Me versus Me – Herbs for Autoimmune and Histamine Disorders

When I was at university, I used to cut across the golf course instead of taking the long way around the drive. One day on my way to an exam as I was running across the golf course around noon, I ran into a whole lot of flies, just flies. My face began to itch like crazy. When I reached the building where the exam was, I rushed to the bathroom and discovered to my horror that my face and neck were covered in huge red welts and swollen up – I was unrecognizable. I did the exam anyhow, but it took several hours for the welts and swelling to subside and I never ran across a golf course in the heat of day ever again.

It was one of my many brushes with histamine intolerance. That’s when the body reacts to something like an insect bite, and then reacts wildly to those substances that are supposed to fight whatever foreign substance entered via the insect bite.

It’s the body fighting it’s own self.

And that’s the core of nearly all auto-immune disorders, histamine intolerance, chronic allergies. On every level, if you look at it, it’s a civil war inside the person.

It’s a slug fest of you versus you.

To heal from autoimmune and histamine disorders, chronic allergies etc., the war of Me versus Me must stop. I have found that the Me versus Me battle, is usually based on us behaving with our own selves like we’re tough loveless school masters. Starting to treat our own selves with emotional understanding and the love that’s beyond the rules, changes everything.

But this article is about herbs that help us on the path to peace between Us and Us.

If we get relief from the symptoms of autoimmune and histamine disorders, it makes life so much easier and the same plants that help physically also help energetically to steer us in the right direction.

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Herbal Super Nervine Mix for Emergencies & Trauma Support

One morning a month ago, I woke up earlier than usual and as has happened many times in my life, I felt a herb calling me, telling me to make a ‘Super Nervine’ mix. Now I hate to make treatments without knowing who I am making them for, and moderately confident that they’ll take every last drop too. You see, herbs even if they’re not expensive, my herbs, are precious. I care about every last little while I extract them, how I keep them, I love them, truly. So I hate making mixes if there’s a chance they won’t be used or won’t be used fully.

But I know better than to ignore a call from a herb telling me to do something so I made the mix.

Two hours later, my partner Uzzi, my own personal healer and herbalist extraordinaire, who took me through childbirth and recovery and so much more, with his herbs and his nutritional advice, died in his sleep.

I’m still too close to the incident to speak any more about it.

But there was this new mix I’d made, sitting right there, and I took it.

As Uzzi’s only known living relative, I was the one that had to do all that has to be done when someone dies suddenly like that.

I spent the day at a hospital, outside a post-mortem place, a morgue, and then a cremation place. From about 8 in the morning to 10.30pm in the night with a little child, I was called on to perform some excruciatingly difficult things like answer police questions and fill out any number of reports and forms.

That was all nothing compared to having to wait outside a morgue that stank (you can imagine what it stank of) for more than five hours with a little boy.

It was so hard to maintain a clear head, even to keep standing on my feet.

It was one difficult day. But I had this little bottle with me that I took a few drops from every 2 or 3 hours, and every time I did it was an instant help.

I just have to share it with you because it worked so well and everyone needs something like this at hand – you never know when you need it. You don’t need a HUGE tragedy for it to help you. I’ve used the recipe since that morning for others with great results.

In any situation where you need very very serious and immediate nervous support, this will help.
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Herbs go where words can’t. Herbs to comfort.

There are times in life when all you can do for a loved one or your self is to simply comfort. Times of shock, grief, bereavement, you don’t really know what to do, and there is precious little anyone can say at times like those.

A cup of a soothing herbal tea that’s not too strong, can help. Herbal tinctures put into a little bottle and given every half an hour or so, can help in big ways to calm a grief stricken person and help them to cope with any tasks that demand their mental attention.

The key is to have a little of, not too much of anything, but a little of any of the following comforting herbs. If the need is great, have them more often, up to once every 15 minutes, but keep the dose light.

Herbs for Comfort

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Don’t slug it out alone. Herbs for Life Changes – Support & Re-establishment

As Life is, every living being changes lanes every now and then. What I mean by ‘shifting lanes’ is when you’re on the same path but it’s all very different. Some very intrinsic things have changed and your consciousness, your emotions and your body chemistry have changed too. You know what I’m talking about.

There’s nothing that happens in life that doesn’t affect us both emotionally and physically, whether we are mentally aware of it or not. Our healing accordingly needs to support us both physically and emotionally. Herbs being living beings are natural holistic healers.

Here are some powerful healers to help you through drastic life changes:

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Herbs to Demagnetize the Body, to Kick-start Cell Regeneration

When a tree or plant stops growing new roots, it stops making new leaves and branches. It can stay alive for a while and then it will start slowly dying. Root growth is so important that gardeners who grow trees in pots, will break the pots and crop the roots, making space in the pot for new roots, and then the tree will make new leaves again.

We’re like that too. We need to always be growing inside for our body to make new cells and regenerate our organs and every part of us. When we stop growing inside, ie. when we stop having deep full life experience, our cells start under-performing and if this goes on and on for too long one or other of our organs or body systems fail and sooner later it reaches the point of death.

Natural humans are supposed to leave the body as a result of a spiritual decision, as the culmination of a full deep satisfying life experience, not any other way.

What makes a human stop growing inside? Nothing actually.

This article though is about getting out of that state that makes the new rooting process more difficult than it should be. Inertia.

Inertia is when things have changed but our minds and emotions and bodies are still functioning in the same spin they were in before.

The example of inertia is when a moving bus stops and people swing forward just a bit. It’s because the cells in their bodies were used to moving forward at a certain speed and continued even after the bus stopped.

Our cells, the physical and the energetic, emotional body all fall into patterns through the day, through the month, through the year and the years.

