How Inverse Field Energy Medicine works; Common effects of energy medicine

Many of the people I make energy medicine for ask me how it will affect them. Because this is a new form of medicine in our times, there is an aura of mystery around it – especially when it causes illnesses that other forms of medicine couldn’t heal, to disappear. I will try to explain how it works and how it affects the majority of people.

How does Inverse Field Energy Medicine work?

By being a good example. It is simply a very stable energy field that is made to resemble how yours would be if you were completely healthy and well. By introducing it into your energy field twice a day you are simply coming in contact with a very familiar energy. This inspires our own energy field to behave like itself.

If I put oil on my skin, my skin would do two things almost simultaneously;
1) Absorb the oil and feel soft, lubricated and moisturized
2) Tell the cells beneath not to send up more oil because we have enough already.

If I make a habit out of putting oil on my skin, the cells will assume there’s no need to produce oil from within anymore and my skin will therefore become dry on its own, dependent on the outside source more. This is why most treatments – medical or natural – cannot work in the long term really. The body being a living entity tends to react, with either dependency or resistance (like allergies).

Energy Medicine on the other hand, works by inspiration. It simply inspires you to be like yourself – as opposed to behaving the way you’ve fallen into the habit of, over the years – in reaction or resistance to the various situations and medicines you have been exposed to. Your body begins to come back to its own priorities, wake up sleeping areas, push energy into depleted zones, start communicating from one end to the other again.

It turns out that this method of treatment takes longer to work because it is non-invasive, but its effects are sure, have no side-effects and we become holistically healthier, and truly peaceful within ourselves because of it.

How does energy medicine affect us?

While it affects each person differently, the following are the most common effects I’ve noticed over the years. The positive effects have already been described many times before; for this article I’ve tried to list the effects that might be difficult to deal with for some;

1) Restlessness and temporary phases of Disorientation or Vertigo

As the energy field ‘wakes up’ the body has to adapt to this changing energy field and feels stretched and pressed or ‘turned this way and that’. This can be distracting, disorienting and can be accompanied by mood swings.

The body feels thirsty or hungry or craves certain foods. The skin flushes easily and we seem to be constantly looking for something or the other to eat or drink, or rub on.

The Brain wakes up and processes out stale energy. Dreams may be vivid with people talking clear in staccato tones, sometimes in languages we understand even though we don’t know them.

2) Increase in physical and emotional sensitivity

This sets off a process of emotional clearing where every few days some trauma or the other surfaces and is dealt with simply by being aware of it. This process can go on for weeks and months depending on how much has been bottled in over the years.

The body seems stable for most of the time, but has sudden flashes of energy and then hours of going completely lax and wanting to lie down and do nothing. The lower arms and legs feel like they’ve been working too much and want a break. The sense of hearing becomes very sensitive and some have to turn down the volume all the time because loud noises are too much now.

There’s an ongoing inner debate happening in the mind now that results sometimes in wanting to be alone and not being able to give attention to others for long periods.

3) Heightened memory and awareness of past emotions

People remember things they can hardly believe actually happened to them. Its like they had a ‘blind spot’ when it came to this issue – but now it appears quite clearly as a significant issue that needs attention.

The body strains and then relaxes – this happens on and off through the day as we become aware of issues and release them. More saliva is produced in the mouth, energy ‘electricity’ increases around the neck and shoulders and we are a little more prone to being aggresive, vocal and sometimes demanding. This is because we are just now reacting to things we should have reacted to a long time ago.

The Brain is becoming free of neurological blind spots and this means rushes of energy in areas that were dormant all along. Sex drive and libido levels rise and fall somewhat unpredictably.

4) Strong vivid or vocal reactions to old situations that have continued for too long

We wonder why we kept quiet so long. How could we! Why didn’t we realize that? Friends ask “If you weren’t alright with it, why didn’t you say something?” or “I had no clue this was how you were feeling, or this was what was happening”.

The body is now vibrating faster – burning food faster, passing out old or infected cells faster, fighting infection and so on. Some people develop a temperature higher than normal and some even have to do things to ‘cool off’. Or it can be the other way around. The body feels aches and pains that go away as quickly as they appeared and we feel a little volatile and moody.

If the issues that arise shock us, we might go into a bit of shock for a few days, emerging a little tired but very relieved and peaceful deep down.

The nerves of the entire nervous system get energized through this process, setting the tone for nervous rehabilitation.

5) Phases of complete ‘surrender’ and deep sleep increasing with the weeks as emotional clarity sets in

As each deep emotion arises into awareness and is dealt with, sleep comes easier and we can sleep deeper. Dreams which were vivid and haunting, now are clear crisp and direct. In the day things don’t seem to ‘float’ or be mysterious anymore. There’s a clarity over self, and life in general. Problems don’t look as big and daunting as before. Everything seems cut to size.

Skin cells heal, muscle and tissue wounds as well. Problems with vertigo, body image, and irregular weight spread balance out. Brain health increases as different parts of the brain connect up. Basic nutrition for the nerves – like Sodium – are absorbed and processed easily.

