Radiation Pneumonitis – First Aid and Recovery with Herbs

Granddad’s experience with radiation induced pneumonia and pleurisy in the early 1900s; Die-off of cells and fluid in the lungs; The difference between an immunity booster and a vitalizing agent; Herbs for Radiation Pneumonitis and rehabilitation from it

Ed, in the first part of the 20th century, ie., the 1900s, there was a “lurking epidemic”. In those days newspapers were just one way the news got around.

There was this man, a magistrate who signed death certificates, and he told my Granddad that he’d signed about four death certificates a year most years of his service, but that in a few years that number had gone up to sixty or seventy. He said the most mysterious thing was that most of them had had what looked like pleurisy of the lungs (where the lungs fill up with fluid) but were people who didn’t fit the profile of those who got conditions like that. They were working people in relatively good health who’d taken ill rather suddenly.

And he said they all had strange rashes on their skin.

Granddad told me that he and his brother-in-law and his brother-in-law’s friend went to the funeral of one of these unexpected deaths and found that the feet of the dead man were exposed. When they asked why that was so – you see, when someone has a cold usually they’re kept warm in bed with socks and such; the people nearby said that the dying person had felt extremely hot and kicked off his socks and stuck his feet out of the bed just before he died.

Now, Ed, you might think the concept of radiation is a modern thing. But it is not. The concept of using air waves or rather transmitting electromagnetic impulses through the air to a target or targets all around is in fact ancient. My mothers’ matrilineal line for example has been using magnets since God only knows when to charge water with silver and gold and copper to use in our medicines.

It didn’t even need any complicated set up. Just two magnets and a plate in-between that was rotated mechanically like a spinning wheel, to use the friction between the two magnets to agitate the molecules of the silver tumbler to release into the water. That with barley wine was their shampoo of choice and solution to all their hair and scalp problems.

So for my Granddad, it wasn’t a jump too far, to realize that the “lurking epidemic” had all the signs of “imbalanced magnetic stimulation”. The fluctuating temperature of the body, the rashes and the sudden failure of heart function with fluid collection around.

Granddad initially thought it was to do with geological causes and had a friend in London who was a well respected geologist. He agreed that it could be earth electromagnetism but said his intuition said it wasn’t. Granddad trusted the expert’s intuition and looked elsewhere for an explanation.

A clue came in the form of news of how cattle were mowed down by a motorist one afternoon. Those were the days when cars were new and this sort of stuff made the news often.

While the poor cows had died on the spot, the motorist himself hadn’t been injured too much physically. When he’d realized he wouldn’t be able to stop the car in time, he’d jumped out of the open car and landed on the grass. He just had some scrapes and shock.

He’d been well enough to give an interview about the incident to the news reporters a few hours later. And Granddad noticed this rash on his neck and arms.

A few days later the news came that he’d died suddenly of pneumonia.

Granddad went back to the interview he’d given a few days before. In it he’d said that he’d been driving on the road just normally when he’d passed a particular place called “lightning point” where there was an old abandoned church. After that he said he’d felt light headed and rather agitated. He attributed it to knowing something was wrong. A few miles later, he’d realized that his brakes weren’t working. While he was trying to find a way to stop the car, he suddenly found the cows on the road in his path and was only able to jump out himself.

Granddad and gang went to investigate this “lightning point” and all of them experienced the light-headedness and so on. Soon enough they had rashes too. They reported this to the authorities and that place was sequestered off, and the road there closed so people had to drive another way.

Granddad said that experiments were being done with radiation in that place and he’d experienced it himself – radiation induced pneumonitis.

It’s basically imbalanced or ungrounded radiation – like microwave radiation that “cuts” and agitates our energy field and messes with our cells’ bio-electricity.

When used in targeted high doses it breaks down tissue – in our times radiotherapy is used by the medical system to break down tumors.

However, unlike any sort of natural medicine, it breaks down the energy field and charges it positively – no that’s not a good thing.

It’s like this – a positively charged cell is releasing and expending energy. If it isn’t balanced in its natural cycle and swings into negative charge where it rests and pulls in nutrition and water from around, it over extends itself, strains and then dies. (Read later: Positive and Negative Polarity; Holistic Recovery with Herbs from Radiotherapy and Radiation Damage )

This die-off of many cells at the same time, causes a feeling of great fatigue as the body has to pass out so much debris. The job can be so stressful that the body unable to maintain sufficient body temperature to keep up other basic functions begins to malfunction.

The most common malfunction is heart stress as it cannot pump out blood at the rate the lungs require it to to keep breathing going smoothly and maintain body temperature.

Remember, fluid in the chest in response to infection of the lungs, or a massive die-off of cells there; is not always about the person being exposed to the cold or being old and/or weak. Very often the person feels overheated and agitated, rather than cold.

Anything that causes a massive die-off of cells in the body can have the same effect – shock because of a terrible tragedy, emotional devastation, poisoning and so on.

