually the withdrawing of life energy from parts of the body.

A very common example of the result of life energy withdrawing from the ends of the nervous system are numb hands and feet on a regular basis. It is actually something that should be taken seriously, because it means parts of the brain are decaying or cut off from circulation. The BRAIN!! Which means there are functions of the body not happening, because the places that manage those are decaying or dead.

Drastic hair fall is also a sign of life energy withdrawal. Bones growing brittle, loss of flexibility, rigidity; all signs of life energy withdrawal.

On a temporary basis, whatever we do to boost circulation – like exercise, herbs – especially those with Vitamin C, like Rosehips, all help.

But the root of the problem, is always in the heart. Because it’s the heart that sends the blood – and the energy around.

There was this man in my neighborhood when I was little. They called him Juggy. He was such a drunkard. He was never seen when he wasn’t completely drunk and nearly falling over. When he came home visiting, he always rode his motorbike straight into the wall. That’s how his bike ever stopped. When his visit was done, someone would have to take him out and get his bike that would be half inside the road gutter near the wall, put him on it, and start it and send him off.

But this man, Ed, after years of somehow never having an accident despite all that, developed a necrosis – what looked like a large blue area on his leg. It was like four inches long and 2 inches wide on his shin. Now every time he came home, he’d roll up his trousers and show people that and say that nothing was working to stop it and the doctors were saying they’d have to amputate his leg. He’d told them to f*** off.

People all said that he’d lose his leg, Ed, but he didn’t.

Many years later, I saw him again. He was a very very tall man. I asked him what happened to his leg. Was it still there? He laughed and said, “Yes, it’s still there, see.” The necrotic patch was gone Ed. I asked him how it went finally. And he said this.

“First I’ll tell you how it started. I was on my bike riding up to Tirupati (that’s an ancient pilgrimage site that’s at the top of a huge hill). It was very cold and somehow I kept riding and riding till I reached there. When I reached they told me that the temple is closed for the day. So I decided to spend the night there, instead of coming back down and riding up like that all over again.

In the night, it became even colder and all I had was my riding jacket. I wrapped it right around me, but I still couldn’t get warm enough to sleep, so I decided to walk up and down and heat my body up.
As I did, a saw this ghost. Real ghost, not a movie one. A woman, walking up and down behind the pillars as if searching for something.

Now you and I know, that ghosts are real. So that’s why I’m telling you this. Will I tell this to your father? No. Your mother? No. Our parish priest? No. My daughter’s school principal? No.
So I wanted to speak to her and I went up to the pillars. But when I reached she disappeared. I was disappointed.
Then I looked down at the floor. On that old stone floor there were little depressions here and there, like small bowls in the floor. And just where the ghost had been standing, there was water in a patch of those little bowls. I bent down and took some in my hand and I drank it. And I said to God, “Whichever form of life you took to appear in front of me, I accept that.”

The next day I returned home.

That same day the disease started in my leg.

I didn’t bother. I knew it was because of the water. I already knew.

But you know my wife. Her only job in life is worrying about me. From 1972 she’s worried every day that I’ll die. She’s even taken the children and gone to her parent’s house saying that she might as well go now while I’m living, instead of going when I die. Crazy woman, always worried that I’ll die.
Have I died ONCE till today, you tell me.”

Me – No, Uncle.

“That’s what I keep saying. No one believes me. Dying just doesn’t happen just like that. It starts in the heart. If the heart is not ready to die, no accident, no lightning from heaven, no disease can kill you.”

Me – Yes, Uncle.

“See, Ma ( “Ma” was a way of speaking to little girls in the local lingo), what others were calling as a dead spot on my leg, actually was not a dead spot on my leg. It was that the whole body had been dead. When I drank that water, the electricity went through my whole body, making my body live, but it could not penetrate that particular place. Ask me why.”

Me – Why, Uncle?

“See, this is my heart.” He put his hands near his chest but like he was holding a big bowl of something near his chest.

“When it beats, dha dhak dha dhak dha dhak dha dhak, it’s sending life to my full body. But when it doesn’t beat properly, the blood goes only to some places and leaves out some places.

When I got that electric shock from the water, the life went from my heart all over. But because in my heart there was one place saying, “NO,” that part of the leg did not get the life.

Now my whole body was running on that new life from God but that one place was stuck in the old Juggy. New Juggy was saying to Old Juggy – “Who are you? I don’t know you.”

Because of my wife crying and fighting with me, I went to the doctor and he said they have to cut off my leg. I said, “You will not cut off anything of mine, you hear? You dare try anything after giving me anesthesia, I will come back and cut your balls off. You hear?”

