Parasite Paranoia – What makes us Vulnerable to Parasites?

Granddad explains what parasites do, how they take over our consciousness; how we give others authority over our consciousness making us vulnerable to consciousness invasion; Sexual perversion and the Debt matrix

Dear Ed,

For many years now there’s a lot of talk in the alternative medicine community about parasites. The general consensus is that toxins or poisons are the cause of unnatural growths like tumors, areas of decaying cells in the living body, like cancer. It’s understood that these toxins are either poisons – like certain metals – that our bodies cannot digest and process out at the rate at which we’re taking them in, and they are also the side-products of cell metabolism – just like making sugar from sugarcane juice makes molasses on the side, and crushed cane pulp – both of which have to be separately taken out of the factory, so that sugar production can continue.

However, Ed, there isn’t a similar understanding of parasites.

I personally Ed, just can’t buy into the paranoia that there are microscopic bugs everywhere coming into our bodies from everything we eat and then going on to mind control us, make us have sex with bad men, give birth to angry children, make us eat confectionery, become fat and die.

Unless, we buy a certain product which will throw worms out of our intestines into the toilet bowl.

So I thought I’d tell you what my understanding of the parasitic situation is, based on a certain interesting conversation with Granddad.

Somewhere in the early 2000s there were news reports about parasites and I was talking to Granddad.

Me – You remember how I used to eat mud when I was little?
Granddad – I was not privy to such sacred moments myself, but it is natural that it should have happened.
Me – Well, now they’re saying that there are parasite eggs in everything,  even fresh vegetables, and they incubate inside us and live like parasites on our energy, and make us hungry all the time, especially for sugar, which is WHY I keep craving it. It’s destroying me.
Granddad – Tosh and baloney.
Me – Really?
Granddad – Well there ARE such things as living organisms that live inside us, worms too. But far be it from them to harm you.
Me – Really? Then what’s happening?
Granddad – The vast, vast majority of what people call parasite problems are yeast problems, where yeast is carrying the wrong consciousness.
Me – Oh?
Granddad – This is all you need to remember.
You are a consciousness. Your consciousness is run by your Soul Identity to achieve your Spirit purpose – your reason for living.
When you are interacting with the natural world, you are interacting with friends, even if they make you throw up. It doesn’t matter how many worms are crawling around inside you right now. It’s all good. We’re One eco-system together.
But when you’re interacting with consciousness that is NOT natural to our realm, it is NOT good for you. Anything modified against its nature becomes anti-life.
Just like that time you wanted to make everyone Pentecostal Christians.
Me – That was a short time and it was long ago, and I was a kid and I meant well.
Granddad – You sure did. You meant so well you robbed the peace of many an innocent victim.
Me – Well whatever I did, I was not a parasite.
Granddad – No, you were. There were people that lost their peace because of how you insisted that they had to read the Bible to know God. Your earnest face rose into their memory every time they had something good to eat in front of them, making them feel guilty to eat well when they ought to have been in nothing but a loin cloth, sacrificing their flesh to mosquitoes, converting tribal people in the jungle to wearing shirts and trousers and quoting John 3:16. I remember you telling one poor man that him working in a phone company was the same as Jonah being in the belly of the whale, and that he needed to leap out of the whale’s mouth and swim to Nineveh to tell everyone about Jesus.
Me – That’s just what I believed then. And you have to admit that I had a point.
Granddad – You had no point at all. Just because you found God by reading the Bible and making sudden extreme moves based loosely and wildly on Biblical precedent, doesn’t mean everyone else has to.
Me – Yeah OK. Let’s talk about the parasites.
Granddad – Yes of course. So when you were a parasite, you were still a natural part of the Earth, with every right to eat, drink, and pontificate wherever you were allowed in that state of unnatural inebriation.
Me – Yeah OK.
Granddad – Why you were a toxic threat to other living organisms was because, you were then holding and propagating a consciousness not your own, not natural and therefore anti-life.
Me – Ok fine.
Granddad – Do you know how that happened to you?
Me – I got conned. My love for God got channeled in the wrong direction by bastards.
Granddad – Yes. But what made you vulnerable to that then when you had such influences always, even from childhood, that you resisted admirably?
Me – I really don’t know.
Granddad – See that bird on the wall?
Me – Yeah. Hi Cutie!

