Sphincter & Adrenal Rehabilitation – No More Crisis Mode

What is a sphinter; What triggers and controls the sphinters; What are the Adrenals; How the Adrenal glands control the sphincters; Types of Crisis; Fight or Flight mode; My imprisoned ancestor; Lakshmi the sea bird; The two kinds of energy fields

Dear Ed,

The future belongs to those who can control their bladder.

That sounds funny Ed, but it’s so true. I know people who cannot do what they want to in life, because they are constantly interrupted by needing to go to the bathroom. Having experienced pregnancy and recovery from a natural birth, I know how it is. Adult diapers are NOT a “solution”. They are horrible plasticky craps. Humanity has survived without plasticky diapers for eons now and will survive this assault on us too.

But why this is about both sphincters and adrenals, I’ll tell you now. Just putting this here for those don’t know what a sphincter is.

A sphincter is the tight muscle at the top and bottom of the digestive and urinary system, the rubberband if you will, that stops urine and potty from leaking out at the bottom, and that stops food from coming back up from the stomach to the mouth.

It’s what you clench when you’re controlling yourself waiting to get to the bathroom.

It’s a different sort of muscle from the other muscles, because of how tight it has to be and how much it has to expand and contract on a daily basis.

Its work of expansion and contraction to allow food and substances in and out in a proper way, is done with the help of nerves from the brain that tell it what to do.

Even our eye has a sphincter muscle that tightens and relaxes  deciding how much light enters the eyes. It’s called the Iris sphincter muscle. 

Now this signal that comes from the brain telling the sphincters what to do, can be triggered by;
– Us deciding we want to swallow, urinate, do a potty.
– The involuntary nervous system which is basically our body’s housekeeping service that manages things without us consciously knowing all the details.

This involuntary nervous system managed everything really well, which is why so long as we’re even moderately healthy, we don’t experience problems with our sphincters.

But there’s this situation, Ed, in which this involuntary nervous system will allow our sphincters to malfunction, so to speak, constantly opening even when we could hold the urine or potty in a lot longer.

It’s when our adrenals give the crisis signal.

Now we’re looking at this little organ sitting on our kidneys (famous for filtering the blood in our body and making urine, a potent medicine, DNA repair agent).

But this organ is like a little meter sitting there, fully emotionally aware of everything happening. Should we go into a situation where we need more energy than is currently circulating in the body, these little meters will say DING DING DING, and release a hormone into the blood, that will revv up every nerve and muscle in the body. The person gets sudden superhuman energy to achieve the task. Sportsmen and women, performers and even authors, people in all walks of life experience it in times of crisis or demand for extra energy. A lot of people experience it after having energy drinks, which basically trigger the adrenals to release adrenaline, the hormone that causes this energy rush.

Its something to be kept for actual emergencies, not entertainment.

Unfortunately if the adrenals are abused by being used for entertainment, or provoked for no real solid reason, they can get uncalibrated. Just like every meter can go off count.

Sometimes the adrenals can fall seriously ill because of being overworked. It’s not made of metal or plastic you see. It’s a living being with cells that have to live, reproduce and do all that.

Now it so happens that the health of the sphincters and the health of the adrenals mirror each other because they are both only affected by crisis situation handling gone wrong.

Now there are different levels of crisis, Ed.

There are “run faster and catch the bus” crises, “think quick think fast” crises, every day crises i.e.. Not such a big deal.

Then there are poison type crises, where the adrenals tell the sphinters to throw up spoiled or poisoned food, or have a diarrhea.

Then there are worse crises, energetic events. For example, in a moment of extreme fear, all animals will pee. Urine is a crisis aid because it is DNA affirmation and a source of water for intense rehydration even if it just runs down our legs. In crisis situations, such as being trapped under rubble in an earthquake or getting lost in the wild without water, people drink their urine by sheer instinct and survive in the most hell type situations till they’re rescued.

Then there’s a crisis even worse than that. It’s when we have to run.

You know they call it the “fight or flight” response Ed.

For the fight, we release urine, for the flight, we empty ourselves of any food in the digestive system so that all our energy – usually hogged up digesting our food – is focused on fleeing.

