Herbs for Re-connection and Recovery from Energy Body Splintering

It’s not enough to fight for life, we must WANT to live. Keeping the physical body going is not the same as being alive. The flame of us, our life force must burn through all layers of our consciousness. If it doesn’t we are in some stage of death.

Imagine there’s 3 layers of us, just like there are layers of the earth’s atmosphere.

There’s the layer of us that’s the physical cells.

There’s the layer that’s electricity given off by the physical cells and the effect of electricity with electricity. Something like the warmth of your phone or your hair dryer that you can feel before you touch it, when you’ve used it a lot.

Then there’s the layer of the feelings or experience of the soul through all this.

A healthy person in a healthy body has the flame of their life energy burning through these three layers. That means they are present, their awareness, their life energy is present in the body, in the warmth, in the soul experience.

For the flame to burn in the body, is for the body to be healthy. When we want to live in the body, when we enjoy the pleasures of the body, when we feel the sensations of the body, the flame in this layers burns.

When the flame in this layer burns, naturally the flame in the next layer burns, because all the electricity of the body results in reactions and the warmth layer becomes all hot and radiates out the messages of who we are, who we love, who we hate, our intentions, our needs etc. out into the consciousness.

When the warmth layer is all nice and toasty, naturally the flame in the third later burns bright and strong and our soul is enriched by the pleasure of the experience of life. This is real food for the person. The physical food we eat is only part of the process. This life experience, this is the food that makes us live, that gives us direction, that heals us when we fall ill, that makes us grow and evolve according to our need at different times in life. Real solid food.

Experiences that shatter us, that break the connections between our soul and body

They could be anything from an attack of chemicals through vaccination, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, to painful loss, betrayal, sexual assault and rape. There are also not-so-dramatic that can cause the break or divide between soul and body, believing in false identity, philosophies that demean the human body as sinful and ‘wrong’, being part of groups or systems of belief or way of living, or even being in relationships that our spirit cannot be OK with.

If we don’t connect the flames up, the middle layer will slowly radiate out lesser and lesser, and one or the other of the other flames will go out and we’ll either have a body cut off from spirit (death, my friend, even though you can still turn up at work and collect your salary end of the month) or a spirit without a body (death, again, though you get a death certificate in this case).

If you’ve been shattered and are in need of getting the flames in your different layers burning as one flame again, you know it. You know what it feels like to burn a lot in one area and feel tired and disinterested in another part of you. You know when you aren’t all connected up.

One definite sign of being shattered is being sexually unhappy or dissatisfied. You can be single and sexually satisfied or with someone and still sexually dissatisfied.

You can connect up in so many ways. Just doing what you love and doing a lot of it, is the ultimate healing.

But since we all could use some angels on our path, here are some herbs that do a great great job resuscitating dying flames.

Herbs that help Reconnect Us – Body, Soul and Spirit, that Heal Energy Flow

Bamboo – Bambusa Vulgaris

The bamboo plant is full of every nutrient necessary for general health and well being. You cannot have bamboo leaf and stay unwell for very long. It works on a primal level.

It heals your ability to heal yourself.

Sure, that can take some time. But it will happen.

It’s like this. We never really have any lack of energy in us.

It’s even an accepted law in modern physics called ‘the Law of Energy Conservation’. It says, “The total energy of an isolated system remains constant, it is said to be conserved over time. This law means that energy can neither be created or destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.”

What feels like a lack of energy is just the energy not being able to reach somewhere it has to, or the body being too weak to convert available energy into the forms it has to, to work with it.

Either way, Bamboo’s got you covered. It’s not like you can take Bamboo and suddenly run a marathon – though I have seen a couple of monkeys go from beningly chewing bamboo leaves to having rather wild sex between the time I turned my camera on and actually clicked – 6 seconds maybe – very embarassing for me. It looked like I was shooting money porn when all I’d intended to do was take a picture of monkeys chewing on Bamboo leaves.

Anyway so that was them. It might not work that way for us humans.

Bamboo rehabilitates. Those tiny little things in us that need repair tucked away in pockets, Bamboo repairs those slowly.