I shouted so even my wife didn’t dare to take me to the doctor again.

And you know what I did?

I went to the ghat of the lepers (a place in the city, part of the St. John’s Hospital but which was like a walled off section that included a big garden with old trees, where lepers used to be, and mostly left to die, because there wasn’t actually a medical cure for leprosy).

There I asked the nurse,”Can you get me a cloth of one of the lepers?”

For money, Ma, you can get whatever you want.

You city children, don’t know all these methods, Ma, in my village, we were not afraid of such things. If we were afraid, we would go TO that thing, catch it, twist it and eat it.

You cannot live this life like a kitten. You must live fully or go and pay the money to the grave digger boys and ask them to dig your grave and bury you. Why be alive and insult God living like a coward?

So I got that cloth, I soaked it in water and I drank the water.

Two days, Ma, the patch was gone. Ask me how.”

Me – How, Uncle?

“When I drank that water, my body got shocked again. That water was full of death. When Old Juggy patch got it, it got a shock. “If I don’t become New Juggy too, I will become like this, I will die.”

Me – But, Uncle, why did Old Juggy patch not become New Juggy in the first place?

“See, Ma, you’re very small now. But when you grow up you will understand. In the heart, some places want the old Juggy because old Juggy knew to cut and kill his own self for the sake of others’ wishes. Old Juggy was like that, Ma. Full life, Old Juggy lay himself down on the ground like a carpet and told others, “Come walk on top of me.” Old Juggy cut his own heart, his own everything and threw it away because someone else said that will make them happy.
And this heart thought, “Let me keep a little of Old Juggy, because maybe I will have to cut and throw pieces of myself again. Maybe no one will love me until I do that again. So let me keep a little bit of Old Juggy.”

But when the smell and the feel of death came, my heart said, “NO, I WANT LIFE. I WANT NEW JUGGY FULLY.”

I know this story is a little extreme, Ed, but necrosis and decay of the body IS extreme already.

We cannot deal with necrosis in any of the usual ways, because all the usual methods of healing; herbs such as Comfrey, Elecampane and so on are based on the assumption that life energy is flowing to a place. You have to do something that actually shocks the body and psyche into reality.
Nerve endings that are electrically near dead and atrophied from lack of use, have to be sparked back into function.

But more than anything else, the Heart, both on a physical level and an energetic, emotional level needs to be woken up to face the moment.

I have written before, Ed, about how parts of our body can fall into living in different times or time zones because of being stuck in trauma loops.
Clock Error or Confusion in Cell DNA Time, Holistic DNA Recovery (Conversation with Granddad)

In my article, the Me versus Me – Herbs for Autoimmune and Histamine Disorders , I’ve described the use of herbs that unite the body to resolve differences in consciousness, and all come into the same time – Calluna Vulgaris or Heather, Quis Qualis Indica (Rangoon Creeper), Yerba Mate, Blue Flag (Iris Versicolor) and others.

But these are herbs that work by us being exposed to them on a long term basis and in cases of necrosis where decay and numbness have set in already in a big way, these are not enough.

Conveniently for us, Ed, God has made herbs that can cause the body an energetic shock, that can make the heart react by gathering up all the chickens under her again, so to speak, and then releasing them now with connection re-established. These herbs also tend to be emergency heart attack prevention and treatment, Ed. I have tried them each myself in the days I had heart trouble , so I know how each works. These are available online, at herbal and homeopathic stores.

Herbs for Energetic Shocking – Numbness, Necrosis Treatment

Lily of the Valley – Convallaria
Digitalis – Foxglove
Datura – Jimsonweed

Note: All of these are classified as poisonous and must only be taken in very diluted doses.

Ignatia – St Ignatius Bean

This makes the heart contract and release, Ed. It relieves heart pain (angina) for this reason. There were times I used this many times a day just to keep going. When I was pregnant with Gabriel, I had a time of trauma so bad, I used to have heart pain near the level of a heart attack a few times a day. It used to be even more terrifying than usual because I was pregnant and worried for the baby. That used to increase the pain. But I had a bottle of Ignatia 30 (Ignation diluted 30 times, available in homeopathic stores) that used to give me relief and keep me going.

Lily of the Valley – Convallaria

When there is heart tightness, Ed, this is the medicine. Heart tightness and abdominal tightness or cramps go together. The heart and the womb in women, and the sexual organ circle in men, are energetically the same area. So you can know if your heart muscle is tight or cramped, based on tightness and cramps in the deep abdomen. On everyday basis, this tightness can be treated with Pulsatilla (wind anemone). But if there’s deep trauma involved, shocking the energy body with Lily of the Valley is the thing to do.
You know you need this if you have “pins and needles” or cramps anywhere in the body often. It means you’re tight in the deep core and in the heart muscle – most probably because of living with tension and in an atmosphere you didn’t feel safe in, long term, where you had to perform all the time and carrying performance anxiety all the time.