Emptying our digestive system is also a near death process. Just before life leaves the body, the realization that we are leaving or “flying” makes the body throw out anything inside. I’ve seen farm chickens being slaughtered go through this. Not sure if broiler chickens go through the same process.

But now you see the connection between the adrenals and the sphincters.

It comes to the “fight or flight” type crises.

Now imagine we’re in this fight or flight scenario and the adrenals, sensing our soul warning, gives the signal and the sphincters release, but the signal that the crisis is over, never comes. The soul doesn’t feel clear of the crisis yet. The adrenals are like, “Ok, well then – CRISIS AGAIN.” The sphinters release. Then they contract back because there’s nothing TO release left. Then after an hour or two, more food or urine comes in and the adrenals are like, “We’ve not got the all is well signal yet, CRISIS AGAIN.”

A healthy person will mentally control their sphincters and could go years, maybe decades, before some other crisis affects them and they begin to lose the ability to mentally consciously control their sphincters.

So you see the scenario now, Ed.
– Mentally tired person no longer able to release brain power to consciously control sphincters
– Adrenals long term in crisis mode
– Sphincters tired, worn out with all the tension

The healing of the situation is not impossible Ed. I mean complete healing, not “management of incontinence” as some put it these days.

In my family, Ed, people have lived very very long and not all of them in ideal conditions either. One was in a prison for “selling guns to women” – went in at age 82, came out at 102 – with lots of experience in all kinds of survival methods. He was called “Nayanar” in prison for some reason and that name stuck from then on. He was the boss of healing people from incontinence after that.

The prison he was in, Ed, off the coast of South India on an island (no not Sri Lanka), another one, tiny one with nothing but a Dutch prison, I don’t know the name of; it was hell. This was in the early 1800s. The treatment was so brutal that prisoners would involuntarily poop and pee when the soldiers came around. The older ones like my ancestor weren’t spared either and he became completely incontinent for some years.

After the first ten years of torture, they got fed up of the older ones and the thoroughly broken ones – the ones already close to death anyhow, and tossed them into a secondary prison with no covering shelter overhead. This means the hot tropical sun in the day, months of constant rain and just some relief in the winters – not very helpful for people of that age. Most of the aged prisoners would die in a few days.

My ancestor survived TEN years in this secondary prison as everyone he knew there were tossed in there and died. In this secondary prison, the one well had rotting dead body pieces in it since God only knew when. It was so poisoned no one went more than a few hours alive after having it. He drank his own urine and washed himself with it, a practice in our family that was done by the those exposed to poisons, since time immemorial.

As days went by he was spiritually led by the birds who used to fly into the enclosure. They must’ve been angels sent to him because they would flutter around him and communicate things to his soul. He went through deep spiritual experiences there. The soldiers there were mystified by his not dying and eventually began to help him survive. There was no concept then of anyone being released from that prison. But my ancestor was released. He was given papers by the Dutch Govt. who were in control of that island then, to give him passage into mainland India.

Back home he’d been missing 20 years then, with no information about what had happened to him, but his parents hadn’t stopped believing he’d return. He returned, and believe it or not Ed, went on to marry, have children. He’s not my direct ancestor but an Uncle. My great great Granddad John Waltham knew his daughters. They were great healers of their time too and they told him this when he had incontinence.

Now Ed, I could be politically correct with this article but I’m not going to be.

There are herbs that will rehabilitate the sphincters and the adrenals. They are powerful and they can help amazing.

Herbal Medicine for Recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion & Rehabilitation from Adrenal Abuse (Scroll down to see the list of herbs and how they help.)

Trauma and the Kidneys, Emergency Support (Whatever rehabilitates the kidneys works for adrenals and sphincters too.)

Herbs will help in amazing ways, but as they say, “You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.” The herbs also need us to get out of that fight or flight mode if we’re to heal fully.

Now Ed, many people give up here. I can tell you it is not easy to change a long term attitude towards life, especially one born out of trauma.

And then, the daily lives of many are like walking on a landmine riddled field, requiring hyper alertness. How on earth can someone in such a situation lose the fight or flight response?

This is the question my Granddad asked the daughters of Nayanar.

