Chewing, Jumping, Aiming, Instinct – Bone Intelligence to re-align and build bones

Bone Intelligence - How to Re-align and Build Bone Just about all pain associated with the bones and joints have an element of dislocation involved. A fall you had in childhood could start showing its effect much later in life. Chiropractors routinely find that correcting little dislocations can bring pain relief you otherwise thought impossible. But we have tiny tiny little bones and fine little nerves even chiropractors can’t get at.

Muscles develop around bones and then flesh around those and so it turns out our shape, our movement and as we go along so much more about us develops over the foundation of how our bones are aligned together.

The general idea is that muscles and tendons keep the bones in shape. Exercises to work certain muscles are used to correct crooked posture and the like.

I have found those to be useful but not quite enough. You see, to understand how to align the bones, we need to understand how they got out of alignment in the first place.

Shocks, falls, injury, accidents, these are some things that can push bones out of place. Repetitive stress, carrying heavy loads the wrong way etc. too. But the body is designed to recover from these. What makes the body not able to recover from these?

They call it aging. I have found it to be ‘loss of awareness’. Trauma I find, whether sudden physical shock, or emotional shock causes more of it than any other cause.

Previous generations of humans spoke about their bones and bodies so much more than we do these days. People therefore identified and associated with their bones and were aware of the life force in the bones. Many experienced their bones as a sense organ, to predict things, to really feel the weather and the environment, to sense vibration, to sense changes and shifts that were otherwise too minute to notice.

To truly keep our bones in place, we need to redevelop awareness of our bones, feel connected up physically. There are lots of ways to be aware of your bones. The simplest way is to use them. Here are:

4 forgotten but simple ways to keep the bones healthy and aligned

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