To keep putting out new roots, it is essential to come to terms with the environment, the situation in the moment. Life, the world, the universe keeps changing. Today is always different from yesterday.

Sometimes the psyche, the energy body and the physical body stay in inertia for longer than normal and the person experiences a sort of stagnation.

Healthy people learn to recognize these times and do things to demagnetize, to shake out of the old, to wake up to the new.

A good sleep will demagnetize most healthy people. A shower, going under water fully for a few seconds, intense enjoyable exercise… so many ways to demagnetize.

If however, for some reason, the person has been deprived of sufficient sleep, and other opportunities to demagnetize the body for a long time, and the effect is showing in the form of fatigue and sluggish metabolism, poor cell performance etc., herbs are here to help.

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Herbs to release pain held in place by suppressed memory.

A huge amount of actual pain, soreness, even ‘deadness’ pain is what they call psychosomatic ie. pain without a physical cause at the root of it. Once you’ve treated it with herbs for let’s say – muscle soreness (Arnica, Comfrey), nerve pain, inflamation (St. John’s Wort, White Willow) and so on, and nothing’s worked really to get rid of the pain fully, it means the pain, while it might have a physical component, could be being held in place by something emotional or energetic.

To release such pain is actually a whole lot easier than the sort of pain that comes from a broken bone or strained muscle because there you have to heal the bone etc. and that could take a while.

Emotional or energetic pain is actually a gift to us, our body trying to get our attention to something very important to us, and releasing it therefore is simply a matter of getting this message.

As soon as you become aware of what it is that’s holding that pain there as a sort of reminder to your subconscious of something that matters, the pain goes away. I can say this because I’ve experienced it and I know others who have. If you’re human reading this, you can do it easily enough too.

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Hormone Poisoning in Food causes Shock, Anxiety, Depression. First Aid & Recovery

Video – Most main points in the article below are described in this video.

Things have changed. The products and processed foods we once trusted in, are not the same. The quality of food all over the world – from wheat to meat – have drastically fallen because of unnatural growing processes that involve hormonal interference.

To continue to keep people buying, producers have begun to supplement the products with actual hormones, hormones that cause adrenaline rushes, that fake the ‘effect’ of energy. These hormones, from humans, from fetuses, from animals are invariably filled with stress and shock hormones, and carry the consciousness of stress, trauma and shock, as the processes used to get those hormones are such.

They cause the similar effects in our bodies, so while we think the product still has some ‘energizing’ effect, in fact it’s an adrenaline releasing effect which is unnatural and has consequences.

These are now common in processed foods like cookies and chips, and also in sauces, and flavoring agents used in the restaurant industry.

The effect of having such a product regularly, is the depression that naturally follows the intense experience of adrenaline without proper recovery. Other problems could be blown out of proportion as we experience shock and stress regularly.

To deal with the situation…

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Datura (Jimson Weed, Moonflower) for Pain Relief, Emotional Release

I am writing now about a divine being called Datura – I write in eyes-wide-open awe.

There are various species of Datura – Datura Stramonium (jimson weed), Datura Innoxia (pricklyburr) and Datura Metel.

There are wild versions as well that don’t quite fall into a category. It doesn’t matter. The one you have growing nearby or which you can get, is the one you need. Follow instinct for the rest. You can buy the dried plant material, or get a whole plant from a nursery near you, dry it and use it, or order the seeds online and use those as is.

Datura for Pain Relief

Datura is classified as a poison because it has something called ‘scopolomine’. That ‘scopolomine’, the synthetic version at least, is used as a drug in the medical industry.

But the whole plant Datura when used for pain relief works like nothing else. You don’t need it for any old headache though – White Willow extract (Salix Alba), from which aspirin was made, will do a good enough job there. Devil’s claw, St. John’s Wort, Damiana, Scullcap, even Alfalfa (great for pain relief from carpal tunnel syndrome) – all these will work.

But there are times when pain is somewhere deep inside, in the spaces inside the body, where cold is trapped in so even though you’re warm on the outside you feel cold pain inside. Often it is wet and chilly weather on the outside and trapped cold in the body responds to that. Arthritis, rheumatism but also something that many experience as a result of poor calcium absorption caused by the general lack of good quality natural food worldwide for some decades now.

Raw pain – is what it’s most often – rawness, like you need cushioning even though you have enough flesh and fat.

There are emotions involved – so deep you can’t begin to comprehend them, maybe so old you cannot step back there without leaving here and now and the present and losing touch with reality. You ache because you cannot go back.

Datura works for this sort of pain. I do not use it in herbal medicine I make for others to be taken internally, EVER. But in the spirit of adventure, because you’re all big boys and girls reading this (oh my, I hope I’m right about that) I will describe the effects of Datura taken internally.

But first, externally.

How to make and use Datura Oil for Pain Relief

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Herbs for Bone Detoxification

Those who have been exposed to poisons especially those in adulterated fats, like milk, oil, butter and so on, need to go through a round of detoxification as part of any sort of healing, because poisons in fats tend to accumulate in the bones over time, and when the body decides its time to throw them out – usually when we actually are in a healthy time of life, it’s perplexing and disheartening to find ourselves breaking out in boils, pimples, rashes, swinging between diarrhea and constipation and so on.

Toxins left back in the bones are serious trouble of the cancerous kind and most even slightly healthy bodies will go on a clean up mission at some point or the other. If our lifestyle is too stressed and hectic, the body will begin to insist on us getting rest and then do drastic things like have a bout of severe diarrhea or fever or something like that to get us to actually slow down and rest.

A balanced lifestyle means the ability to both work and rest without overdoing or under-doing either and rarely will a sudden drastic body event be needed to do bone detoxification.

These are the signs your body is trying to clean up the bones:

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