Not the original cutie. That dude was black with a white collar. But the same sweetness.  Picture Source

Granddad – Does he try to preach to you?
Me – I thought we were finished with the preaching thing.
Granddad – Does he try to preach to you?
Me – No.
Granddad – Why not?
Me – Because I’m not a bird like him. He’s got his life and I’ve got mine.
Granddad – Precisely. Because he knows who he is and you’re not the same as him.
Me – Are you saying that consciousness hijacking from one entity to another happens because they believe they are the same?
Like birds don’t try to be dogs, but birds might speak to each other and share and transfer consciousness because they’re….. BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Granddad – Elementary, my dear Watson!
Me – Oh my God – you’re saying we become vulnerable to parasites when we think we’re all the same, or we identify as a group!!!! Holy %&^%&^%&%.
So wait, this whole hijacking of my consciousness thing, happened in high school through my “friends group”. Oh my God!!! I thought we were all in the same boat sort of thing, you know, being classmates together…

Granddad – Now you see why identity pooling is the very foundation of consciousness warfare.

Granddad – And there my dear, is how innocent living organisms become vulnerable to anti-life consciousness.

Me – Are you saying, Granddad that if one doesn’t associate with others, like doesn’t think they are the same as others, or be in a group, that they cannot be troubled by parasites.
Granddad – Find me a hermit, my angel, who is troubled by parasites. They became a hermit to escape parasites.
Me – We can’t all be hermits!!! Why you aren’t a hermit yourself.
Granddad – Let me introduce you, Cara my great, to a supreme and deep secret of life, the likes of which once having crossed the threshold into your mind, will set up a tent in there, from which will issue forth peace such as the that at the highest of the Himalayas.
Me – Yeah yeah Ok.
Granddad – There is a way to be a Hermit, completely resistant to consciousness invasion, while living right in the middle of the parasitic civilization.
Me – There obviously is.
Granddad – A little gratefulness is in order here, and perhaps some humility, considering I am about to give you the secret myself, in a few short words, asking for nothing in return.
Me – Ok fine. I’ll name one of my descendants after you and leave him or her precious things, in my will.
Granddad – Your gratefulness and humility is like the cedar of Lebanon. It looks into the distance no one else can see, and reckons it is laudable for doing so.
Me – Can we focus on the secret?
Granddad – What secret?
Me – How to be a Hermit and resistant to consciousness hijacking in the middle of the parasite civilization?
Granddad – Because I am a kind man, I will tell you the secret. And because there is still hope for you.
Me – Ok….
Granddad – If you hold your own Soul Identity, and assert it in everything you do, taking AUTHORITY over your consciousness and your body, yourself, you become resistant to consciousness invasion. This is not that sort of resistance advertised with wrist watches these days.
Me – I know what you mean. My watch said it was water resistant but it stopped working after it got wet.
Granddad – Did you hear what I said?
Me – Yes – my soul identity being asserted all over my life and my body especially, makes me resistant.
Granddad – And how will you do that?
Me – I’ll do as my soul pleases with my life.

Granddad – There are two paths you can do this on. There is the path of the rebel, which is easy. And there is the path of Authority which is difficult.

Me – What’s the difference?
Granddad – The path of the rebel is founded on the idea that someone else owns you, has authority over you; that you’re being a rebel by asserting your will over your life. It’s easy to do that. You find ways to appease the authority and do what you want. Or hide, and do what you want, or apologize and do what you want, or even fight them and do what you want.
The path of Authority, is doing what you want because you belong to your self.

Me – But you know Granddad, others are affected by me. And a lot of people get threatened by me doing unconventional things. You remember how people in that church got threatened by me wearing a bead bracelet? Just because it wasn’t the done thing in that place? They gave me hell in so many indirect ways about it.
Granddad – You were scarred by that experience, because they meant a lot to you. Their approval was wanted.
Me – Yeah, if it had happened now, I wouldn’t give a damn. I’ve gone against in the grain in so many ways.
Granddad – But you’ve done it as a rebel. Not as your own Authority.
Me – Yes, but there are consequences of just doing whatever the hell you want. Especially for me. Single woman of marriageable age in India, refusing to get married to anyone but the One… The least I can do is LOOK normal.
Granddad – Well then, don’t ask me about parasites anymore. You’re turning back into one, I see.
Me – No never.

