“Conservation of Energy” is a Trap

The consciousness of lack is a serial killer. And the mindset of conservation of energy is a trap. This practice of energy manipulation through believing we have limited energy is often presented as an energy science, when it actually causes severe energetic imbalance and makes us vulnerable to energy vampirism.

Dear Ed,

I remembered this morning a person who was always saying things like, “Save your energy for this,” or “Save your energy for that.”

While it is wisdom not to spend our time doing things that are not rewarding truly, what that phrase does over time is uphold a consciousness of lack of energy.

The consciousness of lack is a serial killer. And the mindset of conservation of energy is a trap. 

Genetically modified beings – vegetable or animal – have static energy fields and therefore their energy is limited.

Real humans have living energy fields and we do ourselves a disservice when we fall into the consciousness in which energy is limited.

While the original Yoga was a great and true energy science, it degenerated into a fake human controlled science of energy MANIPULATION carrying the consciousness that energy is limited.

Not all who practice or teach yoga believe so, of course.

But this mind-set is not limited to yoga. It is widespread in the world and every time we watch others carrying that consciousness of lack, it is suggested to us as normal.

It is not normal to lack energy. An energy drain is a serious matter one should look into when it happens. It means that our body or psyche is in distress.

When we’re tired it’s not because we don’t have energy. It’s because our body needs to do maintenance and repair work that it can’t do while we’re awake.

When we’re not able to do something, it’s not because we don’t have energy, it’s because our energy is not flowing freely to do that. Maybe our heart really isn’t in it. Or maybe we’re too disappointed to believe it worth the investment.

These are the real issues we face. Lack of energy is NOT.

But we could develop a whole lack of energy psychosis and get into a cycle of using everything and everyone to get energy, while in fact that’s all mental spin and results in nothing in the end.

Consciously sign out of the consciousness of lack of energy.

Don’t do anything with the mind-set of “conserving” energy because it’s you telling yourself that you don’t have enough, that you’re not connected to the universe for energy support, that you don’t have enough to do whatever you want to achieve.

Don’t eat with the mindset or consciousness that your energy depends on the food. It’s an incredible mind-trap.

We get our energy from soul and spirit, to fuel us in the direction of our desire, to fulfill our spirit destiny.


Food is a manifestation, just one manifestation of the way the Earth supports us. But we are not dependent on it for vital energy.

“But one would die without food,” you’d think.

Sure, but we’d die without air too, or water, or so many other things.

Don’t eat or drink anything for the energy it gives you. Eat it for pleasure, for the taste, for how it feels in the stomach. That’s how we honor food and the world, not by USING it.

Life and death and everything in between are the domain of the spirit and this is the truth.

The mindset of “Conservation of Energy” is a trap, Ed. It makes bodies hold more and more static energy for energy vampires who can only have static energy (the most degenerate kind)  to tap into at will.

It makes the human body fall ill on so many ways and sets up such energy imbalances.

Never take anything, especially a herb for its life energy. Sure, you have those that motivate or call up life energy in you, but actually we never can “get” energy from other living beings, so it would be just foolish to think we are. They only stimulate energy we already have.

The mind-set of energy lack however, is the justification for energy vampirism and, in the consciousness, you could become vulnerable to vampirism yourself.

That is not a food chain for a human to be in.

We are living beings with independent life energy connections. We enjoy our world, we don’t take the life energy of anything else. We only share ours naturally without doing anything particularly special, but with every breath, with our mate, with who we already exist as one body, and our children until they begin to be independent.

All the beautiful living beings in our world are similarly energetically independent. “Energy medicine” is the healing we go through as we’re inspired by their energy patterns.

The branch of Plumeria or Frangipani I’ve had for almost four months now, that’s been leafing without being in Earth, or being watered, or even getting sunlight is a daily reminder that life energy does what it wants when it wants and it is not dependent on other things. I know it’s a bit of an extreme case, but here it is and it demonstrates a principle that underlies our existence.


One way to support ourselves while recovering from the long term mind-set of the consciousness of lack, is to be inspired by those plants which are great examples of energetic independence and grow well in isolation.


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