Releasing Soul Memory Held in Water – Excerpt from “Soul Memory”

Unnoticed Amnesia; Energy Blocks caused by Emotional Energy Misappropriation; Memory not as a series of events but state of soul; Simple exercise to release memory held in water in our bodies; Link to Book describing the elements of Soul Memory and how to release memory

Dear Ed,

In my experience with illness of the recurring and chronic kind, the sort that frustrates people, the sort that doesn’t resolve in one round of treatment (for example), I have in 9 times out of 10, found that the cause is an issue with memory. The 1 out of 10 times, it is caused by a poison being taken long term as part of lifestyle, and the problem resolves when the person stops taking the poison.

But the 9 of 10 times has interested me a lot over the years and yesterday while walking with Gabriel I realized that I’d spoken with Granddad many times about it.

Because of my own mind being distracted and weighed down by matters in my own life, I was not able then to consciously process what he was saying.

When I was 8, Ed, through a traumatic incident I lost most of my memory. I remembered to read and write and do math and so on. But my recognition of people, names, faces, and such were mostly wiped out. It was a huge challenge for me as I returned to school in 3 weeks and I had to re-train myself about who was who.

Granddad taught me things about memory then and later through my life as I continued to be memory challenged.

I had a condition where I would actually forget from my conscious mind, for a while, all events that happened between two dates and function like those days didn’t happen. It’s been documented in survivors of trauma worldwide, especially children. The person just tries to maintain a world view of happiness and peace in order to survive in the moment.

But what’s not documented is how memory lapses and unnoticed amnesia causes physical conditions and problems in resolution of conditions.

It’s like this – How can you remember what you’ve forgotten, if you’ve forgotten it so well, you don’t know you’ve forgotten it?

In 1996, I believe it was, Ed, there was a huge media drama worldwide over the death of Princess Diana. In India, just two or three days before that, Mother Teresa had died in the hospital after a protracted few days of tension during which everyone was expecting her to die “anytime now.”

You know how the media does it, Ed. For more than a week, the media built up the tension surrounding Mother Teresa’s hospitalization. Every detail was in the papers. We were told what a big loss it was going to be. How the very future of charity itself was at threat. We were told the timeline of all who she’d met just before being taken to hospital, which tea and biscuits she’d had…. what would happen if she recovered and what would happen if she died.

And then she dies, Ed and I’m coming home from one of those half day classes at school in the lead up to the big 10th grade public exams. And the streets are all solemn and quiet. As I park my cycle, a neighbor calls out, “Mother Teresa died!” I thought she must really care… being a Christian and all. Who didn’t like Mother Teresa…

I can’t lie to you Ed…. I didn’t feel sadness or trauma. I’d seen many people age and pass away by then. I was mostly happy for them. I didn’t think it was cool that they spend their days in hospitals on tubes just struggling.

But then I went in, and the foster grandparents were in front of the tv, devout Catholics and all, like one foot from the TV screen, saying, “The Pope will say something now.”

Again, no trauma. People passing on wasn’t anything new.

But there was this build up of SOMETHING Ed. I could feel it.

Two days later, Princess Diana’s death was announced.

Whoa. Mother Teresa went out of the news like bubbles down the sink drain as water flows out the tap.

Me being such a deep thinker, I puzzled about how short public memory was. How after three weeks of obsession with Mother Teresa, she was completely forgotten for Princess Diana.

The thing is this, Ed, why I’m telling you about this, is, if you have a channel of water flowing to a field to water the field, and that water gets diverted, the field doesn’t get its water.

I saw how a buildup of emotion towards Mother Teresa’s death got taken up by Princess Diana’s death instead. That is what I witnessed where I was.

In later years I saw this being done by the media a lot. They’d work everyone up about some threat, and then suddenly something else would come in, grab attention and spin like crazy on the built up tension for something else.

It’s like someone mentally building up to deal with an exam, but just before the exam something else happens and it totally spins out into their lives like some huge mammoth thing, feeding off the tension built up towards the exam.

I find that we are all victims of emotional energy misappropriation like that and we learn to deal with it sooner or later.

What most don’t learn to deal with are the memory issues and blocks caused by those misappropriations.

There was this child I knew. Great student, very talkative and cheerful and very cute. Many years later I heard that the child had developed a form of cancer called Leukemia. A few years later I heard that the child had died in an accident.

The whole thing struck me as strange and tragic. It was about the same time as Mother Teresa’s and Princess Diana’s deaths. I told Granddad about it.

Granddad and I were standing near this big old well on the local parish church grounds. Before I was born, a cow had fallen in that well and died. And they’d put barbed wire around it and warned children to keep away. I was always mournful for the cow that had died, every time I was near the well.

