Herbs to Demagnetize the Body, to Kick-start Cell Regeneration

When a tree or plant stops growing new roots, it stops making new leaves and branches. It can stay alive for a while and then it will start slowly dying. Root growth is so important that gardeners who grow trees in pots, will break the pots and crop the roots, making space in the pot for new roots, and then the tree will make new leaves again.

We’re like that too. We need to always be growing inside for our body to make new cells and regenerate our organs and every part of us. When we stop growing inside, ie. when we stop having deep full life experience, our cells start under-performing and if this goes on and on for too long one or other of our organs or body systems fail and sooner later it reaches the point of death.

Natural humans are supposed to leave the body as a result of a spiritual decision, as the culmination of a full deep satisfying life experience, not any other way.

What makes a human stop growing inside? Nothing actually.

This article though is about getting out of that state that makes the new rooting process more difficult than it should be. Inertia.

Inertia is when things have changed but our minds and emotions and bodies are still functioning in the same spin they were in before.

The example of inertia is when a moving bus stops and people swing forward just a bit. It’s because the cells in their bodies were used to moving forward at a certain speed and continued even after the bus stopped.

Our cells, the physical and the energetic, emotional body all fall into patterns through the day, through the month, through the year and the years.

To keep putting out new roots, it is essential to come to terms with the environment, the situation in the moment. Life, the world, the universe keeps changing. Today is always different from yesterday.

Sometimes the psyche, the energy body and the physical body stay in inertia for longer than normal and the person experiences a sort of stagnation.

Healthy people learn to recognize these times and do things to demagnetize, to shake out of the old, to wake up to the new.

A good sleep will demagnetize most healthy people. A shower, going under water fully for a few seconds, intense enjoyable exercise… so many ways to demagnetize.

If however, for some reason, the person has been deprived of sufficient sleep, and other opportunities to demagnetize the body for a long time, and the effect is showing in the form of fatigue and sluggish metabolism, poor cell performance etc., herbs are here to help.

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