4 Causes of Chronic Scar Tissue Formation, Holistic Treatment of Recurring Scars

Dear Ed,

Scar tissue externally or internally isn’t just a cosmetic problem. I’ve come across situations where internal scar tissue such as on the womb or digestive organs can be life threatening as it comes in the way of normal function.

Scar tissue on muscles and ligaments can become the reason for weakness and atrophy downstream from there and change the person’s life as they slowly lose the ability to do things they need to.

A lot of the time, people don’t know that internal scars are the cause of chronic pain in an area as they keep that area inflexible and sucking up energy from the surroundings in this permanent state of tearing and repair, tearing and repair.

As I treat energy fields, many times I treat what I perceive as energy field scar tissue – that which the person FEELS as scar tissue but which doesn’t show physically on any organs as such. The medical establishment acknowledges this by different names, one of which is “Adhesions” for which they say the cause is unknown.

Similarly, people experience scar tissue externally but which cannot be seen on the skin. They can feel the area as a dead zone that sometimes gets inflamed and then goes back to dead.

One of my earliest experiences treating anything, was treating energy field scar tissue in a woman who’d had a car accident as a teenager, with shards of glass puncturing her. Physically her body had healed completely. But she could still feel hardened areas inside her. She contacted me for energy medicine for other things and was surprised that I brought up the internal scar tissue.

It’s really simple, Ed. If there are parts of the body where blood circulation simply doesn’t appear to be sufficient despite a moderate amount of movement and an alright diet, there’s a keloid or scar tissue block somewhere .

Scar tissue that stays on longer than is natural, and after the wound/ affected area is healed is being re-formed over and over because of one of the following causes:

4 causes of r-forming keloids or scar tissue

1) Repeat trauma to the area

If the trauma keeps happening, whether that’s injury or energy field trauma that’s manifesting in scar tissue, so long as the trauma repeats, the scar tissue keeps forming.

The trauma has to be stopped. The treatment has to focus on stopping the trauma and/or changing the way we deal with it.

2) Repetitive Stress

The cause here is not trauma, but habit. A habit that the system is not willing to accept as normal has to be ended.

3) The effect of the shock that caused the wound has still not been processed out by the body.

The area itself is alright, would heal very quickly, once the surround effects of the incident are processed – they are being blocked somewhere. Treatments of the scar tissue itself results in all places where the surround effects are blocked, developing noticeable problems and symptoms.

The person has to be treated for buried shock. A chiropractor could help a great deal by putting things into place.


4) The body is simply not allowed the rest enough to heal fully.

This is the most common cause of repeat scar tissue formation. The trigger to stop forming scar tissue is the body feeling, “everything is alright now”. If the body never goes into deep rest, but stays stimulated and alert ALL the time, then that trigger is never received and the cells believe they must keep up the scar formation.

Holistic Treatment of Recurring Scar Tissue Formation includes:

1) Supporting blood circulation

By this I don’t mean just having Rosehips tea (or natural Vit C of any sort), but more importantly, repairing the imbalance in body temperature that is at the root cause of chronic bad circulation.

Mistletoe or Viscum Album is one of my favorite herbs for this, as is Gingko. I discovered the effect of these two on long term circulation problems when after about 6 months of taking them everyday, a case of Raynaud’s syndrome (swollen red finger joints in winter) that had not responded to anything for years, was relieved.

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2) Bringing the frequency of the nervous system down from hyper to normal

People in high stress situations long term tend to be high strung (though they might not show it). It’s one of the causes of Diabetes and kidney problems.

All the herbs that treat the kidneys Alfalfa, Dandelion, Horsetail, Sweet Sumac – Rhus Aromatica, Uva Ursi, Chanca piedra or Phyllanthus Niruri (Also called “Stone Breaker”) bring the nervous frequency down to normal.

Wild Chanca Piedra growing right in between cracks in the concrete

It would take long term treatment and conscious change of habit to come down to a normal frequency after being high strung for so long, but people do it everyday.

Once you realize that you can’t help anyone or yourself by being tense and alert all the time, and it’s taking the years off your life, precious years with your loved ones, you make the effort and it works out.

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3) Raising the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood

Deep breathing is a wonderful way to do this while also bringing the frequency of the body down. Nettle, Pomegranate Leaf, Papaya Leaf, Rosehips are my favorite herbs for oxygenation of the body.

I’ve described how these work at: Herbs for Oxygenation; Breathing Distress, Fatigue, Kidney Rehab, Diabetes, Edema etc.

4) Facing the emotional experience of the trauma that was associated with the wound

I’ve found in my own experience that just emotional trauma can end up causing scar tissue in the areas of the body that feel that trauma. A lot of womb problems are caused by trauma experienced to do with being a woman in an anti-women atmosphere (or vice versa).

A simple exercise I use to face trauma associated with the site of a physical wound or energy block is, to lie down comfortably, feel the area of the pain and move awareness towards the central point from which the pain is radiating out. It could take a while, the point could even shift wildly. But what you do is count backwards from 10 to 1, where at 1, you are at the center point of the pain. You do it till you feel you’re at the center of the pain. Then you just let yourself emotionally experience whatever you’re experiencing. Say whatever illogical thing comes out, cry, whatever.

In the article beneath I wrote about how it took 6 years for a small wound caused by peeling high strength garlic to heal. It’s at the very bottom of the article.

Healing a Broken Central Nervous Core Meridian or Sushumna Nadi

It took six years for this little garlic burn wound to cover up. It was more than about the garlic. In fact the garlic wasn’t to blame at all. You know that, Ed. hahahahahaha

5) Change your lifestyle to include as much pleasure as possible.

If there’s one thing my Granddad taught me that stands out the most, Ed, it’s this. Granddad stood in my life, against the whole flow of religion and common culture, and taught me that pleasure is the driver of life energy. You want to have more life energy, have more pleasure. Holistic pleasure, deep pleasure, full pleasure. Just deal with whatever is stopping you from enjoying life’s daily pleasures every day.

The scars themselves can be removed easily enough. There are any number of herbal treatment ointments and creams that’ll work. Once you deal with whatever is keeping the scar tissue going, it’ll dissipate on its own eventually.

And now I leave you with two beautiful scenes.

This is wild California Lucerne,of the Alfalfa family. Good for everything, especially the kidneys. They’ve taken over part of the hillside hearabouts.

See the two furled up little flowers? They bloom in the evening and at exactly 4am in the morning the tree drops all its flowers. It’s such an experience, Ed. I’ve enjoyed it many times when I had the tree in a pot in my workroom. It’s called Nyctanthes Arbostristis <- the rare romantic sounding official name of a tree. I wrote about it in my article linked to beneath.

This is how the flowers look when they fall. When the tree is big, there’s a carpet of them. And Ed… the fragrance is simply out of this world heavenly. Not too heavy, not too narcotic, not too anything… just beautiful.

Night Flowering Plants for Recovery from Shock

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