Are you beset by the plague of…. Mild Cold Symptoms?

Are you beset by the plague… of Mild Cold Symptoms?

Fear not, Ed.

Here I am to your rescue.

I’ll be your

LIFELINE- By Winslow Homer – 1856 (He had a premonition, Ed, that you’d need rescuing by me in 2022 and that I’d need an appropriate picture to use in an email to you to convey the extent to which I’d go to rescue you from… mild cold symptoms.

I hate to break this to you through this very public channel, but Gabriel and I have several times in the past two years, been beset by the plague of…. mild cold symptoms.

Gabriel and I when we were suffering with said symptoms in 2020.

As you know, Ed, if this news isn’t making your heart shudder in terror at our imminent and possible deaths, you’re a truly hard-hearted evil man, who isn’t scientific enough to comprehend the risks caused to us by the plague.

Anyway, I’m going to take the high road and not personally attack you in things I intend to post on my website. You know what a kind person I am that way.

As I was saying, the unthinkable gong of death has sounded upon our brown haired heads quite often these past two years, including recently when some strange chemical being sprayed about by well meaning planes induced nasal lining swelling and allergy type sneezing and then mild inflammation in me. Gabriel experienced the same set of troubling symptoms – that have been the harbinger of death and doom worldwide since the 11th of March 2020 when the WHO announced that it would.

But from the door of death, the very threshold, with the minions of hell beckoning me and the stink of the burning sulphur of hell arising – on one side – while beautiful angels sing Billy Joel’s “In the Middle of the Night” (the choral version naturally) on the other side, to inspire me to achieve my life purpose, I write this to you.

I hope that was a long enough introduction for you, Ed. I confess I would like to continue introducing this subject, but I have a moderate amount of consideration for my profile as a respectable herbalist – something I’ve been upholding despite being banned from social media all these years; so I’ll get to the topic.

Herbal First Aid for Mild Cold Symptoms

Real simple: Three things.
1) Hot water/tea
2) Vitamin C – That’s lime juice, Rosehips tea, gooseberries, Maritime Pine Bark – whatever is your favorite source of Vit. C. I always have limes in salt water or gooseberries in salt water preserved for such times.
3) Herbs

You get a dropper bottle – doesn’t have to be new – any dropper bottle will do. You get whichever herbs from the following list you need. A local herbal pharmacy or homeopathic store should have them. Order them online from some place near you, otherwise. You put in 10 ml of the herbs you need 10 drops of each dose and 2 ml of those you need just a pinch of.

About the herbs, basic immune support – one or more of the following;
Rosehips Tea (available online, supermarkets)
Garlic cloves – swallow one or two whole. That’s it. If you eat garlic everyday then this won’t work too well for you and you should go on to the other herbs.
Echinacea – Tea, or Tincture – 10 drops twice a day
Maritime Pine Bark – powder or tincture 10 drops thrice a day. Especially good for the aged.
Chaga mushroom tea

If there’s bone pain involved;
Arnica Tincture – One drop – or Arnica 30 (Available online at homepathic stores). If you have chronic pain and PTSD, get Arnica 1M. Don’t leave this out if you’re feeling low about yourself when you have the cold symptoms.
Eupatorium Perforatum – 1 drop tincture or Homeopathic Dilution

(Read: Vibrational War; Arnica for Energy Body Pain )

If your face and head hurt;
White Willow Extract (Salix Alba) 10 drops thrice a day till the pain goes (Remember aspirin is derived from this bark.)

If your joints hurt:
Devil’s Claw – Harpagophytum Procumbens 10 drops thrice a day till the pain subsides

If the inner linings of your nose and head hurt and/or are swollen;
Balsam Peruvina – 5 drops thrice a day
Plantain (Plantago) 10 drops thrice a day

If your digestion isn’t going right or your stomach hurts;
Licorice Tincture (Glyrirrha Glabra) – 10 drops thrice a day
Slippery Elm Powder – 1 spoon in water twice a day
Pomegranate Vinegar or eat Pomegranates
Eat something fermented (probiotic)
Fenugreek Tea – Soak a tspoonful of seeds in warm water, wait five minutes, strain and have. Or just add the seeds to your tea combination.

If you’re reacting allergically – sneezing or have a nose drip as reaction to pollen and such;
Geranium Robertiana -10 drops thrice a day
Heather – Calluna Vulgaris – 10 drops thrice a day
Pothos Foetidus (for the dust allergy people) 2 drops thrice a day

If you caught the cold wearing something wet or because of being around something wet;
Drosera – Pitcher Plant – 2 drops thrice a day

You don’t really need to do something special if you just havea higher than normal temperature. But if you instinctively feel like you want to treat it;
Belladonna Tincture – 1 drop (not more) thrice a day. Or Belladonna 200 from homeopathic stores
Mistletoe – Viscum Album 5 drops thrice a day.
China (not the country) – but Quinine Bark Extract 2 drops twice a day

Fears with the Fever (I put it in for everyone these days, times are such. I think this is the most important part of the treatment.)
Aconite – 1 drop thrice a day
Vervain – 10 drops thrice a day
Borage – 10 drops thrice a day

If you’re coughing up a phlegm that’s not clear white; ie. there are signs of a minor infection;
Usnea – A lichen that’s a powerful natural antibiotic

If you have chest pain and your lungs feel clogged;
Mullein – 10 drops thrice a day
Cactus Grandiflora – 10 drops thrice a day

If you’re so clogged up and you have something important for which you need a voice the next day, or you can’t miss work at all, or you’re head has been clogged up so much  you’re finding breathign difficult;
Pine Resin Spirits (called different names like Pure Turpentine, Spirits of Gum etc) – 2 drops in a tablespoon of Olive or Flaxseed Oil (or any other good oil) swallowed as is before going to bed in the night.

The main thing to do is keep emotionally calm and secure. Despite all the drama, the fact is, no one ever died of mild cold symptoms.

All the same herbs will work for your pet, just halve the dose for smaller dog breeds and cats and go easy on the garlic. They’ll most probably spit it out anyway.

The thing is, Ed, the trauma and drama associated with colds now; what is does is aggravate all the person’s latent traumas and cause whatever is already hurting to hurt more.

I think it’s a powerful opportunity to face one’s latent traumas and get some rest as well.

My Irish Granddad (not John Waltham, who is the Granddad I speak of the most, but my mother’s Dad, Richard Eley), he was a doctor in the Army during world war 2, and he had one medicine for everything – Brandy. So well.

I’m going to end this, Ed, by saying that all said and done, aside from love, the most powerful medicine for  mild cold symptoms and all respiratory issues is:

FRESH AIR – Winslow Homer – 1878

This came up on Youtube just now 😉 .


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