Starting with the delicate nerves first the body begins to heal from within.

6) Being OK with conflict – reacting immediately with confidence rather than needing to brood things over first

Because of realizing and letting out old emotions, current conflicts fall into perspective and don’t seem so weighed in on by the past. This makes us able to deal with things on the spot and significantly allows our body to have more energy to heal, relax and enjoy life.

Various hormonal imbalances get ironed out as the body reacts and relaxes with ease. Elasticity returns to the muscles – especially the tongue – and the muscles of the reproductive system – as energy is no longer blocked or restricted. We feel the need for more physical exercise, are more physically active and able.

The Liver begins to balance function, followed by the various organs of the reproductive and digestive system. This balances blood sugar and pressure levels along with hormone levels.

7) Changing lifestyle and people situations

It becomes obvious that some old habits and situations have to change. Crises sometimes develop because partners or situations seem hard and unchanging. These usually disappear as soon as others see that this time you’re not going on a whim. You’ve really changed from deep down, you’re serious and you have the self esteem to stand your own. Life itself changes for you now.

Your spirit feels honored, your body responds with joy, fresh energy everywhere and a new push in the direction you want to go on.

8) Changing tastes and food patterns

A side-effect of a healing energy field is changing taste and food patterns. Very few of us have diets based on what we can eat. Much of our diet is made of what we like to eat. This changes now. Food becomes simpler as we begin to be able to appreciate the basic tastes of staple food like wheat or rice or just potatoes – the tastes we had become somewhat numb to before.

Our body is awakening – the senses are energized and we begin to notice things in our daily life we never noticed and reacted to before. Colors, sounds, tastes, smells… Hormonal balance kicks in and we become aware of our own sexuality, preferences, likes and dislikes. This helps us make clear choices we are sure of and able to carry through to fruition.

9) Changing house or rooms or redecorating living spaces

Our sense of comfort changes as we realize what vibes with us and what doesn’t. Because of being newly aware, we also find many things we really like and start moving our environment around to include more of those. Its almost like setting up house all over again – like the first time.

The body can behave a little weirdly here – being hyper energetic for a few hours and then wanting to lie down and stare at the ceiling for a few hours. Its just adjusting to all the changes. At this time it’s important to rest enough instead of overworking.

10) Changing career or direction

A natural result for most. The new energy must go somewhere, and now that we are more aware of what we want from life, a direction presents itself.

The body is now functioning holistically – the mind, the heart, the body, and together the spirit. We find out stomachs digesting food easily and quickly, we have quick reflexes and skin, teeth, hair and bones are being built up every day – feeling and looking stronger and healthier. Issues with the blood and heart are now beginning to be resolved. People recovering from cancer find a clear lessening of weakness all over the body. Its like someone ‘grafted in’ new skin, new cells everywhere. Tissue everywhere fills up with new cells – which are a little tender and prone to feeling the weather a little more drastically – but which ‘tighten up’ the body. Face and body shape becomes a little more defined and fixed.

11) Going on a trip ‘back to the roots’ or somewhere completely new altogether

This is also a natural result of the many changes happening. We want to connect to something just to be more clear. Or we want to go away for a bit and look at things from afar. Those who don’t do either spend a lot of time just sitting and looking at their own lives and how far they’ve come.

The body now makes clear demands of some particular sort of food or drink or environment. The craving is clear and causes us deep pleasure when we finally eat or drink that much longed for thing. Sometimes we end up watching an old movie or looking up and old friend and so on. A feeling of peace sets in.

In the body, veins and blood vessels everywhere develop wall strength. The metabolism of salts and minerals like Calcium and Magnesium start balancing out helping many long standing deficiencies and hormonal imbalance heal. Muscle cells are now rejuvenated and heal.

12) Increased mental ability to focus, find solutions and communicate

Now we feel clear about our direction, we become able to be in the moment, putting all our energy into the task right in front of us.

The body sends energy to the muscles and the nervous connections between the various internal organs. Pain and tension in these areas (like the Heart muscle and other organs that are not connected directly to the spinal cord) is relieved and we are able to take deep long breaths. This results in very deep peaceful sleep. Chronic nightmares give way to dreamless sleep. Often thirst increases – the body is increasing its cell reproduction and wants to hold in more nutrients and energy for longer periods.

Problems with water retention, vitamin deficiences and allergies to milk tend to be relieved now. Blood viscosity (Thickness or thinness) is balanced and varicose vein swelling recedes. Many find their body or facial shape changing because of fluid distribution balance. Hair becomes easier to manage and skin more reflective of our inner feelings simply because of blood flow becoming easier.

13) Lessening of ‘defensiveness’ as acceptance of self sets in

One of the best things in my own experience. We begin to be able to laugh at ourselves, not be so upset or insulted and this changes our entire lives. At the same time we like our selves more and this transalates into being able to enjoy little things without constantly worrying about “what this says about me as a person”.

