No Operating System! Reload Original Life Energy Pattern after Trauma Wipe-out

Dear Ed,
Recently, my phone gave me a lot of trouble. It’s an old phone and it was just one problem after another. In exasperation, I did reset after reset with the same problems coming up over and over. I then replaced the battery.
When it still didn’t work, I went crazy and deleted everything I could find to delete.
And then when I tried to start the phone, it said, “No operating system!”

I had deleted the operating system of the phone, which meant it couldn’t even start now!

I sat there, morbidly looking at the now, as good as dead, phone and suddenly I realized that condition is exactly where I’ve been so many times in my life, and where I’m now seeing more people in, than at any time in my life.

You see Ed, I know what it is to be wiped out by trauma; where there’s no operating system left to even start up the phone with.

Without an operating system the phone has no way to actually function, to interact with the world.  It can get charged up, and it can lose that charge as it waits to get to a point where it can get the ability to translate energy into something useful again.

It’s basically just existing, waiting for a miracle.

Now I just found out, that what has to be done is load a copy of its operating system onto it somehow and re-install it.

One way to do this is to connect the phone to a computer via a USB cord, and put an operating system software onto the phone.

It got me thinking of the times I had my operating system destroyed and then reloaded.

It is my understanding Ed, that life is unlimited in healing potential. When we want to heal, even poison will heal us.

I feel for the people out there with operating system destroyed trying this method of healing and that, when they don’t realize that the problem is that they need to get an operating system first to be able to work with those healing methods.

I have been wiped out, Ed, very many times, and I have returned from the dead quite literally, so considering your eternal spirit is my witness, let me write something so true from my life experience.

Basic life energy pattern reload methods

1) Soul Recognition

Ed, my Granddad did this for me. When I was 8, an incident wiped me out. I was in a body cast, unconscious for weeks and not expected to live, when he came around. I can still feel the exact point on my finger where he touched my finger with his. I felt myself wake up from that point on. He connected me to my own ancestral line of life energy and I woke up with an energy field just as the one I was born with. I had lost my mental memory but through my energy field that my Granddad re-telecast to me from his soul memory of me, I was able to recover some memories slowly. l was back to school soon and in two months l was topping my class again.

He did it again for me when I was 19 and had two heart attacks on the same day. I’d left my body and returned too, on my own, but was dazed and near blank.

He did it again in 2007 when I left my body because of a high fever caused by poisoning. This time I was consciously aware of what was going on (being a veteran in leaving my body by then 😉 ).

It’s not some great unttainable abnormal process. It’s very simple and all living beings do it for each other all the time.

It’s basically this – We capture something like photographic or holographic images of the ones we love. When their operating system is wiped out, or they’re even just unwell or disconnected from their own selves and lost, we telecast back to them the version of them stored in our energy field memory.

l once saw this really uptight crabby emotionally unreachable man from church, considered a “hopeless case” “a shell that can never be cracked”, meet someone who was a childhood friend of his.

He jumped up from his seat like a toddler springing out of his chair, near ran across twenty feet to meet his childhood friend. For a few minutes he was totally a different version of himself. His friend was looking at him, seeing the version of him from childhood, telecasting this to him. He was picking it up that telecast and remembering himself so to speak.

When we look at each other, we telecast our subconscious memories of each other from before.

This is why it’s so uncomfortable and even torturous to meet certain people. We don’t like the versions of us they’ve recorded. We’re closed to ever being that again, it wasn’t us. It was an aberration from the truth of us.

But we love to meet those who telecast a version of us that vibrates to our spirit. We feel rejuvenated, clear headed and energized.

It is a powerful form of natural healing.

2) Ancestral Energy Connection

When a person or animal’s operating system is in dire need of repair or is wiped out, they automatically seek re-connection to their ancestral line or place of origin.

It is why people in their old age wish to return, if even for a visit, their birth place or childhood environs.

People will travel back to dangerous countries to reconnect with their birth land energy field.

Many do this on a regular basis and keep healthy as a result.

Some connect spiritually and emotionally through various means. Songs, old movies, dances, photographs…

Ed, it’s easy for the mind to trivialize ancestral connection because these days we have so much information, videos etc of various ethnicities. We don’t have to buy air tickets and fly across oceans to connect with our ancestral fields, there’s the internet, local communities etc. But it is in fact a very powerful form of healing.

Particularly powerful is going back to the actual land of our ancestors’ origin, to particular venerated places such as particular rocks and trees and water bodies (memory carriers) and making physical contact with them.

3) Inverse Energy Field or Dark Field Connection

My matrilineal ancestors practiced a form of energy field healing where we telecast back to a person, their own dark or inverse energy field. If a person is a photograph, then the negative of that photograph, represents the dark field of the person. It is simply the unmanifested energy field.

If we’re here, it’s here, it’s the original pattern for our body. It’s the software that made the hardware! It can regenerate the operating system as well.

Once you become aware of your light and vibrational energy field and keep taking your awareness to the center of your body from where the light energy field is manifesting out, you reach a point where you become aware of the space in which your body exists.

Connecting with this primal part of us automatically regenerates our operating system.

About Inverse Field Energy Medicine

How Inverse Field Energy Medicine works; Common effects of energy medicine

5) Taking back your own emanations

This is a powerful form of healing, Ed, defamed by modern medicine. All ancient forms of medicines mentioned the healing powers of urine, sexual fluids, placenta and umbilical cord (afterbirth) and sweat. These are harvested on a massive industrial scale for use in all kinds of pharma products. But we’re taught that we could poison ourselves and die by having these.

At a time when I was near dying from repeat hemorrhage every month l decided death would be better than continuing the way I was, so I decided to follow traditional instructions and try these methods. I was rescued by them on several occasions.

Those who need them are attracted to them, those who don’t are repelled.

For those who live in a generally clean environment where their DNA is not under attack, where they are more or less energetically stable and doing well recovering from strain there’s obviously no need or inclination to refresh the operating system.

But for those who are, especially those who have been under the onslaught of neurotoxins that destabilize the electricity of the body, causing new cells to be formed truncated, and those severely emotionally and vital energy drained; this is emergency rescue.

You don’t need a lot of anything. It’s about coming in contact with your own body, which carries your dark energy field even when your light field is destroyed.

The fluids of our body carry our energy field and just a drop of them on the tongue (which is always wet and a live carrier of our energy field at all times) kind of “closes the circuit”, so we get an awareness of our body’s entire energy field instead of just the areas our awareness is focused on; the whole picture.

One time, Ed, I was in great sorrow. I was experiencing something so cruel that I could not mentally process it. I cannot express it to you any other way than that it was too much for me.

Because I’ve had the habit all my life, of just imagining things aren’t happening, because it’s too much for me to deal with, because I have to keep up with all the things I have to do and cannot let myself go; my fear was that I’d do that again.

I wanted that my feelings be before God as a constant reminder, my sort of prayer. l wanted God to know that even though I might not mention the thing all the time and even though I continue on with my life, I’ll never accept that thing. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever.

I wanted that I myself never turn away from reality as I did in the past.

I collected a drop of my tears, and my son’s tears, and put them in a dropper bottle and filled it up with water. I let it sit a day and then I put drops of it into all our medicines that we have every day.

I know it all sounds rather extreme, but we have to do whatever it takes to face our reality, because that’s the only way we can know what has to be done and do it.

When we come in physical contact with our own emanations, our energy field will begin to pick up our own pattern again.


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