Herbal Super Nervine Mix for Emergencies & Trauma Support

One morning a month ago, I woke up earlier than usual and as has happened many times in my life, I felt a herb calling me, telling me to make a ‘Super Nervine’ mix. Now I hate to make treatments without knowing who I am making them for, and moderately confident that they’ll take every last drop too. You see, herbs even if they’re not expensive, my herbs, are precious. I care about every last little while I extract them, how I keep them, I love them, truly. So I hate making mixes if there’s a chance they won’t be used or won’t be used fully.

But I know better than to ignore a call from a herb telling me to do something so I made the mix.

Two hours later, my partner Uzzi, my own personal healer and herbalist extraordinaire, who took me through childbirth and recovery and so much more, with his herbs and his nutritional advice, died in his sleep.

I’m still too close to the incident to speak any more about it.

But there was this new mix I’d made, sitting right there, and I took it.

As Uzzi’s only known living relative, I was the one that had to do all that has to be done when someone dies suddenly like that.

I spent the day at a hospital, outside a post-mortem place, a morgue, and then a cremation place. From about 8 in the morning to 10.30pm in the night with a little child, I was called on to perform some excruciatingly difficult things like answer police questions and fill out any number of reports and forms.

That was all nothing compared to having to wait outside a morgue that stank (you can imagine what it stank of) for more than five hours with a little boy.

It was so hard to maintain a clear head, even to keep standing on my feet.

It was one difficult day. But I had this little bottle with me that I took a few drops from every 2 or 3 hours, and every time I did it was an instant help.

I just have to share it with you because it worked so well and everyone needs something like this at hand – you never know when you need it. You don’t need a HUGE tragedy for it to help you. I’ve used the recipe since that morning for others with great results.

In any situation where you need very very serious and immediate nervous support, this will help.
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