The Eye and Sexual Energy

How the energy field of the eye represents our sexual energy flow; Contraction and Expansion of the energy field through the period or moon cycle; My experiments with carrots, my conclusions and Herbs which helped

Dear Ed,

Some years ago, when I was living in the middle of a sandalwood forest, there was this story in the local media about how ancient bears once roamed the area and those were much bigger than today’s bears. Apparently there were fossils of those still around. Around that time a product was being sold in that little tourist town that was actually bear body parts preserved in something. It was said to drastically raise one’s sexual energy. What interested me though was the warning I heard one experienced local senior citizen give someone else as they walked by.

“Be careful. If that goes bad, you lose your eyesight.”

It showed me that others were aware of the connection between sexual energy and eye-sight or eye-health.

Through the period cycle, in all female mammals, it is quite easy to see the changes around the eyes. As the energy in the field collects up in the center as a woman approaches the day of her period, the energy in and around the eye concentrates up in the center of the eye. This could make dark circles around more visible than usual. After the period starts, the energy begins to spread out from the center and this is visible as the darkened area around the eyes “fills” up.

If you’ve ever seen the difference in how the eyes and surrounding of the eyes, of a person who didn’t wear glasses, looks say a month after they started wearing glasses, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. When you wear glasses, the energy field of the eye concentrates in to the center of the field for focus, for a lot of time everyday and this shows in the surrounding areas showing a certain drop in energy. The eyes begin to look smaller and smaller because the energy is concentrated in towards the center.


Note: This is an artistic representation of how I see the energy field expanding and contracting through the period cycle. The original picture, rather boring compared to this, was released by NASA, with the tantalizing title “Cat’s Eye Nebula”.

A similar energy field change happens to men, whose energy doesn’t concentrate and expand like the female energy field, but instead thins and thickens uniformly, through the solar cycle. That means it thickens in winter and thins in summer. However, just as all women’s period cycles are not in tandem with the moon exactly, so not all men’s energy fields thicken and thin with the seasons of the sun.

Every natural human line has their own rhythm but the basic fluctuation of energy pattern continues as it is faithfully.

Now this means that there are changes in how our sexual energy, which is our vital energy, flows, through the cycles of the body.

I was once at this big mall where there were six levels of floors you could look up at from the central atrium.

It was dizzying looking up. I was in a coffee shop on the ground floor, so I sat down and looked up. I could see the platforms of six floors, people walking on them, some standing near the railings and so on. As I looked first at one floor and then the next, and then the next. I felt my eye muscle contract to focus on each level. My eye contracted more and more as I focused on the floors higher and further from me, and relaxed as I focused on those lower and closer to me.

What has all this got to do with sexual energy, you wonder.

It’s like this, the very ability to contract and expand the eye is sexual energy. All contraction and expansion in the body, whether of the heart muscle in its beating, of the uterus in its monthly cycle or the rest of the female sexual system experiencing sexual energy, or the male sexual system, everything depends on the ABILITY to expand and contract; that ability is sexual energy.

I know this could seem like a rather obscure idea at first.

This ability to spread and then collect up energy back to the center, and then expand back out, thereby making our muscles from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet contract and expand, it is life strength. When this ability of us is blocked, suppressed, we experience fatigue, and our body begins to under perform.

Now our daily needs in terms of what we need from our eyes, are different from person to person. Those who do a lot of reading have different needs from the eye – and therefore a different level of muscle tension or relaxation, from those who let’s say work out in the open and need to focus their eyes on distant objects.

Just as people who work in factories where there’s a lot of noise, wear ear plugs, so a lot of people wear spectacles to adjust their eye muscle to cope with what they do.

Believe it or not, real eye health has got nothing to do with how our eye muscle is configured – how tense or relaxed it is on a daily basis.

Our eyes adapt to our needs through life.

If you actually researched into the matter – as I have – you’d find that there are no rules whatsoever that dictate in functionality what’s bad or good for your eyes. Some people feel energized and relaxed playing video games, it actually stimulates them. Some people don’t. It tires them.

Some people like looking out at panoramic scenes and feel healed by them. Some others are just bored.

I had these rabbits when I was a child. Their eyes dart about a lot. I was fascinated by their reaction to their own reflection in the water. They’d sip the water, then jump back a little if their reflection was clearer than usual. You know, like we move back from a full length mirror to look at our bodies clearer than just our face. And then jump back near and have a sip and a look. And then back a bit and so on.


You know how rabbits are famous for their fertility. I always thought it was because they eat a lot of carrots. However, I came across rabbits that were fed on lettuce regularly not carrots and they… err… reproduced just like other rabbits elsewhere. So I had to give up the carrots theory.

I hate to say it, but I ate a lot of carrots at one time. I thought that I hadn’t met the man for me yet, because my sexual energy was so low that I wasn’t “telecasting” right. I decided to raise my sexual energy by eating carrots – like the rabbits you see, and then wait for the telecasting magic to happen.

My skin benefited quite a bit from the carrots, but after a few days the effect petered out. Needless to say there were no changes that I could notice in my sexual energy for better or worse. I then decided to go the PopEye way and try spinach. That ended when a few days later I didn’t want to see anything green on my plate ever again – not even for the prospect of sex.

And I realized that carrots or spinach or anything else you could eat weren’t the start and end of sexual energy.

Whatever we eat or drink, the body and our energy field stabilize despite it eventually.

What I discovered, does work though, is supporting the body in energy management function through changing our consciousness.

For example, let’s say you have recurring eye watering – or eye dryness.

First thing – drink more water. Nope… doesn’t work.

Second – Eye drops to soothe any inflammation – Feels good but general dryness or watering continues.

Third thing – Get a lot more sleep. Can’t do it or it makes very little change.