Digitalis – Foxglove

Digitalis or Foxglove, Ed, pops up everywhere the electric frequency is disturbed to heal the field. One of my best friends, Ed. A guide through days of such instability and upheaval.
Those times I quite lost my bearing, lost sight of what matters, Digitalis brought me back to calm.

I wouldn’t be alive, Ed, if not for this angel. Digitalis shocks the peripheral nervous system – which means all the stuff hanging out from the brain, including the spinal cord. This makes all of it seek immediately to establish full contact with the brain again, which immediately seeks to make full contact with the heart again.
Any time you feel “cut off from myself” this is the emergency medicine.
This plant, Ed, lives in uncompromising contact with herself and therefore inspires the same in us.

The thug world order, Ed, it constantly terrifies people into thinking that if we don’t do this, or we don’t do that, something terrible will happen and we will fall out of our destiny. People who for whatever reason didn’t do things like others at certain times in their lives, tend to carry that anxiety for themselves. That feeling that they have fallen out of their time zone, that they missed the bus, and their destiny is lost now. They’re just living on day to day wondering if maybe there’s another chance to catch that bus again, and get back to their destiny.

Digitalis, Ed, helps the ganglions of the nervous system and all the peripherals of the core organs, connect back on a primal level to relieve that existential anxiety and feeling of being cut off.

Henbane – Hyoscamus Niger

This is for those, Ed, who have areas of the heart stuck in such trauma that they often experience the feeling of life having stopped. Like the whole universe is dead and life itself has stopped. They are unable to continue on projects when this happens to them, so they have a strong of half done things and failed projects behind them and don’t know why. It’s a critical energy block in the core. A lot of these people cannot remember the trauma that has caused this block because it happened when they were too little to process the trauma, or were in their mother’s womb at the time.

This trauma is not trauma based on events – like a difficult birth process, or lack of food or even loss of mother or father in infancy.

This trauma is based on a feeling of not recognizing the environment as one that we can live it.

For example, it is the trauma a fish taken out of water and told it must now live here, experiences. The fish simply does not recognize an environment without water.
On an energetic level, when we feel that we are 100% cut off from our own emotional and energetic environment, and feel totally isolated from the life matrix we are made to live in, we experience a trauma that makes a critical energy block that is simply our body initiating death.

I have experienced this a lot, Ed, in my life, so I know how it feels.

Henbane need only be taken in a diluted dose, ONCE to set off a string of consciousness changes that makes us deal with this situation. But if you take it regularly it works to keep bringing up into awareness the situation where you feel cut off from your true environment and this inspires the move towards your own zone.

Datura – Jimsonweed

Datura is like deep sea diving, Ed. The shock Datura gives the energy field makes the whole field contract and awareness go in, into the subconscious, past all the blocks to awareness placed by mental programing.
Granddad used to say to me, Ed, “Every crisis is an identity crisis.” I never really understood that, till I took Datura for the first time, and got this sort of shock where I realized that who I am inside is wildly different from my conditioned outside behavior.
For all identity based trauma, Ed, and most trauma is identity based one way or another, Datura is the treatment.
The aim of all healing is to express on the outside, who we are on the inside.
In an emergency situation, datura oil rubbed on the chest will immediately stop a heart attack by putting the nerves into a sort of hypnosis where they don’t respond to panic for the moment. Literally datura puts the nerves into a sleep. This is incredibly valuable in emergencies. (More about Datura here.)

Last but definitely not least, Ed,

and this is my ultimate treatment for anything – one’s own urine. If you take your own urine back, for the most part you will need no other medicine. Urine is not a waste product of the body. Urine is blood filtered by the kidneys, and carries our own core energy. It is a primal system of healing as any time we go through anything, our body makes the energetic opposite or balancing medicine of that event and the water in our urine carries it. This is why, in times of distress, we sweat, urinate. That’s our body making our emergency medicine right there. If you can’t drink it back, take a cloth soaked in it and hold it to your face and inhale. The Ammonium Nitrate in urine is an established heart attack treatment and you can buy it from homeopathic stores. I have used it in severe emergencies to stop oncoming heart attacks and I can tell you, it works IMMEDIATELY.
More about urine in my book – First Water – The Medicine use of Urine and Sexual Fluids .


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