Bach Flower Remedies for Pregnancy

Wherein I burden the long suffering Ed with more information, that could possibly help him. How I first was impressed by flower remedies in my tryst with horrific writer’s block; the energy field of a pregnant woman, and Bach Flower remedies for specific challenges pregnant women and their families face.

Ed, I know you’ve been hoping and praying all your life that someone would give you this information for free.

Far be it from me to withhold from you, that which you have yearned for so long and so much.

Here it is – all for you:

Bach Flower Remedies for Pregnancy

The Bach flower remedies are dew drops taken off the petals of certain flowers – a long time ago – and since then, preserved in water and alcohol (not enough alcohol for you to consider it a drink worthy of consumption, but as a preservative) and passed on through dilution into more water and alcohol, on and on, to the present day.

I love the idea of the energy field of flowers preserved like this. You know how transient flowers are. They’re such a splash of beauty and then just as they came, they’re gone too. However they stay in your memory and heart for a long time. How nice it is to have a way to hold that memory – like a photograph of that moment.

I was “making” “flower medicine” by instinct from when I was so little; I can’t remember when I wasn’t running out into the garden as soon as I woke up to sip dew drops off the flowers, or just look at them.

However I didn’t think it possible to really say, “This flower’s energy works like this,” until this time I was supposed to write articles for my first energy medicine website. One of our family’s biggest kept secrets (the exact method is still secret ) is Inverse Field Energy Medicine – or medicine made by capturing the dark fields of botanicals. That means, capturing the pattern of what’s left when a plant or flower is taking OUT of the water, ie. the substance of the space it once occupied.

I am no longer able to offer it on the internet as Epsom salt, in which it was carried and posted is now not accepted by the postal services (since 2017). (If that’s not a crime against humanity, Ed, what is?)

Anyway so I knew about that way of capturing flower energy patterns but not dew drops.

But there I was writing for my website when I had a bad case of writer’s block. I was simply paralyzed suddenly. I had a list of things to write, I knew more or less what I had to write, but I couldn’t do it.

I went through a crazy crisis, questioning everything in my life – did I want to make energy medicine publicly? Was I ready to face the inevitable ridicule and character assassination I would go through for writing about a form of medicine absolutely no one else in the world has ever heard of? Did I need that in my life? Weren’t there so many other simpler ways of making a living?

Ed, I can’t describe the internal strife I went through. And then I worked it out. It was then or never. I had just quit my job working for a herbalist managing his website. I was never going to be anything there but a technical help. And I wasn’t alright with the heartlessness the work had sunken into since it went the big business way. Stuff like that can grate away at a person’s heart and cause real suffering. I had only stuck with that job eight years because I believed so much in herbs. It was supposed to be my contribution to making the world a better place.

But it became all about money and politics and a whole lot of abuse. So there I was and I knew that I could go and get into the same situation somewhere else and then regret it later.

And then I heard the voice of God in my heart. Just like that, I felt this was my chance, to do that thing you see in the movies. Follow your heart. So I started making my website introducing this crazy form of energy medicine – the water left behind when plants were passed through it – with a one second pulse of electricity through silver.

I was almost ready to put my website up and then the writer’s block hit again. This time even worse. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I couldn’t write.

And I was randomly surfing about the internet when I came across someone saying, the flower remedy made from the bougainvillea helps one release writer’s block.

Now I had four huge bougainvillea plants myself, and where I grew up had had whole hedges of it, so it was a plant I loved the sight of. So exuberant and colorful… but.. and Ed, the fact is, I am just a very little bit discriminatory against plants that don’t have scent. For some reason I find it hard to accept the medicinal value of a flower that doesn’t have a scent.

But hey, I had already tried everything else so I decided to make the flower remedy of bougainvillea. I went out early in the morning feeling like Indiana Jones and the Hot Pink Bougainvilleas. I got some dew drops into a bottle, filled the rest with water and a little vodka (that I religiously saved only for such purposes). I closed the bottle tightly, shook it up and then put it into a beautiful wooden cupboard I used to have then that shut light out so well.

And after I was done with all my household chores, at three in the afternoon which was when I used to start work in those days, I had a few drops of the bougainvillea essence.

Nothing very stark happened. I was distracted by the TV nearby and the usual crap news – which I then used to believe.

However, at six that night, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water, and suddenly, pop, I had some sort of clearing in the back of my throat. It was the time I was to realize the connection between writer’s block, and the physical processes of speaking and singing.

At the same time I had the awareness of a feeling of being so overwhelmed by circumstances – something like when you go onto the stage to speak in front of hundreds of people staring at you from head to foot, and you’re just stunned and can’t remember what the hell you were supposed to say.

By nine that night my writer’s block was gone.

Beautiful Bougainvilleas – You know Ed, its the inner little white cuties that are the flowers – the rest are actually new leaves that will turn green soon. 

It came back over the next few weeks, and I had the flower essence of bougainvillea and then others as well.

