Guerilla DNA Repair with Herbs and Energy Recalibration

Dear Ed,

The difference between someone recovering after a drain or severe injury or setback, and someone being debilitated because of that in the long term, leading to what is called “aging” these days, is gene repair.

When I was little, I grew up with a lot of bikers in the extended foster family, church, neighborhood. One of the most popular bikes was the Royal Enfield “Bullet” bike. It had a huge exhaust pipe that used to get really really hot.

Royal Enfield – Bullet – Picture Source

You see that big exhaust pipe, Ed? Imagine that hot enough to fry eggs on.

A lot of men riding these bikes for the first time would, at some time or the other, end up scalding their calves or ankles on these exhaust bikes. They were lethal really. I’ve seen burns so bad.

Because of how many people around got these scald burns, and some of them got them a few times before they learned how to ride the bike without ever letting their legs near the exhaust bike, I began to notice the time taken by different people to heal the burn wound.

I was mystified by how some people’s scalds and burns healed in about two days and some went months, one went went 8 months without the wound even covering up.

I did an investigation into the matter and one person who did medical post mortems told me that smokers wounds took longer to heal. Unfortunately on observing several smokers I concluded that wasn’t exactly true. Back then there was a population smoking traditional tobacco and a population smoking commercial cigarettes. The wounds of those smoking commercial cigarettes took longer to heal, but only marginally. It was something else.

The whole case ran cold so to speak, when I went to university.

Many years later I was making medicine for a person in the US with post nasal drip. It’s this condition where there’s a drop down from the sinus area behind the eyes and upper nose, into the back of the mouth over the root of the tongue area. It’s very irritating and disturbing. As part of the consultation, on an instinct I asked the woman if her wounds healed very slowly. She said, that in fact they had been healing very slowly from about the same time as the nasal drip started. It turned out, she and her dog (who I’d also made medicine for the year before), had been separated with her having to leave a house where pets were allowed and living in a situation now where pets weren’t allowed.

I began to note that the trauma of separation was nearly always around with people whose general vitality had fallen so much that their wounds were not healing as fast as before.

I began to notice how deeply separation effects people, whether it’s separation from their home town to go somewhere to work, or from their pets, or loved ones.

So here’s the thing, Ed, when we experience separation from something/someone/a place we were bonded with, it seems to affect our ability to make new cells that are robust and healthy. We are more vulnerable than ever before to DNA/ genetic damage. It could take years to find a situation of bonding and connection with environment again. Some people never do again.

This separation trauma has been induced on a mass consciousness level the past few years worldwide, with people not being allowed to travel, meet family like before.

It is also induced by chemical poisoning, radiation and vibrational assault methods that attack the energy field causing us to feel splintered and disconnected from parts of ourselves.

It is induced long term by poisoning that causes the continued loss of gut bacteria, our body’s natural yeasts that play a huge role in our energy and cell making processes, that connect us to our racial memory. More about this in my book – Yeast will tell you the time.

In separation trauma, a person feels disconnected from their own self. It’s like your body is separate from your soul which seems to be suspended, hanging about confused.

Physically, the cells no longer have a clear energy pattern to use while making new cells. So they take forever to make new cells or make low quality ones that have to keep being replaced, keeping the wound constantly in repair instead of done with.

There are two kinds of separation trauma.
– In the Moment or Just Happened
– Chronic long term separation trauma caused by buried or hidden trauma

The first is usually obvious and children and those who are emotionally in touch with themselves usually cope.

The second is the one that’s the DNA killer.

I know a lot of people, including myself, who are “move on” artists. I’ve been moved so many times in my life that I can now simply pack up in a matter of minutes and leave a place or situation without a single quiver, if I want to. As I’ve grown up a bit now (41 years would you believe it), I’ve learned to be mature about it. That leaving physically is not the whole deal. That we go through a separation process in the soul that has to be respected and seen through too.

A lot of separation trauma is caused by us living with the pain imagining it isn’t there. We don’t like to face that we got attached to something in a hellhole situation, an abuser maybe.

It’s surprisingly simple to ease separation trauma by just acknowledging it. We were used to a world, and it’s gone now. Whether that world was a dog and us, or a whole world system, it was just our world and it shattered.

Then, Ed, there is separation trauma that does not get relieved by acknowledging it. I’ve had long experience with this. I’ll put it very shot and simply here, but don’t think that’s because I haven’t really gone deep into it.

When we cannot resolve separation trauma through awareness, it is because the relationships or feelings there, are/were the result of deception on some level.

I’ll say it another way, Ed.

If we were lied to or deceived on some level, at the start of a relationship or situation in our lives, later on, we cannot resolve separation trauma we felt when we left that relationship or situation.

It is because when we’re lied to or deceived, our spirit, and our energy don’t actually invest in that relationship/ situation. Our spirit can only flow in reality, and lies are unreality. So our spirit stays aloof and detached while we go through the motions almost like play acting. We do feel emotions and all but it’s a game, we’re not really fully involved.