They said to him, “Our dad learned this from the birds in the prison. He had named one “Lakshmi” (after the Goddess of Prosperity who of lore arose out of the sea). That bird, was particularly fleshy and the soldiers of the prison intended to shoot her whenever she came around. Most birds didn’t come back after being shot at once. But Lakshmi would come and go at will, apparently not giving one fig for the fact that she was marked.

Apparently her secret was, looking straight at those shooting her.

As soon as she flew in the enclosure, a soldier would look for his gun to shoot her. She’d be standing there looking straight at him calmly. They never managed to actually shoot her. Sometimes she’d just move exactly an inch away from danger.”

My ancestor saw what she was doing. He saw that she was actually RECEIVING the energy off the attention they sent at her and thriving on it. Her aura first was light blue. Then as the soldiers began to attack her, her aura would turn deep deep blue as she took up the energy they were sending her.

My ancestor began to look at the soldiers he was so terrified off. He started looking at everyone – all those he wouldn’t have looked at before… the dying, the suffering, the mortally wounded, the ones with life ebbing out of them, the hopeless, the destroyed.

He began to receive the energy sent him by the soldiers who came around checking to see if he wasn’t dead yet. Something that previously used to break him. It was a horrible daily rite where they used to curse him for not being dead and say God had cursed him to keep alive and keep suffering. That the only way out of there was death so he might as well die and get going.

Granddad told me Ed, that there are two kinds of energy field “formations”.

The “resist” kind, where the system is totally geared at blocking out and resisting attack, assault and such. And the Lakshmi kind, where you assume that there is spiritual gain in everything , look at the situation, and receive the energy coming at you.

He told me Ed, that the resist and block energy field loses strength and tires quickly. The Lakshmi kind begins to get charged and built up by the attackers and assaulters.

Energy is energy. There’s really no such thing as bad energy. When attackers or bad energies come at us, it is first essentially energy. We are built to receive energy and our system will turn it into whatever our soul wants.

No matter what water you pour it, an apple tree will only produce apples, a mango tree only mangoes. We will produce according to our nature. Nothing can change our nature made by God.

When we are attacked by others, or even by a system, that’s energy being directed at us. By changing our attitude to Lakshmi field, we can start receiving the energy instead of deflecting it. That will develop in us the intelligence to make neat little moves when required, without us keeping our entire system in crisis mode.

People have survived terrible things, Ed, and gone on to thrive too, by learning to receive energy their enemies send them. You automatically stop being in crisis mode when who you fear becomes a source of energy.

Now how do we receive energy sent us by our enemies?

It’s simple. We just intend do. Intend in general and intend in the moment.

It’s difficult initially, because we get overwhelmed in the moment. But remembering in the moment is a powerful thing. It immediately changes our system when we say to ourselves, “I receive this energy being sent by these attackers.” Wearing something, or using aids like sticky notes around to remind you, helps. Doing a hand gesture helps.

For those who are in the fight or flight mode and don’t know why, or the situation was a long time ago, daily meditations or exercises to consciously receive the energy they were sent then during the attack helps. For example, Take something… let’s say a bead of some crystal, pray over it, tell God you want to receive the energy your attackers or abusers sent at you and change it for your healing. Then put that bead on a string and wear it. It coud be anything, this is just an example.

Or you pray over a glass of water and drink it.

Just keep telling yourself the intention.

Over time you’ll find that this changes your entire system powerfully. As we come out of crisis mode, our bodies heal amazing, and rejuvenate.

There is great life changing power in little expressions of intention.

In finishing,

A thing to say, Ed, is that for those past the growing years, stem cells are present in urine, and we can supply any failing part of the body, by topical washing as well as drinking urine for stem cells to repair tired, low quality muscle and tissue.

Also, breathing exercises help. A simple one is this – Breathe in, tighten the sphinter muscles – like you’re trying not to pass gas, or pee, holding for a few seconds, then relax and breathe out.
This improves the brain-sphinter connection and tones the muscle.

I leave you with a picture of a little sea bird of the islands in the vicinity of where my ancestor was imprisoned.

She’s got that winning attitude, Ed.

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