Bamboo has a very high concentration of silica, 6 to 7 times more the Horsetail (Equisetum) even, which is used world over to repair bone, raise bone density and so on.

So whichever way you look at it, you have ANY kind of energy problem, Bamboo will eventually fix it and it can’t do any harm whatsoever.

Damiana – Turnera Diffusa

Do the leaves look somewhat familiar to you? Yes, a little like Cannabis, a love child the botanists forgot to record as a relative.

Damiana does something few other herbs do, it relaxes the very core of the body, the center, the deep abdomen, the place where the first cell of us that ever developed was. That place from where energy flows out to the rest of the body.

When we have survived terrible attacks and our energy body is splintered, this area becomes stressed, holding in huge amounts of tension, keeping our sexual energy locked up, and the whole body functioning on tiny bits of energy instead of generous free amount we should have.

Damiana relaxes this area of us. For those with long term trauma whether due to sexual abuse, sexual assault, or holding attitudes that demean sexuality and primal human expression, Damiana taken regularly will help break the habit of holding tension and sexual energy in.

As energy begins to flow out from this area, the entire body and system heals.

Wherever there has been trauma to do with sexual energy, Damiana will help almost immediately.

You don’t need too much of it, just enough for a gentle hand-holding for a few months. Damiana tea 2 -3 times a week or a few drops of the extract once a day will do for most. If you want more, slowly increase the dose to where you’re comfortable.

Walnut – Juglans Regia

The Walnut’s a big big tree. Walnuts themselves look like a mini replica of the human brain. I always thought that meant it was good for the brain and it is too. But there are quite a few other herbs and foods that are similarly good for the brain, like Bacopa (Brahmi) and Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) and Parsley, that go the brain and make a difference quick, so what exactly makes the Walnut so emphatically present itself as something for the brain specifically?

The magic is this. The Walnut, supports the connection between the hemispheres of the brain. That’s the amazing thing it does that few other herbs do that well.

In case you’re wondering why that’s so important, it’s because just about EVERYTHING in our lives depends on the connection between the two hemispheres of us, which represent the two polarities in our bodies, the left and the right, the hot and the cold, the outflow and the inflow, the male hormones and the female hormones, being solid and strong.

To repair any kind of splintering or disconnected-ness in the body therefore, Walnut is going to help big-time.

It’s got the physical nutrients to do it, it’s got the intelligence as well.

The extract of Juglans Regia – 10 drops in 100ml of spring water or any other water that will keep, taken 10-20 drops twice a day for 6 -8 weeks and more, is a good enough dose for anyone.

It’s not going to create fireworks in the brain all at once. But a few days or weeks down the line you’ll discover something new’s been happening with you. You’re connected up like you haven’t been since you were in kindergarten and so sure that school was a bad thing altogether. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, as the weeks by there will be so many wonderful things happening because of being connected up.

Black Willow – Salix Nigra

My grandad John Waltham taught me, “There is a breath beneath the breath. Listen for it. Even when you stop breathing, you can feel the other breathing happening.” You can try it, I bet you can feel the other breath, it’s slow, very slow, the eyelids feel it, the fine nerve endings, the tip of the tongue, the tips of the fingers, the spaces between the ears and deep in the center of us, we feel it.

When the rhythm of the inner breath changes, we know, “Something is happening, or about to happen.” With that inner breath we feel it when things happen to our loved ones physically far away. With that inner breath we feel it when someone our spirit loves, but who is a stranger to our eyes walks into the room.

Salix Nigra or the Black Willow is all about that inner breath. It heals our body’s ability to move to that deeper breath, surely healing our more shallow visible audible breathing.

In the old days Black Willow was given to those the doctors considered ‘lascivious’ and inappropriately sexual. It apparently never failed to work as an anti-aphrodisiac. The reason it can work that way is, it grounds a person to their own spirit and prevents the loss of sexual energy. If a person went to the doctor because they were disturbed by their own sexual activity, naturally they were not at peace with it and Salix Nigra helped.

In reality, it aligns the center of the body with the deeper breath, the spirit, and is an aphrodisiac in a class of its own because of it.