Later on when we stop playing that game and experience trauma of any sort, we cannot really get to the bottom of it, because actually it was all spin. We keep trying to sift out the good from the bad and all that, but it never really goes anywhere and actually gets draining.

One example of this is when you’re deceived into a relationship – where someone presents themselves as someone they are not. Common enough, but so it is. You cannot really resolve anything because your spirit never flowed into it in the first place. You’ve logged it as bullshit in the spirit realm and it’s still logged as bullshit.

Another example of this is when you yourself had a misconception about yourself, or were deceived about your own identity (as in the case of adopted or stolen children) or deceived about your own situation in some way (as in the case of people who are manipulated or deceived by care givers pushing them into doing things, being with certain people and groups etc.)

The spirit and your energy does not flow to unreality, so you never were involved really in whatever was built on lies. The only thing to do is come back to what’s real to your spirit and live from there, even if it means starting off as a newborn all over again.

Don’t waste your energy and time, resolving situations that never existed in reality.

An exercise my Granddad taught me, Ed, in my teenage years when I was preparing for my high exams, was: Feel your brain and your thoughts like a desk covered with books. Now, with one clear swipe, swipe all the books on the desk off it. ALL.

Whatever is important to us, will resurface when required. Let everything else go.

Doing this exercise regularly helps us clear the debris out and start afresh over and over.


I have to say all this Ed, before I tell you about herbs and such, because this is the aim with everything else we do. If we connect to our own selves, our energy field pattern becomes clear and our cells begin to heal and reproduce with shocking vigor.

Now that I’ve told you the main thing that has to be addressed, it will rise back into consciousness whenever your soul needs it.

Let me tell you, Ed, I have had the worst case of chronic dna damage, because as a child I was separated from my mother just 30 minutes after I was born. (She passed on.) Six weeks later I was separated from my father and taken by deceit to a foster family. I was given the identity of a child born the previous year and brought up with that false identity.

I never ever fit in with the alien culture of the foster family, couldn’t even pronounce my own fake name – making me the butt of jokes all my schooling and college and university years.

I’ve experienced dna damage through various situations and healing from anything took me forever. There was a time my veins were so weak, they’d burst and bleed just beneath the surface of my skin – bruise ie. – if someone so much as tapped the vein. I used to live with huge bruises as everything took just forever to heal, because I couldn’t make new cells fast enough. Scars simply never healed.

On top of all of that, I’ve had severe assaults on my energy field through radiation assault, various poisoning episodes.

It was only after I accepted my birth identity that my body began to actually heal from anything anymore.

So I’ve actually had long experience with the holistic methods I’m talking about. This isn’t a conjecture writing, this is writing from first hand experience.

Now there are three ways to DNA repair using physical substances.

The first is, by supporting the basic vitality of the body.

DNA repair is done by the body only when it has energy left over after digesting food and getting through the basic functions of the day. We can significantly push our body towards natural gene repair by lessening the metabolic burden on our organs, by lessening eating and drinking complicated foods. Processed foods are complicated for the body. They have to be broken down chemically to be processed through and if they’re an amalgam of all kinds of chemicals and spices our liver uses a lot of energy just dealing with that.

We also lose a lot of energy processing complicated things on our skin. Our skin is actually a sort of digestive system too and if we are putting on lotions and creams with a lot of different chemicals, we have to deal with that too.

Most people don’t realize how over-worked our systems are in a lifestyle where there’s just too much of everything. You can have too many good things too you know.

So simplifying our food, and leaving enough time between meals, drastically increases our body’s ability to have energy left over for things like gene repair.

No matter which herb or treatment you’re taking, you need to provide energy for the body to work with it.

We also lose a lot of energy converting it unnecessarily into mental energy, overthinking and obsessing about things. I know that’s not something a person can change easily. We’re trained from early schooling days to convert our energy to mental energy. It’s really bad for our physical health to do that in the imbalanced way a generation or two have been doing now.

For those who can, stopping the use of energy to think, think, think, all the time can release a whole lot of energy for other things.

We can also support our basic vitality by having things like Rosehips tea, Pine Needle Tea, Maritime Pine Bark Tincture, Vitamin C sources basically. In times of extreme need, Ashwagandha or Winter Cherry can help immensely, but discontinue after a certain time, or take not more than a pinch. It is a form of nutrition so packed that if you make a habit of it, your body will stop making your own vital nutrients out of your food. The same goes for other nutrition packed herbs and mineral supplements. The aim is to train the body to make its own nutrients out of our food, not become dependent on superfoods.

In cases where DNA damage is one or two assaults this is enough to get the body repairing them.

For those with long term or acute DNA damage, energy recalibration needs to be done.

Energy Recalibration involves reminding the body of its own primal dna patterns through various means; herbs, body fluids, returning to places of origin or birth and so on.

This is an excerpt from the book: Guerilla DNA Recovery and Regeneration – Herbs and Energy Recalibration

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