4 Bottles in my Bag – Herbs for Emergencies

The 4 bottles are one each for:

General Emergencies
Shock & Nervous Support
Wound First Aid
Pain Killer

My Granddad would’ve laughed at these. A bottle of Scottish whisky is what the great solver of everyone’s problems went about with. My other Granddad who was a doctor in the Army, swore by Irish Guiness which he even used to help women in labor.

But me being such a good girl and upstanding citizen, I carry around four little bottles of herbs. They’ve met all our emergency needs for years.

Unlike off the counter allopathic pills which the body will begin to resist, and which take their toll on the system, these herbs not only do the job they’re taken for, but help prevent the same later – which is a big deal in the long run. You’ll stop having the same problems over and over if you take herbs instead of allopathic drugs which offer little in the way of prevention of future problems in the area.

Now you can make these yourself at home – buy some of the herbs mentioned beneath from a health food store or online in one go, get a little bag or box and add it to your other emergency supplies like cotton, bandaid, roll of bandage etc.

Or you can get the set of four bottles, altogether 30ml or 1 oz each, personalized for your or your family’s emergency needs from me.

I use Colloidal Silver water as a base, but you can use distilled water, spring water, RO purified water. I use CS water because it’s a powerful immunity booster and infection killer on its own and is especially useful as first aid in cases of dehydration, wounds and burns.

Most of the people I make treatments for, say they love the slightly bitter taste and feel better very quickly. In fact, a lot of people tend to use these more than they really need to because they feel so good. And that’s ok. Feeling good is important.

Without further ado, here are the herbs I use in the four emergency bottles:

Get yourself four one ounce bottles, mark each of them or write on a sticker like I do and put the sticker on.

Now here are the four groups of herbs:

General Emergencies

Fevers – Belladonna – 3 drops
Blood Loss, Heat – Gelseminium – 10 drops
Sleep Loss – Colchicum – 2 drops
Vitality Support – Rosehips – 30 drops
Immunity Support, Infection fighting – Echinacea – 5 drops

Dosage: 3-5 drops in a cup of water or directly in the mouth

Shock & Nervous Support

Mugwort – Nervous system calmer – 30 drops
Valerian – 5 drops (don’t worry it simply cannot sedate you in that dose, in fact it will energize you in a very basic way).
Cactus – Heart frequency balancer – 10 drops
Arnica – Nervous pain reliever – 1 drop
Yerba Mate – Lung shock relief – 10 drops

Dosage: 3-5 drops in a cup of water or directly in the mouth

Wound First Aid Splash

Calendula – Wound Healing – 20 drops
Arnica – Trauma Recovery, restore blood circulation – 5 drops
Comfrey – Promote bone and tissue healing – 10 drops
Elecampane – Tissue repair, vital support- 20 drops
Witch Hazel – Astringent, stops bleeding – 20 drops

Dosage: 10-20 drops in a cup of water or directly in the wound

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