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2 Causes of Premature Aging, Loss of Magnetism; How to Reverse them

Dear Ed,

In recent weeks, I have begun to notice like never before the effect of the loss of body magnetism in people and how this affects overall health.

I’ve begun to notice the role of Nitrogen, and negative ions in preventing premature aging and recovering from the effects of premature aging.

I’d like to share, Ed, two causes of premature aging and how to reverse them.

The first is the loss of gut biome, and the second is getting positively charged and falling out of a healthy Nitrogen cycle. Continue reading

5 Herbs to Release Gut Tension & Help Your Body Process Medicines

A while ago a man told me of how he had a problem with his eyes for four decades resulting in progressive loss of vision, headaches – sometimes so bad he almost went blind with the pain. The doctors had suspected a tumor in the brain but found nothing.

This person took my advice on herbs to rehabilitate the digestive system as his body swung between chronic constipation and bouts of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and diarrhea.

It turned out that the first effect of the herbs was a massive reduction in the tension around his eyes and the headaches. He went from about four episodes of headaches and blinding a day to two in a month and then to one every week in four months. Continue reading