How False Iodine Affects Sexual Energy Levels Etc.

Dear Ed,

There are so many lies about Iodine and its role in our health, I thought I’d set the record straight.

1) Iodine is an element that effects many functions of the body, especially the thyroid glands, which control metabolic rate and frequency of the body, and you could say is the thermostat of the body. That pretty much affects EVERYTHING in the body.

2) We are taught that “the body does not produce Iodine, so we must get it from our food.”
This has been used by the system, to have people world over eating an unnatural salt that has been “iodized”. Never mind that since the dawn of time people have not needed iodized salt and the introduction of iodized salt has coincided with the craziest levels of metabolic imbalance in known history.

3) Our body produces all the glandular triggers we need. Period.
Modern theories of “nutrition” have all fallen through Ed. There are people living in places far from the sea, up in the mountains for example who actually cook without salt, ie., they have various herbs and spices, vinegars and such that season food and they’ve all done just fine.

Humans have been using salt for the taste and preservative properties it offers, more than anything else.

Why table salt has become such a requirement is because we’ve become trained to need it to regulate our metabolism, just as many people cannot function without a sugar or caffeine rush.

If we went out hiking, Ed, on a really long hike, and we ate only fruits we got on the way, fish we caught, or animals we hunted, in a few days we’d completely forget the need for culinary salt.

No one’s ever died of lack of culinary salt in their diet. And there are people on low salt and no salt diets doing just fine.

So the paranoia about Iodine not being made by the body is simply unfounded in reality.

The real drama about Iodine, Ed, should be about how very bad it is for us to take it as a supplement with every meal, that replaces something our own bodies make and artificially stimulates our thyroid gland into metabolic activity.

Iodine & Melatonin, Sexual Energy

Take the hormone melatonin, Ed, for example. It is released by the body to make us sleep deep, by dropping the frequency of the body to very low. This is made by our body from our body’s indigenous intelligence information which says when it should be released and in what quantity.

There are herbs such as Spikenard which have a lot of this hormone, that can be used to help those with long term stress induced sleep problems to get back to sleeping.

But these days, melatonin as a standalone hormone is being taken as a sleep aid.

The effect of doing this, is telling the body NOT to make its own melatonin. The body then loses idea of when it’s day or night. This causes all manner of problems in the body as the organs get their cue for various jobs from our biorhythms.

Frequency is no joke. Hormones control our frequency. Our soul and primal body intelligence control our frequency.

Taking in artificial Iodine messes with the thyroid hormones which are the “revving up” glands of the body. This has an immediate effect on the glands which produce melatonin that is the opposite of the “revving up”.

So we have a clash with the body revving up frequency when it should be going down into a rest frequency.

Put simply, Ed, artificial Iodine keeps the body constantly stimulated and this results in the body not doing the housekeeping and cell building tasks done in the lower resting frequencies.

When we take natural iodine in sea salt, rock salt, sea weed, fish, herbs, it doesn’t matter how much iodine we get, because the body recognizes and processes out excesses.

But artificial iodine is literally a metabolic poison.

It’s so widely used Ed, that I cannot take Gabriel out for an outing to the village without getting some artificial iodized salt snack. It’s even on popcorn. It’s so widely used.

Why I started writing this, Ed, is because I get a lot of questions online about sexual energy levels and fatigue.

The simple fact is, artificial iodine in the diet drops sexual energy levels drastically simply because of the constant stimulation it offers.

When we are in the melatonin frequency, which is the low restful and sleep frequency we are in the frequency that nourishes the body, holding sexual energy.

When we are in the iodine stimulated frequency we are in the “performance” frequency where we expend energy rather than store it for the use of the body to repair cells, make good quality new cells and so on.

In the long term, someone on artificial iodine is going to be energetically depleted with sexual energy getting lower and lower. DNA quality falls, quality of hair, skin, bone – all of which require resting frequencies.

Put very simply, table salt with its added iodine is a stimulant and should definitely never be a constant in anyone’s diet.

Iodine, Body Temperature Regulation & Immunity

Because iodine stimulates the thyroid glands, Ed, which being our bodies’ thermostat, in turn control the metabolic rate that causes temperature to rise or drop, ultimately artificial iodine messes with our natural body temperature.

This messes with our immune function because one of the cues the invasion fighting parts of us needs, is a high temperature. If our thermostat isn’t working right, our body won’t know when to fight and when to not. This could result in poisons and toxins being accumulated in the body (cancer, tumors, chronic toxicity), and hyper reactions (allergies) to things.

You see how important it is not to artificially stimulate the thyroid?

There are so many serious conditions caused by temperature imbalance – from hormonal imbalances, infertility to hair breaking easily.


Table salt or iodized salt is a slow killer Ed. Get natural salt and live happier.

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