The cardiovascular problems (heart-lung issues) (which by the way are the world’s no. ONE cause of death) ie. heart weakness, fluid buildup, symptoms of pleurisy and pneumonia and the infections that come with those; all of that, are just the side-effects of the massive die-off of cells.

We experience a similar die-off when we do over-rigorous detoxification or de-worming. All bitter herbs, if overdone can cause a die-off – though in that case the body would recover soon enough and if you kept taking those herbs, would start throwing them up, throwing them out, and protesting like crazy.

But with radiation, the body doesn’t get a chance to to throw it out or throw it up – though nausea is the body thinking maybe it can.

It’s an unnatural thing you see.

But now you get the picture of what we’re dealing with here.

Herbs for Radiation Pneumonitis:

Issue #1 – How to process and throw out that many dead cells without getting tired?

Well I don’t know how to do it without getting at least a little tired…. I guess the best we can do is, support the body in natural vitality. I’ve had a lot of experience with radiation unfortunately and in fact there are people all over the world who have recovered from intense radiotherapy and radiation exposure using herbs and fruit and natural foods to keep their vitality up.

Now there’s a difference between an immunity booster and a vitalizing agent.

An immunity booster (such as Echinacea) stimulates the body to go into fighter mode and make fighter cells to find and throw out cells that shouldn’t be in the body. While it does this, it can tire the body too. We don’t really want that unless we actually have an infection.

To force a body that doesn’t have an infection to go into fighter mode is to cause the body to attack itself (autoimmune disorders). We DO NOT WANT that.

(Read later: Me versus Me; Herbs for Autoimmune and Histamine Disorders)

A vitalizing agent is different. It makes the body holistically feel more energized, and able to deal with the situation. It raises the body’s ability to take care of itself, use its own intelligence to work out ways to keep balanced.

Anything can be a vitalizing agent – those who like to sing are vitalized by singing, those who like to dance are vitalized by dancing.

At times like this, those are the most important things to do. What vitalizes you, what sparks your life force, what makes you glad you’re here alive.

Please take a moment to think about what vitalizes you. That’s your number #1 best medicine of all time.

Herbs are meant to support you, just to heal you, so you can go on and do what vitalizes you.

My most favorite herbs – a traditional recipe of my ancestors, is what I call my “Super-Antioxidant Mix” that I use for anyone who needs emergency rejuvenation. You can read about it here – it’s all about rehabilitating the INTELLIGENCE of immunity rather than just stimulating the body manually.

For most people, supporting themselves in maintaining vitality is enough.

But some others, either more sensitive to radiation, or who are exposed to radiation more than others, could use help with:

1) Passing out dead cells – One word – Thuja
Charcoal and Bentonite Clay can help in big ways too.

2) Supporting the fluid regulation systems of the body – Fennel, Alfalfa, Dandelion, Horsetail, Cranberries and all kidney support herbs – these are just those I’ve used again and again successfully.

3) Supporting Heart function
You’ve no idea how important this is. The heart’s the motor that’s got to work over-time pumping the blood that does all the flushing and carrying of chemical messaging between organs, and carrying oxygen to and from the lungs to everywhere else.
The baby needs lots of TLC and would greatly benefit from Rosehips, Cactus, Hawthorne, and tiny doses of Ignatia Amara and Foxglove (Digitalis) and Lily of the Valley (Convallaria) if it’s gotten into a habit of under-functioning over a long period.

Let me put it simply – If you haven’t been happy in life and haven’t had very much hope and excitement for a long while, you could use some heart support. You need to lift your drooping heart.

4) Breathing Support
If you do reach a point where you’re not able to breathe properly, you need to immediately start getting fresh air. You know what that means. If you’re not back to normal in 10 minutes, you need need emergency doses of Papaya Leaf, Yerba Mate and Aspidosperma.

Papaya Leaf (which is in my super-antioxidant mix for this reason) raises the blood platelet level in the blood, for oxygen to be moved around efficiently again. The treatment called Hydrochloroquine does this same thing but mechanically. Papaya leaf, stimulates the body’s own intelligence mechanisms to get the job done. I’d use either in an emergency but take Papaya leaf for months, even years, for rehabilitation.

Yerba Mate is used often by mountain climbers to help keep breathing at higher altitudes where the oxygen is lesser. You get how that could help now?

Yerba Mate is had regularly like a tea to support heart-lung function.

Aspidosperma is a tree from South America that strengthens the cells of the lungs that do the oxygen to blood transfer. Just in case they are themselves among the cells that are dying off.

The bark of the Aspidosperma tree is used for lung cell repair and rehabilitation. I’ve experienced it personally and it’s amazing. Like all true lung healers it also has a calming grounding effect on the nervous system.

Last but not least, you could use nervous support. I say that because our times are such, everyone needs nervous support these days.

I end this letter with a meme from God.

In the year Zero AD (or is it BC? or CE?). Take your pick. In the year 0, when the world famous Jesus son of Joseph, was tortured and crucified to death, for the first time in recorded history, a dead body was wrapped in herbs for wound and tissue healing – not mummification. Aloes and myrrh are for wound healing, not mummification.

Three days later.

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