Manic Anxiety Disorder – The Serpent Point, and Mistletoe

Dear Ed,
There’s a difference between anxiety that’s connected to a particular situation in life, and long term manic anxiety. In the case of the latter, it is not exactly caused by one or a group of conditions, but a state of consciousness or mindset that affects the whole system, feeding on life energy, and using whatever worrying situation is available to sustain that field of extreme anxiety.

A lot of people don’t even know this is happening to them, Ed, because this is one deceptive energy field. It can often disguise itself as an over caring nature, general depression because of an unhealthy lifestyle or sleep deprivation. You get the picture… It can go unnoticed beneath all these conditions.

What it is really is a shock delivered to the system, nearly always involving displacement of the person from a location, or a position in the family or society. The energy field never recovers connection to a location or position in a family/ social groups, so continues to maintain the shock energy field patterns.

When a person is in shock, the body has different priorities from the usual. Instead of using energy for repairing the body, and doing housekeeping tasks, energy is constantly converted for adrenalin type processes such as hyper mental alertness. The down swing of that comes every few hours with the body crashing out energetically.

The center of gravity of the body literally stays shifted out of its original position, skewing fluid and fat spread in the body, causing hormonal imbalance and so on.

Manic eating bouts happen, manic responses every now and then, to try and connect back to normalcy. The keyword is MANIC. Because we’re dealing with this huge shock energy pattern that’s unresolved and there’s no way it can sustain itself on a peaceful calm emotional being. It needs the person experiencing manic sorrow every now and then.

When I was little, Ed, I used to go every year during Lent (the 40 days before Good Friday and Easter), every day, for “The way of the cross”, a Catholic ritual. There were hanging on the walls of the church 24 paintings of the 24 stages or “stations of the cross” in the suffering of Jesus before he was finally crucified. We would go to each painting and kneel in front of it, remember the suffering of Jesus there, feel like crap for causing it by sinning. We’d get up from each painting and then go to the next, or turn and face the next and so on.

On day one, Ed, and by stage of sorrow 3 or 4, my heart would be completely broken for Jesus and what he went through. By stage 6 I had usually cried as much as I could at that age (5-9). By stage 10 I was a zombie, numb. By stage 20 I was bothered only about one thing. My knees. I couldn’t take that much kneeling. I don’t remember ever making it to the end. My heart couldn’t take the horror of the crucifixion of Jesus EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR 40 DAYS. I decided I would face that on Good Friday.

But I’d be back the next day to try again.

It’s a psychological training tool, Ed… all these rituals that involve training people, especially children to experience sorrow and guilt. There’s almost no spiritual anything in it these days.

Of course to those who seek God, God will speak through anything, and I have experienced God through very many “practices” that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone now.

But I wanted to tell you about this Way of the Cross practice, because it’s what a person carrying a Manic Anxiety Shock energy field is constantly going through, underneath a personality and a life that might seem quite alright otherwise.

This continuous kneeling at one sorrow point after another… Trying to find a point of release, but trapped in a cycle of sorrow after sorrow.

It requires a supreme effort for someone in a sorrow cycle like that to experience for even a moment, peace or joy. So mania or extreme manic emotions and physical exertions become required, just to get a breather once in a while.

Manic hunger happens to be a feature of this manic anxiety pattern. This has been seen in many animals and birds, Ed. The tendency to feel hungry and overeat in an effort to deal with the manic anxiety energy field. Naturally it creates a whole lot of problems as the body uses all its energy just to digest the food.

The shock energy field, Ed, it’s not grounded. It’s skewed, causing the body’s spread to be imbalanced between the left and right.. one side heavier than the other. This causes bad posture that worsens the situation.

The center of gravity of the body shifts and hormonal imbalance results.

The symptoms are many Ed, and there are treatments for those, for relief from those. I have used and use regularly with powerful results, herbs for recovery from shock, for emotional support, and herbs for metabolic recovery and rehabilitation from adrenal drains.

But the aim of everything is to bring the energy field back to normal, so we can translate our soul into body seamlessly and without distortion. It’s important to know why we take the herbs, towards what we’re aiming.

Here is something that changed my life, Ed, in rehabilitation from anxiety disorder.

The Serpent Point

One particular point of our energy field becomes of critical importance in recovering from the long term shock, manic anxiety energy field. I call it Serpent Point. I don’t know what it was called in ancient healing methods.

The reason I call it Serpent point, is because the word Serpent comes from the root vibrations: S – R – P. Which is the same root as the Sanskrit Sarp (also meaning serpent), the Hebrew Seraph (holy being symbolizing the very presence of God) and interestingly enough come down to us in English, as Sperm!!

The basic form of moving life, is a Sperm or Sarp or Seraph or Serpent, a head and a tail. This life form is self propelled from the tip of its tail, unlike other life forms that are moved about by external forces. As such it is the first form of self propelled, self directed life. A wonderful wonderful thing.

Although we develop so many faculties and parts of the body, our energy field’s propulsion and maintenance of connection to the earth field starts from this tip of the lower part of our bodies.

I dedicate the following artistic endeavors to you, Ed, in appreciation of your services to mankind so far in the artistic and creative fields, and your enduring faith that everyone can be artistic if they only try. (HAHAHAHAHA) Anyway.

Here is the Serpent point in sperm (Peace Be Upon Them All), and in a baby in the womb.

And here it is in a standing body.

Now, Ed, I could make a video showing ways I feel this point and how feeling it helps align the center of gravity of my body and all that. But I see a lot of videos like that on the internet and I’m just a little fed up. You see those and you try to remember exercises and you end up forgetting them. Maybe feel burdened when you remember them… Like they’re something compulsory to do on your healing path. When nothing really is.

What works is, if someone is spiritually at the right time to change their energy field, which is a huge change of consciousness, just a little mention of something in an internet newsletter (hint), could make them try and figure it out for themselves. Then develop little movements with awareness of that point, and begin to propel themselves, ie. walk and sit and rise and move and live from this point. Manifestation starts here.

I find when I’m cooking, standing at the counter, to be a good time to do little movements with my feet sensing the Serpent point, aligning my body to it.

If you drew threads through both heels straight down, the point where they’d meet is the Serpent point.

You don’t imagine it, you become aware of it. You feel your heels and feel where they touch the floor and you feel the energy lines going down to the serpent point.

It’s different for everyone, but I find it easy to locate that point if I dance gently. Its easy to feel that that pivot beneath the feet – the place from where we spring.

When sitting it tends to be closer to the body but still beneath the floor.

When you’re aware of it, the body aligns and posture becomes right on its own. And you begin to experience your own primal birth self.

The shock long term anxiety field dissipates as you get grounded. The fresh energy flow breaks down the pockets of the energy field that are magnetized and static.

You suddenly become aware of how much food you need and what’s too much. Your body awareness increases. Your life awareness increases.

Ultimately the way forward from anxiety is to move towards the fulfillment of life purpose. It’s feeling cramped, hindered, blocked, that causes the anxiety. As the energy field uncramps… like a newborn bird whose crumpled wet wings, dry and then uncramp and stretch out, energy begins to flow right and we feel able to move forward.


And now, because Mistletoe is a fantastic herbal treatment for long term anxiety disorder, and because it’s Christmas, I must put in some mistletoe pictures. And wish you and your family, and all reading this, a lovely love filled Merry Christmas.

Mistletoe under frost! Picture Source

Did you know Mistletoe flowers? Look at that finesse and precision. It’s from another time, Ed.

Blooming like a miracle when everything else has gone to sleep for winter – Mistletoe is a sign, Ed. It doesn’t come into a person’s consciousness for no reason. It’s a sign. Picture Source

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