Prevent & Treat Dog Flu – H3N2 Naturally

The unfortunate news is that a ‘deadly’ strain of dog flu has been noticed spreading its tentacles into the canine community in Florida.

The good news is there’s no cause to lose sleep over it.

Just like any of the million viruses out that that “could” be fatal, the dog flu virus – lovingly named H3N2 by the scientists who make their bread and butter off of stalking it, can be dealt with by a healthy canine immune system.

If your dog however, has not been out walking, playing and soaking up the sun, or is getting on in years, or is pregnant, or is a young one not yet established in our world of deadly viruses, a little timely immune support is in order – especially if you live in and around Florida.

Here are the little things you can do to keep your dog propped up:

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