Our energy does not come from food. Food and Vibration

How I increased my sensitivity to vibration; Food and Vibration; How we’re programed to manage energy levels based on our perception of whether we’ve eaten enough or not; Vibrationally dead versus Vibrationally alive food

Dear Ed,

When I got my first Bible, when I was seven, I opened it randomly and the first thing I read was:

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.

I understood that as, “Reading this bible (word of God) is as important as eating food.”

From then on, I read a passage of the bible every single day. The effect it’s had on my life is beyond description so I won’t bother trying to tell you about that.

Ok, maybe just one thing. The practice that I started so young, helped me develop an independent mind. You see, Ed, books like the Bible, they do not have one clear mental agenda or propaganda like our modern textbooks and books. There are so many conflicting things presented – over the span of millennia of authorship represented in that one book. It makes a person question and think and develop a personal judgment of situations.

I know of only very few reading materials that provoke a reader into thinking for themselves.

As a child I did not have the religiosity with which most people approach books like the Bible. I didn’t focus on some parts and ignore the others. I didn’t make excuses for things.

I was however surrounded by religiosity in the extreme, mind numbing, soul crushing religiosity.

I kicked off the oppressing religiosity when I found it didn’t match my inner freedom and a lot of that was because of the independent mind fostered by reading really challenging questionable things in the Bible as a curious child. (Stuff like the patriarch Judah impregnating his widowed daughter-in-law – from who by the way, Jesus is descended. That sort of thing. That really makes you question.)

As I grew up, I was attracted to other books written by spirit rather than just mind and set myself free from religious dogma and doctrine.

Going back to that first verse I read, Ed, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.”

As the years went by, I began to understand that as a call to physical fasting. In my teenage years I fasted and prayed extensively. Out of seven days of the week, I fasted all day (one meal in the night) for four.

Sometimes I did extensive fasts for 7 days at a time. I’m talking real fasts. Not even eating once a day.

When you fast for spiritual purposes, you become very sensitive to vibration. You can see very clearly how something or someone is affecting you and others around you. You can see the spiritual aspects of others that are otherwise clouded out of view.

Because I spent those years of my life, 12-18, fasting so much, I developed an even higher level of vibrational sensitivity than before. I began to live more in my astral presence than physical, frequently leaving my body and so on.

When I got pregnant with Gabriel, Granddad made me promise not to fast again or leave my body intentionally, and I haven’t since then. Not intentionally.

However, my vibrational sensitivity has continued to increase through pregnancy and becoming a mother. Apparently once you get in that groove you keep going forward in it.

The human experience is so rich with spirit, Ed. Natural Hormonal experiences are deep spiritual experiences which engage our deep heart and mold our eternal souls.

One thing I’ve found through actual physical experience, Ed, is that that bible verse is true. Man does not live by bread alone, but every vibration emanating from God.

You’d think, Ed, that the world is full of vibration, we should all need never eat physical food at all. That’s what I thought anyway.

However there is a range of vibrations we are exposed to, and not all are natural or “from the mouth of God”. I like to see it as “from the spirit”. In my working experience, “spirit” = “eternal heart”.

So I’ve found that a vibration that comes from spirit, from true nature, can feed us like food.

One time when I hadn’t eaten anything for three days, I got this tiny little raw guava fallen on the road from a tree growing inside someone’s garden that had grown over the wall. I was amazed at its energy and had a bit of it and gave Gabriel bits of it too. That piece of raw guava that most animals even would leave alone, it gave me such a boost in every way, it totally made me realize all over again, the power of vibration from God.

Another time was when I’d been in labor near 30 hours and was in complete despair because the baby didn’t seem to want to budge his little ass and come out. I was so so so exhausted beyond exhausted. Every reserve of strength in me was gone. I couldn’t eat any solid food because the contractions were going through me every 10 minutes throwing out anything I ate.

That’s when a little bowl of crushed watermelon just lifted me up and carried me like on the wings of a bird. It was amazing amazing, AMAZING, Ed. I could feel the electricity going through me enlivening my body. Things we take for granted when our stomachs are full, which are probably simply passed out as unnecessary otherwise can be such powerful help.

It made me realize that we probably waste a lot of good food and nutrition by having too much food in general, causing our bodies to simply process it all out instead of being free to really absorb the nutrition and react to its vibration.