I experienced in a very real way how flower remedies can work – very much like herbal tinctures but a little more on the consciousness level and a little less on the physical level. I like that.

I’ve made hundreds of flower remedies since then. But I write about the 36 Bach Flower remedies because they’re available almost anywhere.

I’ve experienced them and been helped by them in some very tight and difficult situations. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for example is well known worldwide as an aid in times of crisis and upheaval.

The Energy Field in Pregnancy

Ed, the process of giving birth is a spiritual one first and foremost. The big part of what a woman goes through is spiritual and emotional compared to to the physical discomfort. The physical changes and discomfort while adjusting are so dramatic and just one side of the equally dramatic soul experience.

I find flowers to be excellent companions on any spiritual upheaval (which pregnancy is).

Interestingly I’ve found that treating the whole family with a certain flower remedy can help the situation instead of just the pregnant woman because in fact a pregnancy involves the energy field of the father, and other siblings and relatives as well. Even those who live far away are as affected as those near, because it’s the energy field of the family that’s reproducing, the woman being just the physical cauldron in which the little Mr. or Miss. is growing horns and a tail. (You know that last bit wasn’t aimed at you or your family, not purposely anyway. I do find it a little suspicious though – your affinity for capricious hide-and-seek playing characters known to cause highway disruption, in your art work. But nevermind.)

Yes, the whole family, far or near, is affected on an energetic and spiritual level by the incoming meteor, the creation of a new universe inside and from the old one.

So really, this article is for all involved in the production of a new unit of the existing family field.

Now, coming back to the pregnant woman herself, her energy field is going to behave differently from the usual. Here is a picture from my now extinct website. This picture has been shared a lot on pinterest with no working website that explained it. Somehow everyone instinctively understood it though.

(I used to do graphics too, Ed, before I myself got pregnant.)


As you will see in the picture, the pregnant woman’s energy field is taken over by not one but TWO energy fields. The placenta which is the translator or converter between the mother’s body, and the baby’s – who could be a crazy ancestor from some place and time where Genghis Khan was a role model.

In one line – A whole lot o’ shakin going on. Link to song is part of new drive to include academic references in my articles to increase credibility, rating, popularity and sales.

But at this time, the mother’s physical energy field with all its established psyche and spiritual energy flow patterns are all shaken up (just as the family’s are) to accommodate and adjust to the new entry.

So very basically, nearly 60 – 70% of pregnancy related discomfort can be helped by those energies which help the body and soul be relaxed and adapt to changes with as less resistance as possible. I say that, because there is NO POINT resisting your own baby’s energy field. The baby will win every time. Remember the baby is a consciousness created by you and your love and is a higher, better, newer edition of you. The baby’s energy field will override everything and rewrite everything in your consciousness, so just accept it and be ready to change.

On a physical level, the beautiful  Pulsatilla helps the uterus and surroundings relax to allow for the changes. Agnus Castus informs the hormonal glands that we’re really doing this and it’s best to go with the newcomer – after all it’s just a matter of tolerating the newcomer for about 20 years by which he or she will move out (hopefully).

The Mimosa is especially helpful in supporting the changing body and energy field through periods of depression, uncertainty and gloom that have become a norm in our times because pregnancy has been promoted almost like a disease in the media and because of the changes in social standing a woman goes through.

Mimosa Flower

Now here is a list of

Bach Flower Remedies for specific challenges during the pregnancy:

While the Bach Flower remedies are famous for relief from emotional issues, they also work on a physical level, because a lot of our physical symptoms are caused by emotional conditions, and this is even more so in pregnancy.

Ed, I could list the remedies for your average pregnancy discomfort, and sometimes panic attacks caused by having to rapidly adjust to a changing system, and environment, but I’ll club all those into – Bach Flower Rescue Remedy – which is a collection of 5 flowers – Star of BethlehemRock RoseCherry PlumImpatiensClematis and has a calming effect immediately.

The rest of these are for slightly more extreme, deeper set conditions.

They should be taken – 2-3 drops – up to once every 4 hours for all the time the situation persists.



This Bach flower remedy is for those pregnant women who feel burdened and under nourished or under supported.

The physical symptoms associated with these feelings are constant fatigue, heart heaviness, and womb pain (as opposed to soreness).

Crab Apple


This beautiful flower is first aid in pregnancy for feelings of being doomed or cursed.

On the physical side this manifests in sudden hair loss, intense cramps, severe constipation or diarrhea, pain in the hands and feet and ears.
Red Chestnut


This flower is for the feeling of being destroyed or finished or absolutely hopeless. It’s very like the situation before – the feeling of being doomed, but here, unpleasant memories of events and incidents of the past loom up into the consciousness, so big and so overwhelming. It feels like all light is blocked out by these incidents or happenings and that we are totally destroyed with no hope of recovery.

