Herbs to flush out Brain Toxins – the result of long term sleep deprivation

This is for the person who for a long time (months at least) has not had the rest they need to clean out and regenerate the brain. Those who have been insomniacs for a long time with no resolution of the situation, parents of new borns, pregnant women, care-givers of those who need help day and night and so on.

Then there are those who accumulate brain toxins as a result of a lack of oxygenation to the brain. Lack of physical exercise, lack of enough mental stimulation, all this can make the brain lag behind in its clean-up work.

To clean out brain toxins I do not use strong herbal extracts. They are not necessary and can be counter-productive as we do not want to stress or over-stimulate the brain while getting it to clean house.

The herbal extracts I use are in very small doses, but from sources I am very sure are hardy. This is even more important here than otherwise because the parts of the herbs that affect the brain are the first ones lost through a plant not being itself stimulated enough through its own life-cycle. A plant or tree that’s been over-cared for is not going to have those aspects of a herb that we need for the delicate job here.

This is a delicate fine job, because essentially what we’re looking at, is caring for the nerve endings and highly specialized sensitive little cells in the brain.

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