So I was standing there at this well, telling Granddad all the news. And Granddad says to me, “It’s only the cow you care about. The one you never met. That fell in this well. Not —- (the girl who’d died of leukemia), Mother Teresa or Princess Diana.”

I looked up in such shock. He was right. My consciousness was all about the poor cow that had fallen in years before I was ever born.

I never forgot what Granddad said next. He said, “Where the water is, is where the memory is.”

I was puzzled. Was he saying that I cared about the cow because she’d drowned in water and I didn’t care for the others that much because they’d died non watery deaths?

What had that got to do with memory?

Granddad pointed to the rings on the sides of the well that indicated levels at which water had once stayed before falling low in the summer.

“See those rings? Just like rings in the bark of tree that tell you its age?”


Those rings tell you that energy moved there, at that point at a particular time. They’re constantly speaking to your subconscious mind. You don’t realize this when you look at the well. You naturally look down to see where the water is NOW, but the rings are constantly speaking to your subconscious mind.

In your life, you’re being spoken to by these rings in the mass consciousness. You’re feeling them. You’re even reacting to them.

Your body made mostly of water is vibrating to the rings and taking on the memory. You feel the cow’s death from before you were born more strong than anything you heard of in the neighborhood or in the news, because this is real to you, you’re feeling the memory with the water in your body. ”

I couldn’t process what he said, then, Ed.

But in the years that followed there were incidents that brought back what he said.

One was when Gabriel was about to be born. The amniotic sac made up of water, that cushions the baby in the womb; bursts before the baby begins to come out. A whole 36 hours before Gabriel was born, that sac burst and it wasn’t like a balloon bursting (that I’d expected after watching several movies) but in my case like a trickling that continued for a long time.

During those hours I experienced memory flashes of incidents deep in my subconscious. What Granddad said – that the water in my body vibrated to and picked up memory. In this case the water inside had picked up memory from the baby and me, both of us and as it flowed out I experienced memory as a physical thing more than a mental thing of “this happened, then that happened and then that happened.”

I then realized that we expect memory to be a series of events. But memory is actually the consciousness or soul state in which those events manifested. The events hog our attention, they could be helpful or not, but the real deal is the consciousness that births the events.

That question I had – How can we remember what we forgot so well that we don’t know we’ve forgotten it?

That was answered as I felt the memories of my life, and Gabriel’s life held in water that had been in my body so long.

I didn’t feel “this happened, that happened,” I felt the feelings. Those feelings were not restricted to the pregnancy but went far far far back.

Those 9/10 times people have conditions not resolving, some of those can be resolved by consciously remembering the trauma that’s suppressed within. The times we cannot consciously remember events, we need not feel helpless. The water in our body, in our tissues, in our blood, takes on the memories of our soul, of our lives. It’s there…. all of the times we were we.

You might wonder, Ed, how is this information useful?

It’s like this… We don’t remember what we’re trying to remember. We know it’s there… something’s there… but we don’t know what it is.

But the water in our bodies knows. So what we do is, (old jungle trick 😉 ) we hold water in our mouths for a while, till we feel like it is vibrating with our frequency rather than the one it came with, and then we swallow it. We do it consciously accepting our own water carried memory. We do it whenever we feel like, but it is especially powerful first thing in the morning, last thing before going to bed in the night, and in times of intense anxiety and stress.

A lot of the terror and anxiety we feel is because of PTSD. PTSD can block us from having a balanced perspective to find solutions for our problems. Doing this can help released blocked memory, so we can see the situation for what it is instead of experiencing something feeding off old trauma.

Now, Ed, water is just one of the elements of us, and each element carries memory.

This is an excerpt from my book – Soul Memory .

I have shared in this book the eight elements of the soul, the sort of memory each carries, and how we can release blocked memories of the primary five elements of water, earth, fire, air and friction to release energy blocks in our consciousness and lives.

In my experience as a traditional herbalist coming from a background of traditional healers, I have found that most of the illnesses and life energy blocks that do not resolve with the usual treatment, resolve when blocked soul memory is released.

That we have lived before and will live again, this is universal philosophy. We have been cut off from the power we have in our soul memory to heal ourselves, and guide ourselves towards the fulfillment of our soul purpose.

Our ability to love ourselves drastically increases when we face and accept our memories of life beyond just the visible here and now.

This book is a letter written to Ed about my findings through my own life recovering from trauma at the age of 8 which left me with serious memory loss. Through life I’ve seen myself and others heal by releasing soul memory in conscious or subconscious ways.

“Soul Memory” is a quick read e-book of approximately 50 pages.
Get the Book:

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The book includes the description of the EIGHT elements of the soul – Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Friction or Sexual Desire, Dream or Sleep, Time Zoom or Focus and Buoyancy or Bounce. I describe the easiest method I’ve found to release blocked memory of the first five elements.

This is information unique to my family lineage and isn’t published anywhere else.

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