Herbs to release pain held in place by suppressed memory.

A huge amount of actual pain, soreness, even ‘deadness’ pain is what they call psychosomatic ie. pain without a physical cause at the root of it. Once you’ve treated it with herbs for let’s say – muscle soreness (Arnica, Comfrey), nerve pain, inflamation (St. John’s Wort, White Willow) and so on, and nothing’s worked really to get rid of the pain fully, it means the pain, while it might have a physical component, could be being held in place by something emotional or energetic.

To release such pain is actually a whole lot easier than the sort of pain that comes from a broken bone or strained muscle because there you have to heal the bone etc. and that could take a while.

Emotional or energetic pain is actually a gift to us, our body trying to get our attention to something very important to us, and releasing it therefore is simply a matter of getting this message.

As soon as you become aware of what it is that’s holding that pain there as a sort of reminder to your subconscious of something that matters, the pain goes away. I can say this because I’ve experienced it and I know others who have. If you’re human reading this, you can do it easily enough too.

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