For those recovering from loss of energy, energy body shattering because of sexual trauma, being part of activities the spirit does not agree with, having patterns of sexuality that did not bring fulfillment, the Black Willow, will hug and comfort and gently repair from deep within.

It’s got nothing to do with sex really. It’s about being able to live and move and breathe by our own inner spirit rhythm instead of the adrenalized hyper speed that does not match natural humans.

Spikenard – Jatamansi

Spikenard Root

Spikenard repairs areas devastated by energy burn. Burned out nerve endings, burned out tissue, burned out heart, burned out anything. The sort of burn that other herbs don’t go near, Spikenard will lovingly push energy to.

For those who have energy bodies shut down in places, or under-functioning because of having given and not received, Spikenard’s the gentle healer.

An all-round energy healer which is also a natural sedative (do not use it in the morning!) – you simply cannot have Spikenard for a week without having some sort of big benefit already.

Just the essential oils rubbed on your wrists and any area of your body where you feel burned out or tired is a good start. Ideally, the root of Spikenard extracted into a nice fatty oil and taken a spoonful about an hour before bed-time is a good dose for those who need radical overall energy healing.

Spikenard is especially helpful for those who have spent years and years longing for someone or for something truly from the bottom of their hearts. You don’t know what I’m talking about unless you’ve longed and longed for something. It creates a sort of specific eco-system in the body and life, a sort of restlessness, a sort of underlying ‘always looking for something’. It can become so part of us, we don’t know how to move out of it.

Spikenard is the medicine for a yearning heart and a kick out of the nest as well.

It seems wrong that anyone should truly yearn for anything too long. But it happens and we have this angel who comforts the yearning heart and body and spirit and repairs those parts of us that need to heal before we can find what we yearn for.


The Energy Pattern of Original Sin

There is an energy pattern, a pattern of consciousness, where a person hates themselves – not consciously, but sub-consciously. It is usually inherited, or taken on by identifying with groups or someone who carries it strongly.

This energy pattern lies there in the subconscious, and makes our body manifest various health issues that seem like not a big deal except they work ultimately towards bringing down sexual self esteem. They make a handsome man walk with a little stoop instead of striding like the king he is. They make a lovely woman feel unsure of herself in bed because she’s not sure if she is a disappointment to her lover.

The mental reason for the inhibition could be anything from warts, to not being the right shape, or not tall enough or short enough or whatever. It doesn’t matter – a person with this energy pattern will find something about themselves to be held back by.

The energy pattern beneath, is essentially one of a base self loathing and hatred to do with sexuality.

‘Original sin’ is one way to see it. That energy pattern comes from believing somewhere deep down that you have lost your innocence, that you don’t really deserve all the pleasure life offers, that you don’t quite qualify for the utmost joys of life.

If you’re a real human, you should know the ‘original sin’ thing is a whole lot of bullshit, just aimed at holding humans down from sexual satisfaction because you can’t sell bullshit to sexually satisfied person.

The consciousness of ‘living in sin’ since you got near puberty is a KILLER of sexual energy and ultimately of the human body. It manifests in all manner of irritating symptoms that stop a person from enjoying their own body and living with body shame and then not being able to find sexual satisfaction because of it. It must be finished off fully.

The way to get rid of this terrible subconscious attitude is to love ourselves in action, clearly and without one bit of holding back, again and again every day.

We have to start loving and caring for ourselves like we would love the dearest one to our hearts. When you love someone that much, you always do whatever has to be done for their well being. You care about their every heart beat. You care so deeply about the small things that trouble them, you do whatever it takes to make them happy. You’d do anything to help fulfill their smallest desires.

When you love someone, you understand their heart, you see their true heart and you know they are innocent and deserve all the happiness and pleasure in the world.

You have to love your self like that.

You have to be your own special baby. Your own darling.

When you go about your day, when your hand brushes against some part of you, your body shouldn’t shrink with horror or terror or shame at the recrimination in you against your body. Your touch of your own body should be full of love.

You have to be your own human touch of love.

It doesn’t matter how many others touch you with love, your touch is the one your body lives with, believes in, is longing to hear good things from.

Don’t be cruel, exacting and demanding with your self anymore. Just give up and love. It’s the natural thing.

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