Fourth – Eye exercises – Feels good, have other advantages, but basic problem isn’t solved.

Then – he/she falls in love, or goes on a trip somewhere… a few months later the problem is totally forgotten.

I’ve seen this pattern so many times. I’ve even seen it work with dogs with INHERITED glaucoma!!!

If you see or look at, what stimulates your heart, your eyes heal, your sexual energy heals. Period.

That’s the truth. The truth that isn’t going to make anyone any money.

Just as the ear is made to filter through vibration to figure out the source of a sound, so the eye is made to filter through all visual presentations to figure out what’s important to our soul – whether that’s pleasant or unpleasant.

When we suppress or manipulate our ability to accept and process what our eyes are seeing, we steel or harden our energy field, not allowing it to expand and contract normally, causing an overall drop in moving sexual energy.

A lot of people are in STATUE mode because of this. Everything’s frozen and stuck. We’re scared to see what we’re seeing, scared to acknowledge what we know we know.

You remember that story about King Midas? How he wanted that everything he touched turned to gold? And he got his wish. The poor guy, touched his beloved daughter who turned to gold. He sorely regretted his newfound ability – all he wanted was his daughter back. I feel really bad for him.

But that’s very much like us when we try to control reality to give it a sheen or make it palatable to us. We want everything we see to turn to gold, or we make it so in our minds. In doing so, we freeze the things we love as well. Soon all we have is nothing breathing around us.

I’ve done it a lot in my life to escape facing harsh reality so I really know what I’m talking about it.

I had to come back down to basics and look at a thing and allow myself to feel what it made me feel without controlling the experience to make myself feel what I wanted to feel when I saw it.

This shook my life apart. There are so many things we have in our lives that our spirit doesn’t want. And so many little things we WANT to look at that our mind says no to.

I say we should give our eyes freedom to look at what our spirit wants to look at – without judgment.

Now, this is the most important part of this letter Ed – what I’m going to say next.  I’d not be true if I didn’t say this.

It’s that point where we see something, perceive something, that our heart loves but our mind says it NOT possible, is NOT real; that’s where the point of conflict and trouble lie.

Because life energy and sexual energy do not flow according to education, training, learning, media current affairs, religion, philosophical thought, or any such thing.

Life energy flows according to the spirit of life, is which is above and beyond all the restrictions of the mind.

The day we draw a line in the sand and say, “We will not allow ourselves to cross this line into the unknown,” that day our sexual energy begins to stop flowing right, our eye muscle along with all our other muscles, begins to atrophy and tire and weaken.

The day we allow ourselves or decide to allow ourselves to accept the reality our own eyes show us, our own spirit awakens us to, our energy begins to stir the right way again.

I’ve experienced this in my life a lot, but here’s just one example.

I had this thing that challenged my belief system a lot. I don’t know why it challenged me so much, but I found it very difficult to believe in reincarnation and past lives. Maybe it was programming, maybe it was fear, or both. But I had this picture of a place I’ve never been to in this life and I loved that picture. It was just a normal picture of a tap in a public street. Another touristy thing. But it challenged me so much.

I didn’t save that pic, quickly surfed away from it. But it’s been in my mind’s eye all through the years. I simply brushed it off.

Other such pictures came into my life and I brushed them off.

Then at a time when I really needed help with my eyes, I began to look at those pictures I rejected because they challenged me. And I decided not to be afraid of my feelings but to look and let those feelings have their way with me.

I can’t say I’m entire free in my mind now, but I’ve allowed my heart to spread its wings the way it wants to. And I’ve experienced the start of new life as a result.

Life doesn’t start and end with the body being born or dying. It starts where we allow the magic of the universe beyond our child mind in, and ends when we shut the door on the divine beyond.

Life starts and ends with love. And our eyes play a big role in this.

I have begun now to take particular note of what challenges me, and to look at it and feel whatever I’m feeling. 

Recently I used this method of healing to help heal a case of Strabismus or unaligned eyes.

As always I’ve had herbs help me on this journey – mostly to keep me calm while the edifices of my mind crumble down revealing that I really don’t know it all.

Arnica – has helped me deal with the sheer emotional pain of some things.
Stramonium (highly diluted 1m) has helped me express rage I had no idea I was carrying.
Scullcap (Scutellaria) has carried me through nights when I simply short-circuited because I couldn’t cope with what I was seeing.
St. John’s Wort helped me deal with the nerve burning and temperature fluctuation that come when you release long pent up emotion.
Mimosa helped me stay calm.
Pulsatilla has helped me deal with the effects of shock on my hormonal levels. Phytolacca or Poke weed would do that for men.
Tiger Lily – with abdominal cramping some of us are prone to when dealing with overwhelming situations.

A person going through such times as ours, needs a lot of fat to cushion the nerves, and I’ve found that food with good fat in it is as good a medicine as any other. The more good fat we have in our diet, the more stable our nervous system and therefore energy field will be. A spoonful of olive oil will calm you just as good as any other nervine.

Good old Epsom salt – that I now use in all my treatments as a carrier, gives the heart and circulation such immediate support even when taken in a tiny dose. You feel like, “Yes, I can deal with this.”

When we are looking at what stimulates our heart, our spirit, and we allow that to go through us, our life energy moves and our body changes. We begin to stop being allergic to things we couldn’t take before, our basic biology and physics and chemistry changes.

This is real healing that lasts.

So what I’m advocating here, is to allow our eyes to look at what stimulates our heart. Whatever that means for us personally, that.

We find the point of conflict in us – where we turn away from something we want to look at, want in our lives. And we set ourselves free to look. Because looking is wanting and wanting or desire is the force of nature that makes the universe live and move and change.


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