The War on Dogs, our Traditional Security System

How dogs are our traditional security system; how their health and DNA lines have been systematically compromised by Govt. policies and mandatory medical treatments; My experience over the decades watching the war on their bodies and happiness; Raw food, sunshine and long walks

Ed, I had to write this, because for most people who follow my articles, dogs are a first line of defense. We can’t all have guns, or weapons of any sort.

Dogs have been our natural protection for millennia.

They protect us physically, emotionally and alert us to things happening in reality. 

This, our natural protection, has been under attack for at least two decades now.

I grew up with a dog, and about thirty others on our street alone. About the eighties and the nineties, dogs changed drastically.

In 2000 I began to work even more closely with herbs for dogs. I was simply stunned and amazed by the epidemic of dog cancer happening.

Anyone who’d hung out with dogs as much as I had, knew something had gone very very wrong. They were under attack.

The explanation most people believed was that as our human bodies were falling ill more than ever before, the same thing was “naturally happening” to dogs.

But let me tell you, Ed, the same thing did not happen to pigs, or sheep – or cats for that matter, who HAVE also faced health problems, but not been under attack like dogs.

Dogs have been under severe attack by policy. Wave after wave of mandatory vaccinations have lessened the quality of life, strength, fertility and life span of dogs.

Those who work with dogs might or might not agree about it being intentional, but all who are honest, will agree that the mandatory vaccinations, and other treatments like injections to keep ticks away (by changing the dog’s body odor – a unique form of torture as the dog’s sense of identity depends on their smell), that all these have drastically lessened the overall health, quality of life and longevity of dogs.

And they will agree that just about nothing has been done about it, except by those dog lovers who braved discrimination, even threats from vets and local administration – to give their dogs a normal life and life support with natural treatments.

I used to read facebook groups till recently, in which on an everyday basis I used to hear of the intimidation and harassment people are put through for simply questioning what is considered standard veterinary procedure. “It’s my way or the highway,” is what people have to face.

As far as I’m concerned, the blind eye turned to the effect of vaccinations on dogs and the systematic degeneration caused by that and other medical treatments, amount to planned war on dogs.

Ed, I have not kept count of puppies in severe distress from vaccinations, facing death, gone crazed with trauma that have had to be treated with end of the line treatments, the sort previously given only to dogs who got hit by a truck or some such horrific accident.

I chronicled one such experience, of a pup vaccinated at TWO DAYS. Yes, the rush to vaccinate can be that desperate.

You wouldn’t believe the numbers if someone did them. How many dogs are killed everyday because their PTSD and trauma behaviors simply cannot be managed anymore.

And no Ed, they were not ALL beaten up by cruel boys or abandoned by their humans. A huge majority of people say the puppies were traumatized when they got them – and that further medical treatments only made it worse.

A lot of the people who fill up the order form on my website cannot remember any particular incident that caused the trauma their dog is dealing with.

My website is searched for “Kidney failure in dogs” all the time, whereas it was not so in the early 2000s for example.

In my childhood it would’ve been a joke. Whoever heard of kidney failure in dogs! It was just unheard of.

In the nineties, I heard a lot about Greyhounds in the dog racing industry, who were often on amphetamine drugs for performance and who were dying because of kidney failure. Somehow those chemicals got into the average pet dogs’ food as well and now kidney failure in dogs is SO common.

Caleb. Beautiful Healthy Greyhound Relaxing – Picture Source

A quick look at my herbal treatments for dogs page, will amaze you – the many treatments for dogs, and mind you Ed, I usually only get to make treatments for dogs whose humans already tried other medicines and failed. That’s that many treatments made for conditions that the medical system failed to treat, conditions that dogs of previous generations rarely needed treatment for.

Ed, you’d be simply shocked at how many dogs need nervous support. It’s a raging epidemic – dogs in severe stress. 100% of all the treatments I make for dogs include nervous support of some sort or the other. I have to do that, or there’s no chance of them really healing and staying healed, because stress is a cause of or exacerbates the condition 100% of the time these days.

That was unheard of even 15 years ago. Some dogs maybe… old dogs maybe.

What has made the change?

I do not have links to news reports about it. I do not have university studies to prove it. But if you ask anyone who really cares about dogs and has been involved with working with them for decades, and they get honest, they’ll tell you dogs have been targeted from all around.

They’ve been targeted by Govt. policies, by local administrations, by raw food previously available for very cheap in a dog-friendly world, now getting more and more expensive. Real dog food has been replaced by utterly insufficient processed food.

We would commit suicide if we were made to live on a handful of processed nuggets of something twice a day for years and years. But we expect our dogs to be alright with that.

