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Herbs to release pain held in place by suppressed memory.

A huge amount of actual pain, soreness, even ‘deadness’ pain is what they call psychosomatic ie. pain without a physical cause at the root of it. Once you’ve treated it with herbs for let’s say – muscle soreness (Arnica, Comfrey), nerve pain, inflamation (St. John’s Wort, White Willow) and so on, and nothing’s worked really to get rid of the pain fully, it means the pain, while it might have a physical component, could be being held in place by something emotional or energetic. Continue reading

Hormone Poisoning in Food causes Shock, Anxiety, Depression. First Aid & Recovery

Video – Most main points in the article below are described in this video.

Things have changed. The products and processed foods we once trusted in, are not the same. The quality of food all over the world – from wheat to meat – have drastically fallen because of unnatural growing processes that involve hormonal interference.

To continue to keep people buying, producers have begun to supplement the products with actual hormones, hormones that cause adrenaline rushes, that fake the ‘effect’ of energy. These hormones, from humans, from fetuses, from animals are invariably filled with stress and shock hormones, and carry the consciousness of stress, trauma and shock, as the processes used to get those hormones are such. Continue reading

Datura (Jimson Weed, Moonflower) for Pain Relief, Emotional Release

I am writing now about a divine being called Datura – I write in eyes-wide-open awe.

There are various species of Datura – Datura Stramonium (jimson weed), Datura Innoxia (pricklyburr) and Datura Metel.

There are wild versions as well that don’t quite fall into a category. It doesn’t matter. The one you have growing nearby or which you can get, is the one you need. Follow instinct for the rest. You can buy the dried plant material, or get a whole plant from a nursery near you, dry it and use it, or order the seeds online and use those as is. Continue reading

Pitcher Plant - Drosera

Herbs for Bone Detoxification

Those who have been exposed to poisons especially those in adulterated fats, like milk, oil, butter and so on, need to go through a round of detoxification as part of any sort of healing, because poisons in fats tend to accumulate in the bones over time, and when the body decides its time to throw them out – usually when we actually are in a healthy time of life, it’s perplexing and disheartening to find ourselves breaking out in boils, pimples, rashes, swinging between diarrhea and constipation and so on. Continue reading

Bone Intelligence - How to Re-align and Build Bone

Chewing, Jumping, Aiming, Instinct – Bone Intelligence to re-align and build bones

Bone Intelligence - How to Re-align and Build Bone

Just about all pain associated with the bones and joints have an element of dislocation involved. A fall you had in childhood could start showing its effect much later in life. Chiropractors routinely find that correcting little dislocations can bring pain relief you otherwise thought impossible. But we have tiny tiny little bones and fine little nerves even chiropractors can’t get at.

Muscles develop around bones and then flesh around those and so it turns out our shape, our movement and as we go along so much more about us develops over the foundation of how our bones are aligned together. Continue reading

John Waltham

7 Year Energy Cycles of the Human Body

A long long time ago a king had a dream about how his country was going to have 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine.

Joseph, the man who interpreted his dream proceeded to manage the resources of the country through 7 years of plenty and then to prosperity unheard of before through the 7 years of famine, selling stored up grain to the surrounding regions which had not saved up food, making the country a super power.

Knowing the times of our body, help us manage our energy and resources and prosper like never before. Continue reading

Spikenard Root

Do not try to control Spikenard – Energy Releasing Deep Healer

Spikenard Root
Dried Spikenard root ready for extraction.

This amazing herb is called ‘Spikenard’ or ‘True Nard’ in English. Its from the Valerian family and is called ‘Nardostachys Jatamansi’. Once growing all over the earth, in recent centuries it almost went into extinction – found wild only in the higher mountains of asia.

It’s the stuff of legend – a lucky charm, a sacred symbol associated with love (the Song of Solomon in the Bible) and regeneration of dying and lost causes.

I have found it all absolutely true. Continue reading

Sudden hair loss caused by identity crisis

I was recently asked by someone – “What is the real cause of hair fall? I’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked.”

The person wasn’t in the age group where balding is a hereditary expression, so I was reminded of my own struggles with hair loss over the years through pregnancy and giving birth and so on and then so many others who experience sudden hair loss.

If you’re eating the right sort of food, by which I mean, after you’ve had your meal you get a good night of sleep, which means you’ve had enough good fat, then your hair should be pretty much in good shape. Continue reading

Here Tonight, Gone Tomorrow – Night Flowering Plants for Recovery from Shock

Night flowering plants are the super-star healers of the subconscious body and otherwise hard to reach areas.

I started using these plants on instinct for several people who seemed to not benefit from those herbs that usually work for their condition. Most adults in our times have bodies too complicated for the one or two simple herbs that would have solved their problems 30 years ago.

The stress of modern times and the extremities of sensory and emotional upheaval, have made the nervous system and vibrational body the battleground now. We need more and more of treatment of these sensitive and deep parts of us to get the physical body to the point where it can respond to the herbs which support the liver and the kidneys and so on. Continue reading

Herbal Medicine for Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis – What it is and herbal medicine to heal it

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the Pancreas a little J shaped organ behind the stomach.

This organ produces the hormones that keep glucose at the right levels in the body, and therefore, energy at the right levels.

Any sort of drastic energy level fluctuation means the pancreas is stressed. Whether the pancreas is itself the cause of the problem or some of the many other things that can cause energy fluctuation (emotions, shock, etc.), supporting the pancreas in their function can help.

Repeated shocks, emotional or sensory can have the pancreas malfunctioning as can a state of not being stimulated enough over a very long period of time. Continue reading