The Amazing Life Energy of Plumeria or Frangipani

Photos of a Plumeria or Frangipani tree blooming SIX MONTHS after being uprooted; stalk of Plumeria I picked up in March, leafing without earth, water, direct sunlight in July.

Dear Ed,

I am not very familiar with the use of Plumeria or Frangipani as a typical herbal medicine as it was not one of those my family or Granddad had familiarity with.

However, I have recently had a most amazing experience.

There was a row of Frangipani trees along a walkway I used to take Gabriel walking on.

One day on some project to cut across the path, they uprooted one and let it lie across the path instead of clearing it away.


For months they just let it lie there.

But I had regularly the stunning experience of watching this tree with its roots exposed, with just these little bits of earth sticking to the roots, bloom!!! It bloomed from January to June! Six months! They cleared it away when it was still blooming.


The bundle of exposed roots. 

However that was not all.

One day in March, hanging about somewhere near there I found a tripod branch tossed to the side. I can’t be sure it was from the same tree or another. I was attracted to it because of its energy field and brought it home.


Gabriel played with it a few days later and broke off one of its branches. I found it just it time and wedged it in on a shelf and forgot about it.


FOUR WEEKS LATER what do I see but it’s putting out baby leaves!!


No earth, no water, no sun even, no roots Ed!!

Now I regularly bring in pieces of wood I like, and this is how Plumeria or Frangipani usually dries in a few weeks.


And yet Ed, month after month this year, this plant puts out new leaves.



Now its July, the Plumeria or Frangipani stalk is still putting out new leaves!

You can see how it has no roots Ed!


You can see it doesn’t know which way the sunlight comes because it doesn’t get any. The part of the leaf which usually faces Up is facing Down.

And Ed the branch which broke off, that I kept close by, it’s leafing out along with the other two tips.

How amazing is this wonderful plant!

I’ve put it with Monotropa – (The Ghost plant which grows without actual roots) and the others up there in my estimation for energies that help one find sustenance to complete and fulfill their life purpose, in the absence of nutrients coming the usual way. I wrote about them in my article: Herbal Energies to Cope with Isolation and Recover from Isolation Trauma

Spiritual sustenance where the physical is not available. What an amazing thing!

I think it’s essence would be invaluable for emergency use in times of shock or trauma due to displacement, loss of life support, loss of limbs and so on .

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