The protective breeds like Rottweilers, Pitbull Terriers, Boxers, have been under severe severe attack, labeled as dangerous and so on; that’s made it incredibly difficult to keep them, had them abused medically, abused in ways we would never tolerate – like muzzling them when taking them out on walks – oh but we are tolerating that these days, aren’t we? But the dogs, Ed, they like to put their noses into things, taste things – that’s how they make sense of the world.

Ed, in my close to forty years, I have seen the wipe-out of maybe 80% of protective dog organic dna – ie. dogs born naturally and kept naturally healthy.

I simply love the alertness of German Shepherds – the way their ears stand up. Picture Source

I initially thought this attack was only on protective dog breeds.

That was based mostly on my experience with German Shepherd (or Alsatian) dogs who in my childhood used to live to be fifteen or sixteen, but who are these days barely getting over ten because of severe crippling arthritis. The arthritis, joint and bone loss, came to mind when I began to notice how many people I came across that live with arthritis and who could tell me what triggered the arthritic attacks.

Nearly all of them told me they’d have severe arthritic symptoms after particular foods. Very few these days mention the older triggers of arthritis like damp weather or cold.

It made me realize all over again that diet could be causing the arthritis in German Shepherd dogs (and others as well). Since then I’ve seen a huge movement of dog lovers move their dogs to raw food with dramatic improvements in bone health, mental health and overall wellbeing.

Giving your dog raw meat – their natural diet, is not an option. They’re dogs. They’re not vegetarians and they’d never have hung out with us humans if we were vegetarian. It’s breaking trust between our ancestors and theirs to force them to be vegetarian. And no, fish oil and whatever, will never make up for their natural pleasure and triggering of well-being processes that they get from chewing on a raw bone.

I recently was saddened by the house arrest for that’s what it was of dogs because of the “quarantine” and “lockdown” imposed.

We’ve got entertainments at home – internet, movies, music. Our city and urban dogs’ have just the one enjoyment in their lives – those walks.

Ed, I don’t know how many dogs have been heart broken, their will to live broken, by their walks being drastically shortened or denied.

Where I live, for close to 3 months, dogs had to poop indoors because walking them was not considered essential.

I want to end this by saying that no medicine or even diet can replace fresh air, sunlight and exercise – whether it’s us or dogs.

Ed, often when I make treatments for dogs, I’m told of the conditions people keep dogs in – in apartments, where they spend all day cooped up indoors.

And sometimes Ed, in my heart I’ve asked, “Why the hell do people keep dogs in such conditions?”

And my heart has replied, “Because we humans love them and need them. We reach for dogs when we’re hurt by humans, we reach for dogs because of the way they look at us, the love they give us – without judgment, unconditionally.”

They live with us in our circumstances rich or poor, make do with what time we can give them, sit and watch whatever we watch on tv, and they never complain about the neighborhood we walk them in. They just make do with everything our lives are about, and never love us any less for it.

In some hellish places, Ed, they’re there, loving those no one else will love, protecting those no one else will protect.

I think they’re the healing of the world and I understand those who keep the dogs they love and who love them, in their little apartments and rooms, who must’ve been through such an ordeal recently with the restrictions on movement.

Ed, I was looking for websites about raw food diet for dogs, to link to here and found only webpages written with fear, even some saying raw food is bad for dogs (next they’ll say dogs should be fruitarian). I will update this page when I find pages written without fear advocating raw food for dogs. They’re out there I just can’t remember the names of the writers just now.

The traditional method – that I can attest to as working – is to buy raw meat bones from the butcher (they have dog bones kept for dogs) every few days and keep them in the freezer. Every day you toss a handful of the bones across grass if you have a patch (dogs love finding the bones instead of just getting it in their bowl – it makes them really enjoy the bones). Sometimes they’ll want to eat vegetables or supplements like that. You have to play by ear.

It’s best to transition the dog gently if he or she has been used to cooked food.

Whatever it is, cut out the sugar and kibble and those fake snacks (which tend to have sugar) rightaway.

You know you’re doing things right when the dog’s coat gets shiny and they’re looking happy.

At times like now when dogs whose movement has been restricted for weeks, they could do with some immunity support like Rosehips tea in their bowls.

And now I leave you with a picture of a dog I babysat during the time she gave birth. She was vaccinated at five days (no kidding) took a few months to recover. When she was pregnant (she and the other dog I babysat from across the street, went from friends to lovers the second she hit puberty and all my lectures didn’t work). During her pregnancy, she had a horrible stomach infection and then an accident which caused the loss of one of her eyes.

Meanwhile, the vet wanted to xray her just to find out IF she was pregnant when it was so obvious she was!

Anyway she gave birth to two healthy pups without any xrays or intervention of any sort. Not even herbs really. Long walks in the mountains did everything. (And watching period movies with me – those movies are great for pregnancy).



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