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The War on Dogs – 2021

Dear Ed,

Last year I posted an article about how our pet dogs are being warred on. At the time, I thought that was the worst of it. I even thought maybe there were far more important topics for me to focus on.

This year I’m doubling down on it. There’s a covert war on dogs being waged full swing this very second. Every dog lover I’ve come across in a year now is feeling the heat.

It’s become expensive to buy dogs the raw meat they need to keep healthy. There’s a whole other war going on on that front, because without enough meat, the vast majority of humanity and our best friends, dogs, would be weakened in a matter of weeks. Continue reading

The War on Dogs, our Traditional Security System

I chronicled one such experience, of a pup vaccinated at TWO DAYS. Yes, the rush to vaccinate can be that desperate.

How dogs are our traditional security system; how their health and DNA lines have been systematically compromised by Govt. policies and mandatory medical treatments; My experience over the decades watching the war on their bodies and happiness; Raw food, sunshine and long walks

Ed, I had to write this, because for most people who follow my articles, dogs are a first line of defense. We can’t all have guns, or weapons of any sort.

Dogs have been our natural protection for millennia.

They protect us physically, emotionally and alert us to things happening in reality. 

This, our natural protection, has been under attack for at least two decades now.

I grew up with a dog, and about thirty others on our street alone. About the eighties and the nineties, dogs changed drastically.

In 2000 I began to work even more closely with herbs for dogs. I was simply stunned and amazed by the epidemic of dog cancer happening.

Anyone who’d hung out with dogs as much as I had, knew something had gone very very wrong. They were under attack.

The explanation most people believed was that as our human bodies were falling ill more than ever before, the same thing was “naturally happening” to dogs.

But let me tell you, Ed, the same thing did not happen to pigs, or sheep – or cats for that matter, who HAVE also faced health problems, but not been under attack like dogs.

Dogs have been under severe attack by policy. Wave after wave of mandatory vaccinations have lessened the quality of life, strength, fertility and life span of dogs.

Those who work with dogs might or might not agree about it being intentional, but all who are honest, will agree that the mandatory vaccinations, and other treatments like injections to keep ticks away (by changing the dog’s body odor – a unique form of torture as the dog’s sense of identity depends on their smell), that all these have drastically lessened the overall health, quality of life and longevity of dogs.

And they will agree that just about nothing has been done about it, except by those dog lovers who braved discrimination, even threats from vets and local administration – to give their dogs a normal life and life support with natural treatments.

I used to read facebook groups till recently, in which on an everyday basis I used to hear of the intimidation and harassment people are put through for simply questioning what is considered standard veterinary procedure. “It’s my way or the highway,” is what people have to face.

As far as I’m concerned, the blind eye turned to the effect of vaccinations on dogs and the systematic degeneration caused by that and other medical treatments, amount to planned war on dogs.

Ed, I have not kept count of puppies in severe distress from vaccinations, facing death, gone crazed with trauma that have had to be treated with end of the line treatments, the sort previously given only to dogs who got hit by a truck or some such horrific accident.

You wouldn’t believe the numbers if someone did them. How many dogs are killed everyday because their

PTSD and trauma behaviors simply cannot be managed anymore Continue reading