Granddad – I ought to tell you, how a living being born of good stock, becomes a parasite and carries anti-life consciousness to others as well.
Me – Oh ok.
Granddad – Sexual perversion.
Me – You saying I’m becoming sexually perverse??? I don’t even watch porn! I don’t even flirt with anyone.
Granddad – All you can think of when I said “perversion” is porn and flirting. That’s not what perversion is about.
Me – What is it then?
Granddad – Sexual Perversion the belief that there is an Authority outside of your own Soul that has the right to command your body, your mind, or your energy. It’s the making of a remote control device that someone else can control.
Me – Right…. I get what you mean. This is how in church the Pastor says he has “authority over the flock”.
Granddad – Yes he assigned himself the Shepherd – and you accepted that. It was a contract, my dear and you could’ve done without it.
Me – Right… so we have these contracts underlying modern life… And it is perversion?
Granddad – Yes, because only your Soul knows what’s right and natural for you. No one outside of you does.
Me – What about my soulmate?
Granddad – He is your own soul. As are your ancestors of the same blood and your descendants of the same blood.
Me – What do you mean “same blood”?
Granddad – The same blood, means blood that carries the same consciousness or energy pattern.
Me – How do I recognize that?
Granddad – In a perfect world, you would know by the familiar fragrance of the body. But in these times of deception you still will know otherwise, and know that you know.
Me – Just limiting all Authority to my own soul, will do however won’t it? Because that includes them and no one else?
Granddad – When you light a candle, do you ask it permission to light it?
Me – No….
Granddad – If you asked it permission and it said No, what would you do?
Me – I’d light it anyway. It’s a candle!
Granddad – Now that’s Authority. It’s Your candle. You light it whenever you want, however you want, for however long you want.

In the years since this conversation, Ed, I have inched and crawled little by little, very very slowly towards asserting my soul identity over my life.

One huge mistake I made over and over came because of my programming from childhood where if someone did something nice or kind for me, I’d give them authority (subconsciously) over my energy. I got massively drained and near died at one point because of that unnatural gratefulness. I think it’s something so very programmed into people brought up Christian.

When we do something for others, and others do things for us, it’s evil to keep note of it, like life is a big debts and repayment matrix. That is just sheer evil. That is exactly the mass consciousness that hosts parasites. Because they can’t control us, unless we give them authority, and feeling indebted is one way most of us are programmed into giving authority to others.

For example, in school we’re told, “Treat your teacher with respect. He/ She is giving you knowledge to help you in your life. What will you do without that?” And there the teacher – who is just doing their job and maybe being nice about it – becomes an Authority and a channel for consciousness control.

As humans these days we’re constantly being guilt-tripped, which is actually debt-tripped into feeling someone else gave up something or lost their lives or whatever for us and we owe them something.

It took a lot for me to come out of those mind traps. We do no one any favors by giving them Authority over us. In nature we all are One without any record keeping of who does what favors for who. That’s the Love Consciousness. Everyone is their own beautiful Self and we are all happy and blessed by each Being’s joy.

We can choose to live in that realm of Love, the only realm in which such a beautiful universe as ours can exist, or we can choose to play the games where no one wins, in the Debt Consciousness of the parasite civilization.

I finish this with the pictures, Ed, of this amazing Being called Caterpillar Phacelia or Phacelia Cicutaria Greene. I’m sure it’s real name is something more romantic and beautiful than that, though.

I was walking on a completely dry country road, that has car wheels going over and people and cattle. Then I look down and just as I was going to put my foot down, I saw this STUNNING clump of flowers somehow growing underfoot at the level of the road, but being her own self completely in all her stunning majestic detail. I am in complete awe of the fortitude and beautiful strength of character and Being of this little plant. Hardly visible to anyone but the ants, who were appreciatively all over the plant.

This was the dry country road we were on, but ever further up from here where there was only the barest growth in the center of the road that escapes the car wheels.

I look down and see this.


Zooming in.


And zooming in more:


(Note Ed, Granddad’s telling me about Yeast carrying consciousness is in my – Book – Yeast Will Tell You The Time).

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