Release Pain caused by Buried or Suppressed Memory – Herbs & an Exercise

A huge amount of actual pain, soreness, even ‘deadness’ pain is what they call psychosomatic ie. pain without a physical cause at the root of it. Once you’ve treated it with herbs for let’s say – muscle soreness (Arnica, Comfrey), nerve pain, inflamation (St. John’s Wort, White Willow) and so on, and nothing’s worked really to get rid of the pain fully, it means the pain, while it might have a physical component, could be being held in place by something emotional or energetic.

To release such pain is actually a whole lot easier than the sort of pain that comes from a broken bone or strained muscle because there you have to heal the bone etc. and that could take a while.

Emotional or energetic pain is actually a gift to us, our body trying to get our attention to something very important to us, and releasing it therefore is simply a matter of getting this message.

As soon as you become aware of what it is that’s holding that pain there as a sort of reminder to your subconscious of something that matters, the pain goes away. I can say this because I’ve experienced it and I know others who have. If you’re human reading this, you can do it easily enough too.

One Simple Method to Release Emotional or Energetic Pain – Counting Backwards to the Point of Pain

  • You lie down or sit in a comfortable position.
  • You feel the very center of the pain, where it hurts the most in your body, from where the pain seems to radiate out.
  • Then counting from 10 to 1 backwards you further zoom in on where the pain is coming from.
  • At 0, your awareness is at the center of the pain.
  • Count again from 10 to 1 as many times as you wish till you feel you’ve reached the center point of the pain.
  • Then at 0, just feel the pain, feel it. Don’t be scared. It won’t kill you. It’s a cell of your body that’s feeling something it can’t let go of till you know about it.
  • Don’t judge. You have the right to feel everything you do.
  • You’ll know what to do from there.

Herbs to help release pain held in place by suppressed or hidden memory

All of our cells have memory. Memory isn’t stored only in the brain. Where there is consciousness, there is memory and memory that is important is passed on from one cell to its descendants until the matter is resolved or as long as that information is required.

This is why(for example) some family lines of humans pass on the tendency to be allergic to certain substances – because if the body throws displays allergic reaction fast enough, it will stop us from having more of it and getting severely poisoned and dying.

Everything human is beautiful designed and our cells, each of them has its consciousness and memory aligned to the rest of us. When the need arises in some way, and a cell or group of cells tries to telecast a message to the rest of the body, and they are ignored, they will start trying to get more and more attention vehemently insisting on attention. If physical pain relieving herbs don’t stop the pain, it’s time to look into what the matter is.

Herbs that support memory and awareness in the brain, work just the same for memory in cells anywhere else in the body.

I have used memory boosting herbs like Brahmi (Bacopa Monieri), Gingko (so amazing), deep consciousness and awareness supportive herbs like Datura (Jimson weed, Moonflower), Cannabis (famous for relieving the pain beneath skin cancers), Wormwood (Artimisia absinthimium <- I might have got that spelling wrong), Scullcap (Scutellaria), Mugwort (Artimisia Vulgaris), Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica), Larkspur (staphsagriya) and others extracted into oil and rubbed on places in pain.

Other times you take them as tincture drops or tea (be careful not to overdo teas they’re strong), along with any herbs you are taking for the physical pain and you’ll see a marked difference.

That’s beautiful Larkspur or Staphsagriya. It never has failed me yet in the most frustrating situations when there was most surely a buried issue causing pain and tension in the muscles.

You follow your instinct and play around with the herbs you’re drawn to. You might find yourself dancing this way one day and that another and so on.

The path to releasing emotional or energetic pain often doesn’t go along pathways and patterns that make sense to the mind. The only indication that you’re on the right path is the feeling that you’re on the right path.

If you need help with starting out, get me or someone’s who has experience using herbs to release pain, to make you a blend for starters. Or just order your self some herbs, dried or extracted into tincture and play around, starting with small doses and increasing slowly.

Whatever you do, you must be consistent. You take those herbs once or twice or thrice a day for at least 6 weeks before you give up on them. Even if they work in 2 or 3 days, keep taking them. Herbs have short term effects and long term effects. If the short term effects are good, it’s quite possible the long effects are going to be great.

Pain as memory, once you’ve released it, if it’s an old memory, you have to keep taking herbs till you break the habit of holding that memory in.

Breaking the habit of holding the pain

It’s like the citizens of Patchy-Do Village. They had an ancestor that refused to stitch his clothes until his wife did them. She decided to see how long he’d go waiting for her to stitch them. She held out and he held out and soon all his clothes were torn. She couldn’t bear it one day and in the middle of the night when he was sleeping she crept out into the other room and starting mending his clothes. The next morning she said it was the elves who did it. The husband knew it wasn’t the elves who stitched with so much love but pretended he believed her. So every time he had clothes to be mended he’d put them on the chair in front of the fireplace lit to burn all night and loudly say, “Elves, dear elves, please mend my clothes. I’ve lit a warm fire for you, to keep you warm all night long.”

The children of the couple saw all that and then their children and over time it became a tradition that wives mend their husband’s clothes at night! Naturally the work wasn’t very good and so the village became called Patchy-Do village.

They had to break out of the old habits to regain their respectability in the world. But it was very hard. They had to have council meetings and all that. They had to find out why they expected their wives to mend clothes at night while the men in the other villages did no such thing, many of them even mended their own clothes! Eventually they found someone who knew the old story. They had a laugh about it, but they still had years to go, before they could change the village name from ‘Patchy-Do’ to something better. Some of their women just couldn’t mend clothes in the day! They’d mended clothes only in the night all their lives till then as had their mothers and their mothers. Some men did not like their clothes mended so well. They liked a bit of a hole here and there, like their fathers and their fathers before them.

But time passed, and the rules of the village were strict. Mending clothes had to be done in full daylight except for emergencies. Soon they were all smartly turned out and the village name was changed from Patchy-Do to Smartly-Come.

Passionflower(Passiflora Officinalis) is famous for helping people break out of habit, Quis Qualis Indica, Meadowsweet, Comfrey these help too.


Memories beneath layers of mundane memories

You see memory isn’t always as simple as “In 1998 this happened or that happened.” Sometimes memory that’s pain is beneath layers and layers of other memories – memories that might be mundane memories, memories that might be not the sort you can sit around thinking with your brain – like, “The winter of 1999 was the coldest winter I’d ever known.”

But those little details might be important to the cell or cells that are in pain, a part of the jigsaw puzzle of the story. So it could take days and weeks and maybe months. As you go about your life, gently and a little by little you remember little things that seem insignificant, and then one day, you suddenly see the whole story, the whole thing so important to your soul, to your life was hidden away tucked behind mundane other memories and the cells holding it were calling your attention to it with the pain.

As you face the truth your body holds, the pain goes and you enter a new sort of well-being.


Thugs in the media have made human life look like a never-ending cycle of degeneration after the first ‘thrill’ of adulthood. It’s a huge huge lie. It’s what comes from having a sick mind disconnected from the reality of the beautiful human body.

Human life is beautiful. After you come out of the ground and open your first two leaves, there’s more and more and more and more. The life from which we came never ends. We can always heal, rejuvenate and go on. This is just the truth point blank.


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