But this brings me to my main point – which I why I started writing this.

All though life, Ed, we’re made to believe that we get energy from food.

Some people begin to feel weak if a meal is delayed by ten minutes, because we and our bodies are so tuned to our feeding patterns.

In reality, energy itself, we do not get from food. The Law of Conservation of modern physics agrees with this. A body never loses or gains energy. It is the way our energy is being used, moved, converted and so on, that makes us feel low on energy, high on energy and so on.

Take for example, how the sight or voice of someone we love calling us, affects our energy.

Energy comes from somewhere, when our heart is in something or someone. Parents of newborns survive severe sleep deprivation to keep the baby fed every few hours. There are artists and people who work from passion who demonstrate superhuman levels of energy doing their thing.

We can feel energized just by reading something.

So the fact is, we always have all the energy we’ll ever need.

The role of food, herbs and so on, in my understanding and experience so far, is to keep us in and connected to our environment, speaking with our energy patterns and helping us adapt, to the climate, weather and other conditions of our lives.

When we stop eating altogether, it’s like telling our body that we don’t want to live in this environment anymore; we stop supplying the raw materials required to keep the body manifested here, here.

In my ancestry, when an aged person experienced the spiritual call to move on, they would lessen their eating of food and sometimes stop. The family would know that their spirit was moving on by that. The process could take years though, a deep spiritual process. My great great great grandmother, after who I’m named, didn’t eat at all for more than eight weeks before she left. She glowed like coal, they said, before she left. They said she was so brilliant that it made people’s eyes wince.

Other ancestors of mine ate very little for the years and months before they left. One of my Granddads (way up in the line), built a whole house for his youngest daughter, in those years before he left, when he was eating near nothing. He just had a long term habit of chewing on dried sardines, which he continued.

Another Granddad of mine, used to smoke tobacco in a pipe. He stopped eating food but continued to smoke for months before he left. He is known in our family for making shoes for guests before they reached our settlement. He’d psychically know someone was coming. Our relatives used to take months sometimes coming by ship from Britain to India, often stopping at ports on the way, for weeks. When they reached he’d have their bespoke wooden footwear ready, that fit them exactly! The only complaint was that the footwear smelled like tobacco forever after.

In conclusion:

Ed, what I’m saying is:

1) Our energy levels are not dependent on how much or how little, or what sort of food we eat.
We just have trained our body and psyche to equate the food we eat with the energy we release.
We could be grossly overeating – or under eating – and nurturing all kinds of health issues as a result.
No one knows how much someone else needs to eat, or what. It’s a personal thing. Everyone has to eat according to their instinct. It takes a while to separate out conditioning from instinct but once we start on the path, we’ll get there eventually.

2) That we could be missing out on vital triggers of healing by not developing vibrational sensitivity to what food and herbs and so on we are taking.
There’s no point eating food that is vibrationally dead or even maleficent. A simple way to avoid this is to eat home cooked food made from natural ingredients.
Food cooked by someone who doesn’t particularly love us, is not going to be vibrationally anywhere near as building up as food cooked by us, or loved ones.

Food with vibration is natural food and natural substances, that is which occur naturally – whether vegetarian or meat. Most processed food is pulverized into losing its vibration.

When we eat vibrationally dead food, no matter what nutrition it has, it causes us to use energy kept for other things, to process it out. The body has to figure out WHAT it is before processing it is. This leaves us feeling tired and not able to do what we wanted to do. We end up eating more, thinking we need more energy – then spending energy processing that – then eating more, and then the cycle goes on and on till parts of us stop working altogether and we crash.

Vibrationally alive food – is recognized by our body, that doesn’t have to waste time figuring out what it is before processing it. That vibration of the food triggers certain processes in us, healing processes and so on.

I leave you with a picture of beautiful bougainvillea that looked down on me on a walk recently.

Do you know, Ed, that these pink leaves (they turn green later – the actual flowers are those tiny white ones in the middle) are a powerful medicine for exhuming old cramps in the lungs that cause persistent long term cough.

The energy of bougainvillea is especially powerful in releasing blocks to creative energy flow through communication, like writer’s block! I’ve tried it so many times, Ed. It’s always worked!

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