The body stops reacting violently to allergents, or even pollution. It simply passes out or rejects things that don’t suit it. A little nutrition goes a long way now and our meals are satisfying, making us free to work for the next few hours without constantly feeling dissatisfied and distracted. Chronic IBS practically disappears as the inner lining of the stomach (and other organs as well) heals and balances.

14) Engaging in society or relationships with a new outlook or approach

We become able to see people for who they are, rather than how they can hurt us, or how they can help us. This makes us able to interact without hurting ourselves or having too many expectations. We have new ways of looking at things and this makes some people we thought boring seem interesting now. We do the same old things with a whole new approach.

The body is now attracted to different people and situations. We become able to enjoy our immediate natural environment – whether that’s the clouds passing by or the trees, earth and flowers. We find that we actually have time to enjoy life and time isn’t passing by all that quickly anymore. This is simply the result of a stable breathing rate caused by a stable energy field.

Lung cells – within and without are filling up and healing now. The throat, thyroid and ear-nose-throat canal re-balance and heal. The voice, manner of speaking and speed of speech change. Problems with speech are healed as the parts of the brain that are connected to the tongue and throat are connected up smoothly now. Hand-Brain co-ordination increases, feet temperature becomes stable and any dysfunction to do with reacting to stimulation (sexual, temperature regulation etc) all balance out.

15) Helping others become emotionally aware and heal

This is invariably what every healed person does. They help others find healing too whether they try to or not. It just happens. Families heal, groups of friends heal, slowly the whole world heals.

The body is now distributing energy evenly, changing energy flow with the time of day, time of month and the seasons in smooth transition. The mind is steady, our sense of self clear and we are able to live and move without conflict from within. This attracts similar intended people to us and inspires them – and their energy fields and bodies – to do the same.

Our own emotional awareness helps others become aware too and bring them relief as most of us share similar experiences.

Note: Every now and then we have a case where a person goes through their life path backwards after taking energy medicine, healing themselves in that order. For example, Suz gives me the following time-line;

Age 5 – Restless Legs Syndrome
Age 12 – Acne
Age 18 – Hormonal Imbalance established
Age 19 – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosed
Age 20 – Heart Pain (Angina), Cardio Myopathy diagnosed
Age 21 – Serious Obesity
Age 24 – Hair Fall (Alopecia totalis), Pigmentation
Age 24-29 Suz tries various holistic treatments, and doesn’t have much heart pain (angina) any more, hair fall has come under control, and skin pigment is somewhat balanced, energy levels are ok too, enough to get through the day.
Now the main problem – for which she wants treatment is;
Age 29 – Severe weakness and pain around Periods, Imbalanced Sexual energy levels

Now when she takes energy medicine, in the weeks and months following starting the medicine, her energy field, instead of going straight to being healed, might change slowly by moving back to how it was before she started falling ill in the first place. So one by one, her hair starts falling drastically one day and then stops the next. Into her awareness comes the memory of how she felt during the time she has alopecia before and emotional issues endured during that time get dealt with. And so one by one the old symptoms appear for a few days to 2/3 weeks at a time, bringing up old issues and then disappearing as the energy field keeps changing.

None of these issues were really taken care of by herbs or other treatments, they were just brought under control and that’s why they never completely disappeared. Now they rise up and then truly disappear. Nearing the end of her energy field rehabilitation Suz finds she has acne – the same type she had as a 13 year old and this too goes away in a few days. Then there are periods when she has restless legs and this period too passes away.

Now her energy field is cleared and needs to be supported in continuing this way, by a healthy lifestyle, simple tasty food and an environment where love, anger, desire, disgust, rage, peace, joy, and everything part of our natural human experience can be acknowledged equally and freely with respect.

Please read: The Predator Cycle Principle of Holistic Healing to understand this further.

Animals and plants on energy medicine go through similar experiences but without too much emotional ado. Animals have a few mood swings, crave strange foods, eat grass and earth with relish and raid the trash can for junk food sometimes. Then their coats start shining, they sleep in different positions through the night as their energy field adjusts. They become clearer in their communication with each other and us, engage others a lot more in playing with them and so on.

As their energy field balances, their body heals and they become vivacious, have great big appetites and change their ranking in the social order by becoming competitive (males usually) and bonding with others (females usually).

Plants and trees on energy medicine, shed old leaves, go through a ‘static’ period of a few weeks when nothing seems to be happening at all – actually all the activity is going on under ground with their roots at this time. Then there’s a burst of energy – new leaves, new branches and so on. Old trees might suddenly start growing upward increasing in height as they did when they were babies. This will stop in a month or two. Then they start spreading out again. Flowering and fruiting happens as normal in season now, with a heightened natural resistance to pests.

How to Order Energy Medicine:

I have an online form which you fill in giving me some information about you or whoever you want the treatment for. I am able to perceive your energy field from that communication and mimic it using 12 or so plant energy fields. I combine these through the alchemical process. I pack the water into salt and post it to you. You dilute it into a dropper bottle and take 2 drops twice a day for at least six months.

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