On the physical side this manifests in chest and respiratory weakness, severe headaches at the back of the head – like someone hit you there – loss of motor control, and some times even blackouts.

While fainting and loss of head to limb coordination is common in pregnancy, a natural source of zinc (pumpkin seeds for example, fig) or a zinc supplement helps and anyway it’s temporary.

When those things DON’T help and getting some sleep doesn’t help either and the blackouts become regular, it’s time for Red Chestnut.

Another rather extreme situation Red Chestnut can help is when sections of the teeth go black.

There’s a lot of calcium leached from the bones and teeth in pregnancy to supply the baby’s needs, but in this case the leaching is sudden and drastic.



This flower helps immensely when there’s confusion about priorities and the feeling of being torn in two directions. Those situations can get very stressful in pregnancy because so much energy being directed to the baby means the brain isn’t as cerebrally active as before.

Mental processes need to be kept to a minimum so the brain doesn’t overheat managing both the raging hormones levels and working out other things.

On the physical level this shows up in hot flashes, fluctuating blood pressure, fluctuating body temperature, craving for things one second and then not craving for them the next. Surfaces feel too hot or too cold. A sudden overreaction to insect bites and allergies to what you did not have allergic reactions to before, also can be helped by Walnut.

Problems like taking time to process sensory information can be helped by Walnut.

All sorts of numbness is helped by Walnut.



This is amazing help for when the nervous system is overwrought, taut, high strung and ready to explode.

Every pregnant woman knows that scenario gets more and more likely as the pregnancy progresses, as in a way, giving birth is something like exploding.

You want to reach birth without having too many mini explosions on the way.

On a physical level, burst capillaries of the skin and eyes, rashes, eruptions… you get the picture… all kinds of drama of the skin, eyes, hair, all are soothed by Vine flower.

Excessive sweating, night sweats, cold sweats, thyroid dramas, excessive salivation or the mouth going too dry, dry eyes – all that sort of thing is helped by Vine flower.

Those who have joint problems will find Vine flower can help big-time.

Throat aches, and feelings of being suffocated or choked, swelling around the throat area are helped by Vine flower too.



This is for those who were hyper sensitive before they got pregnant.

In pregnancy everything feels a bit too much and the want to withdraw completely can become so compelling as to make daily functioning difficult.

While it is the natural instinct of pregnant women to withdraw into quiet dark places, somewhat mimicking the atmosphere the baby has in the womb, unfortunately in our times it’s not always possible and one has to face the noises and bright lights of the world for survival.

This little flower helps keep a sense of purpose so we can keep grounded and calm in even what our body judges as an unsuitable and hostile environment.

Wild Rose

Rose Hip Rose Dog Rose Rose Greenhouse Wild Rose
Wild Rose

This flower is for weakness and tiredness of all sorts. If you’re feeling too weak to face life or face the day or the evening or the night, this flower will help rally your energy and keep going.

On the physical level, loss of sleep, fatigue beyond the usual pregnancy fatigue, sugar cravings beyond what’s usual for you, are all signs of inner tiredness. Heart weakness, lowered or fluctuating heart beat rate, a feeling of not empyting your bladder fully when you pee are all helped by Wild Rose.



Suicidal tendencies in pregnancy are more common than anyone likes to admit. They’re not something that’s there all the time, but every other pregnant woman will tell you there was a moment when she wanted to throw in the towel and end it all.

Surprisingly these moments don’t come because of news of a tragedy, or even days and weeks and months of insufficient sleep and constant worrying about money and such.

These moments tend to come around the times we feel like time is passing. Like at twilights, and dusk and dawn. At these times, the pregnant woman’s energy field shifts, the baby’s within shifts, the placenta which is the energy field of the ancestors, shifts, and things arise into the consciousness that were blocked up.

Often these are so overwhelming that the conscious mind cannot face them, but sinks into depression and wanting to die.

To release those emotions can be incredibly emancipating and a wonderful thing to happen. But it could take a while so, in the meanwhile let Centaury help you keep things real and in perspective.

You can read more about how the individual Bach flowers work here.

Ed, all this applies to men too. Because pregnant fathers’ energy fields go through as much drama as the mothers’ energy fields – unless they’re emotionally disconnected from the mother.

Even fathers who don’t know they’re having children go through intense experiences as their energy field changes.

It has been my experience that while the mother might provide the physical side of nutrition for the baby, the energy for both her and the baby more often than not, comes from the father. When the father is not emotionally or energetically involved, the energy comes from the woman’s parents, her family and support network and so on.

In many old families there are legends of the older members of the family passing away just before the birth of a baby. They say they waited and held their energy just to pass it on to the new baby. And having done that, they moved on.

So the emotional and energetic experiences of one woman’s pregnancy and one baby’s birth touch all around and have long lasting effects in the consciousness and lives of the father and the rest of the family.

And now I end this post with a picture that makes all pregnant people happy.

Paul Lothar Muller
1909 – “Frog Concert”


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