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The War on Dogs, our Traditional Security System

How dogs are our traditional security system; how their health and DNA lines have been systematically compromised by Govt. policies and mandatory medical treatments; My experience over the decades watching the war on their bodies and happiness; Raw food, sunshine and long walks

Ed, I had to write this, because for most people who follow my articles, dogs are a first line of defense. We can’t all have guns, or weapons of any sort.

Dogs have been our natural protection for millennia.

They protect us physically, emotionally and alert us to things happening in reality.  Continue reading

Treating and Managing Trauma in Dogs

Treating and Managing Trauma in Dogs

Understanding your dog’s own particular reasons for trauma and trauma induced behavior is very important if you really want to treat it successfully. Here are the different types of trauma I’ve encountered in dogs over the years. It is unlikely your dog demonstrates only one of them, such is life, but you’ll still be able to understand your dog better and choose more effective methods than the blind buck-shot approach.

Types of trauma in dogs and tips for healing from them

1) Sensitivity Trauma
2) Trust-Abuse Trauma
3) Deprivation Abuse Trauma
4) Social Trauma
5) Generational Trauma
6) Location and Travel trauma
7) The trauma of living with heartless ‘owners’.
8) Event Based Trauma Continue reading